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  1. Madison county beats Columbia this fall. And Alabama wins the national championship. With a freshman running back
  2. How long has Columbia been recuirting players
  3. How this is crazy
  4. It's not a easy name to remember
  5. Dude, vinstona Allen destroyed pahokee, Madison blew out chiefland, and hamp cheevers is the greatest player in Trenton history. He was all state 3 times. Ty Corbin really you could have said. Kinsler or someone else.
  6. It's better because how is trinty Catholic ever going to beat chamme madonna. Union county not beating Madison. But Andrew Thomas is probably going to get some players to try.
  7. Since nobody else is going to reply. Ty Corbin doesn't play multiple positions. Vinstona Allen, hamp cheevers dominated at multiple positions. Plus Allen has more touchdowns then anybody in the state championship. 9
  8. My top 3 are hamp cheevers from Trenton, Travis Jay Madison, vinstona Allen Madison. Please name your top 3 Below.
  9. I went to the site to buy them they are still there. I just wanted to watch it many times.
  10. Are the state games still available to watch. And are they able to be watch many times.
  11. Yeah, if not for madcoe/ pahokee, Trenton wins 3 titles.
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