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  1. Madco could have 50 to 70 players on varsity.
  2. 5 dude travis jay will make 6 . Remember this a small town. Not big city like Miami buddy
  3. Jeremy McKnight, Jay Lee, Keyshawn Mitchell, check they stats please.
  4. Madco needs to generate offense, they do have some options. Buck Hampton is a human joystick. Jonathan atkins runs 4.34, tommie house runs 4.4.
  5. He got a big arm and accurate. But not moblie enough. Madco has 3 elite pass rushers, 2 kept jordan in check back in 2019. It's gonna be a good game. And 4 sacks from madco defense
  6. 12-0 that's all you need to know.
  7. They high tier just not miami level
  8. Madison more loaded than Columbia.
  9. He should have chosen madco. Hawthorne doesn't have the depth.
  10. How many people on this forum?, because I have 1.3k views on my post.
  11. Madco probably wont ever beat the kings of Florida, but I wish they would have play them once.
  12. The Palmetto almost beat miami central, Lincoln almost beat Edgewater it went to overtime. Columbia is good,
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