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  1. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    The VB/TC rematch should be fantastic, the regular season game was won by VB by a point in OT, had TC converted any of their 5 two point conversions they would have won. This one will be played at Vero. In all reality this is a 1 vs 2 matchup in 8A south in terms of RPI. Vero had 8A South’s best RPI, TC was 2nd, (2nd and 4th in 8A, ) but because they’re in the same district, TC was relegated to a 5 seed.
  2. Palmetto survived Braden River

    There was some talk about a 4-6 Braden River should not have been in the playoffs over a 6-4 Sebastian River team, despite the loss, I think the RPI system got it right this time. Having seen Sebastian in person, I think they would have gotten blasted by Palmetto, at least Braden River made it a competitive game.
  3. The Greatest Brothers to Play FL HS Football

    The Davis brothers from Southridge?
  4. 8a Region 3 Interesting

    That was Boca before alot of their playmakers transferred out (Deerfield Beach, AHD, Champagnat, etc...)
  5. 8a Region 3 Interesting

    Lets let the teams get past Boca Raton and Santaluces first, but it’s tough to beat a team twice in one year, Vero was lucky to do it the first time. Vero appears to be more balanced offensively than when they played the first time, however. Hopefully Vero’s run game will be at full strength the whole game this time around (McMillan was gimpy the whole game, and Meizinger didn’t play most of the 2nd half.) Treasure Coast won’t be affected by the change in venue, all those kids and coaches have played in the citrus bowl many times. TC will be fired up for this game for sure. I know the regular season loss left a sour taste in their mouths as they felt they were denied a timeout on Vero’s tying touchdown during regulation when TC’s Coach Jones was 15 yards into the field of play screaming for one and the refs say they never saw or heard him.
  6. 6 Teams Who May Feel Like They Got Screwed

    Sebastian River coach Tony Perry told TCPalm he was not interested in playing a bowl game this year (they beat John Carroll in a bowl game last season.)
  7. Playoff teams from the same district

    Lots of impressive districts, you can see why a change was needed to allow strong districts to be represented to get the best teams in and weed out weaker runner ups, any instances where every team in the same district are going (or went) to the playoffs?
  8. As a Vero fan, this should be the 2nd year straight that 3 of the 4 teams in 8A-9 should make the playoffs (Vero, Treasure Coast, Centennial.) It got me wondering, since the adoption of the points based systems they are using, is there or has there been a district in which all member teams went to the playoffs?
  9. Vero is peaking at the right time

    Possible 2nd round rematch with Treasure Coast may await...
  10. Vero 33 point fav over FPC

    The FPC he is talking about is Fort Pierce Central
  11. Any (FREE) Live streams tonight???

    Vero and Ft Pierce Central on YouTube also:
  12. I know I doubted Vero as much as everyone else, but it appears the staff and players didn’t get the memo they were supposed to lay down in this game. Chaminade’s players antics before the game (and subsequent lack of control by said coaching staff) only heightened Vero’s drive to win this game. Excellent performance by Vero’s defense again tonight silencing many who doubted this program, myself included.
  13. Chaminade Vs Vero

    I don’t know if you were around the last time Chaminade came to town (2003) but they were 2A at the time and there was a lot of talk around Vero being a much bigger school, Vero having more athletes, wearing them down etc. I seem to remember the Lions going into half with a 35-0 lead and a running clock during the 2nd half. Vero scored twice against their 2’s and 3’s to make it respectable, but that’s the kind of scenario that can happen against this type of team.
  14. Chaminade Vs Vero

    I doubt Vero can outlast CM, they regularly play 6-8A schools much better than Vero and beat them, and Vero has had trouble with smaller schools that can out athlete them ( Pahokee, AHD.) As Flotech said, I see this game similar to the AHD game, but Chaminade has much better personnel and wins 14-10. Going forward, I don’t see anything to say this years team can go any further than the last several years, I see them losing in the 2nd to 3rd round again.
  15. Treasure Coast by 10, Vero has not gelled on offense and RB McMillan still seems gimpy. TC is putting up huge numbers on offense and while Vero’s D is good, I imagine TC’s single wing and their physicality should wear Vero down. I doubt Vero’s offense can score enough to counter that.