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  1. I doubt anything will be easy for Vero this year, especially offensively. Most expect a down year.
  2. True, but they were able to fundraise to pay for that trip, and they kept costs low by taking a bus ride up there instead of flying. I don’t know the specifics on why Chaminade agreed to come to Vero again, maybe they chose to because of the money.
  3. I agree, but it usually has more to do with gate $$$ with Vero and who they’re playing. Since Vero plays in front of a packed house every week, they can offer to pay a team more to travel to here than the team would make in front of their home fans. And I’m sure it’s tough for Coach J to give up such a large chunk of dough to bring Vero somewhere “just because.” That’s why Ft Lauderdale, Chaminade, Lake Minneola, etc games will be home again this season. Usually the exemption is against other teams with large followings such as Venice, Pahokee, etc in which case it’s a home/home series. But I do agree with you, if any reason than just to get a taste of what a state powerhouse is (and a probable spanking) and where they fall in the pecking order of things.
  4. I could see Vero losing the following: Clearwater, Venice, Chaminade, Treasure Coast, and potentially losing to Centennial and Lake Minneola. All the teams mentioned were playoff teams last season (as was Viera) except Clearwater for obvious reasons.
  5. As a Vero fan, I can say this, don’t expect much from them this season, it looks to be a down year. I hope I’m surprised, but offensively they will struggle mightily unless they get some transfers in over the summer. Defensively they return some key players, but in their district you have to be able to score often if you hope to win. I can see Vero losing 4+ games this season and potentially not making the playoffs.
  6. Per MaxPreps: 8/14 KOC -TBD 8/21 Clearwater Academy International 8/28 Ft Lauderdale 9/4 @Venice 9/11 Lake Minneola 9/18 @Hardee 9/25 @Centennial 10/2 BYE 10/9 Treasure Coast 10/16 Chaminade Madonna 10/23 Fort Pierce Central 10/30 @Viera
  7. Stop trolling, quarantine must be getting to you. Darter is right, if Vero played a schedule like that they’d be sub .500, and I say that as a longtime Vero fan, teams in this area don’t have the talent pool to hang with large class powers like that. To be honest, I’d pump the brakes on any Vero talk this upcoming season (if there is one.) They defense looks solid, but they will struggle offensively if they don’t pickup any transfers this summer (and your talk of Jay Allen from JC doesn’t appear to be happening.) From all indications, this year will be a down year in Vero and I’d be surprised if they even won the district, they certainly will finally lose a regular season game and end that streak (which I think is good, most around the state don’t respect it, due to Vero’s playoff woes.)
  8. Unless Vero gets some transfers over summer I think they’ll have a down year, might not win the district.
  9. Home vs Palm Bay Bayside -May 21 6pm
  10. I agree, while scheduling quality teams is a good thing, scheduling a murders row just for the sake of doing it can also have adverse effects on a team also such as injuries, diminished morale and exhaustion both physically and mentally. I tend to think playoff success has more to do with coaching, preparation and execution.
  11. Coach, I wanted to say how impressive the Bucks were last night. Vero has been exiting the 2nd or 3rd round for years, but I’ve always felt they were in the game and if a play or two had gone their way, it could have been different. Last night this was not the case, you guys were simply on another level and Vero struggled just to avoid a running clock. Best of next week against Columbus and moving forward.
  12. What’s the reason for the early start?
  13. Vero was completely overwhelmed, outclassed and out coached in this game. They had no answers on either side of the ball. DB was bigger, stronger, faster and controlled every facet of the game. Congratulations to the Bucks.
  14. These officials are from the Orlando area tonight
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