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  1. A rumor from when he worked at Glades Central 4+ years ago, that came out after the 2021 Muck Bowl
  2. PK 28-Lake Worth 0 PK 26-South Fork 0 …gotta find some playmakers on offense (WR, TEs) they all graduated. OL is solid, have 3 good RBs. Defense is lights-out, just have to get reps for the CBs (both starters graduated and will be playing college football).
  3. Cardinal Newman Benjamin (Palm Beach Gardens) Palm Beach Lakes @Palm Beach Central @Palm Beach Gardens (loss last year) Dwyer Atlantic (Delray) @Lake Worth Clewiston @Glades Central
  4. The school choice program has a lot of kids leaving the area as well. Wellington and Seminole Ridge get a lot of kids from Pahokee and Belle Glade because of this in the high school and middle schools.
  5. A lot of families move away. We have a high migrant population, that travels for work (sugar cane, corn, rice, etc). It’s always been like that. 7/8th grade classes have about 150+ kids, but by the senior year there’s 70 kids graduating. Jobs and housing are issues also. A lot of people work in West Palm, Riviera and that’s a 45 minute to hour drive. So it’s convenient to move closer to your job.
  6. He’s originally from Pahokee and came back to play his SR year. A lot of kids who leave want to come back and play there. Adarious and Akeem Dent (though he finished at Palm Beach Central). Tamarcus Porter (Pitt) families are from Pahokee that moved away and those kids came back to play their SR seasons. All those kids had ties to the community before coming back. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles still live here.
  7. We’re a middle/high school, so 400 hundred high school kids
  8. When we had Boldin, no one came. When we dominated 2B with Janoris Jenkins (UF), Micanor Regis (UM), Martavious Odoms (Michigan), Vincent Smith (Michigan), Antone Smith (FSU), Alphonso Smith (Wake Forest) no one came to play for Pahokee. Pahokee and Belle Glade do not have favorable perceptions in Palm Beach County (that’s an entirely different conversation), plus it’s about 30 miles from the closest city. Pahokee and GC only get media coverage when we win state. Everything else is a small blip.
  9. Pahokee has a population of about 7,000 and a high school student body around 200
  10. The city’s population is about 7,000
  11. About the same. Pahokee is a REALLY small school. There have never been over 400 high schoolers on the campus. The middle school kids are always the majority of the student population
  12. A lot of families have left the area for jobs (state prison and hospital shut down). Seminole Ridge, Royal Palm, Wellington, and Palm Beach Central have benefited from that. 2 kids went to IMG (Markevious Brown/Ole Miss and Knijeah Harris who may be one of the top OGs next year).
  13. If Pahokee has 600 kids, then 400 hundred are at the middle school. The high schools #s are low.
  14. Pahokee is the smallest public school in Palm Beach County and probably in Broward and Dade countries. Comparable schools would be Cardinal Newman (Private), Kings Academy (private), Glades Day (private/refused to play), so we’ve always competed in 3A/2B. I guess travel/scheduling (money) made it easy. Pahokee has always competed with Pt. St. Joe, Ft. Meade, Frostproof, and Wildwoods. Don’t think Pahokee high has had a graduating class over 70 kids the past 30 years.
  15. Pahokee and Glades Central are to far out West to attract transfers. We’ve always won with home grown kids. Both schools loose more kids to Glades Day (Belle Glade), then they attract. Wish we could get some OL to come in.
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