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  1. Hey @Floridaatlantic1 . This idea has been floated a couple of times on here and I thought it was interesting. How about: Instead of Metro/Suburban, public/private, transfer-based classes, or even promotion/demotion, the FHSAA broke the state into only 3 parts. North, Central, and South. Put all of the South Florida juggernauts into their own classification and let them play for 1 championship. Combine the North Florida rural schools and let them play for one championship while Central Florida combines to one class and plays for the final state championship. Playoff seeding will be determined by districts comprised of no fewer than 4 teams as well as SOS. At the end of the season, the winner of the "North" classification, would play the winner of the "Central" classification. Afterward, the winner of that game would play the winner of the "South" classification. And for once, we would have one "true" undisputed state champion.
  2. Coach Wiseman, let me just preface this by saying that you were the best HC Sarasota's program has had in the last 20+ years. You brought them from being a perpetual losing program to the doorstep of competing with Venice for a district title and a deep playoff run. SHS will curse the day they fired you now that they are back in a rut. You are a true class act, and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. Our backfield is certainly sparse right now. We do have Dorian Jones, a rising sophomore runningback whom did considerably well considering his limited playing time last season. Our offense will need an overhaul with the graduation of 3 offensive linemen and almost our entire receiving corps. Our defensive line will be strong with the return of Ke'shawn Vaughn, Elijah Jones, and Asharri Charles. Our linebacking corps graduates virtually everybody but should have at least one bright spot with the return of Ben Zarkawiecz. Our defensive backfield is still a work in progress with the graduation of Lester and Platt. At the moment, we have more question marks than exclamation points. And that's not a good feeling with the kind of competition Venice is going to face.
  3. It's possible that they find their stride by week 5, but at the moment we just don't have the on-paper talent to compete with teams like Miami NW, IMG National, Cocoa, or Bishop Verot. If Venice can find a way to go 7-3 with that schedule I would be happy
  4. The Bulls @ Venice week 2 confirmed. Miami NW figures to field the best team in Dade this upcoming season and maybe one of their best teams ever with Teddy Bridgewater at the helm. Looks like we'll be overwhelmed going into that game with the graduation of 3 starting offensive linemen, nearly our entire receiving corps and the transfer of Jamarice Wilder to Booker.
  5. @Nulli Secundus and @DarterBlue2, thank you for the kind words. I attended a community for two years and have completed an AA, whatever that's worth. However, I am taking time to work now before furthering my education. Unfortunately, the cost of continuing is very prohibitive, especially for a 21-year-old college student without a scholarship left to fall back on. I want to major in history, as that topic has always been a fascination of mine. Regardless, excited to see what the future holds (and hopefully, a Venice victory about 6 days from now, which is all I really want for Christmas anyway. )
  6. I would love to head up there and meet you, but my college graduation actually falls on the day the game is going to be played. I will be lucky to even get home in time to pay for the stream.
  7. You’re not hoping for that at all! Though it definitely wouldn’t hurt to say, “GO INDIANS!!” Once in a while! Would it?
  8. It’s just some playful banter and trash talk. We are not overlooking Lakeland at all. We know what they are capable of. The war of words begins now and continues until Saturday at 7:59 pm. @Nulli Secundus and I have been at it all day on Scorestream! Lmao
  9. I don’t think it will be a blowout, though Venice will absolutely be favored. It’s going to take everything Lakeland has to deny one of Venice’s best teams ever from winning the 4S state championship. This is the matchup we wanted. We owe you guys a beatdown for what happened last year. One fluke touchdown before the half and it’s another trophy on our shelf. We will never forget that, least of all the kids whom were on this team last year. Nobody since Cocoa in week 2 has had an answer for Venice’s offense. The continuity between our offensive line and running backs has really paved the way for where we are now. Defensive line is starting to gel at the right time, as evidenced by the way they dominated DeLand’s offense after the first drive (which really surprised me.) The experience in the secondary has paid dividends in a huge way. This is going to be Lakeland’s toughest test of the year. Do you have answers for Venice’s phenomenal rushing attack? Can you stop our receiving corps, where we have 4 guys that can take it the distance at a moment’s notice? Can you contain Glasser when he takes off, or defend the numerous trick plays? And on defense, can you crack Venice’s secondary? Will you be able to run and try to slow the game down to keep our offense off the field? These are all questions that need to be answered before Saturday. Tick Tock Lakeland, you’re on the clock! GO INDIANS!!!
  10. On paper, DeLand is actually built perfectly to beat Venice because they run the single wing-t offense. If Venice makes one mistake (a fumble, interception, etc,) they could easily take 6 minutes or more off of the clock. If DeLand wins the coin toss I fully expect them to receive first and try to take the first quarter off of the clock. Venice hasn't seen much of the single wing-t offense. They played Naples in the Spring Game and in the 2022 regular season, who runs slip halfback veer offense (not the same as DeLand, but similar,) and it gave us trouble both times. Also, keep in mind that Naples *didn't* have a legend on the sideline running their offense, DeLand does. Venice's defensive line this year has been their weakness and isn't really set up to stop an offense that will carry the ball 50 times a game. Just food for thought.
  11. Congrats 181! It's great to see Plant back in the mix! Get the upset next week!
  12. DeLand could very well win that game if Venice doesn't take them as seriously as they should. Beating Treasure Coast by 31 points at their place is just incredible. If you asked me before the season if Venice was 31 points better than Treasure Coast, I would have laughed, and I still don't think they are. Coach Darlington has DeLand peaking at exactly the right time. This will be the toughest game of the year for both teams. I think DeLand's offensive line matches up particularly well with Venice's defensive line. If they give TJ Moore time, they will find ways to get Justin Brown, Vic Satler, and Javon Moore open against Venice's powerful secondary and score.
  13. Vanguard beating Lake Wales 52-15 was the surprise of the night. I thought Vanguard would win by a score of 24-17 or similar to avenge last year's loss; not a thorough domination from start to finish. Those kids in Vanguard have to be very excited right now.
  14. WIlliston Union Bozeman Moore Haven OTC CCC True North FSU High Bradford Central Bishop Moore Berkely Naples Choctaw Jones Homestead TC Semiole Monarch Columbus
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