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    Spring games begin

    Tonight I went to watch Lake Nona at Timber Creek. As a North West Orange County guy, this was way over on the other side of town. But I had a suspicion it would be a good game and I was not disappointed. The score when I left with 2:40 remaining in the 4th was TC 16 Nona 14. I left because a decent crowd was there and I wanted to beat the traffic given I had an hours drive to get home. On offense Nona had three athletes 18, 4 and 9,who impressed me. 18 was their QB who has a good arm, maintains his composure well, and though not a dual threat, is able to evade defenders well buying a second or so to get rid of the ball. No 4 is a tall rangy receiver who reminds me size wise of Harding at West Orange last year. He lacks the athleticism of Hardin, but makes up for it with his ability to go up and get the ball and his safe hands and good route running. No 9 lined up mostly in the slot and made several good plays. He also played corner and performed well on the defensive side too. On offense TC displayed an undersized QB, no 5, Tanner who has a decent arm for his size and makes good decisions. I was somewhat disappointed with their line play but the offensive line is bound to improve under coach Z's capable hands. My sense is that both of these teams, though neither is a state contender at this stage, had solid chances of making the playoffs and could win a game or two in the post season. I thought LN utilized the game better in terms of giving more guys touches particularly in the second half. Despite the rather long trip, I don't regret making this game, and when Apopka has a soft opponent I could see myself going to watch either of these teams during the regular season.
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    Spring Game 2

    So, I watched the first three quarters of the Winter Park vs Dr. Phillips game tonight. I had to leave at the end of the third as I had another commitment. Both teams showed well. When I left, Winter Park held a 21-7 lead. However, the Sentinel reports that Dp. rallied to win 28-21 in the fourth quarter. Sorry I was not able to stay for the fireworks. Thoughts on the game: Both teams are solid. Dp. should have scored first as a half back pass delivered by Patti (I am guessing he is related to Nick and is the same style QB), found a wide open receiver in stride. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, after hauling it in, he stumbled and fell. On the next play Patti threw an interception which WP proceeded to drive down field and score. DP utilized two QBs, Patti and the tall kid that transferred from West Orange last year. Patti is quite the athlete, and it is kind of like having a running back with a good arm playing QB. However, he threw two picks before leading DP to their fourth quarter comeback. For me, as of now, I would take the WO transfer as my starter, but we shall see. Winter Park looked good which they don't usually do in the spring. The have a number of very athletic kids at receiver who can make plays after the catch and the QB is capable of tucking the ball and running for decent yardage. Perhaps the most interesting thing I noted was that the WP defensive interior, which was undersized and did not look that impressive to the eye, was able to contain the DP running game well for the three quarters I saw. Look for both of these teams to make a run in 8A come fall.
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    2019 Northwestern Talent

    Central and Carol City hit the jackpot by potentially not having to play NW twice a year and going through NW for a state title. I hate they broke up the classification but everybody in the SEC district of old now has easier path to state.
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    I might be in the minority on this one, but I don't view a successful high school coach as a coach that won state championships. That might be the metric used to compare college or NFL coaches. These days a team that consistently wins state championships is typically due to the fact they recruit the best talent in their area and in modern times it's quietly becoming the state and in some teams cases the nation. I've always been of the impression since I was at St. Petersburg Catholic back in the very early 2000's that high school coaches are far more important to the development of young men. I imagine the players that played for Mr. Budnyk would consider him a champion even if he doesn't have a ring that says "State" on it. I remember reading about Coach Budnyk in the Palm Beach Post in the mid 2000's before his retirement. Sounds like an amazing individual from a different generation that was able to adapt to the changing times.
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    Had an opportunity to talk to him several times in the early 80's when he would come into the old Southgate PO in Sarasota to mail game film. Was way more talkative than Joe Kinnan.........Joe was very hard to pull into a conversation beyond the customary pleasantries. There was a 20+ year period where Charlie Cleland/Tom Whitehurst -Sarasota HS, Paul Maechtle - Southeast, John Sprague - Riverview, and Joe Kinnan turned the Sarasota/Manatee county area into a real powerhouse of HS football.
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    You learn more about your team and how to evaluate them when facing someone besides yourself so it's a useful tool for knowing what to work on during summer workouts and training camp Teams aren't forced to play it so I have no problem with it And most teams usually do a intersquad scrimmage as well as a spring game so they get best of both kinds of evaluation
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    Coaches & Texting - What Do You Think?

