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  1. As do I. I had to make sure I was looking at the right post on twitter and verify everything. Took me by surprise.
  2. Do they have a team that will be competitive next season?
  3. I'm assuming it's the same type of deal they had with Venice. Also, possibility of ESPN picking up the game if Cocoa goes into it undefeated or picking up the other 2 games
  4. FSU gets the win and some much needed revenge against Oklahoma's Head Coach
  5. Too much of a coincidence to me seeing it put out there. Would think that they would atleast play a couple. Could definitely see them playing Vanguard or North Marion, even Dunnellon
  6. I can definitely see that. 2 or 3 losses coming to any combination of these 4 teams Jones, STA, Venice, or Seminole. I don't see them beating STA. The other 3 will be very competitive and could go either way.
  7. Gotta do what they can with the district games in the backend of the schedule
  8. I was just about to post the Twitter post lol They finally have a full schedule after 3 seasons of 8 or 9 games
  9. Was most definitely shady. Hated how they were throwing it out there on the national board. Yea I get they raised funds but they could've easily scheduled a different team and used a percentage of the gate as funds to help out Dunbar while they recouped or atleast raised funds and sent it down to Dunbar.
  10. Kinda how I believe Lowndes was doing everything in their power to get Dunbar to travel right after the hurricane
  11. Venice wasn't the only school
  12. Kinda how lil ole Suburban Cocoa beat bigger metro teams last year, lost to that Venice squad by 1 and had chances to win the title against the only metro team to be that very same Venice team.
  13. Palm Bay Heritage has their new coach as does Bayside
  14. And y'all hitting the road against top teams as well. My guess for the top 10 state champ is STA making a trip to Cocoa week 1 or possibly Central. But my money is on STA. Also looks like they'll finally have a full schedule for the first time in 3 seasons
  15. I kinda figured that was coming once I saw this Twitter post. Schedule already finalized.
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