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  1. Vero Beach schedule so far

    They’re playing Centennial on 9/27, Cen-10’s full schedule is out on MaxPreps, see below: 8/167:00p @ Astronaut Preview Game 8/237:00p Westwood Preview Game 8/307:00p @ Viera Preview Game 9/67:00p Apopka Preview Game 9/137:00p Lake Placid Preview Game 9/197:00p Sebastian River Preview Game 9/277:00p @ Vero Beach Preview Game 10/47:00p @ Lakeland Preview Game 10/117:00p @ Central Preview Game 10/257:00p Treasure Coast Preview Game 11/17:00p @ Port St. Lucie Preview Game If you have corrections for the CHS football schedule please contact support. EAGLES SPORTSWEAR CENTENNIAL EAGLES FOOTBALL CUSTOM PRODUCTS
  2. Vero Beach vs Viera 11/1

    I think both schools are Adidas schools in terms of their contracted jersey supplier
  3. County by County football programs

    Indian River: St Edwards (Private) Masters Academy (private-8 man)
  4. Coaches with quick state appearances?

    Billy Livings-Vero Beach, took over in 1980, won state title in 1981.
  5. Vero Beach loaded next year

    Their schedule was pretty good this season including games against 7 teams which made the playoffs. But of course those teams weren’t the type of teams you mentioned. Even though it’s a rivalry game, I think Vero should drop the final game against Sebastian River from the schedule for a while until Sebastian can field a competitive team consistently in this series. Playing them and the usual first round cupcake, it seems as though Vero is playing down to their competition, and in the second round (which is when the “real” playoffs start) they get handled.
  6. Examining Dr Phillips loses

    You are correct, Treasure Coast is very big and physical, and neither Vero nor Centennial have the physicality that they do. But Treasure Coast was beaten by both of them this season, so maybe both can matchup with DP also.
  7. Due to an incident during the game against Champagnat, FP Westwood may have as many as 12 players suspended against AH Plantation this Friday, their nearly impossible task just became pretty much impossible. https://www.tcpalm.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2018/11/05/tcn-110-tcn-1105-westwood-fb-5-westwood-fb/1893432002/
  8. Vero Beach vs Gateway round 1

    The difference is Vero would have either one at home, I’d rather see DP than Centennial again because it’s tough to beat the same team twice in a year and Centennial should have beat Vero the first time. To be honest, I’m glad it’s potentially Centennial in round two rather than Treasure Coast, they’re a matchup nightmare for Vero.
  9. Vero Beach vs Gateway round 1

    Hopefully they did, they’re very talented
  10. Vero Beach vs Gateway round 1

    Centennial’s only meaningful road game away from the treasure coast area this season was at Bishop Moore and the got handled, see my post above, unless they improve, they may be in over their heads. They are the better team I think, but they have not made it to the playoffs in 8 years and a two hour bus ride and the “stage” of the playoffs may be too much.
  11. 2018 playoff bold predictions

    Wekiva vs Columbus for 8A title (Wekiva winning)
  12. Vero Beach vs Gateway round 1

    Centennial should beat DP, but their last time taking a 2+ hour bus ride didn’t end well, they were woefully unprepared at Bishop Moore and laid an egg. Playing in the playoffs for the first time in 8 years on the road against the defending state champs may be over their heads. Treasure Coast should be better prepared due to their tough schedule and they have proven they can hang with most teams on the road (they upset Osceola two years ago at Osceola in the first round.)
  13. Vero Beach losing points down to 44 points

    I don’t think anyone on region 2 can catch Vero, but Wekiva could catch and pass Vero in the North for the semis ( if either made it that far)
  14. Vero Beach losing points down to 44 points

    They have a 1.34 point lead over Wekiva right now, but you’re right Pahokee’s last two losses hurt them, and it doesn’t help that Wellington has Atlantic this week and Pahokee has the Muck bowl. Centennial, Ft Lauderdale should win, TC has Palm Bay so that is an uncertainty. The win over Venice is what is keeping them ahead at the moment. Hopefully Venice can close it out against Manatee.
  15. Vero Beach will lock up the no.1 seed

    All the food is on the home side now via the food trucks, the Math club still runs the concession areas, but there isn’t food there any more, just drinks and candy. All the food trucks are on the home side now, but it’s a short walk over there and the Vero fans tend to be very nice and are accommodating. Definately better than most places I’ve been.