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    Great to have THE Silver King and THEE best Boat Captain of SW FL on the board... Yes they talk football here and there are some people who represent most corners of the state. Also... Politics is strictly band and pretty much anything Neutral posted in the past 3 months (or his entire existence for that) will likely but cut and banned on site. @ColumbiaHighFan2017class I finally got the old guy over here lol.
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    Hunter could really play. I saw him a few times up close when I coached for another team in their district. Back then, The Rock was a classic Wing T team....had about 8 plays that nobody could stop...nothing fancy....just pure power running football. Then, they would hit you with that waggle. Coach Wood had some great talent..those boys could really play. #3 Carlisle still gives me the shakes.
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    It might matter if they consistently beat legit state title contenders in bigger classes. 0-2 against Columbia last 2 years, and one loss was a blowout. The post was more about tenure than titles, but guess you didn't catch that. Why don't you make a Madison County post and debate yourself?
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    ColumbiaFan told me you are like 0-5 against him in pickems. Is that true?
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    That would be refreshing. New guy here. Who follows SW / Suncoast FL? I pull for the Tarpons at Charlotte High.
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    no way. There were no stipulations and you were not in the bet. Don't make a bet lose and run away scared. Paypal or cash app. 2 choices
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    No Clearwater, Chaminade, or Venice? It looks like Veros winning streak is safe for now
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    Passing Derrick Henry record this season? LMAO man do you preview your posts before saying them because geez you may want to check what the record is before making such claims
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    You'd think someone would know who this persson is.
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    You bout to be moved to the off topic board
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    Lmao lol please please one more chance lol!!!!
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    Miami Dade leaving?

    Everyone wants leadership until the leadership starts laying out rules that they disagree with. In many respects, the FHSAA Board was/is in a no-win situation, largely because our state is so big and so diverse. As I've said before, what works for a small, rural county private school may not work for a large Miami-Dade public school. And vice-versa. Understand, at the end of the day, all the FHSAA did was to keep the dates where they were and to essentially allow local districts/counties to decide when and what is best for them. Admittedly, there are some logical flaws in trying to maintain consistency, while simultaneously being flexible. I think what the FHSAA needs to do now is to openly acknowledge and encourage these regional clusters for the 2020-2021 school year. Let counties that are similarly situated come up with their own practice start date, game schedule and playoff/bowl game formats. Do away with the state series this year. If the FHSAA needs to rake 10% off the top of post-season games as an administrative fee to make up for the operating deficit created by a lack of state championship games, I'd probably be OK with that. Time to start thinking outside the box before the box collapses under its own weight.
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    Hey, that's the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser. Before he entered that field, he was on the field coaching football at Tampa Catholic. That's Bob Henriquez.
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    "What have your kids (and by "your kids," I mean the ones you coach) been doing lately? Here's why I'm asking. I keep seeing pictures on social media of 7 on 7's and camps where literally hundreds of kids are coming together and playing games and doing drills that involve close contact. My hunch is that the longer they wait to start "real" football, the more these things will continue." The kids have been getting together since before the schools were shut down in March and they'll continue to do so. They're kids; they don't fear the virus. I know my grandsons have single and group close contact workouts every week with their non-school coaches. They're doing conditioning drills with their school team. When the coaches leave after conditioning, the kids spend the next 1 1/2 hours playing 7v7. These meetings about starting school and playing football are not so much about the kids as they are about the teachers and coaches, who are possibly at risk from the virus. I commend the coaches for the time they are putting in with these kids during conditioning. I truly believe the coaches want to play football this year and they will do their best to keep the kids as safe as possible.
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    FHSAA Emergency Meeting

    I think if the FHSAA scraps the football playoffs for this year, it (hopefully) will be a one-year, isolated event. And, for that one year, they will allow teams to play one (possibly two) additional post-regular season games. A conference championship (2- or 4-team format), a county championship (2- or 4-team format), or a 'bowl' game (2-team format), so that the kids have some sort of title (beyond regular season championship) to shoot for. Personally, I don't see a huge defection (or even a small one, for that matter) from the FHSAA, unless the FHSAA just closes the door shut on everything.
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    Woodham (Pensacola) 1982, 1984 Plant 2009, 2017
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    Good luck, let's just hope we get to watch this season. 0-0 is much worse than 5-5.
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    I thought Hwy17 got it. This is just a guess so I will say Lely in '87? Beat Glades Central and Cocoa with Merv Ward being the HC.
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    Silver King has finally joined this message board? This is a very exciting development, but I just hope that the senile old man doesn't decide to join my good message board friend from Charlotte.
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    Remember I'm the first person to win the pick em twice in one year and I'm also the back to back champ. I also pulled a UCF and gave myself the title one year
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    Probably the second best RB from the state of Florida with the last name Henry to ever play.
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    It's a game I will never forget. The momentum went back and forth between two evenly matched teams. And, like I said, it was as cold as ice. A neighborhood kid that lived four doors down from me at the time, Jarrick Thomas, was a two way starter for that Edgewater team. He had attended Middle School with both my sons at Piedmont Lakes Middle, and in the evenings they would often play some street basketball with him. He blocked a Norland extra point and had several good tackles. Jarrick got a football scholarship but blew out his knee in his sophomore year.
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    Miami Norland vs Orlando Edgewater. Edgewater made what looked like a game winning drive ending in a touchdown when the running back took it in on a draw play. The drive was highlighted by some spectacular catches by Mike Walker of Edgewater, including one where he dived laterally to catch the ball full stretch. Unfortunately, for Edgewater, despite having a good kicker, they elected to pooch the ball to prevent a long return, giving Norland the ball at about their 40. This Norland team had too big time receivers including Dwayne Bowe who would star at LSU and have a very good NFL career. However, Robert Spence elected instead, to throw the ball to a receiver who had not scored a touchdown the entire season. He collected the ball between Kenny Ingram and another Edgewater receiver and dived into the endzone, scoring with about 20 seconds on the clock. Edgewater got the ball back but was unable to bring off a second miracle. That night was the coldest night I ever watched a game live. I watched the game on the Norland side because my niece was a Norland Junior. I was the sole Edgewater fan on that side and took a lot of grief after the game.
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    Bill Gierke, 300 win club.
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    Jim Buckridge. He coached at Boone with Ziglar and now Ziglar is at Timber Creek with Buckridge. Two good people
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    Some of the games ESPN has featured over the years have been downright terrible. If there was money to be made featuring the state finals from a state like Texas or Florida and they could pull it off, I am sure they would already be doing it. ESPN clearly has a certain marketing strategy for showing the hs games they do.
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    Who Is This Team? Bishop Kenny

