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    Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    Gotta love chains! I sent this to a die hard UCF fan last year after their loss to LSU. It shows how using the “chains” you can create a winning scenario and rarely lose an argument as long as both teams have at least one loss. This proves that using chains to find better teams, non scholarship Division 3 Alfred State Pioneers who won 1 game in 2018, could have beaten last year’s UCF squad. III Alfred St beat Anna Maria 30-28 III Anna Maria beat Castleton 31-24 III Castleton beat Fitchburg St 34-13 III Fitchburg St beat MA Dartmouth 32-29 III MA Dartmouth beat Plymouth St 21-16 III Plymouth St beat Framingham St 29-28 III Framingham St beat Endicott 34-13 III Endicott beat Hobart & Smith 27-24 III Hobart & Smith beat Shenandoah 56-48 III Shenandoah beat NC Wesleyan 59-21 III NC Wesleyan beat Thomas More 35-28 III Thomas More beat WI Platteville 35-28 III WI Platteville beat WI Stevens Pt 20-6 III WI Stevens Pt beat WI Oshkosh 27-21 III WI Oshkosh beat Lincoln MO 17-7 II Lincoln MO beat Lane 10-7 II Lane beat Miles 15-14 II Miles beat Albany GA 50-23 II Albany GA beat Catawba 35-21 II Catawba beat Tusculum 55-37 II Tusculum beat Carson-Newman 41-28 II Carson-Newman beat Wingate 31-14 II Wingate beat West Georgia 41-31 II West Georgia beat West Florida 27-7 II West Florida beat North Alabama 24-19 I - FCS North Alabama beat Jackson St 24-7 I - FCS Jackson St beat Florida A&M 18-16 I - FCS Florida A&M beat NC A&T 22-21 I - FCS NC A&T beat East Carolina 28-23 I - FBS East Carolina beat North Carolina 41-19 I - FBS North Carolina beat Pittsburgh 38-35 I - FBS Pittsburgh beat Virginia 23-13 I - FBS Virginia beat South Carolina 28-0 I - FBS South Carolina beat Missouri 37-35 I - FBS Missouri beat Florida 38-17 I - FBS Florida beat LSU 27-19 I - FBS LSU beat UCF 40-32
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    Gaither 0 vs Armwood 14

    Tough defensive battle yesterday night. Gaither held Armwood to 3 first downs in the 1st half. The only first half score came off a strip ball by the Armwood defense (late in the 2nd quarter). Score at half time was 7 - 0 Armwood. Armwood next score came late 3rd quarter. The Gaither defense stood strong, but in the end Armwood came out on top. It was a great Test for Gaither, Gaither boys demeanor was good, they are ready for the playoffs. First time in school history, Gaither ended the season 9-1, not bad.
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    60 straight with no titles like going on 6 dates with 6 different women, spending a ton of cash, and getting no action from any of them. Lmao!!!
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    Western vs Miami Palmetto in 8A looks like a good on paper.
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    State titles without a moment's hesitation
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    Hillsborough schools don't pick their schedule. We are currently the highest scoring team in the state of Florida and have had a half time running clock on 8 of our 9 opponents (averaging 43 first half points). Our defense is giving up 5.7 points per game, a good portion of that was on our 2's. 813 said previously our schedule was easy and we would get run over by Plant and Hillsborough. We didn't As to how we will stack up against Sarasota and Dr. Phillips we will see if we get there...Both are great programs and we would love to get the shot to prove ourselves. Our last experience with each of them: We went to Dr. Phillips in 2015 for our first playoff game and we had a halftime lead on them and were tied in the 4th before losing by 12, they lost in the 3rd round by 1 to state runner up Osceola. Sarasota beat us last year 14-7. We fumbled out of the end zone with 30 seconds left which would have tied the game... they went on to the final 4 We play who is on our schedule. Our team is bought in and playing great football. No clue how we will match up against whoever the playoffs bring us but we will be ready to go and excited for the battle. I do disagree with 813. a 12-1 team is a good team. Majority of playoff teams are good teams. Elite and good are different. Thanks for the respect perspective. You all may have a shot to sneak in for a Sarasota matchup. It is gonna be tight For now... our focus is on Chamberlain. Good luck to all teams this week.
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    I didn't forget. Some guy I know got the Panthers so hyped up he got me convinced they gonna put a running clock on em.
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    2019 Bowl Games

    Yeah the coach for Fivay said that his AD said Playoffs or bust! Lmao! Garbage ass Fivay gets 7 wins and the AD thinks they are some elite team who is too good for a bowl. I was most surprised of Dunedin. They are independent so they had no chance at a bowl from the beginning. They could have rewarded their team who has never seen success.
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    4A Region 4

