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  1. Lol relax they also play Swag Surfing and other songs lol one of FAMU old band major is one of the directors there that probably why lol I don't care about FSU. GO GATORS!
  2. Naw FSU Marching Band went hood I heard the band "Neck" and I was shook. Dillard know about the song Neck it's a HBCU classic lol
  3. Oh yeah I'm definitely coming to that game I live down the road from the stadium. I seen Lincoln play one time that was a spring game last year. From what I heard around Tally Lincoln ain't all that lol
  4. Y'all keep sleeping on Mahomes lol. Mahomes is the next GOAT!!!
  5. The Chiefs are still the best team in the NFL!!!!
  6. Doesn't mean a thing without a ring lol Didn't The Chiefs won the Super Bowl couple years back lol
  7. I looked him up but I can't find him on YouTube...
  8. But they want to fired the Head Coach.. Ditto
  9. How bout those Chiefs!!!! Let's go Chiefs!!!!
  10. I'm way over that lol I'm just calling a spade a spade lol I'm good over here
  11. You thinking about Rockledge I can't stand that team either lol I can't stand Brevard County!!! Lol
  12. I couldn't stand Buie I'm glad he didn't play in that state championship and we still lost lol me and Atown was talking trash to him before kickoff lol
  13. That had some good games though lol I seen some of it UIL
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