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  1. Venice vs Palm Beach Lakes round 2

    True. It’s not easy to go undefeated, but I think the only Big schools they beat with winning records were PB Gardens and Seminole Ride, maybe Boca. They should play Atlantic yearly and some 954/305 teams to get prepared for the playoffs. 5A and up in PBC doesn’t prepare the large schools for the playoffs. What helps the smaller schools is that we have to play up to fill out our schedules. I’m not saying they’re trash, just not elite. That first round game speaks to more of who they are as a team.
  2. Venice vs Palm Beach Lakes round 2

    Lakes is an above average team. 5a and up in Palm Beach is WEAK, that’s why it’s never impressive when Atlantic goes undefeated and it’s not that impressive this season. Lakes has a good RB (Outler) but everyone else is OK. Stop the RB and play coverage, because the QB is gonna throw 50/50 balls to his WRs and hope they come down with them.
  3. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    PKs administration reassigned the previous AD (personal reasons if you ask me) this summer and it’s affected our game experience. The previous AD was a PK alumni and understand what the PK game experience was, especially with us rebuilding our band from scratch (it’s all middle school kids). He raised money for the inflatable Blue Devil tunnel, baseball teams uniforms and equipment, flag football uniforms and equipment. Now PK games don’t have the same feeling. That Newberry game was how the entire season.
  4. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    Pahokee, Glades Central, PB Lakes, and Suncoast were the only teams I remember traveling with their bands (HBCU style). PK and GC fans have always travelled, but with live streaming you can now watch games from home, so I guess that’s what’s affecting game attendance
  5. Glades Central Let Go Of Hester

    An idea that has been going around both communities, would be to combine the schools (Pahokee and Glades Central), not one I agree with, but I see the arguments for it. This way, the communities could pool their resources (schools, infrastructure, athletics, academics, etc) to one high school. A lot of families have moved away because of the lack of jobs, especially when the prison (Glades Correctional) closed down a few years back. Most people who live here, commute out and usually find something closer to their jobs. The only consistent jobs in the Glades are with the Sugar Industry and Palm Beach School District. Pahokee is the same as it was 20 years ago. A lot of families have moved away, but a lot of Hispanic-Americans have moved in, but they don't participate in football at high rates. Walkes lost his job, because he lost control of the program. Smith lost his job because of the allegations (which I don't think were found to be true). We stuck with Blaze about 6 years and he had multiple seasons with under 5 wins. One thing I know about GC, is that you have about 2 seasons to win, or they will start the chant to get you out of there.
  6. Glades Central Let Go Of Hester

    This was his second stint at GC. You gotta remember, they fired a coach because he lost consecutive finals (to Cocoa). When most teams have never made it to one
  7. Glades Central Let Go Of Hester

    I’m surprised he lasted this long. It’s state or bust at Glades Central (unrealistic expectations), and the Muck Bowl (Pahokee) loss didn’t help. This kinda mirrors FSU and Taggert. FSU was 6-6 in Jimbo’s last season and had to make up a D2 game to be bowl eligible. Fans think we’re the 90s Noles (which we aren’t) and the Miami loss was unacceptable.
  8. Muck Bowl-Pahokee 21, Glades Central 17

    So. That means they haven’t reached joke status yet? Nothing against MC, but they’ve played GC and Immokolee in finals, is bigger than Pahokee and Belle Glade combined, but are a 1A school. That’s like putting Dillard in 3A and people thumping their chest because they’re winning. PK hasn’t been championship caliber the last two seasons, so I’m just calling a spade a spade
  9. Muck Bowl-Pahokee 21, Glades Central 17

    How does Madison go from a class with Glades Central (4A) to 1A? GC has lost A LOT of kids and they’re still in a larger class than Pahokee. I went to FSU and have a cousin who’s a firefighter in Madison so I know something about them. Pahokee has more history and titles so I guess Madison isn’t worth a joke yet.
  10. Muck Bowl-Pahokee 21, Glades Central 17

    The 4A school should roll over everyone in the class. It's surprising it took them 3 years to win their first 1A title.
  11. Muck Bowl-Pahokee 21, Glades Central 17

    You do know Pahokee DESTROYED Newberry in the finals on a neutral field. While (potentially) setting a record for the most penalty yards in a state final game. Does Newberry still run the same wishbone offense? And don't let the record fool you.
  12. Muck Bowl-Pahokee 21, Glades Central 17

    Pap Williams (Facebook). I was in Deerfield last weekend, talking to one of my in-laws, who works at Ely. He felt they had a chance, but I guess that was over fast.
  13. Muck Bowl-Pahokee 21, Glades Central 17

    Some Photos https://www.palmbeachpost.com/photogallery/LK/20191102/PHOTOGALLERY/110209972/PH/1
  14. Muck Bowl-Pahokee 21, Glades Central 17

    And we’re the #2 seed...First round bye
  15. Muck Bowl-Pahokee 21, Glades Central 17

    They should, since they’re a 4A school, but we’ve gotten healthy for the playoffs. We will only be without 1 Sr (knee surgery) to begin the playoffs. We played the hardest schedule in the state. 8 teams would’ve made the playoffs (including GC if they didn’t forfeit any games), Chaminade was the lowest classification school we played. I hope we meet in the playoffs and they come in thinking it’s a cake walk. Pahokee and Glades Central are the Public-School (small class) STANDARD in the state.