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  1. I think this years GC team is better than last years Dillard team. They are way better than they were last year. If PK was completely healthy last season (OL/DL) that Dillard game isn’t as 1-sided as it was, maybe we don’t win, but it’s a lot closer. Whoever calls the plays for PK will determine how and if PK will score. If they call the game the way they did the GC game, it’s a running clock. If they call the game the way they did the last game, we have a chance. PK has the best skill players (WRs, RBs) in 561, but they have to call the game to get them the ball and off-set the
  2. They’re a top team, because they beat his team.
  3. Multiple brackets...GC and PK are the only 2 Palm Beach County schools in this bracket.
  4. Yeah. If we lose, we fall to another bracket (I think). Muck Bowl got to BIG for some of our younger (first year players)...Next year should be a better game
  5. I've never heard that one, but considering the character that LT was/is, it's probably some truth to is.
  6. These teams and rankings can change based off the games that have to be played this week #8 Pahokee vs #1 Miami-Kilian #5 North Miami vs #4 Hallandale #7 Coconut Creek vs #2 Dillard #6 Miami-Carol City vs 3 Glades Central ...If the playoffs started today, these would be the pairings, the bold team is the home team, but there is 1 more week left in the regular season.
  7. Ricky Jackson and Lawrence Taylor were at the game last night
  8. Was just about to post an update. GC took advantage of their advantage (OL vs PK DL). PK killed them selves on 3rd/4th down defense. GC’s d-line dominated PK’s o-line and that limited PK’s offense. PK’s pass defense held up, but penalties and run defense was too much to overcome. That was the most penalized Muck Bowl I’ve ever saw. Whoever calls the plays for PK has to do better, they called about 5 plays the whole game.
  9. This OPT-OUT “sucks” for the overall football season. It’s great for the kids (experience, exposure/film). Pahokee vs Glades Central (Muck Bowl) at Wellington HS tonight at 7
  10. http://www.hudl.com/v/2EZ6aq Wish we had a full season for this kid. He’s a first year player also.
  11. GC has put a running clock on their 2 opponents (Palm Beach Central and Royal Palm Beach) and is averaging about 45 a game. PK is averaging about 20 a game and is led by their defense. Should be a good battle of strengths.
  12. http://www.hudl.com/v/2EZAKH 6’3, 210...probably would’ve been one of the state leaders in sacks, has we played a full season. Another, first year starter
  13. http://www.hudl.com/v/2EZKLC Not bad for his 2nd start
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