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  1. BS DPI before Halftime and Defensive Holding, and Unsportsmanlike conduct in which Brady started it but hey you can't call a flag on Brady. Worst Super Bowl ever!!!
  2. Too bad the Refs help yall alot smh terrible officiating.
  3. The only way to beat us is to out score us but that won't happen because we have so much speed and Playmakers on that team. Chiefs is goin to run circles around Tompa Bay lol!!!!!!
  4. My Chiefs will repeat as Champs!!!!!!
  5. That what up!!! I'll appreciate it bro!!! Thank you!!
  6. Can't we all just get along lol
  7. No its not the same. Its not going to be added in the record books. Even if GC would of won I'll still say GC has 6 State Championships. Its just a messed up season I'll appreciate the FHSAA trying to make something out of nothing. Just getting ready for the next season when the Virus goes away and we can compete for a State Championship.
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