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  1. "BO, why all the hate on little Live Oak ? Sure it's been a lopsided rival to big bad Lake City but yall been knocking heads for decades. Saw my first in 1970 or '71 at Live Oak. Had a lady friend who's family moved there. I caught the bus up there a few times in 10th grade, good people. Lake Butler, Starke, Lake City ( Greyhound stop was an old closed up gas station ) then on to Live Oak. Heading home at night through Jacksonville was a little scary. The bathrooms were upstairs and the old station was in a rough part of town. This 15yr old boy was nervous.
  2. It would appear an apology is in order. This old man spoke in haste, jumped the gun, panicked, false alarm, was premature (I'll address that at a future date:) and dead wrong. One of my distinguished adversaries is already insulting posters left and right. PrepGrindiron is still ticking, and rising the blood pressure of all who partake in the no holds barred Off-Topic forum... Carry on, sorry.
  3. Thanks Columbo Tiger, that's a pretty good assumption. Not interested in the Scam Man's website. Prep's Off Topic Board was depressing. I was good for a few days then it would get to me. Probably healthier for us all if it's gone. I'd like to thank the owner for the opportunity to freely spout off unapologetically. It was a wild ride.
  4. Anyone got the scoop ? They have been offline for days.
  5. I went down there once for a game at Rockledge, maybe '06, '07 ? Seem to me it was late afternoon.
  6. Let's hope you're right with the championship games being more competitive. But as a long time fan of the sport, the separation of metro from suburban counties only reinforces what many have been saying for years about the "watering down" of championships. The Suburban 3A Champion is the best of 60 suburban county teams, nothing more. By not competing against the big boys in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, etc. this 3A winner appears to be one of several "Minor League Champs." (IMO) It cheapens the words State Champion.
  7. KeemD, a casual viewing of Class 3 Suburban, Region 3 confirms your optimism (state Regional final at a minimum). Though out-of-the-loop for several years, if currents trends prevail (29 yr consecutive playoff qualifier) there is a school to your north via I-95 (68.7 miles) that "may" play a part in Rockledge's title aspirations. One with any Florida high school football knowledge this century would note Region 3's fifteen members doesn't contain a "murder's row" or "Region of death" with an abundance of powerhouse programs. The region is just the opposite......very weak. With Dade out of the way, the sky's the limit. Good luck to Rockledge (somewhat waffling) and all the Brevard teams. Always a fan here to your north.
  8. Word is 5* rocket armed QB recruit Cam Winston Mahones (6'5", 230lbs, 4.35 forty) has an additional NIL with Mercedes-Benz of Germany, and a personal service contract with Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones. I hope that clears things up for you, thanks.
  9. If what retired college and NFL head coach Barry Switzer says is in the works at OU then everything is on the table going forward until the NCAA see's the flames and wakes up. As soon as this coming fall football season every Sooner player (85 ?) will receive between $ 40,000 and $ 50,000. That's right, EVERY SINGLE PLAYER. They call it 1Okalahoma. The following is " just" speculation : Lets round off 85 players to 100..., and lets pay them 50K, now multiply by 100 = $5,000,000 total. Head coaches today can make $10,000,000 in yearly compensation with outside contracts added. The deal doesn't appear so crazy when you realize 100 young men (18-22 'ish) risk life and limb and STILL only make 1/2 the salary of one football coach. Carrying on with the hypothetical.... a loaded up OU stomps poor OSU at home on Saturday afternoon. All team members get a pay envelope after they shower and dress. Let's say $2,500 each. Come Monday afternoon, how many all together are in jail, in the hospital, the morgue, or missing and unexcused from practice ? Like the rest of you old guys, I see trouble.... and fast. Until further notice kids, OU is the place to be.
  10. Ray, Andra Williams #3 (soph) played the game of his life. Until I viewed the replay it had slipped my memory. Mainland had a committee of running backs that year both big and small. Mainland ran for almost 300 yrds against the Dreadnaughts. Lakeland had a great team but Chris Rainey was the difference maker that night against us and your Kowboys (Oct 27) 7-3, Kathleen (Nov 3) 29-26, and STA (Dec 8) 45-42 in double OT for the championship. The week before STA needed 2 OT's to beat Manatee in the semi's 36-29. 5A was loaded with quality teams in 2006. Yes John Brown got all the hype in the press but didn't play a particularly great game against our undersized O-linemen. I often wondered what became of him at the next level and beyond. Most thought he was a can't miss prospect.
  11. Snake, you had to go there.......Exactly one week before, in your house, my Mainland Bucs were down 29-24 in the 4th quarter with Lakeland facing 3rd down on their own 44 yrd line (2:51 on clock) when Chris Rainey ripped off a Daytona heartbreaker ( his 3rd TD ) and scored from 56 yrds out. Chris finished with 334 yrds rushing ). The game was sloppy at times, but athletes were all over the field. It was the Brighthouse (Cable) game of the week....if interested game below. Both teams are 13-0.
  12. To quote Bob Dylan : The times they are a-changin
  13. LOL, unhinged at the mere mention of the local paper. Buddy, you got major, major issues. Have a pleasant night
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