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  1. Word is 5* rocket armed QB recruit Cam Winston Mahones (6'5", 230lbs, 4.35 forty) has an additional NIL with Mercedes-Benz of Germany, and a personal service contract with Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones. I hope that clears things up for you, thanks.
  2. If what retired college and NFL head coach Barry Switzer says is in the works at OU then everything is on the table going forward until the NCAA see's the flames and wakes up. As soon as this coming fall football season every Sooner player (85 ?) will receive between $ 40,000 and $ 50,000. That's right, EVERY SINGLE PLAYER. They call it 1Okalahoma. The following is " just" speculation : Lets round off 85 players to 100..., and lets pay them 50K, now multiply by 100 = $5,000,000 total. Head coaches today can make $10,000,000 in yearly compensation with outside contracts added. The deal doesn't appear so crazy when you realize 100 young men (18-22 'ish) risk life and limb and STILL only make 1/2 the salary of one football coach. Carrying on with the hypothetical.... a loaded up OU stomps poor OSU at home on Saturday afternoon. All team members get a pay envelope after they shower and dress. Let's say $2,500 each. Come Monday afternoon, how many all together are in jail, in the hospital, the morgue, or missing and unexcused from practice ? Like the rest of you old guys, I see trouble.... and fast. Until further notice kids, OU is the place to be.
  3. Ray, Andra Williams #3 (soph) played the game of his life. Until I viewed the replay it had slipped my memory. Mainland had a committee of running backs that year both big and small. Mainland ran for almost 300 yrds against the Dreadnaughts. Lakeland had a great team but Chris Rainey was the difference maker that night against us and your Kowboys (Oct 27) 7-3, Kathleen (Nov 3) 29-26, and STA (Dec 8) 45-42 in double OT for the championship. The week before STA needed 2 OT's to beat Manatee in the semi's 36-29. 5A was loaded with quality teams in 2006. Yes John Brown got all the hype in the press but didn't play a particularly great game against our undersized O-linemen. I often wondered what became of him at the next level and beyond. Most thought he was a can't miss prospect.
  4. Snake, you had to go there.......Exactly one week before, in your house, my Mainland Bucs were down 29-24 in the 4th quarter with Lakeland facing 3rd down on their own 44 yrd line (2:51 on clock) when Chris Rainey ripped off a Daytona heartbreaker ( his 3rd TD ) and scored from 56 yrds out. Chris finished with 334 yrds rushing ). The game was sloppy at times, but athletes were all over the field. It was the Brighthouse (Cable) game of the week....if interested game below. Both teams are 13-0.
  5. To quote Bob Dylan : The times they are a-changin
  6. LOL, unhinged at the mere mention of the local paper. Buddy, you got major, major issues. Have a pleasant night
  7. Silence you ? Who cares ? This is a message board. I passed on what I considered interesting. Take it, leave it, move on. No biggie... you made it personable, not me.
  8. Hey, I understand. But my post was only to pass on what I had just discovered. Nothing more, nothing less....Informational, no sales commissions involved.......LOL,where and how my local compadre got that is sadly amusing and priceless
  9. I'm not pushing anything. You've have made this a Daytona newspaper thing for some reason. September will be 6 yrs since my retirement. I believe the paper has changed ownership at least twice since then. Last I heard it was printed in Lakeland and trucked over in the morning. All my coworkers are gone. No work here outside sport writers and sales staff. If you falsely believe I have a hidden agenda (common man, what for, out of town strangers?) then pass on the thread, move on. I get the paper for the local news, local sports, and the obits. Stop with the hate...it's not healthy.
  10. You need help from someone much more qualified then myself. Stop making things up.
  11. What is your problem ! Get a life, go outside, walk the beach, go on a date, kick a dog...well not really...do something pleasurable
  12. Venice, I challenge you from the very first post to reprint where I was political in this thread. On the other hand Mr LaLa Land Ref has been going off from the beginning. Where his beef originated is anyone guess. It's his demon, and his alone.
  13. Jam, you're living in a alternate universe. One with a very low competency level. From the original post though now I've attempted to inform readers that it is "now possible" to read 30+ Florida daily's, with state wide high school sports from home, by getting a digital subscription. Nulli Secundus now gets the Lakeland Ledger and 200 other newspapers for less than $20 per year. If he hates the Daytona paper, like you, so what !!!! He his 199 + more papers he can read. Pick one, pick a dozen it doesn't matter. Shop around, maybe Sarasota is $10 a year. You still get the other 200 PAPERS. Check it out ?
  14. Nulli, If you can promise me the honey in pink can lead me to salvation, take my soul....Go Snakes
  15. First off Jam you don't know Jack $--T about my co-workers. What gives you the cojones to think you do ? I worked in a very loud no windowed brick building that kicked out printed material at a rate of 50-60,000 copies per hour. In 30+ years I worked side by side with over 100 black, white, hispanic, male and female newspaper and commercial pressmen. To ignorantly imply we were the same is beyond asinine. 100% of us worked there for the money and benefits ONLY. End of story! Coincidentally in all those years (beside myself) only a very few actually paid for home delivery of the local News-Journal. They really weren't that interested and even with an employee discount thought it wasn't worth the money. What most don't understand is when things are going well in a pressroom and the presses are churning out product there really isn't that much to do. Some eat, some walk around, others nod off, and still others (the vast majority) read or surf the internet by phone. Read is what I did. Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Craigslist, Auto/ Boat Trader, Pennysaver, Time, US News and World Report, Newsweek, Wallstreet Journal, and Hustler for the articles (wink,wink). Like Ray said, I'm not going where you want to take us. Go over to Prepgridiron's Off-Topic message board and have at it. I'm trying to be civil with your dumba$$. Keep it up, at your own peril...