    Dear Lord I wouldn't want to be in that region. Any of these teams might be a favorite in 5A, 6A or 8A #1 Gulliver Prep ranked #19 in state by maxpreps #2 University ranked #28 in state by maxpreps #3 Cardinal Gibbons ranked #18 in state by maxpreps #4 Booker T ranked #14 in state by maxpreps #5 Carol City ranked #34 in state by maxpreps
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    Suggestion for fixing the system

    Would Plant have made the playoffs this year under this system?
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    My money is on Escambia representing the north. Not because they are a superteam or have the second coming of Emmitt Smith. But more because I-10 is a loooooong road and that drive from Jax to P-Cola will suck the life out of you. They are the top seed in the north and everyone has to go there. Travel will definitely be a factor.
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    Yeah blountstown and Baker don’t have a shot Wonder if the 1A teams start crying about Madison county the way they used to about NFC and UC. They will add a 0A class. Lol
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    Toughest State Title Loss Ever?

    The muck did have a sweep we dont claim Clewiston lol
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    RPI frustrations

    I really like the RPI. It’s the best method the FHSSA has ever used to help determine the “strongest” teams within each classification. There will be detractors and whiners with every selection process (See At-Large teams in the NCAA basketball tournament). But the FHSAA is light years ahead of where they’ve been when it comes to creating a more competitive playoff field. The only other major change that would help ensure we have the absolute best state tournament, would be to shrink the number of classifications but we all know that might take some doing. So from a spectator’s perspective, Kudos FHSAA for taking this important leap.
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    Joshua Wilson

    Selection Show

    There will be no selection show. Brackets will start to drop at 7 AM ET on Sunday Morning. I will be up early to be ready to handle all of this for you all to read.
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    NORTH FL Raines @ Bartram Trail Crestview @ Madison County N Marion @ Columbia CENTRAL FL IMG @ Hoover Trinity Catholic @ Dunnellon Wekiva @ Apopka Armwood @ Gaither Winter Haven @ Lake Gibson Cocoa @ Rockledge Viera @ Vero Beach SOUTH FL PB Lakes @ PB Gardens Columbus @ Atlantic STA @ Western Plantation @ Douglas AH Delray @ Gulliver S Dade @ Hialeah
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    How you forget about the biggest game possibly in the state happening next Saturday the most heated & hated rival ..the mini classics (7-2) ely vs (9-0) Dillard
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    12 Interesting Games This Week

    University School threw multiple interceptions early in the game, 2 in the first half, 1 in the second half on drives they were moving the ball. Bishop Verot was up 6-0 at halftime. In the second half, the Uschool passing game finally got on track and provided separation. Uschool won the second half 21-7. I admit that we got this one wrong. Bishop Verot appears ready to be a force in their region with their athletes. There are some good video highlights and commentary of the game on the Ft. Myers TV station. I don't have a link but watched it yesterday. This might end up being a bigger win for Uschool than first thought.
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    Dade (12 schools) Coral Gables Hialeah-Miami Lakes Miami Miami Booker T. Washington Miami Carol City Miami Central Miami Edison Miami Killian Miami Norland Miami Northwestern Miami Southridge South Dade (Homestead) Escambia (7) Escambia Tate Northview Pine Forest Washington Woodham Ernest Ward Brevard (6) Cocoa Melbourne Merritt Island Palm Bay (Melbourne) Rockledge Titusville
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    IMG @ St. Frances Academy

    Well I worked for IMG for 2 years and won't say I hated it but it wasn't my favorite job either. They spend a ton of money and cut corners and go cheap on many things. Like most corporations their pay scales are wildly different. Those at the top make lots, those at the bottom not as much. Teacher pay isn't all that. And IMO the education given isn't all that either. But the sports facilities are first rate and it really is a school for sports and not academics. There are far better prep/boarding schools for studies. The food facilities are adequate but not great. They just finished a hotel on property which was very much a big ticket item as was the new dorm and swimming park. Should see some of the cars these kids drive... But I found their football games to be dull, no pizazz, a band and cheerleaders brought in from local kids, no real student interaction. Few actually attend. Seemed like an event for a select few to see and be seen and congratulate themselves...if you know what I mean. More like a Jr. College game. I will say this, the fact that they or a key manager were involved in the SAT scandal did not leave me shocked. Right across the street is Bayshore High School and I would rather attend one of their games. They may be elite but the lipstick on a pig comes to my mind whenI think of my time there. Very expensive lipstick and prime pork of course.
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    Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    Football is not transitive unless you are UCF and then you can claim a National Championship
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    TBT may keep it competitive for a half, but I would expect Lakeland to pull away in the second half to set up the East Hillsborough County All-Star Team vs. Polk County All-Star Team show down in the Regional Finals.
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    Vero vs Treasure Coast