    remind, not a sms. remind can be set to 1 way message the players. having the kids reply to text is setting up a dangerous situation, in my opnion. remind is good because of the 1 way part, dole out the information to everyone and be done. now if kids have questions, idk what to say, or if they need to let you know something, im not sure about that either. teachers texting my kid, i dont think I would be a big fan of that.
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    4A Region 3 - An Early Look

    Cant wait.... but Ultimately, the team that comes out will likely play Carol City Chiefs . My boys should indeed be a favorite to take the region.
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    I’ll jump in alligator alley first
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    Apopka Jamboree

    First the bad news: Apopka does not have an offensive identity and must develop one over the summer or it could be a long, disappointing season ending without a playoff appearance. Now the good news: There is enough skill talent to do it. However, the offensive line must develop quickly. It would also help if the injuries get better over the summer and a few fresh, new faces show up in the freshman class. Finally, the defense was solid in all aspects of the game holding Atlantic Coast to minuscule yards (I don't think they had a first down in a half of football) and making critical sacks, a forced fumble and an interception, against an athletic, Raines offense, holding them to six points in two quarters. In fact, you could argue that it was not the D that gave up the six points as Apopka's offense fumbled away the football at about their own nine with about 40 seconds left in the game. Raines scored with 14.8 seconds left in the game, and intercepted Apopka's hail Mary to end the contest. To hold the defending state champion to six on a night when the offense could not move the ball to save it's life against them was pretty impressive. Apopka has plenty of talent. However, at this stage, its offense is the least developed of the eight teams I have seen play this spring. Now talent wise, it if far from the worst of those eight teams. An offensive identity needs to be developed or the team will struggle to score against decent teams. Lohman, who was our brightest offensive spark in the first game against Atlantic Coast, went down late in the second quarter of the second quarter of that game and was on crutches for the second game. I hope the injury is not severe as he will be needed to help spark the team come summer. On defense Jaylin Carter had a stellar night recording sacks and forcing the Raines fumble. Surprisingly, Spruce Creek, which is not usually a football power, was the best of the four teams at the jamboree winning both of their halves in impressive style. Their running back, number 4, and quarterback, number 9 are both D1 talents in my opinion. They beat Atlantic Coast 28-7 and was leading Raines 7-0 more than midway in their first quarter when I left to make the long trip home. Apopka won its half against Atlantic Coast 2-0 as the D brought Atlantic Coast down in its own end zone when they started from their own 3, and lost 0-6 against Raines. I did not see Fred Young, who was our best receiver last year on the sidelines. I don't know whether he has left school via transfer, or if he has quit football. Either way, the loss is a pity, as Fred was a very good receiver and with Apopka running more out of the spread I would have expected him to come into his own this season.
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    Each of the three teams played a half game against each other. Mainland overwhelmed the home field Yellow Jackets (ST. A) 25-6 , and edged the reigning Florida large school champions (8A) Jacksonville Mandarin 10-7. Mandarin's starting QB Carson Beck threw for 3,546 yrds and 39 td's last year and was named "MR Football" in Florida. He has a very strong arm , good feet, and throws a beautiful ball. Mainland ate the clock up, cut down on his field time, and stayed in his face....For the 1st time since the 2010 season, Mainland is back in the Northern playoff Bracket. The Miami Monsters of Dade county (Central, Carol City, Northwestern) have knocked the Buccaneers out of the playoffs 7 times in the last 8 years. NO MAS!! ...Armwood here we come...
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    Thanks for the heads up 'Rocket. Now that Daytona Beach has the championships for the next few years, could be Miami Central on the Bucs home field again. It didn't help in '08 or '09 when a young D Freemen ran through us in the 2nd half or the other couple times in the playoffs up here, but who knows......I've always had much respect for the Rockets, wings and drinks on me if you come up...
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    Armwood is no longer in 6a. Mainland will have to contend with Columbia and maybe surprise team in region 1. Whomever comes out of that region is all but a sure bet to make to state. Region 2 is as bout as weak as a bad Wifi signal.
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    If not for some "liberals" who had the courage to allow blacks to play and/or coach in football and other sports many years ago, and caught hell for it(some had their lives threatened), the game would not be what it is today. I am someone from that era, and experienced it firsthand. Call them whatever you want, liberal or otherwise...they were men like Sam Budnyk who looked beyond a man's color, demonstrated compassion for their brother of any race/color...they were the "liberals" of their day, and isn't it ironic that today such people are looked up to and applauded. Maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere.
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    Lakeland won 53 straight games. streak started after a 2003 playoff loss to Hillsborough and ended with a 2007 regular season loss to Osceola. I believe that record will stand for some time.
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    Yea I was hoping Cocoa and Dr.Phillips were gonna turn their spring series into a regular season thing. Rockledge has played West Orange lately. Maybe there could be a tripleheader Cocoa, Rockledge, Viera vs Apopka, Dr Phillips and West Orange or Jones
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    I remember when Rockledge won back to back and when it always came down to Palm Bay and Lincoln in the semis.
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    Well you got to admit, there's not much difference between a Raider and a Pirate. So, I am sure the former pirates are comfortable in their new home.
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    Check out his leg of the 4x400, easily 3 seconds back when he gets the baton and beats the guy a little over a half of a second. https://deadspin.com/matthew-bolings-100-meter-national-record-wasnt-even-hi-1834703582
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    2019 Miami Central Talent

