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  1. Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    14-7. Final, I think..the people going live left because of the weather (rain dark clouds). Offensively, PK didn’t move the ball. With 3 backs and 2 WRs out guess it was expected. The oline struggled (which is expected) with only 2 returners. Defensively, they held their own, with 2 starting seniors out..held their passing game in check (aside from the passing td), but their RB is the real deal
  2. Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    PK with another stop...throws int the next play
  3. Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    PK has run the ball once in both games...playing the 4th RB (8th grade, Fresh in the fall) the other 3 injury/eligibility are out. They’ll be good to go in the fall DBs running back is causing us problems
  4. Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    PK stops Deerfield on fourth down. Then throws int on the next play
  5. Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    7-0. Deerfield over PK at the end of the first
  6. Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    Nope..Deerfield scores on their second possession...TD pass..PK had an offense/defense scrimmage last week. Someone had the wrong info
  7. Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    Blue/White scrimmage
  8. Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    8, I think. Last video I saw they were warming up
  9. Pahokee/Ely/Deerfield Beach

    Pahokee was up 28-0 on Ely, before putting in the backups and won 28-20 ...up next Pahokee vs Deerfield Beach
  10. 7A Region 4 - Will the Raiders Reign Supreme?

    Atlantic has a lot of good players, they are not this elite team that people think they are. #1 (H. Bryant) is a beast, everyone else is ok. They don’t beat themselves offensively (turnovers) and they don’t give up many big plays on defense. You have to make them a passing team (keep them out of short yardage) and when you have the ball, don’t get impatient and take the 8/9 play drive. Teams that beat them (playoffs) all beat them the same way...PK should’ve beat them last year with 6 turnovers
  11. 7A Region 4 - Will the Raiders Reign Supreme?

    2nd or 3rd...Boca is usually well coached, but light on talent. Heights should be a win...Ely should match Atlantic, talent wise, so that'll come down to in-game adjustments
  12. Wednesday, May 22

  13. Wednesday, May 22

    Pahokee vs Ely (6:00) Pahokee vs Deerfield Beach (7:00) ...Piper, Ely, and Deerfield will finish out the night
  14. IMG Spring Game

    #24 (CB) Markevious Brown, from Pahokee
  15. Who Was This Electric Player? Chevelle Buie

    Chevelle Bouie