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  1. seems like thats what he was applying & to some degree he’s right. some kids who stayed out of zone may have went to a school but it was not common at all. back in the day we knew what school we were going to from elementary. my mama & dad graduated from the west so i was bull by default. but going to middle school in central territory every kid was a rocket! die hard at that. & living in overtown nobody even thought about going down south or to the city to play. we were 10&11 going at it about players like teddy bridgewater & vonte freeman. like we do now, so trust me it hasn’t always been the way it is now.
  2. lol you be trying to throw them lil shots i see, know you lying. dade been winning.. it just wasn’t always in liberty city & overtown. but remember the west won way way back like the 60s or 70s. when things were still kinda segregated. paved the way for inner city schools in reality. booker t been winning since they became a highschool again & cc been had state rings since the 70s. cent the only school that recently came into that light after the west coach’s went there after the natty.
  3. i remember that year real vivid. i watched the game live, central had a big head cause they beat up on the west the game prior. central disappointed us cause that was supposed to been our year again. but yeah they did think they had it. that was a sad day in robinhood i tell u that much
  4. miramar had that squad tho. alotta carol city kids was on that team & they was well put together
  5. yall aint no powerhouse yet big dawg slow ya roll, gotta make it to a semi finals atleast then you can say a florida powerhouse. i do understand you excited bout them boys cause the future is bright but they gotta prove it
  6. 3m will be fun to watch as well as 4m. homestead got some transfers & sone young guys thats really like that. down south claim they got the best receiving core in dade plus a mean backfield. i wouldn’t sleep on homestead to be like a 2015 south dade sleeper type.
  7. dont undermine my competence cause i dont talk like yourself sir, you are clearly biased in your opinion on the matter. Why? probably because your team doesn’t win. either way i’m not reading all that, you said alot to merely say nothing at all. all of what you said are only “ifs” and “whims” rather than facts. mostly every county allows transfers now and it’s pretty open as far as i can tell. it means nothing tho in the grand scheme of things if you aren’t winning.
  8. sam brooks is who i meant. my apologies. But definitely sam bruce was a man amongst boys back in his day, rest his soul.
  9. how so? only 11 on defense & 11 on O. you are right, some teams have it better than others when it comes to talent pool but understand hard work always beats talent. some counties can afford better coaching staffs & better facilities, would you say that was an unfair playing field?
  10. prime examples are 3 bulls. Sam Bruce(Miami) Jacorey Hammet (Wvu) Pat Payton (FSU). qbs couldn’t even set they feet
  11. without a doubt i feel the same way. have yall seen 2m in miami? it makes 0 since but i hear its a power ranking system going on so there may be an instance where central & northwestern can meet up in the state championship.
  12. cant forget bout florida city! they got national championship back in pop warner. dade county top passer right out of exit1 (torey morrison) played for homestead booker t.
  13. you are on point in some areas but you dont got all the facts, majority of miami’s nfl talent is from miami without a doubt. barely any are from broward, out of those 5 kids from hallandale 4 are from dade. they just played at hallandale which is right by carol city. and another false statement is the hotbed is in overtown. no sir, miami talent is very spread out. from downsouth to miami gardens its pretty concentrated. if you had to name an outlier it would definitely be liberty city cause it feeds northwestern & central as well as edison & booker t. overtown got talent but not like it used to cause of gentrification. most that talent went down south and back to the city. little haiti is not a hotbed either. 1. liberty city 2. miami gardens 3. opalocka 3. overtown 4. down south (goulds,perrine, homestead)
  14. armwood too 2013-15 & edgewater 2000-03
  15. yea man real life all we knew as kids was football, started superpeewees at the age of 4. i feel the reason we love football so much was cause we seen how good others kids were from the parks to going to da west cent & booker t games during 2007-2011. i can tell you now its some guys i grew up with who were special.. like on a different level playing ball, allstars in optimist but those streets was no don’t spare nobody . jits 13,14 having to be the man of the house then come to football practice like it’s nothing.
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