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  1. Should be fine. I was at the orange & black game at gibson & I like what I see. Ofcourse its a down year in overtown but Ice forever has his kids ready & they have ATHLETES! If qb can distribute well game should be very fun
  2. Carol City has actually made a step in yhe right direction this season. New staff & over 10 players coming in from surrounding programs. They’ve looked decent last I saw. Also BTW is young as ever this season but look to surpirse many
  3. Ok I was gonna say. I had talked to my lil brother & he said they was still heading up there despite rumors. Good stuff, the T aint ducking no smoke
  4. Homestead will formidable once again. Best school downsouth besides columbus. New Qb in, Still have rivals top 25 wr in Cortez Mills. They should be fine.
  5. Lakeland folks will show up just because Miami is in town. May not be filled up but you get the gist. But Lakeland coming to miami for the first time tho will be nice. I think the city will just show up to watch.
  6. there he is, its gonna be a fun season homie
  7. I agree, both games will be filled forsure.
  8. Wow this is news to me. Coach Ice always loves the challenge & knows how to develop so Im not surprised.
  9. lol how you feeling bout you guys chances?
  10. Rebuild mode. Lost alot of talent to graduation & transfer portal. A bit of gentrification also as overtown is being turned into Miami beach jr.
  11. They can definitely beat Central. My bulls is a toss up but I feel we should have the edge. EJ will be hard to stop though. Glad they not in 2A with us.
  12. definitely, idk if at the caliber of the prior year but they have the guys plus Ej is still aT QB. They’ll be as good as any team in miami imo.
  13. everybody want that norland smoke. i love it
  14. One of the Best teams ever is a stretch but definitely talent all over the board. I wanna see who wins the qb battle first. Week 2 should be fun specially at Venice. I may attend.
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