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  1. FSU starting running back is Jalen Mitchell's former teammate at Rockledge Jashaun Corbin
  2. No. 19 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (4-1)No. 5 American Heritage (Plantation)Oakleaf (4-2)No. 24 Cocoa (3-0)No. 1 St. Thomas Aquinas (1-0)No. 2 Miami Northwestern (0-0)No. 8 Bloomingdale (5-0)No. 12 Jones (4-0)Dunnellon (3-0)Suwannee (5-2)
  3. Eau Gallie is on their 2nd of 2 weeks this week. Merritt Island is on their first and Melbourne should be back. Cocoa just got a replacement game for Melbourne. They will be playing Satellite on November 12th
  4. After this week, Brevard will finally have big games with the top 4 in the county playing each other for the next 3 weeks. Cocoa v Viera Rockledge v Eau Gallie Eau Gallie v Cocoa Rockledge v Viera Eau Gallie v Viera Rockledge v Cocoa Those teams can definitely beat each other but I see Cocoa goin 3-0, Rockledge 2-1, Eau Gallie 1-2 and Viera 0-3
  5. No. 1 St. Thomas Aquinas (0-0) Baker County (5-0) No. 21 North Fort Myers (4-0) No. 4 American Heritage (Plantation) (3-0) No. 6 Edgewater (1-1) No. 17 Niceville (4-0) Mainland (2-1) Newberry (5-1) Fletcher (4-1) Champagnat Catholic (3-2)
  6. Victory Christian (4-0)Oakleaf (2-2)No. 14 Jones (2-0)Palmetto (2-1)Columbia (0-2)No. 24 Florida High (3-0)No. 16 Bartram Trail (3-1)No. 23 Treasure Coast (4-0)No. 19 Bolles (3-1)No. 9 Lakeland (2-0)
  7. Those most likely aren't top games for this week. Atleast your area has a top game this week. Brevard won't have any big game til the next week or so when the top 4 in division one starts playing each other
  8. I agree with you on this. None of those games jump out at me besides apopka vs jones. Dr.P and Wekiva would have in years past but not now. Osceola vs St. Cloud is basically the same as Cocoa vs Melbourne
  9. I know of them but they were well before my time.
  10. Why would I google that. You acting like Clemson was what they are now back then. Again I have nothing to prove to you and not gonna go back and forth with you about it. Cause guess what the way you are if I cared to prove it to you. You would say that I'm a bandwagon fan still. Again I was a fan since I was a kid end of story
  11. Lmao how would I be called a bandwagon? I don't need to prove anything to you. You just asked me if I knew who the coach was before Dabo and I let it be known who it was. I'm far from bandwagon. Been a fan since I was a kid.
  12. Yes I've been a Clemson fan since I was younger. Terry Bowden was the coach. Back when FSU vs Clemson was deemed the Bowden bowl. Also when Lou Holtz was the head man at South Carolina and one of the biggest brawls I've ever seen happened
  13. That's true but as a Clemson fan I know they tend to have that one game where they seem to finish the job kinda like they are playing down to their competitor.
  14. I'd say this season the ACC is gonna come down to Clemson and Notre Dame. Miami and UNC can take a shot at it.
  15. I forgot to add in Tampa Catholic as well
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