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  1. IMG @ MNW

    Any year they had Trey Saunders they were special. And the year before with Bookie Radley Hiles on defense. They were definitely better last 2 years.
  2. IMG @ MNW

    Our play calling sucked big time! You can't give a team like that second chances and keeping drives alive with dumb penalties.
  3. IMG @ MNW

    Hello NW has a defense! Only offensive td IMG had was from 3 yards out after a block punt. And no IMG is not the same team from last 2 years however they are still a really gooff team. And I feel comfortable saying St Frances will beat them. And like I said we play the freshman qb earlier and better play calling in the red zone game might've been closer than 17 points. U are the only one who comes on here with a novel every year about IMG and NW lol. NW fans just want right QB in to put up points and we will be fine. How are the Celtics doing this year? How do you feel they would match up against NW?
  4. IMG @ MNW

    Your right I saw them on there before season on maxpreps. But as we know that site it's not always accurate especially before the season starts.
  5. IMG @ MNW

    IMG will lose 2 games. Mater Dei and St. Frances... NW defense is very good and and regular school here in Florida might not score against them. Offense needs work. Especially starting the right QB.. IMG never drove the field and scored their tds. Pick 6, kickoff return, block punt inside 5 yard line, a number of penalties and 4 turnovers and you lose 24 to 7. Not really mad at this game considering the opponent frustrated by the penalties and qb carousel.
  6. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    Yeah I did game didn't finish until after midnight due to lightning delay. BTW QB threw 2 pick 6 TDs. Which were both deflected passes unfortunately with one bouncing off wrs hands. Central was able to run on them at times which I expected but not at will. Very good game. Sidenote I think Carol City may beat Central next week after looking at both teams. Turnovers will play a major part but the chiefs have a good defense.
  7. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    Thinking about going to the BTW Central game just don't want to deal with the rain.
  8. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    I saw this but since I'm local I do my critiques by going to the games. Get to see more than the highlights..
  9. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    Outside of IMG and Zona which are big but not big as state and playoffs games what other examples do u have? In last 3 years they are 4 and 1 against Central knocking them out of playoffs 3 years in a row and 3 and 2 against Carol City and was in one of toughest districts in the country. Oh and beat armwood twice. Teams with state championship pedigree don't quit in big games...
  10. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    The blowout in Zona lol! those kids didn't want to play that game. Week after state they presented game and admin took it $$$. They had to beat CC and Central again in the playoffs which are always wars! Then a tough Armwood team. Max just told them to go out and have fun. Had guys going off to school in December so i knew they would probably lose why I didn't go. I wanted them to compete and rep Florida but those were the rumblings before they left and it showed. And it does sound like hate. And 2 years ago who held IMG to lowest point total and beat Central twice that year? Northwestern. Last year was only time I was upset that COACHES not players quit against IMG and asked for a running clock second half. Hell we were not in position to compete last year and they played for a check. That won't happen this year.
  11. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    Hopefully weather is good. Central has a decent oline, really good rbs, and a ok defense. Qb is ok. Not sure with BTW has. They lost some players but still has alot of talent and will always play hard so it should be a good game. Line play will be difference in the game as I'm not sure how big BTW dline is and if they can handle the rockets oline.
  12. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    U said your sources advised you that NW was down this year which is wrong so I can't really agree with your sources. I like Columbus as well in Dade. Central is overrated and I'm not saying that because they lost to St Frances but they haven't done anything in last 3 years and keep getting nationally ranked based on past. Season still early and all of this will play out. I just find it funny after a team loses that people think would win a game against NW that the team all of a sudden is down.
  13. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    I like me and my sources over your sources because obviously NW is lol.. I'd love to hear who they said were the top teams this year. Actually this was the year NW was to compete in 6A for the title before they were reclassified. Last year we were really young and were not expected to win state. This year and next year NW should win state. So I assume everybody is going to be down that NW plays this year if that's the case...Now I don't think IMG is as good this year as last couple of years should be more competitive game.
  14. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    Footballville on Tyger Dickens
  15. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    The senior qb is not getting it done and fans are getting frustrated.. I understand what the coaches are doing but writing is on the wall the freshman Taron (Tyger)Dickens is special. They usually play the senior first and offense is stagnant. Freshman comes in and offense clicks. Had a drop td, td called back, and freshman qb didn't get in into second qtr. However once he gets in he finishes the game last night and against Gibbons. At half last week (gibbons)it was 13-0 last week points coming off pick 6 and blk punt. Dickens gets in and offense score 19 points second half. Oh and way too many penalties. When NW cleans all of that up look out.