    St. Francis Is supposed to be rated in the top 25 in the Nation while MC comes in the top 50. Should be a very good game. Ny Homer pick takes MC by a TD.
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    2019 Miami Central Talent

    2 potentially great games. Let's hope the fist one is nationally televised. It should be. Aug 24 St Frences Academy (MD) @ Central Oct 25 Central @ Chaminade-Madonna
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    Here's one for the Cocoa/Brevard folks on the Board! It is Chevelle Buie, who was an electric rb in open space back in the 00's. How many folks can say they rushed for 200+ yards in a FL state football final? Buie is one of the few. In the 2009 2A finals, Buie rushed for 215 yards on 27 carries against Glades Central. That included TD runs of 37 and 62 yards. Cocoa was up 20-13 in the fourth quarter and Buie put the nail in the coffin with about 5 minutes left when he rushed for that 37-yard TD. For the younger folks on the Board, the Chevelle was a favorite Chevrolet muscle car of the 1960's and 1970's. Buie certainly lived up to his name's sake!
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    Attending High School in the Palm Beach area, everybody knew who Coach Budnyk was. A former Marine, no non-sense, who cared deeply about his players, didn't put up with anything from them. Some of my friends who played for him hated him because he wasn't a players' coach. He expected results. Others would still run through walls for the man if he asked them to. He used to help a lot I think the Lou Groza Award (Best Kicker in College which is presented by the Palm Beach Sports Commission) and the local version of it. Newman has never been a consistent powerhouse. They win games consistently against the lesser large public schools in the Palm Beach area, but not good enough to ever really make it. Many years ago, I went to a Cardinal Newman vs Pahokee game at Cardinal Newman back in 1998. Anquan Boldin was a senior that year and Cardinal Newman had a QB/S named Abram Elam (his son just signed with UF while playing at Benjamin School and his brother Matt Elam played for Dwyer/UF/Ravens). This was billed as a star power game, but nobody had any real doubts of the eventual winner (Pahokee). I wish I could say that Newman put up a good game, but I remember leaving early in the 4th quarter because of how lopsided the game was. That is kinda how Newman has always been, one or two good athletes, a bunch of guys who just play with no real idea that they will play again after high school. They are good enough to beat average big schools, but not great schools. As a result, 1st or 2nd round eliminations consistently.
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    Ric Flair

    Ryan Jankowski

    No one has mentioned what Ryan does OFF the field, in the classroom. Jankowski is an exceptional student as well. He will have no problem qualifying for any college who recruits him. Obviously, he has been tutored by his father (Coach J) who is known to be one of the finest High School QB coaches in the country. Like any good QB prospect, Ryan is the first on the practice field, and he is the last one off the practice field....everyday. He is doing everything he a supposed to do (and much more) to lead his team. Ryan has paid his dues...and waited his turn. He will surprise a lot of people this year.
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    Ryan Jankowski

