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  1. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island

    I know it’s before most everyone’s time, but this was a huge rivalry in the late 70’s through the 80’s. Both teams were competing for state championships back then, with Merritt Island winning back to back in 78, 79. and Vero winning it in 81...
  2. Veros quest for 60

    Just my observation, but I think this area, the space coast, and the Orlando are benefiting from an exodus from South Florida currently. Many families are moving north trying to find affordable housing, less congestion, and perceived safer places to live. As this happens, I would expect many teams to move to 7A, 8A classes as the Miami schools seem to dropping down in class. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember all the Dade county schools to be mostly 8A not that long ago...
  3. Vero Beach beats Lake Minneola

    I think this game is dead, unfortunately. Vero’s only open date is Oct 4 (y’all play St Francis but will probably wish you were playing Vero, lol) and I doubt Venice wants to come all the way to Vero to play on a Monday with kids having to go to school the next day.
  4. Vero Beach beats Lake Minneola

    I think not playing for two weeks (and missing almost a week of practice due to Dorian) had a lot to do with it, Vero definitely looked rusty, but they secured a win despite not playing to their expectations.
  5. Vero Beach beating AHD

    2005 They beat Palm Beach Gardens 24-15 (their only loss that year) who went on to beat Deerfield Beach for the 6A title
  6. FL vs OOS Since 2004 - 115 Games

    Don Bosco also won @ Fort Pierce Central 41-14 in 2014
  7. Cancelled/postponed games

    Treasure Coast games scheduled for Friday: Vero Beach /Ft Lauderdale is cancelled (possible reschedule tbd) Sebastian River/Deltona is cancelled Fort Pierce Westwood/ Stoneman Douglas is postponed St Edwards/First Academy is postponed All others were moved to tonight
  8. Vero vs American Heritage

    I agree, Atlantic is usually the strongest 8a school in Palm Beach County and is two years removed from playing in the 8a title game (which DP won.)
  9. Vero vs American Heritage

    Starting RB is Bobby McMillan
  10. Vero vs American Heritage

    I think Vero’s biggest question especially after the AHD game is going to be the O-line again this year. If Vero’s QB (Jankowski) has to scramble as much as he did last night, his learning curve could be steep. Their remaining schedule doesn’t allow much slip ups with games against Venice, Chaminade and Viera still looming and district foes Centennial and Treasure Coast.
  11. The 25 Best FL HS LB's of the Past 50 Years

    Treasure Coast- Jeff Luc, FSU/ Cincinnati
  12. Statewide 7v7 tournament

    This is the 2nd straight 7v7 that Vanguard has won, they beat Rockledge in the final of the UCF 7v7 last week I heard.
  13. I think most true Vero football fans know they will be huge underdogs in the Chaminade game, I would venture they should be underdogs in the Venice and possibly Viera also. With that being said, a great majority of people at the Vero games are there for a night out and have no idea who Vero is playing, they just want to see Vero win and watch the band play. I think some of the Vero “fans” on here are new to the area (at least in the last 10 years,) as this area is filling with new transplants escaping Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. The radio crew that Vero has now is much more informed than the crew they previously had as far as where Vero falls in the state pecking order (Gary Parris also does the UCF games,) so in my opinion, they will approach this and other games with a stroke of humility and hopefully optimism I would think.
  14. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Florida Today reporting Dan Burke at Palm Bay is stepping down...
  15. Vero goes 0-2 in the spring jamboree

    I agree, Vero lost to Martin County last spring and look how both programs seasons went last year, spring games don’t really mean much