    A lot of people confuse the two. There are similarities but also big differences. With single wing, the line is unbalanced and there is no true quarterback. The ball can technically be snapped to anyone of three guys.
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    These could be amongst the more competitively matched teams. What do you think? 8A Deland @ Timber Creek 8A Spruce Creek @ Bartram Trail 8A Mandarin @ Seminole 8A Palm Coast @ Apopka 8A Newsome @ Steinbrenner 8A South Dade @ Western 7A Wekiva @ Fleming Island 7A Tampa Bay Tech @ Viera 7A Plantation @ Hialeah 6A Pensacola Washington @ Mainland 6A Columbia @ Ponte Vedra 5A N Marion @ Dunnellon 5A Eau Gallie @ Tampa Jesuit 4A Carol City @ Booker T Washington
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    Let the Games Begin

    As of now, each playoff team is 0-0. Many are full of hope, some justifiably, some not. During the course of the playoffs, there will be upsets, mistakes (both by the officials and players), and drama. In a few short weeks only 8 teams will be left standing. But as of today, all teams have a chance and no doubt there will be upsets along the way. Going into last year's playoffs, aside from a few insiders, who would have thought Mandarin would be have won a state title? Yes, most of the titles will be won by favored teams (or at least teams generally thought to be in contention), but a few will be surprises. It is this unpredictability that fuels the drama, leads to the excitement. Good luck to all the playoff teams in your quest for history! I will be in Daytona for all the large class games.
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    Let the Games Begin

    Yep. Which makes trying to predict any outcome of what a group of 15 to 17 year olds will do damn near impossible. Most people's picks tonight will end up in the same dumpster that their NCAA brackets end up after day one each year.
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    Umm there a bit small to be the pounceys with single numbers and low cut shirts they look like running backs instead of lineman
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    By the way, every school in 8A just decided to vote against this idea once they saw that STA, Lakeland and Armwood would all be moving up.
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    8A – Predictions Didn't do score predictions but added region 3 & 4 to the fun. Round 1 Region 1 Seminole vs Mandarin DeLand vs Timber Creek Apopka vs Flagler Palm Coast Bartram Trail vs Spruce Creek Region 2 Sarasota Riverview vs Lake Nona Steinbrenner vs Newsome Osceola vs Riverview Riverview Dr. Phillips vs Lennard Region 3 Vero vs Boca Raton Treasure coast vs Santaluces Deerfield Beach vs Palm Beach Gardens Palm Beach Central vs Centennial Region 4 Palmetto vs Taravella Western vs South Dade Stoneman Douglas vs Miami Columbus vs Coral Gables Round 2 Region 1 Seminole vs DeLand Apopka vs Bartram Trail Region 2 Sarasota Riverview vs Newsome Osceola vs Dr. Phillips Region 3 Vero vs Treasure coast Deerfield Beach vs Palm Beach Central Region 4 Palmetto vs Western Stoneman Douglas vs Columbus Round 3 Region 1 Seminole vs Apopka Region 2 Sarasota Riverview vs Osceola Region 3 Treasure coast vs Deerfield Beach Region 4 Palmetto vs Columbus Final Four Seminole vs Osceola Deerfield Beach vs Palmetto State Osceola vs Palmetto
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    6A Norland missed the playoffs at 6-4...lost to IMG, St Frances(MD), Miami Central and South Dade. Holy cow, what a schedule. They were district runner-up behind Central and only lost to South Dade by 3, so are a competitive team. This might be the best example of a casualty of the "newer" systems in which district runners-up don't automatically make the playoffs..
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    Clearwater Academy is independent and wants to play in a bowl. They would give Oakleaf a game for sure
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    u jus illin cuz 99JAMZ not at your pep rally LOL
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    Don't say that you going to give my Dillard a hard Attack lol
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    Fixed that for you, sir.
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    If I said what I wanted to say I would be banned smh lol
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    If you ain't cheating you ain't trying. I recruited another team and the FHSAA said it's ok as long as I didn't curse at an official.
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    I hear what you're saying about not betting against MC. But the difference in this MC and teams of the past is, a lot of the motivators are gone. Coaches and players. Northwestern has Max Edwards and whatever he is selling those kids, they are buying into it. Roland Smith just doesn't have it. It's not solely about losing to Chaminade because they are good. MC just may be on the decline and if you paid close attention, you saw it at the end of last season.
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    Florida Wins One!!!!!!

