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  1. Osceola vs, Cocoa

    Why do you continue to talk out of your ass ? First Mainland was scared to play in the Freedom Bowl and now Cocoa, after ALL THE YEARS OF PLAYING EVERYBODY ON THE ROAD, they might be scared too. What's with you man ? Any Florida team that loses to an out of state team is trash to you and a personal embarrassment and humiliation. Stop talking so much trash on the national board and let theses Florida teams travel and enjoy the experience of a lifetime, WIN or LOSE !!!
  2. Florida's 5 Greatest WR's Ever - Name Them

    Wes Chandler, NSB Michael Irvin, STA
  3. East Central Florida Top 19 (UPDATED)

    All true. For a long time Daytona Mainland played in the Metro Conference with all the big Orlando schools. Most of them only 50-60 miles away. With the growing bedroom communities springing up to the east of downtown coinciding with the Disney explosion, these closer new schools replaced some of the old rivals. Up till a decade or two ago the Orlando Sentinel was still selling thousands of daily newspapers on the Volusia county side of the St John's River bridge (30 miles from Daytona).
  4. Old School FSU Football Documentary - Finding a Way

    Tough three loss season for the 'Noles, but who wouldn't want to play and give their all for Coach Bowden. Unlike the mostly stoic coaches of today, this guy's motor was always full speed ahead with positive thinking and heart felt encouragement for his boys. That was a special coach and leader there. They don't coming along everyday like him. Thanks OldSchool, watched the whole program.
  5. Who Are These FL HS & Gator Legends? Neal Anderson & John L Williams

    what was the John L. rhyme ? (Edit) Never mind it came to me. Give'em Hell John L.
  6. Who Are These FL HS & Gator Legends? Neal Anderson & John L Williams

    Emmitt Smith #22 , Pensacola Woodham, #27 Tony Green ? Off the top of my fading head...wild guesses. Edit: when in doubt, read the clues and don't just look at the pictures
  7. Who Are These Legendary Old School FL HS QB's?

    This is for CatScatch ......so he can lust in his heart...like Jimmy Carter. Layla's out there. https://www.celebtattler.com/layla-kiffin-ex-husband-of-lane-kiffin/
  8. Who Are These Legendary Old School FL HS QB's?

    #4 Ken Riley ? Great DB. Should be in HOF. Thanks for the hints.
  9. Who Are These Legendary Old School FL HS QB's?

    #1 is Eddie McShan, Gainsville Purple Hurricanes. Saw him in Daytona (1967) beat my Mainland Bucs 32-34? to 27-28? #3 is a Hurricane, George Mira ? Fran Curci ? Remember the face....
  10. Daytona Mainland tops St Augustine and Jax Mandarin

    Nice to hear that. Don't follow the teams like in years past. Kind of moved on a bit....Buc Forever
  11. Who Is This FL HS Legend? Andre Cooper/Fletcher

    His dad Robert "Gator" Cooper played basketball at Mainland and we graduated together.....another shameless homer plug
  12. Daytona Mainland tops St Augustine and Jax Mandarin

    They say history repeats itself. Dillard's last football championship was 1989 in Daytona Beach. I got wings for you too !
  13. Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa

    Oct 4 - Mainland at Cocoa. Good mid season test for both teams.
  14. 1996 4A Title Game Video - Bolles vs Bartow

    yeah, the scratching and itching was left out on the final cut. Josh does have a "G" Rated website.
  15. 1996 4A Title Game Video - Bolles vs Bartow

    Well, I had my Mainland Royal Blue sunglasses on.....what else can I say. Never let facts get in the way of a good story.