    Probably a big part of that is perception and stereotyping others. On another post here, it features a white sprinter 18 years old that ran a wind aided 9.98 hundred meter sprint in a Texas meet. At the same time he did this, in the Jamaica National School Champs, the class 1, 100 was won in a time of 10:19. Now it is difficult to draw a direct comparison from that as different circumstances yield different times. But I would have to think that at this stage this kid would do well even in Jamaican schoolboy sprinting. It is noticeable that aside from me, no one else commented on this kid in response to Old School Lion's post. Perhaps they don't want to for whatever reason as such a kid is not supposed to be a sprinter. It should be interesting to see what events they guide this kid into in college to say the least.
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    Vero Beach 2019 Schedule

    Jessica has reminded us in the past that Chaminade does better as the season progresses...maybe because their transfers have had a chance to gel? If that is the case, Vero should be facing a solid, late-season competitor.
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    It is Inman Sherman, who spent 32 years at Bushnell South Sumter. Sherman retired after the 2015 season. His teams won 254 games and appeared in the 2005 2A final versus Chaminade. Between 2000-2002, Sumter played in a tough 2A class and made the state semis 3 years in a row. His teams faced off with Bolles 9 times in the playoffs, winning 3 games and coming within a TD twice. It is probably a toss-up between Sheman and Larry Gergley of Winter Park for most successful central FL coach to never win a state title.
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    That's what's up bro .. I don't really know much about y'all but ik y'all good ... But fl better then ga any day ... Soo my bet is on TCA .. That's my school and I love everything bout it
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    You better not If Colquitt takes TCA lightly they will get embarrassed
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    Good chance most players on the team don't know their mascot
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    Team: Woodham Coach: Don Sharpe
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    Cocoa had good teams in the past. The 1987, 1992 ,1996 and 1997 teams were pretty good.
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    Controversial Topics

    It would never make it to court. With that said that's my opinion and it is his site so he can run it like he wants. He has to work with these coaches to get info so I understand his point. I've been on both sides of it. However I sure like calling out the cheaters. STA finally got caught cheating. Let them squirm about a message board.
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    Cocoa hired AD Chuck Goldfarb around 2002 who then proceeded to hire some decent coaches. 2004 Gerald Odom, Former coach of State Champs Merritt Island. Odom brought John Wilkinson on in 2006. Wilks then built a championship caliber team over the next 3 years. The transfers didn't start until after the Cocoa's first championship. A quote from Field of Dream's. "If you build it, they will come."
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    Are Spring Games Necessary?

