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  1. He decommitted after Strong was fired. Maryland pulled out all the tricks (landed the helicopter on campus). Wash St came on late. I think All 3 kids will be enrolling in Jan
  2. Haters gonna Hate! Burgess didn't play last year.
  3. 4. Tamarick Best (#33, OLB)...signed with FIU.
  4. 1. La'Tarie Kinsler (#1, OLB) Syracuse...only played 4 games this season (knee) 2. Frankie Burgess (#5, OLB) Maryland...led the state in sacks as a first year football player The others will sign in Febuary. 3. Jatari Washington (RB) committed to Syracuse...graduated in 2019, but went to Prep school and will sign in Feb also.
  5. Pahokee had almost 200 yards in penalties that game
  6. We were getting bad spots all night, but there weren’t any major officiating errors (besides the non holding call) but no one saw that until a day later. It was a pretty clean game, in my opinion
  7. What calls? PK didn't get many calls for them. We got hosed on every time the ref spotted the ball.
  8. #17 did his job to contain the play inside (from getting to the sideline), but he was held from making a play on the ball carrier
  9. I’m not sure if those are all Boldin’s stats. I don’t know if his 8th grade stats were count. That’s when he became the starting QB
  10. I saw K. Kelly and D. Jackson play at Pahokee in the playoffs and I still don’t know how PK won. That team was awesome.
  11. Thanks. I don’t know anything about their program to make an opinion on them
  12. We’ve had about 6 b-ball coaches in the last 8 seasons. Kids don’t see the success in basketball like they do in football, so they’re going to football. We don’t have our youth travel teams that identified and developed basketball players at the younger ages. Football and Track get the most support now. My junior year 98 was the last PK b-ball team to make it to Lakeland and we lost to FSU High. In the last 20 years we have a former NBA (currently overseas) player. Zabian Dowdell (Suns/Va Tech) and 1 WNBA player. Riquina Williams (LA Sparks/UM). PK also has Palm Beach Counties all-time scoring leaders R. Williams (girls) and Antonio Wilson (boys) who went to play LB at Wake Forest
  13. He broke S. Taylor’s single season rushing TD record of 45 also (maybe he tied it because he was hurt in the title game) I can’t remember
  14. Antone Smith. Pahokee High(2nd Mr. Florida for PK). FSU. Atlanta Falcons He should’ve went to UM (better fit) and I’m a FSU fan. Everyone in PK thought he was going to UM until signing day
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