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  1. I agree, while scheduling quality teams is a good thing, scheduling a murders row just for the sake of doing it can also have adverse effects on a team also such as injuries, diminished morale and exhaustion both physically and mentally. I tend to think playoff success has more to do with coaching, preparation and execution.
  2. Coach, I wanted to say how impressive the Bucks were last night. Vero has been exiting the 2nd or 3rd round for years, but I’ve always felt they were in the game and if a play or two had gone their way, it could have been different. Last night this was not the case, you guys were simply on another level and Vero struggled just to avoid a running clock. Best of next week against Columbus and moving forward.
  3. What’s the reason for the early start?
  4. Vero was completely overwhelmed, outclassed and out coached in this game. They had no answers on either side of the ball. DB was bigger, stronger, faster and controlled every facet of the game. Congratulations to the Bucks.
  5. These officials are from the Orlando area tonight
  6. The sad thing is he was tossed at the beginning of the 2nd half, it could have had a huge impact on the game, after all- these two teams played to a one point win in OT a month ago. Zero checks/balances on what a referee “thought” he saw- a punch that never occurred. It’s a good thing Vero and their fans film a lot I guess, lol.
  7. Appeal is approved, Jermaine Dawson is eligible to play on Friday (according to Jon Santucci of TCPalm.)
  8. I’d be very surprised if their appeal was approved, most video would be from the home side of the field and since this incident occurred on the visiting side it will be hard to see exactly what happened, the FHSAA will most likely defer to the officials call on the field. Dawson will most likely get a 6 game suspension and be out next week against Deerfield Beach.
  9. The VB/TC rematch should be fantastic, the regular season game was won by VB by a point in OT, had TC converted any of their 5 two point conversions they would have won. This one will be played at Vero. In all reality this is a 1 vs 2 matchup in 8A south in terms of RPI. Vero had 8A South’s best RPI, TC was 2nd, (2nd and 4th in 8A, ) but because they’re in the same district, TC was relegated to a 5 seed.
  10. There was some talk about a 4-6 Braden River should not have been in the playoffs over a 6-4 Sebastian River team, despite the loss, I think the RPI system got it right this time. Having seen Sebastian in person, I think they would have gotten blasted by Palmetto, at least Braden River made it a competitive game.
  11. That was Boca before alot of their playmakers transferred out (Deerfield Beach, AHD, Champagnat, etc...)
  12. Lets let the teams get past Boca Raton and Santaluces first, but it’s tough to beat a team twice in one year, Vero was lucky to do it the first time. Vero appears to be more balanced offensively than when they played the first time, however. Hopefully Vero’s run game will be at full strength the whole game this time around (McMillan was gimpy the whole game, and Meizinger didn’t play most of the 2nd half.) Treasure Coast won’t be affected by the change in venue, all those kids and coaches have played in the citrus bowl many times. TC will be fired up for this game for sure. I know the regular season loss left a sour taste in their mouths as they felt they were denied a timeout on Vero’s tying touchdown during regulation when TC’s Coach Jones was 15 yards into the field of play screaming for one and the refs say they never saw or heard him.
  13. Sebastian River coach Tony Perry told TCPalm he was not interested in playing a bowl game this year (they beat John Carroll in a bowl game last season.)
  14. Lots of impressive districts, you can see why a change was needed to allow strong districts to be represented to get the best teams in and weed out weaker runner ups, any instances where every team in the same district are going (or went) to the playoffs?
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