    I don't think you are wrong on this, Spring Games are overrated as a whole. No real need except to give players a goal. If any coach is playing a Spring Game to win a spring game, I think they are missing the point of a spring game. Spring Game should be evaluative. Can Johnny throw the basic passes we will need him to do? Can Sammy block a guy, or was he overpowered? Did Tommy make the right read on whether to give, keep, or pitch? Did our defensive line show enough strength not to be pushed around? What kind of numbers did my program have? How many of these kids showed up to off-season conditioning? How many of these kids will show up to summer conditioning? Did every kid who came to practice everyday, did they play? Can I make a fair evaluation of them based on the volume of plays? Coaches are asking are the wrong questions if they are asking: Did we win the game ? Did my OC/DC make the right calls? What could have I done to win the game?
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    Thanks for the response. "Normal" is a very subjective word, isn't it. I think that is what we struggle with today...vastly different ideas about it. As an AD or principal, I would be OK with a HC telling me that "texting is fine." The problem I see is that there is sometimes little accountability when boundaries get crossed/rules get broken. The "I don't have time to monitor what my people are doing" card gets thrown. Have experienced it first hand, sir. When somebody who works for me says "no problem," I give them plenty of rope...to operate freely or hang themselves. I am responsible for my reports and ultimately accountable for their behavior, which reflects on me and could ultimately cost me my job. For that reason, I have every right and responsibility to question their texting behavior, especially when there are multiple examples out there of coaches using this technology inappropriately. It is ridiculous we should even have to have this discussion, right? Unfortunately, adults often don't act like adults, forcing the issue.
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    I’m a teacher and a coach. I use Remind and leave the two-way option on because I don’t answer my email after I leave work. Sometimes kids have a quick question so I am able to respond and that’s that. I don’t use it to just “chat” with my students. Same with my players. We have a Remind group and it is just a way to keep everyone organized. I have the two-way feature on but don’t use it just to chat.
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    I'm guessing there aren't too many players on this board; I would curious what their response would be. As a parent, I don't have a problem with coaches and teachers texting my son. Perhaps I have too much trust/faith in my son. I feel pretty confident he would come to me and/or my wife if he ever got something inappropriate from a coach or a teacher. My son has one teacher (chemistry) that uses text messaging on a regular basis. And by regular, I mean once or twice a day. But (as far as I know), he always sends his text messages out to the whole class. And at the initial parent/teacher night, he allowed/encouraged parents to sign up, which I did. So, I get constant reminders about homework assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. My son thinks it's a pain, but I've tried to turn it into a running joke when I ask him if he's done his assignment or prepared for the test (knowing that we both received the same text message). Getting back to what I think your primary question/concern is: I know my son exchanges text messages with his coaches (head coach and position coach). Mostly it's logistical stuff, reminders and an occasional motivational message. Some are part of group texts, but a few are individual text messages. Knowing how many times my fairly-responsible teenage son has forgotten to make his bed, clean up his room, take out the garbage and recycling, etc., I'm OK with coaches sending out reminder text messages. I understand your point about boundaries, but it's not like the coaches are stopping off at our house late at night. Just one dad's perspective.
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    I was looking to see if you had forgotten about Northwestern from last year, but you added it here. The biggest note about Miami Northwestern is they are the first-ever 3rd place team from a district to win a state championship. So take what has been done the last two years with the combination of the old wildcard system from 1999-2002, no one else was able to go from 3rd place to holding up the state championship trophy until Northwestern did it. You likely won't see this happen again for a very long time.
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    Thanks, all. I just needed to know whether to agree with your brilliant observations or be offended by your ignorant, uninformed conclusions.
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    What's even more sad is there are still people out there who hate the idea of equality between different races That speaks more to morality than political views, anyone who is gonna look down on someone because of their race or Heritage are just pathetic human beings Everyone is created different in their own way so it's insane how some want to build up this intolerant behavior towards someone just because they look different
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    Smartass, I ain't that young LMAO They were going to Regional finals every year and about a year removed from going to state around time i was born They were pretty damn good then However you are correct, this community used to actually support the team a hell a lot more, it was Similar to what you would see now at Colquitt, lowndes, Valdosta, ect. Now they turning into a city of entitlement like Gainesville (only Gainesville much larger and richer than lake city) The people in charge of Lake City basically go with approach that they will do whatever protects their interests so they trying to push out the younger people so no one will vote against the incumbents and they could restrict the city growth to nothing but restraunts and dollar stores Than these Lake City sellouts can't even show up to support the one good thing this community has ever done which is the high school Ain't just football, the support at all the sports here is pathetic
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    WE be sceeeeeered of Colombia!
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    Thank you kind sir! Perhaps we could do lunch sometime? By the BY, WHY are you SOOOO mean to lil ole MEEEEE on the national board? Is it because I know you crazy kids, dirty lil secret in Florida?
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    Sprague would be a good guess......having lost nationally ranked to Pine Forest in the 88 state title game
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    And defensively they play almost exclusively cover 3
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    Thanks to everyone who has shown support here. First, no legal action has been threatened, but I have to nip it in the bud before it does become an issue and in this day and age, someone can screenshot things in a matter of seconds after something is posted. Just the world in which we live in these days. Second, I am open to Free Speech, but there comes a limit with things. The thing involving STA is a gray subject area dealing with the law and how one might interpret it. As Proseteye mentioned, I would be in a potential lose-lose no matter which way something of that nature was to swing if someone came calling for my head. Right now, what I make doing this is barely keeping things above water. Things are slowly improving, but this has been something I don't want to walk away from having this message board or more importantly the overall FloridaHSFootball.com website where a majority of the content is posted at because I have to dissolve all the assets (which truthfully is not very much) I do have to pay for a lawyer. Something I would have no interest in doing. Nevermind I would likely lose all the gains I have made on my health and wellness in the last year (yeah I have lost over 65 pounds and dropped some pants sizes in the process... will have to change out my profile photo soon) if something like this were to happen. So just wanted to share these thoughts at the moment.
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    Alabama visits Cocoa Football. RollTide. https://twitter.com/Cocoa_Schneider