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  1. There's plenty of small towns that have just as many if not more.
  2. Will he still be trash if he starts for madco and makes an impact?
  3. Maybe if his last name was Washington lol
  4. Another solid schedule
  5. Trap game not necessarily a loss. Feel like it will be an offensive battle with someone making a stop late and icing it with a late score. As long as they play mistake free then Venice should win
  6. Exactly and with the games against Jackson State there's gonna be major exposure for both schools thanks to Head Coach Primetime standing on the other side lol. But more major recruits will have eyes on them just off that game alone.
  7. Couldn't Madison be considered Fighting County as well lmao but I see 2 losses interchangeable with a possible lol feel like I'm calling books for a spades game. But losses to Valdosta and Columbia. Upset alert FSU High or Rickards.
  8. Front end of the schedule is loaded for sure. They are definitely more than capable of running the table and going undefeated. But I'm not gonna lie I can see them stumbling in the first 5 weeks of the schedule. Toss ups are the KOC against Northwestern and home against Gibbons. I honestly believe they will edge out Edgewater in a close one but that can go either way depending on who forces the late turnover in that game. Trap games are Cocoa and Palmetto. Well only if that's Miami Palmetto lmao. But I do believe the Cocoa one is definitely the tricky one. They could come into that g
  9. It was definitely an unexpected switch being that they're going from Mid-Eastern to Southwest. But I do feel like they wanted to freshen things up and be more competitive. Not saying the MEAC isn't competitive but both schools have done a lot for that conference in multiple sports. Plus the SWAC brand as a whole has been rising lately, so it could be another way to raise the school's profile and open up other opportunities. I definitely feel like football and band wise they both have a great shot and SWAC member bands are more on par with both schools when it comes to accolades. Also, wi
  10. If they play the classic at the Daytona International Speedway.
  11. It would be dope if they did that again
  12. Use to go every Year before I spent my time in the military.
  13. A lot of times putting the url in the post makes the article or pics pop itself
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