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  1. Best of luck to all the young men !!
  2. Well now ya know how we felt in Pahokee!!
  3. Look at his reaction to the no call he didn’t show any emotion! Good no call on a night were the calls were going y’all way all night long !!!!!
  4. And as bad as the officiating was in Pahokee I mean it was brutal
  5. Na bud I think he was just trying to turn him back into nto the field so he wouldn’t hit the sideline!
  6. Just don’t think 17 tried to make the tackle!
  7. Here’s a better look at the play!! http://www.hudl.com/v/2CVCZn
  8. Aww wasn’t much there maybe if he’d been more aggressive going for the tackle. But Pahokee was doing a lot of holding pass interferences but it was a great game and my cowboys won so on to Tallahassee!
  9. Hey great game Madison made one more play for the win!!
  10. Where’s lake city playing this week??
  11. No doubt about that with all the great players that came through there. But this anit the 90’s .
  12. Looking at the stats Chiefland our gain Pahokee 2to 1 !!
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