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  1. Certainly came much closer than I would have liked this year!
  2. Ok I'm dumb, thought this was teams that haven't won titles.
  3. Dunno man FAU was looking pretty decent at the end of the year. I mean UCF beat them so they have the bragging rights, but FAU finished strong. They SMOKED SMU who had a very similar season to UCF. I must say that win was a bit of a surprise.
  4. They played a great game, but it took magic from the QB to keep it close IMO. Plus it's not like UK didn't play UF close. On the flip side you could say FL played LSU better than Clemson. Yet I still don't think FL was a better team than Clemson.
  5. MNW 2007 I shouldn't even need to list players on this team. STACKED. Miramar 2008 QB Geno Smith WR Ivan Mcartney WR Stedman Bailey Loaded! Miramar 2013 Loaded Flanagan 2015 Loaded Southridge 2016 Loaded I'd say those teams were more talented in the list above. Columbus had some high end talent but not as deep IMO.
  6. No one in this thread is arguing STA's district is tougher than MC's.
  7. Nice I was a bit Sour seeing him leave. Sucked to see him go down vs Dematha as a freshman two years ago.
  8. STA beat teams that beat Central too. Camden County, Manatee etc.
  9. This will be interesting. St. Louis is pretty good and have been just getting hyped for this game for weeks. Hopefully STA shows up rdy.
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