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  1. Not to undercut my city's attempt to host the future championships, but this new stadium is a Reggie Jackson long ball from Church Street Station. Checkout all the photos....or google Orlando's new soccer stadium. https://www.orlandocitysc.com/stadium/generalinfo
  2. LOL...Damn man, you're sounding more and more like your Big Orange hero. It's fake news, we're all liars and out to get you. Darter and I are old, but our slowly fading memories are still pretty much intact. You've been bad mouthing Florida teams for years and years. And where the hell did you come up with 6 time champion Miami Central. Not even you are that clueless to mention that team and garbage in the same sentence.
  3. Sorry, I didn't attend, but my 33yrs at the Daytona Beach News-Journal would have over come that minor restriction. When needed my timid message board associates shouldn't have taken no for an answer.... #loudandproudArmyVet
  4. (re-posted from another thread) There wasn't a problem last time he came over. We all took the elevator up and down to indoor seating and an outdoor observation deck. Who stopped you guys ?
  5. Here's Nolebull's M.O. He takes it personal when any Florida team gets beat by an out of state team. He continually battles against Georgia, Texas, Ohio, California, and New Jersey posters on the national high school message board for State superiority and bragging rights. By calling Florida teams "garbage" he beats his antagonizers to the punch when a Florida team goes down to an out of state opponent. Actually he's pretty comical with that pea brain of his. He's moving to the Appalachian mountains (Tennessee). He'll fit in well there. Safe travels 'Bull.....
  6. What post Wave ? There wasn't a problem last time he came over. We all took the elevator up and down to indoor seating and an outdoor observation deck. Who stopped you guys ?
  7. The Orlando and Miami turnout made the numbers better then what this naysayer expected. Now if we can sign up the same teams next year.... Daytona Stadium has been leased out by the city to a couple of enterprising brothers for the next 30 years. The Panaggio pair, Mike being the CEO, run a mini starting version of IMG called DME here in the Daytona area. They've been very aggressive and focused to grow their school and to bring sports entertainment to the area. This old pessimist wishes the out-of-towners well just as the many others who have come before them. They have already put the area on notice that governmental ($$$) and community ($$$) support is needed if this is to be a viable sports mecca. To be continued........
  8. Jam, you never worked those big Mainland/Seabreeze games in the early 2000's ? Cars were still lining LPGA to get in at halftime and that's with 7-8,000 attendance. In the old championship days here they had triple game Saturday. "WHAT A CLUSTER "F." Gatorman asked for a double game on Friday instead of a Wednesday night game. Sounds like a reasonable request, right. Wrong !! LPGA Blvd. has always been a heavily traveled bypass for locale workers around the inner city's congestion. Friday afternoon traffic is a speeding bumper to bumper mess getting home.
  9. The home side (south) holds around 6,000. The visitors (north) around 4,000. The current 30 year stadium leaseholder and the city want to add 5,000 permanent new seats when they can find the money. Bethune-Cookman College numbers during several Homecoming games has been in the 12-14,000 range. They use portable end zone seating, and the cattle like fencing (Saturday's Orlando Jones side) we saw in the 5A afternoon contest. My biggest complaint has always been access to and from the stadium. Consolidated Tomoka, the largest area landholder, just recently donated several surrounding acres for future (2020?) parking. But two lane LPGA Boulevard is the only access to enter or leave the facility. And to make matters worse it isn't on any governmental fast track for widening. The whole area is blowing up with city approved development with congestion issues being pushed down the road as an afterthought. We've always done things like that here. Development never pays for itself, we the tax payers do, later on.
  10. Don't mess with Nolebull, he's already got enough problems.
  11. Last time Daytona held the football championships in the 1990s they gave up the final year of the contract with the FHSAA because they lost money on the previous years. At that time Daytona paid 125K each year to host the games. Surely the fee is higher now and if the poor attendance of the first two games is any indication the new stadium leaseholders may not complete the current 3yr agreement. I've got no Crystal Ball, but I do know local residents will not be flooding the ticket windows. If three Miami schools, which travel well, and three schools from nearby Orange county can't pack the seats ($$$) history will repeat itself and the games will move on....
  12. My wife got family just south of Opalocka near Miami Dade North campus. Done the Daytona/Miami run many times. My record (foolishly) is 3hrs/20minutes from in front of Airlines Area (Biscayne Blvd) to my house front door (at that time) 5 miles north of Daytona speedway. I often hit triple digits when the traffic thinned out.....BMW M3
  13. 11pm (Daytona) till 1:30am (Dade county) is 250miles in 2 1/2hrs = 100mph.... Zoe, did you borrow Wave's new Hellcat ?
  14. As expected, my Daytona brothers are not in attendance.....my people.... SMDH from side to side.
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