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  1. sir you are a hater. ik why you hate cent but damn, them ppl do not get 20 transfers a year. this was year by far an outlier of past years. cent was chasing a natty. but you are lying to yourself. central been good, they just never had a ring til 2010 & the year before that they lost by a couple points against a really good miramar team & year before that they lost to a very good northwestern team. tell broward to get better so yall can stop with these excuses.
  2. sta & chaminade are literally made up of dade talent. they do not win without dade! i think yall forget that just because they in broward tht their kids aint from dade. sta qb is from dade & plenty other kids. all chaminade play makers are from the 305. the state still belongs to miami. dont forget it.
  3. he was not running wild. he was getting hit in his mouth, heritage took the lead off of bad central mistakes. i was there. central came back easily & pulled away easily. heritage was not on the same level. i may even go as far to say that heritage wouldn’t even have beat killian as they were more formidable
  4. clearly you don’t have the facts talking bout we had kids from broward or west palm on those west teams or central teams. you’re delusional. for 1, central won they first ship in 2010. & all those kids played at the boys club & miami gardens right in miami, wanna know how i know? I played for the boys club with all them boys & dalvin straight from scott lake so what are you talkin bout? that 1 qb who was from miramar? stop it. it was supposed to be a two peat but the year before they lost a thriller to miramar (whose whole team was from carol city & american). so that was a dade win in all honesty. secondly the west been winning since 95 homie, never had to go past county line for kids. & you said st johns, not sjb. jesuit has won just like cocoa finally did getting over that btw hump. its highschool football my guy. congratulations. you can’t say the same for dillard i bet. thats why you mad huh? dade still gonna be the mecca for highschool football. it aint disrespect, folks just dont show the respect they need to so we humble you, its real life. even in pop warner & optimist we been muttin yall. the proof is on the tv, on ya computers, & on them championship rings.
  5. buddy i respect you for defending your squad. & they’ve been winners for a while now so koodos but until they travel down south. i cannot give them the respect you wish.
  6. they lost in 5 overtimes 38-35 against st johns broward boy. that game could’ve went either way. what other publics choose to play img year in & out? that grayson game was actually terribly reffed & central left plenty points on the board. also central was really young that year playing against the #1 team in the country at their house. Lowndes scheduled northwestern when they had their best Ever & yeah the west came to georgia unprepared & lost. different story at the mecca in my opinion. but the thing I dislike the most about you all is you mention the outliers. booker t has beat up on plenty oos competition and so has northwestern and so has central. all of which are public school less than 10 miles apart. never scared. can you say that about broward? can you say that about any other publics in florida or across the country for that matter. ofcourse we believe the coaches can be better but understand our coaches dont get top dollar towards the program, alot of which volunteer their own money & time to make these teams what they are. i understand you guys say these things to discredit the dominance of dade but understand we pave the way for all of florida. nothing steps foot in florida without coming thru them roc boys and there is no bigger tradition of winning than them bulls. BTW just became a highschool in 99, and has more rings than alot of yall schools combined. central & btw were literally the #1 & #2 schools in the NATION in 2013 before they had to square off. northwestern & btw were #1 & #4 in the NATION at the 2007 season & lets not forget both have national championships under their belt. central and booker have both beat st thomas. also central, btw, northwestern & carol city literally were top 10 in the nation from 2015-2018, do you understand this?yall need to show some respect. no city in the world has done those things.
  7. you guys are really swallowing jesuit whole. this they best team ever, it won’t ever be like this again so enjoy it.
  8. you a lil too excited bout highschool football my guy. calm urself. its not that deep. i been gave jesuit they flowers, just noticed some things as a coach. you guys still have a negative record against us & like 1 ring i think.. lol. iknow beating dade is like a superbowl for the rest of the state. enjoy it this year
  9. literally no madison team in history can come down south & win. they’ve never played no one. you disrespectful comparing them ppl to us.
  10. watched this earlier & everything i thought would happen with the west did. whole new defense, all new starters. bad turnovers & big stage warranted for a defeat. they’ll be back next year and better. jesuit.. yall got lucky this year, but that get back gone be a sight to see.
  11. see you made points in ur first post but jesuit stands 0 chance again that central team forsure. I didn’t get to watch the game so Idk if the west fell apart or jesuit just dominated but it seems jesuit just came with the game plan to win & executed.
  12. I’m here bro, Congrats to you guys on an impressive win. Thought columbus would come to play better than that. Go get that ring family.
  13. thats funny, I work for a living my guy. Can’t sit behind a desk all day like yourself sir. Anyways congrats to jesuit & venice. good w, I didn’t think the game would go like that but hey im okay with being wrong. Hope they win it all.
  14. no sir, I care not for anything they do. If they were gonna be a national superpower from florida I’d prefer they kept their recruiting in florida but as they do not It’s pretty hard to root for em. thats just me though.
  15. exactly, central aint beat the west in years. they got it this year but its been some time since central was beat the west. you can’t judge those games cause that rivalry is just too deep.
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