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  1. From my understanding. Palm Beach county didn't want to play any out of county games, and all of their games will be played at 3 high schools (all that have field turf). So, Pahokee and Glades Central will play all their games at Wellington High, probably with Seminole Ridge, Royal Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Central since those schools would be considered Western Palm Beach county.
  2. Wellington has field turf (SAFETY) and I think 7 games, but only in-county teams. Would've loved to see the PK/Dillard game, but looks like it won't happen, unless they do another 2 year agreement.
  3. Not for any public schools in Palm Beach Co.
  4. True. I'm just glad that some of the seniors will get a chance to get some film, for a potential college scholarship.
  5. No playoffs for public schools either
  6. Pahokee and Glades Central will (MOST LIKELY) play all their games at Wellington High on either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (I think)
  7. Football begins on Monday, Sept. 21 for public schools in Palm Beach Co. Week 1: conditioning Week 2: weight room Week 3: field (no contact) Week 4: competition begins ....no word on the championship series yet
  8. Jenkins with the pick-6 off Brady
  9. That’s why I said not many. Jenkins and Bentley started that game though
  10. Started together in high school and against each other in their first NFL game. Not many schools can make this claim. Pahokee High
  11. I Just hope some of the kids get to put some film on tape for potential college opportunities. Especially the late bloomers and underrated kids.
  12. Palm Beach Co is debating whether to opt out of the championship series this season
  13. You brought up WRs. I just stated that if they’re the focus of the offense, we will take that all day. 2 of the TDs came of screen passes behind the LOS, so let’s not go crazy about the MC passing attack. MCs strength is the power-run game, and the fact that none of your linemen have to play both ways. Depth that real 1A teams don’t have. Heirs may score and we have people who can score on MC as well. We had 3 DL and 3 DE/OLB sign with colleges from last season. So, of course we don’t know what our OL/DL will look like because 1. We haven’t been allowed to practice and 2. We are a true 1A school. Last years graduating class had like 60 kids. We have small school problems.
  14. If Madison is throwing the ball, then you’re beatable. Your strength was/is your power run game and not having linemen playing both ways. I’ll take PK if your a passing team, because we have skill players for day. And why should PK move up, when you guys have the larger student population, plus you belong in 4A anyways? Is MC a Middle-High school, because the majority in 1A are.
  15. PBC proposed playing their regular season games at 3 sites, example Oxbridge (North), Boca Raton (South), and Wellington (West). And game day would be like the finals/youth football with 2 to 3 games a day, limited fans, and possible live stream. So. A potential Pahokee vs Glades Central game could be played at Wellington high school
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