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  1. KeemD321


    Brevard is playing tonight as well
  2. I would swap Merritt Island with Eau Gallie in the Central Florida rankings and possibly put Palm Bay or different team in instead of Merritt Island due to how they got dominated by a previously winless team
  3. That's exactly what it is. Where they have Lakeland, Seminole and Osceola placed is wild especially with the teams they have ahead of them. Even the SOS doesn't make sense with the placement of teams.
  4. That's on the governing associations they are approved to play against. Also don't FHSAA backed schools have to play teams that are governed by a conference, league or association? There probably wasn't a handshake due to some possible tension or just a mutual agreement. Who knows. I know when SFA played Desoto there wasn't a post game handshake due to extreme disrespect on behalf of Desoto. Also. Desoto didn't even attempt to line up for post game handshakes when SFA started to line up at the 50. Desoto just walked off the field.
  5. I know it's the first rankings but I'm flabbergasted. The placement of these teams in the top 150 is mindblowing. Even the top 10 with University Christian at #3 and Bradford at #10.
  6. Again if this info is easily accessible then I'm sure every team and association that approved to schedule them knows which would forfeit their season. Or maybe they weren't in 9th grade in 2018. Not saying they were or weren't, just haven't seen any information verifying these claims. Either way the game was played and the outcome came out to be what it clearly should have been, just less of a point differential. I'm just curious to know, if the outcome was different and Venice won, would those claims still be put out there?
  7. Yea usually there's full game or highlights the very next day if not sooner. All I could find was a pregame show and I'm not sure if Varsity Sports Network covered it. I'm sure they would so I'll check there unless they covered the Jesuit vs Armwood game instead for that area.
  8. I've been looking for it. Saw that a Seminole posted a play on Twitter asking everyone's opinion on a pass interference call.
  9. Check out PMO Sports highlights from this game on YouTube. Well the speech the Central LB coach gave before the game. Gave me chills and I know definitely had his grouped hyped and ready to shut everything down. I know it had me ready lol. But yes that speech was definitely a precursor to the tone they were gonna set....especially when it came to #6 of Dillard.
  10. Well at the end of the day the game was still played. Even with bad calls the outcome wasn't different than what it would've been if those calls weren't called. Whether those players are indeed ineligible I'm sure something will come of it. Til then I can't say that's the case or not because I don't know and haven't seen any evidence stating other wise. Having 5 year starters doesn't necessarily give a team an advantage other than experience if that player got significant playing time all 5 years. But again at the end of the day the game was scheduled, contracts signed, and I'm sure research was done on the team prior as well.
  11. And how do you know they are ineligible? Is there anything showing that to be the case?
  12. There was one play at the end of third or beginning of the fourth where I was like yea some of the Dillard players giving up. They had the ball and 2 of their O-Linemen didn't even get out of their stance when the ball was snapped.
  13. Most definitely. Wasn't weather at all. Central was making plays all over the field on the ground, threw the air and on defense all during the down pour.
  14. From what I saw Central is definitely on another level this season.
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