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  1. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    I guess. If you are ranking them by most likely to win state I hear you. The truth is Trinity Christian, Chaminade, NSU, they just aren't that good (although I admit Trinity Christian at least somewhat belongs). Carol City on a down year would work them.
  2. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    They were loaded last year too when everyone on here was saying they were the favorite. What have they really done?
  3. Week 1 Florida Top 25 & Classification Rankings

    Lol if Trinity Christian can be #4 in the state I have no problem with MC being 3. Trinity Christian is solid, but #4? They got bounced last year by North Marion in a low classification.
  4. Manatee fans:

    Lakeland looks good. That's all I'm gonna say.
  5. Any KOC Games tonight??

    Atlantic 7 Deerfield Beach 0. End of 1st palmetto 7 Western. 0 2nd Q
  6. The Most Consistent Programs of the Past 15 Seasons

    Where would Central and Armwood be without forfeits? Just curious.
  7. Western vs Monarch scrimmage

    Plantation WR lit up Chaminade for 3tds.
  8. Western vs Monarch scrimmage

    All I could find on DFB vs Cardinal Gibbons
  9. Top 21 Kickoff Games

    DFB vs Atlantic is going to be a very interesting game.
  10. Hallandale vs Cedar Grove (GA) Video - 2015

    They playing Central in a game or KOC?
  11. Future of Broward publics bright?

    But to be fair they were a cellar team prior to that class. Western has been decent for a little bit.
  12. Future of Broward publics bright?

    Yeah but I'd be willing to bet most of these Western kids played together on those nasty 15u 7v7 defcon teams.
  13. Future of Broward publics bright?

    Haha I just meant a team that kind of rises fast. Honestly though Western has been pretty decent so it wouldn't be as big of a rise IMO. Flanagan used to be a literal bottom of the barrel team for a pretty long time.
  14. Plantation defeats Chaminade Madonna 24-14 Deerfield Beach defeats Cardinal Gibbons 14-0 Both games played for a half. My thought on this is that we all know a lot of kids that play youth together or 7v7 have always wanted to play with their friends. The issue is they could only really do that at the privates. Now that they can do that at the public schools will the football scene in Broward return to what it was up until the early 2000s?? Look at Western. Looking more and more like they will become the next "Flanagan".