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  1. Seems like lake city, getting bigger!!
  2. As far as Madison, losing students easy answer is no jobs here people are moving away!!
  3. Pahokee@Hawthorne

    So Hawthorne, was that good just the ref’s and poor coaching??
  4. Records of #5 & #6 Seeds in Classes 1A-4A

    Well some kids get a chance to play one more game.
  5. Columbia vs Trinity Christian

    Columbia should’ve run the ball more, they couldn’t stop 22! And Columbia couldn’t stop the run that’s why u lost the game.
  6. Columbia vs Trinity Christian

    Columbia looking good
  7. Columbia vs Trinity Christian

    I expect TC to win but if Columbia wins then I think they’ll make a deep run in the playoffs!
  8. 48 Columbia vs Madison County 24 final

    The Refs
  9. 48 Columbia vs Madison County 24 final

    But man the weird calls in the 4th
  10. 48 Columbia vs Madison County 24 final

    14 - 14 start of the 2ndqt
  11. BLOUNTSTOWN/ Madison County -Prediction

    But Madison really did take over in the second half should've scored more.
  12. Blountstown/Madison final

    Columbia would’ve beaten that Trenton team they were very limited offensively number 5 really the only guy who could beat u from anywhere on the field. Good team but the thing is when go up in class ur going to see more diverse offenses.
  13. Blountstown/Madison final

    Do you really think every school official in Madison,would agree to that just for football. Man your conspiracy theories are a little out there.
  14. Blountstown/Madison final

    Ok Captain Morgan, how many kids are playing on the team from the school ?
  15. Blountstown/Madison final

    Especially without transfers