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  1. Saturday 12/14 at 12 noon.
  2. Jones and NW will sell out. Nw will bring minimum 5k.
  3. Carol city? Not really. They won state 3 years ago we won the last 2. Before that we usually beat them for the most part. It was central who was in the lime light when they had their run.
  4. Wow how did they not tackle Columbus wr? Very poor tackling by Deerfield Beach.
  5. You've been sleep for a while buddy lol. NW has been "around" for a minute. Had a down period for a little while regarding championships. Largely due to our rival on 95th St. But the bulls are not new to this. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/highschool/news/story?id=3157098
  6. I was in the minority liking Columbus to win this game. Alot of football to be played but i knew Deerfield was not going to just dominate them.
  7. Depends on who u ask I guess. Definitely not underrated.
  8. So u expected Dillard to beat Central but struggle against Palmetto? Ok lol.. Either way none of these Dade county teams can take their foot off the gas this coming week. That's why you have a tough schedule to prepare for playoffs.
  9. Yeah u kno I had to be at my game but I'm sure it was lol. If played different days definitely would have been there.
  10. Dillard field is terrible just like their performance was.. #7 was disrespectful to AJ then he fumbles all over the place lol..... Dillard had a real humbling experience lol.
  11. I'll place this right here. Haven't watched it yet.
  12. Lakeland db's got exposed. Hall for Armwood is good but NW locked him down. It was funny at the end when one of Armwood's players mentioned 305 as one of the counties they want. No you don't son lol.
  13. If we don't fumble on the one yard line game is a blowout. If the refs called at least one intentional ground or more holding against AHP score would've been worse. Point is that's football. We did just enough to win in spite of everything. By the way our qb only in the 9th grade and team is very young. At this point no other choice than to do it again next year.
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