  16. The Daytona Mainland program is very much the same. They've only had three Head coaches since 1994. And the last two played and starred for the Bucs also. Mainland's current playoff streak is at 29 consecutive years. This is longer then any other public high school in the state of Florida. Like the Kowboy's they too are doing it the right way.
  17. ... and you'd be "wrong again" Jam speaking of my co-workers. I'm the except in being a Florida born blue collar worker. We were no where near the policy making intellectuals in their Ivory Tower. But for your own personal enlightenment, I was more than qualified to climb those steps.
  18. I've read the newspaper every day for more than 50 years. I helped print (ink meets paper) the local one for over 30 years. To me getting the home newspaper is a must. Getting all the others without added fees, at my finger tips, is a fabulous bonus....a no brainer.
  19. I'm not a salesman, never been a BS'er either. But I payed $59.99 (one year) for a digital newspaper subscription to the Daytona Beach News Journal. It along with over 200 other newspapers is owned by Gannett (USA TODAY). They all have an E-Edition that looks exactly like that days morning paper. Mouse click though the pages and click the article you are interested in reading. To have my local fish wrapper thrown in the yard they wanted $500+ per year.....I have access to all Gannett's US newspapers in 45 (?) states with more then 30 Florida daily newspapers. Some examples : Palm Beach Post, Collier Citizen, Florida Today (Cocoa), Ft. Myers News-Press, Gainesville Sun, Lakeland Ledger, Jacksonville Times Union, Ocala Star Banner, NW Florida Daily, Panama City News Herald, Pensacola News-Journal, Sarasota Herald Tribune, Naples Daily News, St Lucie News, St Augustine Record, Tallahassee Democrate, and a dozen more state papers....Sure it took awhile to get used to reading a paper online ( it helped getting a 24" monitor for my desktop ), but you can't beat the Florida high school sports coverage EVERY DAY ! How much each paper charges I don't know. If they say more then $60 something is wrong. I can read the Palm Beach Post every morning or the Gainesville Sun from cover to cover. I got nothing but time......check it out sport fans.
  20. Here you go Ray arefield out after 1 year as Lake Gibson’s football coach Roy Fuoco Lakeland Ledger USA TODAY NETWORK LAKELAND — For the second year in a row, Lake Gibson is looking for a new head football coach. Athletic director Eric Haynes announced the decision to replace Keith Barefield Jr. after just one season as the Braves head coach. Offensive coordinator and assistant head coach Trip Anderson will be the interim head coach. “It wasn’t any particular one thing,” Haynes said. “It was a mutual agreement that we need to bring someone else in to direct the program. When we hired coach Barefield, it was to keep the staff together. He did a great job keeping the staff together, he kept the group of players together an we had a great season. Being a football coach is 12 months a year. There’s more to it than game day. We feel right now, this is the best thing for our program.” Barefield said he met with the administration on Monday, although neither would say what led to the meeting, and the decision was made to make the change. “I think both sides knew that I came from a college and my heart is set to end up in college,” Barefield said. “I wanted to go more time, but I’ve been feeling like the time is getting closer and the administrations kind of basically didn’t want to get strung along, and I wanted to take their opportunity while the iron was hot. See BAREFIELD, Page 3B Continued from Page 1B “I felt like it was the best thing for the kids would be to step out now and so did principal (Ryan) Vann, Eric Haynes and (assistant principal) Matt Diaz. They thought that it was best for both sides. Even though they didn’t have anybody from what they told me, and I didn’t have anything, the best thing for the kids and Lake Gibson and Braves football was for this to take place. “I’m a football coach. I’m not a high school teacher, but I love the time that I had there. I love the relationships that I got to build. I have met some awesome people, learned incredible things that are going to carry me me throughout the rest of my career. I have nothing but positive things to say about our admin office staff, the coaches and the players. It was a wild ride, and I had a blast. It’s something that you never forget.” Barefield was brought in a year ago as offensive coordinator by former head coach Robert Paxia. After Paxia stepped down after the spring game in May to take over at Flagler Palm Coast, Barefield was elevated to head coach. In his one year as head coach, Barefield beat rival Lakeland twice and led the Braves to an 8-4 record and district and regional titles before losing to Tampa Bay Tech, 42-24, in the Class 7A state semifinals. “The hardest part about this whole thing is the selfish part of me wanted another year for the reason I felt like I could do a much better job with a full calendar year, and I know I could,” Barefield said. That was the selfish part, me wanting to do it for me, feeling like the job wasn’t done. I hadn’t fully fulfilled everything that I could, but you’ve got to sit back and and remember that when you make it about you, that’s when your career starts going downhill. “When I got hired, I said football is not about one guy, never has been about one guy, never was going to be about one guy and it certainly wasn’t about me. It was about the team. It wasn’t Jaylon Glover. It was Jaylon Glover with all other 10 guys blocking for him. All that success, I’m nothing without them, and that’s what made it so much fun.” Barefield said he has no immediate future plans. Haynes said Anderson has no interest in being the head coach and that Lake Gibson is accepting applications. “My in-box is starting to fill up,” he said. “Next week, we’ll start a search committee. We’d like to have some one it before spring.” Roy Fuoco can be reached at roy.fuoco@theledger. com or at 863-802-7526. Follow him on Twitter: @RoyFuoco.
  21. LOL, Ray you took the words right out of my mouth. No woodshed for me either.....
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