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  1. Madison County also lost to Cocoa in a semifinal game at Madison
  2. idk about that. Too bad those games can't happen this season. Both of them I would consider 1A and 1B in Brevard.
  3. Well he did say he's a beast so he should still put up great numbers against good competition weekly.
  4. Cocoa and Rockledge are the teams to beat out of Brevard. Cocoa's offense is gonna move the ball well on the ground and through the air. Especially with the addition of Viera's top receiver. The defense should be solid and much approved. They recently got 2 transfers from Canada. Rockledge's offense is also much improved with the addition of Viera's starting quarterback and returning pieces. As a whole Brevard is sittin well but Viera will have alot to prove. Look for Melbourne to rise in Brevard. Eau Gallie to improve and believe it or not Palm Bay and possibly Bayside.
  5. Too bad GC can't play both Rockledge and Cocoa in the same season
  6. He would need some extra yardage on top of those 4 breaks in order to get it.
  7. Lmao funny how most Brevard teams had to make it past Glades Central. Rockledge and Cocoa came through with the big wins over them. Astronaut had their chance; also could've turned out to be an all Brevard state championship game as well if Rockledge would've beaten GC and Armwood in the semifinals.
  8. Whoa does he really have a street named after him down there?
  9. Hunter Pingston Rockledge High School Coach Chuck Wood Glades Central Laurent Robinson Played DB at Bethel university
  10. What's their schedule and do yall have a set schedule as of yet?
  11. On the website its states the main high school campus is grades K-10th
  12. Question....how is it that you ask for everyone's top 3 players in 1A for this decade, which in turn is their own opinion. Once they give their top 3(their opinion) you say they are wrong? I get criticism but still.
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