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  1. What Did 2018 8A Preseason Poll Look Like?

    Whats the series record versus Pahokee...I know Vero won the last 2, but I think PK won the previous 2. Vero just can't seem to gey over the hump in the playoffs
  2. Earnest Graham (UF) and Daniel Gibson (FSU)
  3. Who Is This Dominant Playoff Team? Cocoa

    Pahokee...we used to SMASH them first 2 round opponents back in them 3A days
  4. St Thomas - This Is for You Raider Haters out There

    Didn't know that was E.G. Green
  5. St Thomas - This Is for You Raider Haters out There

    Wuerffel was dropping DIMES
  6. 2001 6A Title Game - Northwestern v Apopka

    I see. I remember being at that game (was a student at FSU), but I only remembered the announcers calling Merriweather for some reason, but #9 was the man. Northwestern couldn’t stop that counter
  7. 2001 6A Title Game - Northwestern v Apopka

    B. Merriweather put on a show
  8. Pahokee

    The athlete was the backup last year...the other kid just came in this year...both played varsity last year
  9. Who Is This FL HS Legend? Eric Moore/Pahokee

    Eric Moore. Pahokee High. Played MLB at Pahokee and was converted to DE at FSU. Had over 100+ tackles jr/sr seasons in high school. IMO, he would’ve had a better career had he stayed at LB
  10. Pahokee

    Both will be first year starters. One is an athlete the other is more of a pocket passer.
  11. Pahokee

    They have depth at all positions except o-line, which is the BIGGEST question mark on the team, maybe LB (inside) is the second question mark. The skill positions are loaded, just have to build confidence in who even ends up winning the starting QB job
  12. Class 1A Region 4 - Can Hawthorne Do It Again?

    What does Madison have returning to be the HEAVY favorites????
  13. Class 1A Region 4 - Can Hawthorne Do It Again?

    PK wont take them lightly again this time around...same thing happened the first time they played(lost to) Dixie Co. They expected them to intimidated by the PK aura and lay down
  14. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    No particular order... Dwyer Atlantic GC PK PB Central Lakes (played PK tough the last 2 season. 2 years ago PK won 2-0) American Heritage (Delray) always hard to predict ...those are the top teams to me. I think Forest Hill drops (lost kids), Boynton Beach and Santaluces have talent, but I guess they don't have the right coaches