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  1. Yeah. He's about 5'9. I was thinking something like FAMU/BCU that level. Kid was a pure pocket passer and his fundamentals was on point. He has some epic debates/arguements with Alphonso Smith on their place in Pahokee football history on Facebook. Those are some funny times.
  2. Robert Love. In a loss to OTC set state records in passing yards, completions, total yards. He had the best mechanics of any PK quarterback, wish he got a shot at the next level.
  3. Maybe the only father-son duo to coach (Don Thompson and Blaze Thompson) and QB (Anthony Sheppard and Anthony Sheppard Jr) the same school to a state championship in Florida. Pahokee Blue Devils
  4. Is hiring former Pahokee head coach, Leroy Foster, to be the head coach. Coach Foster built those dominate PK teams of the 2000s
  5. Devin Hester Suncoast (Riviera Beach/West Palm Beach) Miami
  6. Who did they lose to in the playoffs? Been looking for the video on YouTube. May have been Fred and Reidel senior season
  7. James Jackson and Fred Taylor was a mean backfield for GC
  8. Abe Elam Cardinal Newman Matt Elam (Dwyer) and there's Kamir Elam (Benjamin/UF)
  9. Documentary Another look at the Pahokee/Glades Central programs
  10. Click on The Film to watch the trailer
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