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  1. you weren't with the group on the floor who got the attention of law enforcement sent by the referee ?
  2. my bad, I should have made contact earlier. Next time....guaranteed my treat
  3. After looking at some of your pics, were you the dark haired slender guy leaning against the wall, with an older man, near the Mainland bench at game's end. If so, I was wondering if that might be you !
  4. Nice rustic atmosphere, friendly cute female bartenders
  5. It was across the street from Longhorn, maybe Texas something on 90W ? The game was a last minute,spur of the moment thing. I hadn't gone through Palatka, Starke, and Lake Butler in decades. Great one day road trip through old rural Florida. Not much has changed in this part of the state. The exploding packed coastlines of Florida haven't interfered much with this quiet northern middle. Truth be told, the basketball game was just an excuse for the drive. Peace.
  6. Took the road trip (two lane Hwy100) to Lake City yesterday for the 6A Region 1 Boys Basketball Final. The hometown Tigers edged my Daytona Beach Mainland Bucs 70-65. The "good guys" missed a tying 3 pointer with 3.4 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter, and then fouled the Tiger rebounder, who calmly hit two foul shots, to send the winning Tigers to Lakeland next week and the Final Four. I've never been to Columbia High before but I was impressed with the clean look of this older school campus and it's vast surrounding athletic fields. The home town fans and the working school employees could
  7. Not to undercut my city's attempt to host the future championships, but this new stadium is a Reggie Jackson long ball from Church Street Station. Checkout all the photos....or google Orlando's new soccer stadium. https://www.orlandocitysc.com/stadium/generalinfo
  8. LOL...Damn man, you're sounding more and more like your Big Orange hero. It's fake news, we're all liars and out to get you. Darter and I are old, but our slowly fading memories are still pretty much intact. You've been bad mouthing Florida teams for years and years. And where the hell did you come up with 6 time champion Miami Central. Not even you are that clueless to mention that team and garbage in the same sentence.
  9. Sorry, I didn't attend, but my 33yrs at the Daytona Beach News-Journal would have over come that minor restriction. When needed my timid message board associates shouldn't have taken no for an answer.... #loudandproudArmyVet
  10. (re-posted from another thread) There wasn't a problem last time he came over. We all took the elevator up and down to indoor seating and an outdoor observation deck. Who stopped you guys ?
  11. Here's Nolebull's M.O. He takes it personal when any Florida team gets beat by an out of state team. He continually battles against Georgia, Texas, Ohio, California, and New Jersey posters on the national high school message board for State superiority and bragging rights. By calling Florida teams "garbage" he beats his antagonizers to the punch when a Florida team goes down to an out of state opponent. Actually he's pretty comical with that pea brain of his. He's moving to the Appalachian mountains (Tennessee). He'll fit in well there. Safe travels 'Bull.....
  12. What post Wave ? There wasn't a problem last time he came over. We all took the elevator up and down to indoor seating and an outdoor observation deck. Who stopped you guys ?
  13. The Orlando and Miami turnout made the numbers better then what this naysayer expected. Now if we can sign up the same teams next year.... Daytona Stadium has been leased out by the city to a couple of enterprising brothers for the next 30 years. The Panaggio pair, Mike being the CEO, run a mini starting version of IMG called DME here in the Daytona area. They've been very aggressive and focused to grow their school and to bring sports entertainment to the area. This old pessimist wishes the out-of-towners well just as the many others who have come before them. They have already put the area o
  14. Jam, you never worked those big Mainland/Seabreeze games in the early 2000's ? Cars were still lining LPGA to get in at halftime and that's with 7-8,000 attendance. In the old championship days here they had triple game Saturday. "WHAT A CLUSTER "F." Gatorman asked for a double game on Friday instead of a Wednesday night game. Sounds like a reasonable request, right. Wrong !! LPGA Blvd. has always been a heavily traveled bypass for locale workers around the inner city's congestion. Friday afternoon traffic is a speeding bumper to bumper mess getting home.
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