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  1. Madison king of Rings tonight.
  2. No it won't Madison 52-0 blunts town.
  3. You gonna see , Madison by 55, how bout you watch film on blountstown. They 13-0 because a soft schedule, Baker was last year, got beat 48-6.
  4. They won't did you see that video. They undersized.
  5. Pahokee will always be elite, http://www.hudl.com/v/2CSzjW
  6. You think blountstown is gonna keep it close
  7. Jesse


    Sorry but STA by 35. Kings of Florida don't lose much.
  8. 208 yards against pahokee. Passing.
  9. Jesse

    Madison county

    I'm not from Madison county.
  10. That's right thanks, that guy gonna see blountstown get on the bus early to leave
  11. Shut up Madison been 2a, not that big of a difference. Idiot Baker is not good, you don't watch them play. I do blountstown almost lost to Taylor county, they were 3a for a long time and sucked. They 1a now. Madison just works hard, champions do that in this state idiot. They don't play easy teams and cheat. Stop saying Madison needs to go. Tell teams to up they game. But you crying like a baby,
  12. Trust me the fhsaa will have y'all playing Madison for state. Instead of this 3rd round mess. Ik it's heartbreaking.
  13. Yes, but this is about good teams getting playing for state. Flushing out the trash.
  14. Yeah you correct, 1a needs changes for real. Blountstown and Baker are trash.
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