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  1. Dillard Is pointless. Dude in his feelings he soft a f . Cocoa trash too.
  2. Football fan back me up bro. These clowns dumb. Smoking that meth
  3. You lucky you like Lakeland but you a clown bandwagon. Ass
  4. 500 for gas fool, Lakeland is better than Dillard or hillard shit. Hillard 1A better than Dillard.
  5. All american cheerleader, st thomas won, you cowards have 60 losses In pass 7 years. Dillard is trash period recuirt Japan players I don't care. Yall boys ain't winning Jack shit. Trash program
  6. I'm just making my case for Madison. Because people think I have to attend the school or something. And 2019 Venice wins big. Miami beat Dillard.
  7. We will see. Yall lost bell and Smith years ago.
  8. They sucked who they beat? Madison Is my team. This America I do what I want. Leave that bullshit in Russia. Blountstown trash , this ain't no dictator shit.
  9. Dillard hoped off he crying like a litte girl. He mad his team trash. Tell him to name 5 players from 2012
  10. If Dillard affords the trip I'll give them respect. Broke ass school
  11. I don't waste time with goofy characters. Hop off his nuts buddy. Your team is light years better. Dillard can't win the 1A title. Columbia is clueless Don't know shit . Madison County is king
  12. Sad Dillard in South Florida but can't produce nothing. I actually respect Lakeland they a good program. Shut up VeniceIndiansFootball, Dillard ain't a state power. Stop dick riding a trash school. Focus on Venice.
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