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  1. These slate of games are nice. Great week for South Florida filled with big matchups
  2. Schedule coming along quite nicely
  3. I'm excited in a major way not just as an alumni but as a high school football fan as well. They stepped up their schedule in a major way and not just playing 2 to 3 tough opponents including Cocoa. If anything this schedule is on par with Cocoa's and matches up pretty well. Could this be the season that Brevard has multiple state champs again and the first time the biggest rivals in Brevard are in the finals the same season.
  4. Cocoa has the last 2 superbowl rings with Javian Hawkins getting one with the Rams.
  5. I saw the rings they are nice but they are basically like the 2017 rings with yellow gold accents. Didn't notice the 1 away game. That's definitely unheard of but its official. Riverview is definitely a trap game with that schedule. Along with Sarasota being a hangover game.
  6. Yes indeed. even with the district opponents it's a great schedule
  7. Just saw the official schedule on twitter and I'm loving it. Yall will be battle tested for sure. No matter what happens in the KOC against IMG, yall will have a regular season win against IMG lol. But y'all very well could come out of that schedule unscathed or with just one loss. Also saw that y'all dropped the 3 stripes and went with Nike/Jordan the Nike unis lookin better than the Adidas from what I see. Lookin forward to seeing the tweaks to the helmet and also saw that Jesuit didn't want the greatest game in y'all area to happen Week 1 on ESPN
  8. Rockledge is looking for a week 1 and week 7. Maybe they can get Madison and Venice scheduled.
  9. Idk if anyone is willing to give up much in a trade for Mayfield honestly.
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