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  1. Pahokee trash look at my post. Tell yo muck buddies on here. that ok
  2. you sleep dude, just like Pahokee football team, for real watch hamp Cheevers, any year yall would have took the L, you would have thought akeem dent switch jerseys. Because hamp would have been beating yall from offense, defense, special teams, dude shows up every game. This ty corbin one game performance against new Pahokee is weak dude. Pahokee supposed to blowout 1A schools. One game you said weak, travis jay every game takes off, Allen from madison every game shows out. Ty played madison got killed. You really saying some dude, better than hamp cheevers you sleep. Please watch more than a game, football teams play 10 games or more. You probably like 15 years old. Don't watch too much football. If one game against new Pahokee makes you say he better than players who took off every game. you literally acting like Pahokee is still the sh** or something. Wake up dude it's over, heck dixie county beat them . Just running the ball ,
  3. You need to watch hamp cheevers, you will change your mind . You must be like 15 or something, you picked ty Corbin from one game, i wish Pahokee would have beat dixie County in 2015. Hamp would have really embarrassed Pahokee sorry a**. Not many people can say they beat madison in 1A, hamp took care of that. He a legend, ty Corbin just a regular player, you should have said Hawthorne running back or quarterback, they made Pahokee look dumb. Pahokee just not good dude,
  4. When you gonna do predictions. Or not for 1A because madison already wins.
  5. That's all they need , whoever they play going home early.
  6. I really don't understand why madison doesn't just host state for 1A they gonna be packed.
  7. vero better beat clearwater academy. Madison did
  8. Tell jaxTCA 2010 , trinity catholic to get on here. Are they scared of the mad dynasty. The new rule will show how good madison can become. They had a huge number at practice. Don't sleep on madison they really really mad right now.
  9. And thats why madison county about to take over. They jv would smack alot of schools regardless of class. So it doesn't help 1A it only makes madison stronger, miami watch out, STA recruit harder, everyone recruit harder, because madison has arrived on the mountain top for Florida and national football. You better believe that.
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