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  1. .......in Sunday's edition for Friday night prep scores instead of the "old normal" Saturday morning edition because of early print deadlines and trucking distances to far away Florida cities. All of Daytona Beach's seven daily editions are printed in Lakeland 110 miles away. The Lakeland Ledger is a major printing hub for numerous other Gwinnett owned Florida newspapers and periodicals. The print edition of the morning newspaper/dinosaur is swiftly headed for extincion.
  2. LOL, we had a sit-down several years ago at a Red Robin's (hamburger joint). He's OK. As a long time area high school official and referee, he takes the job very seriously. He's done championship games. He also likes "dinner fries."
  3. Hats off to the young man.......Anyone remember Baker's other world famous athlete ? Sprinter extraordinaire Houston McTear. He blazed to a world record in the 100 yard dash ( 9.0 ) at the 1975 FHSAA Track and Field Championships at Showalter Field in Winter Park, Fl. * Shameless Homer plug - Mainland's James Brown (1975) won the large school 100 yrd dash in 9.2 and the long jump 24'5" also at Showalter Field the next day.
  4. Hold on WILDMAN, you totally mistook my comment. Unlike many here, I got no problem with TRANSFERS. I think kids should attend their school of choice for sports, music, academics, girls, school colors, or whatever as long as there is room for them. I mentioned the conservative legislators because that is the ONLY PLACE CHANGE CAN HAPPEN BECAUSE THEY WERE THE ONE'S WHO INITIATED WHAT WE HAVE NOW. AND YOU AND I KNOW THAT ISN"T GOING TO HAPPEN ANY TIME SOON..... AGREE ? ........Oh, and by the way I've also got no trouble bashing ignorant thought. It will be easy to pick up on....even for you.
  5. Someone please refresh my memory. But wasn't the catalyst for all this freedom of movement the Florida legislators, in particular a Polk county one at that ? I forget many things these days, but fighting Tallahassee would seem to be where this must start if one wants a different result. And good luck with that in the current days of personal "Freedoms" trumping anything that could "possibly" be good for the masses.... #anoldcynic
  6. Deland/Oviedo, ppd weather, (New) Monday at Spec Martin (Daytona Beach News-Journal) Fr Lopez/Trinity Prep, ppd (Fr Lopez H.S. website) Don't take either to the bank......my reputation can't take anymore hits
  7. Hope all's well Laz. https://www.lazindex.com/index.php
  8. gatorman, on your above side note, I'd like to see a digital "Gannett Florida Special" offered. They currently own 17(?) daily Florida newspapers from Palm Beach to the panhandle. The printing sites have been cosolidated and many print deadlines push way up (10pm). Daytona paper is printed in Lakeland and trucked over. I pay $59 a years for the local digital daily. It would be great to have access to those other 16 at my finger tips.
  9. Better him then you....for now. Payback is a motherf....wink,wink
  10. I got to give it to you Nulli, that's pretty damn good. Peace (for now) my HBCU brother.
  11. LOL, that's messed up. The website is loaded with deplorables, 'necks, ignoramuses (some being all three-See: Nolebull 813), and some decent, educated, left leaning, upstanding citizens, like myself At my age it's about as much entertainment as my heart can take. My bar is set pretty low.......
  12. How come I don't know that story. PM, text, or call me. You got beat ? Too funny, damn country ass Rattler.
  13. Multiple threads, accusations, articles, villains, and more. If you got time, it's all there......below https://www.prepgridiron.com/forum/2-varsity-forum/
  14. Beautiful, clear, "Florida cold" weather day game (Daytona Beach). On first drive Bolles looks unstoppable. QB breaks leg inside the 5yd line. Bartow's physical defense makes big play after big play on a now sputtering Bolles offense. Bolles was LOADED with D-1 talent on both sides of the ball.
  15. How I got thrown into this is beyond me. Must be a small hills of "Tally" thing. Damn low crawling reptiles( Peezy/Nulli ) stick together
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