    The correct answer is not Daytona Beach Seabreeze and Xavier Lee losing 55-49 to Kathleen in 2003.But, that was a memorable outlier game worthy of another trivia question some other time.
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    So, does Badbird get his $100?
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    Alright I'm done posting until 2021 peace out. Roll tide and go cowboys .
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    Madison county should host 1a state title, since the trophy gonna be there already. Oh and that state rushing record, madison county freshman running back hold my beer. He getting it easy put $100 on it.
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    U know he does look familiar now thats why he’s able to survive this message board he has already survived SCREAM
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    ooooooohhhhhh. He said religion. Sheriff Columbiafan write him a ticket!
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    George Clayton Lake Brantley?
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    Miami Dade leaving?

    Trying to govern - hard. Trying to govern in the sunshine - harder. Trying to govern in the sunshine during a pandemic that has affected different geographic areas differently - hardest. By the way, also remember the various levels of responsibility: the FHSAA Board of Directors is supposed to make policy decisions; the FHSAA staff is then supposed to carry out those policy decisions. This is set up similar to public companies where the board sets policy and the officers carry it out. I think this is why Ms. Otero made some of the comments that she made regarding leadership. Mr. Tomyn is starting to remind me of Aaron Burr ("Don't let them know what you're against or what you're for"). Someone needs to get in the room where it happens and find a solution.
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    Lmao funny how most Brevard teams had to make it past Glades Central. Rockledge and Cocoa came through with the big wins over them. Astronaut had their chance; also could've turned out to be an all Brevard state championship game as well if Rockledge would've beaten GC and Armwood in the semifinals.
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    I can't stand Rockledge!!!!
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    Hunter Pingston Rockledge High School Coach Chuck Wood Glades Central Laurent Robinson Played DB at Bethel university
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    Verlon Dorminey Jacksonville Trinity Christian
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    FlaVarsity/Rivals went down the tubes!
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    NOPE! Ran them right out of town, LOL!
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    As long as we're passing out hints, and for anyone who may have recently subscribed to Disney Plus . . . "Now, turns out we have a secret weapon! An immigrant you know and love who’s unafraid to step in! He’s constantly confusin’, confoundin’ the British henchmen Ev’ryone give it up for America’s favorite fighting Frenchman! _______________________________!"
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    I am telling you this because I have decided to do you a favor I know how much that you enjoy hearing from me, and I am adding to your enjoyment. You're welcome.
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    Lol, I was thinking about you when I typed that out! Your welcome.
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    Hey I needed that Old School Lion. lol. My recent batting average would have sent me from the Big Leagues to Little League. Lee County has a monster rb at Lehigh High. Remember the name: Richard Young.
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    Hornet you are correct that Seminole County has started back however there are at least two schools of the 8 in the county that had to shut down work outs due to a Covid case. Kids and coaches will contract Covid during the season, the question is how do we handle it at the high school level? Do we shut down the program for a week, two weeks, etc...or do we sit the kid or coach who is sick? We need a statewide policy as to how this will work. ALL schools should treat a positive case in each sport the same. We all know public schools can not afford to test each kid each week or even twice a season. What if we do it the old Pop Warner days like weight check, each team must have a book and a medical professional (Dr and/or ATC) must check each athlete daily or at a minimum before each contest for temperature, and signs of sickness.
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    Who Is This SW FL Team? Naples Lely

    And won 3 playoff games by one point
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    Binky Waldrop Charlotte High School 1999-2019. HC for 21 seasons, 168-72. Had a great staff including our OC and DC who were former head coaches that had a hell of a run together. His first coaching job was at cross town rival, Port Charlotte. Bink was Twice Coach of the year, 17 Playoff appearances made it to 7 Regional finals in some of the toughest classifications with teams like St Thomas, Venice, Booker T, Armwood, Carol City. Tough to win a title in that company with kids from a retirement community. Believe his was the first West Coast Team to beat St Thomas Aquinas in the playoffs (2002 Regional Title Game) 28-21. Great Home Grown Coach that got the most out of teams that almost always lost the eye-test with the others on the field. I played at Charlotte and had three sons play for him and couldn't have asked for a better experience for them. Replaced by Wade Taylor, another home grown Tarpon.


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