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  1. They dominated Martin County and the 28-7 score was only one half, the game was called at half due to lightning, it could have been much worse as TC’s size would have wore Martin County down in the second half.
  2. They made it to the 2nd round last year, but with the new classes, they were put into a district with Treasure Coast, Vero Beach, Centennial and Fort Pierce Central so they may have a tougher time making the playoffs this year.
  3. This is the first time is been on that date, with the new district/classifications I imagine that’s was the only date that worked for both teams, weird also to close out the season with 3 straight district games too. I actually like the Vero/TC game being the last game, it’s decided the district championship the last several years and now it will come down to the final regular season game of the year. I doubt either team will go unbeaten before this game, but it should be a battle as always. I believe Vero’s schedule is solid at best, 8 playoff teams from last year, but only TC, Martin County and Palmetto made it out of the first round.
  4. Major step down in caliber of opposition this year as compared to the last several years in my opinion- Fort Pierce Central, Centennial, Martin County and Treasure Coast are the district games…
  5. Sebastian River coach Tony Perry confirmed that they will be going independent in 2022, he said he is hoping to “reset” the program to improve dwindling participation. Perry used Satellite Beach’s turnaround as inspiration for making this decision.
  6. Home- 7pm May 13th vs Palm Beach Central
  7. I would guess Sebastian River will go independent, if you’re going by school size, they would be in the same district as Treasure Coast, Fort Pierce Central, Centennial, Martin County and Vero Beach. Sebastian make it clear last season they do not intend on playing Vero again despite their intra county rivalry.
  8. Nah, Jon covered this area but he has always heaped tremendous praise on Treasure Coast even when they couldn’t get over the Vero hump. Most people in this area (other than Vero fans) typically adopt a “anyone but Vero” mindset, no matter if its TC, Fort Pierce Central or Centennial.
  9. Drogo

    Coaching changes?

    Fort Pierce Westwood’s coach resigned again, they’ll be on their 5th coach in as many years…
  10. Drogo


    A few notes from this game: 1. The loss of the suspended players particularly receiver Jacobs hurt Vero, their offense was mostly one dimensional all night. the weather had a lot to do with that, as it was raining all game and the field was drenched, but PBC overcame it and was able to throw the ball effectively at times. 2. Most of Vero’s scores came in un-Vero like fashion: by long, smash mouth drives with RB’s Ferguson and Rogers. Vero is not setup to do this normally as their usually undersized in the trenches, if PBC doesn’t figure this out, it could be a long night next week against Eden James and TC, as they are setup to exploit just that. 3. PBC quarterback Haston is a special talent, I would expect him to be one of the states top QB prospects next year. Overall I decent year for Vero, but to be honest, I think everyone in town probably expected to lose in the 2nd or 3rd round again, so it’s not a shock, good luck to PBC next week.
  11. Drogo


    Word on the street at Vero is they have 6 players suspended due to a fight at the school including FSU commit Vandrevius Jacobs for this game and next week should they still manage to beat PBC.
  12. Due to technical glitches with the FM stations broadcasts, Vero will be reverting back to their YouTube broadcasts for the remainder of the year free of charge.
  13. Vero picked up a game this week, will play Friday night at North Marion
  14. Treasure Coast, although I think the win over AHP changed that. They went unbeaten last year and look to be better this year. For any central Florida posters who want to get a look at them, they play at Bishop Moore this week.
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