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  1. So what's you point ? You want a Suburban championship like football ? Well, I don't. Speaking of what we have seen....I saw Winter Haven's Otis Birdsong At Mainland in 1973 (also tackled him on the football field in 1972 at Winter Haven), Orlando Evan's Dr Dunkingstein in 1975, NBA'ers George Mccloud and Vince Carter as 8th graders, when Barry LarKin's son went head to head against Doc River's son in a big school match up at Lakeland with Dr Phillips and Winter Park going for a title, and also willing to bet seen more double high school semi-finals (4 games) in one day "at Lakeland " than you , as a home boy, have !! To each his own, we're just talking opinions and trash here, right.
  2. Come on Gatorman, to leave my Bucs off the "Suburban" list is a Freudian slip at best, and major criminality at it's worst. Daytona Beach Mainland made three finals this school year (football, girls and boys basketball) ...you better recognize.
  3. I saw the Daytona Mainland girls win the 5A state championship on February 25, the Mainland boys 5A semi-final, Belen Jesuit's win over Orlando Jones in the other semi on March 2nd, and my Mainland Buc boys loss in the 5A final March 4th. The only minor complaint I have is missing out on "FRED'S" for lunch this year. As for the I-4 commute (3 times in 8 days) what a F' n nightmare !
  4. How soon before the little "SUBURBAN COUNTIES" bxxxh, cry, complain, or better yet have their homer legislators carve them JUNIOR PARTICIPATION TITLES so they too can be champions ? 7A Miami Columbus (Dade private) WINNER 6A Palm Beach Dwyer (Palm Beach public) WINNER 5A Miami Belen Jesuit (Dade private) WINNER 4A Hialeah Mater Lakes (Dade private) WINNER 3A Miami Riviera Prep (Dade private) WINNER 2A Weston Sagemont (Dade private) WINNER 1A Williston (Levy public) Winner ... of north central rural area ? * Phones have been lighting up in Tallahassee since last night. This egregiousness can't stand !
  5. That would be the budding entrepreneur from south Florida whose weekly broadcasts are often from the nose bleed section of Trez Powell Stadiam. The young man is on Facebook. Check it out at "Section 104".
  6. Hawthorne 13 Northview 2. Can't say it was pretty, but the young men left it all on the field. 100% start to finish. Hawthorne lost in the 2000 Final and the 2001 Final.....Not tonight.
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