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  1. Lol yea I thought about giving FSU the major upset but I reevaluated that thought quick. Chaminade has way too much big game experience and won those games.
  2. 2A Champagnat Catholic (10-3) 3A Chaminade-Madonna (11-2) 1A Madison County (11-2)
  3. Only if I didn't fumble on majority of my picks lol
  4. If Cocoa didn't make mistakes then that would've been the final this season. But it still should be a great game. But I give the edge BTW.
  5. Kinda like when Cocoa and BTW battled it out in the semis for years on end.
  6. Yup they did. One fumble and the test were interceptions. Somehow they were still I'm the game. Bolles came up with some big time catches.
  7. The semis and state are the worst times to make mistakes and miss opportunities. Cocoa learned the hard way tonight as well.
  8. 8A NORTH: Steinbrenner (12-1) 8A SOUTH: Deerfield Beach (10-3) 7A NORTH: Armwood (12-1) 7A SOUTH: St. Thomas Aquinas (12-0) 6A NORTH: Gaither (12-1) 6A SOUTH: Miami Central (10-3) 5A NORTH: Jones (12-1) 5A SOUTH: Miami Northwestern (11-2) at Traz Powell 4A NORTH: Cocoa (8-3) 4A SOUTH: Booker T. Washington (11-2) 3A NORTH: Florida High (11-1) 3A SOUTH: Chaminade-Madonna (10-2) 2A NORTH: University Christian (11-1) 2A SOUTH: Champagnat Catholic (9-3) 1A NORTH: Baker (11-1) 1A SOUTH: Madison County (10-2)
  9. CLASS 8A Region 1: Apopka Region 2: Steinbrenner Region 3: Vero Beach CLASS 7A Region 1: Edgewater Region 2: Lakeland Region 3: Venice CLASS 6A Region 2: Gaither CLASS 5A Region 2: Jones Region 3: Jesuit Region 4: Miami Northwestern CLASS 4A Region 4: Booker T. Washington CLASS 3A Region 1: Florida High Region 3: Clearwater Central Catholic CLASS 2A Region 2: Victory Christian CLASS 1A Region 1: Baker
  10. I believe so as well. Rockledge loses Tennison and a number of defensive playmakers. I see it being a close game still. At least till we see how the summer wraps up lol.
  11. I'd give the nod to Godby and Venice
  12. Bartram Trail Vero Beach Venice Manatee Columbia Miami Central North Marion Bradford South Sumer Booker T. Washington Cardinal Gibbons Trinity Catholic Clearwater Central Catholic Vernon Pahokee
  13. I know I'm saying after they finish their conference finals. The winners of those can decide to play in the independent battle of champions against other conference champions if they choose to.
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