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  1. Cocoa Lake Mary Seminole MNW CCC Armwood Venice Rockledge FL High AHP
  2. There's goes Coconut Creek messing up my pick ems lmao
  3. Of course it wouldn't be great football without it. Glades Central became the route Cocoa and Rockledge had to go through to make it to state at different points in time. Glades was the bar.
  4. You can add regular season too
  5. Yes indeed. Ended their streak and took away that #1 national ranking
  6. Miami Central STA Atlantic Edgewater NChoctaw Miramar Seminole Rockledge Bartram Trail Ely
  7. Same. Last week was rough on me lol smh I even faltered on my brevard picks
  8. Looks like the like the game itself just got even bigger coverage with a major platform. Wasn't expecting this to pop up on my notifications https://youtu.be/8hsekX4Kk8g
  9. I agree as well. That's truly the main reason I feel they tried to appeal. The night it happened they said they wouldn't appeal because they knew the outcome. But if this game does go towards seeding then Cocoa unfortunately would be on the road for the regional final and semifinal. Which in turn would have them missing out on gate revenue and being put in the hole for travel and more. When they would in theory if they win out in the regular season would be hosting those games.
  10. Ultimately it brought light to a situation that occurs too often and now sets a precedent that there could be repercussions holding people accountable.
  11. Atleast now the organization took accountability and the refs were suspended. FHSAA shouldn't count that loss on Cocoa's schedule when it comes to playoff seeding.
  12. Yea. Starting to look like the end goal was to really bring awareness to the whole appeal process and to that particular officiating organization. But that's just my observation. Who knows what will come from it
  13. Looks like some investigation work is being done by reporters lol https://www.palmbeachpost.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2023/09/12/fhsaa-asked-to-intervene-in-multiple-games-involving-broward-officials/70831341007/
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