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  1. I'm way over that lol I'm just calling a spade a spade lol I'm good over here
  2. You thinking about Rockledge I can't stand that team either lol I can't stand Brevard County!!! Lol
  3. I couldn't stand Buie I'm glad he didn't play in that state championship and we still lost lol me and Atown was talking trash to him before kickoff lol
  4. That had some good games though lol I seen some of it UIL
  5. Alot of people was mad some consider it a dirty play by the QB
  6. Hey I got a question about rules what about that fake QB slide done by Pittsburgh (college) in order for him to get a touchdown the defender though he was going to slide and didn't hit him to avoid a flag thoughts?....
  7. 16. Miami Central 15. St Thomas Aquinas 14. Chaminade Madonna 13. Jesuit 12. Madison County 11. Champagnat Catholic 10. Cardinal Gibbons 9. Venice
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