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  1. Not to mention everyone and their mother has transferred to IMG this year. And you just know they’ve been practicing a ton more than anyone else at this point.
  2. Fred Taylor suffering from that Jacksonville market. Should definitely be in the hall.
  3. Yea keep up with some updates. I personally have never taken any flu vaccine (rarely ever get sick), but I'd love to hear from someone on the inside regarding this.
  4. Gotta have beef though too. I’ve seen kids that want it more than anyone but that effort won’t win against a huge talented front.
  5. To be fair I don’t think cali had true playoff back then.
  6. I agree with the MC vs STA game. I said it right after that if you wanted to see a coaching clinic of big time execution and play calls to watch that game again. MC played an AMAZING second half on offense. On the flip side STA was able to run down hill for most of the night, but fumbles, missed FGs, etc they didn't execute late. Doesn't take away from the fact that it was a great game for most of the night.
  7. OMG you are obsessed with LOS brotha! Anyone that says that win vs SJB wasn't a hard fought game to the end is crazy. Of course STA guys are going to throw jabs at the Cali superpower lovers for not being able to score a TD though! STA beat them with absolutely zero offense that night.
  8. Ehh. Central played one hell of a game but it was competitive late. Best game I’ve seen Central play save maybe vs Don Bosco. The offensive play calling was on POINT!
  9. You could argue it either way IMO. STA does have 1-2 MNCs in that time though. (Depending if you count Geico) Central won the only head to head.
  10. I went through the years and results (even though Maxpreps is off in a lot of spots SMH) I had the final tally at 5-5. So very close indeed. I gave STA 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2019 Central 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 Some years are very debatable IMO.
  11. I'd be interested in going through the years and comparing. 2010 STA on paper one of their best teams ever. That being said, MC seemed to struggle vs option teams back then and I would be kidding myself if I said MC wouldn’t give STA a game. *Playoff difficulty very slight edge MC only because South Dade>>>Cooper City. Both Miami and Creek sucked. BA beat Cypress bay 36-17 that year. Manatee and Plant vs MNW and DP would be a VERY interesting debate (back then I would have said Manatee/Plant no doubt), looking back ehhh I think it's pretty close. STA: beat Camden County GA 42-28 (home), beat Cypress Bay 60-14 (away) *playoff wins: Coconut Creek (59-0), Cooper City (49-7), Boyd Anderson (47-6), Manatee (31-7), Plant (30-7) Central: Lost Camden Co GA 42-45 (away), beat Cypress Bay 30-27 (away?) *playoff wins: Miami (55-0), MNW (42-27), South Dade (38-7), Cypress Bay (30-27), DP (42-27) 2010: Edge STA (MC was NASTY though) I'll try and do 2011 and 2012 tomorrow.
  12. Certainly came much closer than I would have liked this year!
  13. Ok I'm dumb, thought this was teams that haven't won titles.
  14. What do Deerfield Beach's numbers look like?
  15. Dunno man FAU was looking pretty decent at the end of the year. I mean UCF beat them so they have the bragging rights, but FAU finished strong. They SMOKED SMU who had a very similar season to UCF. I must say that win was a bit of a surprise.
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