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  1. Name This State Champion Team-Delray Beach Carver

    Saw them knock Daytona Fr. Lopez out of the playoffs in one of those championship years. Had a cousin playing for the Green Wave at that time. Lopez had black athletes in the early 1960's. They were recuited out of the public junior highs (7-9 grd.). One of the earliest was (Dr) Ernest Cook. Later on he was a star fullback for the U. of Minnesota Golden Gophers. Back then no college freshman could play on a D-1 Varsity team (only JV). Yes Kids, colleges had JV teams....
  2. Disney event 2019

    Actually your Tigers beat my Bucs at Disney in the early 2000's. At that time the venue sucked (no bleachers). The game wasn't even played on the main field. There were two out of state teams (lacking Lake City/Mainland athletes) occupying that rinky-dink, small white painted six row high bleacher set-up. Hopefully in the last 20yrs it's been upgraded. Disney wants the out-of-state exposure and whole families coming in to spend time and money at it's attractions. Not guys like "badbird" or I who might drop $10 and haul a$$ home after watching two national powers battle it out....just my .02
  3. Unsigned kids...I don’t know why

    Would that be Jesse Hester (FSU) ? If so, I remember him well.....great ball player
  4. Willie must go...

    First in the SEC, but not the south. I saw Eddie McAshan of the Gainsville Purple Hurricanes in 1967 at Memorial Stadium(Daytona) beat my future team (Mainland) in a nail biter killing Mainland's title possibilities. He was an elusive magician. He started for Georgia Tech. Wikipedia says Freddie Summers was the 1st southern black QB of a major school (Wake Forrest 1967). I've been spreading a lie about Eddie for over 50yrs. He was 2nd.......my bad
  5. Unsigned kids...I don’t know why

    Only have time this morning to watch WR/Kick Returner Jymetre Hester. WHAT A BALL PLAYER ! I like the QB too. Thanks for the video.
  6. Willie must go...

    A white Mainland High (Daytona Beach) teammate of mine received a full scholarship from the Bear in 1971. His name was Gary Yelvington. Gary played safety in high school and was a star baseball player too. He came from money and was flying planes (from his backyard) at the age of 16. He (Tightend) never played much at 'Bama but he did graduate. RB Wilber Jackson was the star player while Gary was there. But the real stud of the team was a little used black running back/ kick returner named Willie Shelby. Teammates were in awe of Willie's athletic abilities. Both he and Wilber went to the NFL. Gary is the owner of Conrad Yelvington Distributors, a muli-state thirty plus rail facilities distributor of aggregate (sand, gravel, cement, rock, etc.). He also owns Yelvington Jet Aviation... how did I miss out on that gravy train ? .......up in smoke
  7. Willie must go...

    Agreed. The O & D lines are horrendous. The back 7 on defense were lost and covered no one. The QB play (both of them) was weak and very inconsistent. I too expected more from Mr. Taggart. At least a little more intensity and innovation at a minimum. He's under the gun to make a quick turnaround. The clock is ticking. I wish the 'Noles a speedy recovery.
  8. Willie must go...

    My reference was to "Perspective's" post on the current head Gator basketball coach getting a few more "SEASONS" to sink or swim. Like your political beliefs 181, you missed the "reasoned" observation. Can't say that I'm really surprised....
  9. Willie must go...

    Funny how Willie didn't even get past the first half of season one before his head was being put on the chopping block. And how'd the Wonder Kid from UCF do at Nebraska in his first year ? No crystal ball here, only an observation....umh (lingering)
  10. Only 3 Florida Kids on Clemson Depth Chart

    True, that young man looks to be an early version of a future NFL standout. He "seems" to have all the mental and physical capabilities needed to be successful. The true freshman never "appeared" rattled. Time will tell.....
  11. Cocoa has five players entering the NFL draft in 2019

    What could a Castle, Darlington, or Kinnan done long term at that school ? It's a shame they never had the "right stuff" at the top.
  12. Alabama vs Clemson Yaaaawn

    As always good stuff Old Lion. The repercussions of "Ole Dixie" and it's brutal past have now shown one positive effect for our viewing pleasure. An unnatural number of players populating the green fields of the NFL. More power to the fella's today, but their ancestors payed a terrible price in blood and flesh for it to come out this way....still on that lefty soap box....
  13. Alabama vs Clemson Yaaaawn

    Like the Golden Age of Rockefeller, Carnegie, Mellon, and other monopoly titans, the American citizenry is in love with wealth, pomp and ceremony. It's all that matters. Alabama and Clemson are winners to be idolized. The others are inept losers to be laughed at, pitied, and scorned. Humongous corporations collude and conspire to hoodwink us into believing they know what is in our best interest. All the while fleecing the general public in a manner P.T. Barnum never dreamed. Big, rich, powerful, and beautiful are American aspirations of the day. If and when the pendulum swings back, in a less greedy and self centered way, it will come at the expense of the marketing manipulators. Hopefully the minds and hearts of the younger generation are opened more then my own generation. Please excuse the lefty rant. Sometimes I just can't help it.
  14. Cocoa has five players entering the NFL draft in 2019

    Come on Tiger fans !! How 'bout the names of the five players and their current college teams. We don't know Cocoa like yall do.....Geez, thanks in advance.
  15. The 5 Worst Teams in the State

    Long time Head coach Andy Price's last season was 2011. He went to Titusville for one year and has been at Spruce Creek ever since. He does the best with what he has. Athletic tuition assistance is not as plentiful as in years past. The schools birth was in the early court ordered integration of Florida public schools. That fueled their enrollment in the beginning years as much as the spiritual enlightenment. Never been a big fan, although I did see all three of their state championship final losses.