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  1. Those schools choose to not participate. Plenty of guys in 1A schools. I would agree if it was like 100 kids total in schools. But it's 300 to 400. That's more than enough for 50 guys per 1a schools.
  2. 2015 trenton was something serious. No.3 small school according to maxpreps. No. 7 in Florida and 87 in America. They best player got all America and is now in the CFL.
  3. Yes , and mid distance runner. Hopefully I can get a ring like Madison.
  4. I have some big news I'm possibly going to the national championship in track in field for the relay team. Junior college
  5. Hawthorne 71 pahokee 12 , what happened lol
  6. I agree with that, greenville the same way in madison county. But don't say madison can't compete with st thomas. By the way madison should be known across the country for beating so many major cities. They need to claim Tallahassee already as madison west county. Why can't madison be the best population 2,000 killing a population of 200,000 thousands plus yearly.
  7. Thanks bc madison was better in 2011 than cocoa and 2010 close game. 2012 madison would beat st thomas.
  8. Everyone big mad madison really the best let's goooo. After I saw bolles run all over booker t Washington in 19 title game. I knew madison would have drop 42 on sorry booker t Washington. Madison was much better running the ball then bolles. With plenty of running backs. Watch out Fleming might be better than cook or whoever miami produces and he from madison.
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