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  1. Armwood will give STA hell IMO. Their D is nice and they have guys that make big plays on O.
  2. What happened to Lampkin and Glinton?
  3. In all fairness rudolph was the aggressor first. Trying to take Garretts helmet off after he sacked him. I’d have been fine with Garrett yanking his helmet off, but the swing? That was just dumb lol.
  4. What's going on with Columbia's offense? They used to be so explosive. Injuries?
  5. Man that's embarrassing for Carol City. Nice win for TCA. What is up wit Carol City? Players give up on the season?
  6. Were those other numbers just 2020 as well? I figure both IMG and SFA have more than that including all their classes.
  7. No joke DFB should just play Restrepo at QB from now on. Kid can play. Made a huge difference when he was in.
  8. Only game that was a "risk" game was NG vs Armwood. The rest were mismatches IMO. I guess you could argue AHP but they aren't the same and Gonzaga only played em BC they have a star QB and most likely their best team ever.
  9. That's the whole game condensed, but I hear you. Nothing like being at the game.
  10. Listen I was just giving you examples of why Central is talked about more nationally. Doesn't mean it's at all true. Central has been going OOS for a while now (MNW basically started it all in 07). MNW just isn't as consistent IMO. Trust me man I'd love to see MNW dominate.
  11. It's because they had done well OOS until SFA, they had IMG on the ropes, and beat STA last year. MNW kind of just quits when things aren't going well in big games. (that's my perspective) MNW still feeling that blowout in Zona. Damn man I still don't understand what happened that night? I'm not trying to hate I pull for FL always, but that's the national level impression MNW has given off lately. Not putting up a fight vs IMG every year doesn't help either. That being said I hope MNW steps up to IMG this year and takes out Lowndes (man they better take out Lowndes).
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