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  1. 3 Columbia (Lake City) 5 Edison (Miami) 2 Palm Beach Central (Wellington 1 Gaither (Tampa) 6 Venice 4 Satellite (Satellite Beach) 8 Deerfield Beach 9 Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) 10 Dillard (Ft. Lauderdale) 7 Gulliver Prep (Miami) BONUS GAME: Florida Christian (Miami)
  2. Oh definitely tough. But I was talkin bout STM vs SFA
  3. Very interesting and makes sense why it was closer. That is what the fake school IMG played was trying to be. Interested to see how they do against SFA. Definitely holding their own against the collegiate jv squads
  4. Wait so the brackets aren't split between north and south anymore?
  5. 3 Lincoln (Tallahassee) 8 Cocoa 6 Columbia (Lake City) 10 Rockledge 1 STA 9 Seminole (Sanford) 2 Venice* 5 West Orange (Winter Garden) 4 Tampa Bay Tech 7 Pahokee BONUS GAME: Leesburg
  6. Yea I definitely noticed that.
  7. You could always catch Cocoa at Lake Mineola next week
  8. 3 more games to make it through. Biggest game remaining is against Rockledge. Basically a bye week round one of the playoffs. Gotta make it to the semis and make it past Bolles. Then whoever makes it from the south in the Finals. Who I'm assuming will be Gulliver Prep or Cardinal Gibbons. Would be great for it to be a rematch of the semis from last season.
  9. I didn't know they were 8A. I was thinking they were 7A. That'll make 6 8A teams Cocoa has played. Spruce Creek is undefeated and played Rockledge in either the spring. Rockledge won but Spruce Creek ran all over Rockledge with their starting running back. I forgot his name but he put up big time numbers. If they have a good passing attack they will be able to make some plays against Cocoa. They make break a few runs but those gaps will close quickly against Cocoa's speed and hard hitting defense.
  10. Hopefully I know channel 9, Fox35 and news13 always covers Brevard very well. And still do til this day. Luckily Brevard has those outlets as well as their own in FloridaToday, Space Coast Daily and Brevard Sports Network
  11. Exactly. Brevard use to be included in the rankings by Orlando Sentinel and it looks like Brevard is starting back playing more Orange, Osceola, Lake and Volusia County teams again. And just like you said, geographically they fit into the Central Florida area. Which in fact the Space Coast is part of Central Florida.
  12. Having more kids at a school absolutely makes a difference especially a "1A" school having a roster size of 50. Theres teams in bigger classifications that don't even have a roster size of 50
  13. Too bad they don't include Brevard in those rankings anymore
  14. I saw the highlights and it was a pretty good game back and forth. Would like to see them play more like this to fill out their schedule
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