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  1. Garcia opened last year in Lake Worth, they went 1-9. Should be an easy win for Dillard
  2. 44-17 after 3. Pahokee had a turnover on downs inside the 10 and lost a fumble on a bad snap. Williston averaging about 10 yards a carry
  3. Pahokee has ZERO answer for their option run game. PK gets the ball to start the third
  4. They were out of gas before halftime, their kids were walking all on the field in the second quarter
  5. Defense looks 100% better, I think the change was needed, especially with these run heavy/option teams we’ll see in the playoffs
  6. 25 at the most, but only about 15 played
  7. 56-0. Final. I think Pahokee’s 5-4 record may have teams underestimating them
  8. They should’ve made a change at halftime. Throwing the ball with 2 mins left in the half, tied at 14, that led to the pick 6
  9. Seating is fine unless both teams are undefeated, then it’s standing room. There are usually food vendors at the game. There was Chick-fil-A, frozen icee, barbecue, and others so you could be full before leaving the game
  10. Jr, WR, Hardley Gilmore had 8 catches 150+ yards and 3 TDs and a 60 yard pick 6. Sr, RB, Janoris Wilcher had 200 rushing yards on 19 carries and 3 TDs. Pahokee played a sloppy game after being off for 2 weeks with over 200 yards in penalties, issue’s substituting, and lining up defensively. Playoffs next week
  11. Georgia, commit, Chauncey Bowers (RB) was the difference maker. He had 3 tds and kept the chains moving
  12. Pahokee got out muscled tonight and the backup QB got injured, so they had to finish the game with a RB under center. Defense still playing soft, with no pressure so the opposing offense just does what they want. Pahokee has 2 weeks off to rest/heal up
  13. Do you think this schedule is preparing you guys for playoff football
  14. The administration usually stays out of athletics, unless there is something that brings negative attention to the school
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