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  1. Pahokee@Palm Beach Lakes (tonight)

    We havent had a band the last 5 years. After our longtime band director retired, administration wanted to go in a different direction, even though there were former band members who wanted the job and it's been downhill since. It was a great performance by the Dillard band. It was a reminder of what our band was
  2. Pahokee@Palm Beach Lakes (tonight)

    Our defense can play with anyone, but the offense keeps putting them in bad situations. We keep turning the ball over and letting teams start in the red zone. We should've blew Dwyer out, but offensively we did some different stuff..they didn't start #2 at QB, backup played almost the first half and still not trying to run the ball
  3. Hopefully, we can make it 2 in a row. The defense has been doing their job. Offense and Special Teams have been the doing a great job of putting the defense in bad situations in every game...especially the Dillard game
  4. Dwyer 16-Pahokee 20

    Bouie had surgery (6 weeks) Muck Bowl/Playoffs maybe. Cunningham and Kinsler 2/3 more weeks (knee injuries)
  5. Dwyer 16-Pahokee 20

    They aren’t zone blocking. They’re trying to pull the OL and it’s not working, that’s why all the runs get blown up in the backfield. They need a zone/man blocking scheme...with Bouie (OL/DL), Brown (CB), and Cunningham (CB) we might be undefeated, even without our highest rated player (Kinsler).
  6. Dwyer 16-Pahokee 20

  7. Dwyer 16-Pahokee 20

    To what class
  8. Dwyer 16-Pahokee 20

    Sure did
  9. Dwyer 16-Pahokee 20

    I'll take the W, but the coaches need to stick to what works and not try to do everything...also they make QUESTIONABLE substitutions and they still won't run the ball
  10. Vero Beach will beat Chaminade

    When’s the game, Friday or Saturday
  11. I guess they are what Deerfield would be if they had 3 titles
  12. Everyone is still trying to figure out where those almost 800 students disappeared to for Madison to drop from 4A/3A to 1A. They used to compete against Glades Central (when they were 4A) in state finals. I have no issue with them being in 1A, it just baffles me as to why they are in the South bracket. Since the move to 1A they've only won 2 titles (Trenton, Pahokee, Madison twice)
  13. Vero Beach beating AHD

    Has Vero ever beat a team that went on to win the championship that season?
  14. Any team ever won state with a losing record??

    I already took a FSU fan redshirt last season