    It took the only 11 man team in the state not affiliated with the FHSAA to do it. Lol
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    Plant is one of them. And last but not least...Osceola.
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    1 Lakeland 7a (9-0) 2 St Thomas Aquinas 7a (7-0) 3 Armwood 7a (7-1) 4 Miami Washington 4a (6-2) 5 Miami Northwestern 5a (6-2) 6 Miami Central 6a (7-2) 7 Deerfield Beach 8a (5-3) 8 American Heritage Plantation 5a (7-1) 9 Edgewater 7a (7-1) 10 Rockledge 5a (7-1) 11 Gulliver Prep 4a (8-0) 12 Jones 5a (7-1) 13 Miami Palmetto 8a (7-1) 14 Bartram Trail 8a (8-0) 15 Sanford Seminole 8a (8-0) 16 Naples 6a (8-0) 17 Cardinal Gibbons 4a (6-2) 18 Atlantic Delray 7a (5-2) 19 Vero Beach 8a (7-0) 20 Palmetto 6a (8-0) 21 Venice 7a (5-3) 22 Palm Beach Lakes 7a (7-0) 23 Cocoa 4a (5-2) 24 Dillard 6a (9-0) 25 Chaminade Madonna 3a (6-2) 26 Western 8a (6-1) 27 Columbia 6a (6-2) 28 Wakulla 5a (9-0) 29 Lake Wales 5a (8-0) 30 Apopka 8a (6-1) 31 Escambia 6a (7-0) 32 Trinity Christian 3a (4-5) 33 Miami Carol City 4a (4-5) 34 Deland 8a (5-2) 35 Niceville 7a (9-0) 36 South Dade 8a (7-1) 37 Lakewood 4a (8-0) 38 Viera 7a (5-2) 39 Raines 5a (5-2) 40 Madison County 1a (7-2) 41 Champagnat Catholic 2a (6-2) 42 Miami Edison 3a (5-3) 43 Flagler Palm Coast 8a (7-1) 44 North Marion 5a (7-1) 45 Osceola 8a (7-1) 46 Sarasota Riverview 8a (6-2) 47 Vanguard 5a (5-2) 48 Lake Gibson 6a (8-0) 49 Clearwater Central Catholic 3a (6-3) 50 Gaither 6a (8-0) Next (30) in no specific order Dunnellon 5a (7-1) Mainland 6a (4-3) Fleming Island 7a (7-0) Washington 6a (8-0) Oakleaf 8a (5-3) Pine Forest 5a (4-2) Pensacola Catholic 3a (8-0) Ribault 5a (3-3) Mandarin 8a (5-3) Ponte Vedra 6a (6-1) Dr Phillips 8a (6-2) Jesuit 5a (6-2) Steinbrenner 8a (8-0) Victory Christian 2a (7-1) Berkeley Prep 3a (6-1) Treasure Coast 8a (6-1) Wekiva 7a (5-2) Port Charlotte 6a (7-1) Bishop Moore 5a (6-3) Winter Park 8a (5-3) University School (6-2) American Heritage Delray 4a (5-3) Columbus 8a (4-4) Plantation 7a (6-1) Bishop Verot 3a (7-1) Fort Myers 6a (6-2) Palm Beach Gardens 8a (6-1) Cypress Lake 5a (7-2) North Fort Myers 6a (6-2) McArthur 7a (5-3)
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    So? Who cares? I don't live in other places and I'm not from other places. I live in Florida and watch HS football in Florida. I don't care about who wins California or Texas or Michigan or any other place. I've coached HS football in 5 different states and would gladly take the talent from Florida. Is IMG a Florida school? Not really, the student body hails from everywhere. They're more like Notre Dame, which is not an Indiana school but happens to be in Indiana. The biggest difference is that Notre Dame can win a National Championship but IMG can't win a Florida High School Championship. Not so sure why you seemed obsessed with badmouthing Florida High School Football, but we get it, you don't like our lack of Elite teams and feel like casting shade. More power to you! Lakeland is playing Kathleen, that is the only game I care about at the moment. Elite or not. Is not Dillard trying for an undefeated regular season? Seems like that is a fantastic thing, who cares if they are not as elite as Prep School USA in faraway states.
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    PLANT... called it when they were 0-6. WP should be weighted 50% instead of 35%. OOWP should be weighted lower. All hover near .500.
  45. 3 points
    Agreed. I would not want to be Bishop Verot this week.
  46. 3 points
    Max Preps is a joke in too many ways to discuss. Dillard is easily top 4 in 6A and maybe higher. Jax Lee is fringe top 10 and Columbia is not top 10 at all.
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    Joshua Wilson

    Playoff pickem contest?

    It's coming... having to verify a few of the South Florida playoff game times and locations.
  48. 2 points

    Biggest Turnarounds This Season

    Up here it would be Terry Parker. Decades of losing to 7-2 and playoff bound.
  49. 2 points

    Teams without a State Title

    Lake wales south sumter columbus atlantic
  50. 2 points
    Probably because the 3a teams refuse to play them It's not like they want to go face a murders row schedule, they did it out of necessity since the 3a teams (especially ones up here) want no part of them After all teams like TCA are why the small schools fought for no Districts, didn't want to share a district with Madison, NFC, and TCA