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  1. Florida high over madison ill wait . Madco owns Tallahassee always remember.
  2. Offense has been killing this team. Idk what the issue is I believe madco has to put the right guys in to play. Again I would have all the respect for baker If they actually went out and tried to make 1A better overall by playing better teams. They one of the best ones not playing teams they could possibly beat in bigger classes. I want 1A to be better. But when you just choose to play easy teams that's why it looks bad on 1a level.
  3. I didn't know he didn't have a hand my bad , but still no credit from me . Hopefully tho he finds a school gonna be hard tho with 1 hand but he could play next level. Again I have a problem with baker not really the kids fought for playing for them . Again I like to apologize for not knowing he is handicapped.
  4. ColumbiaHighFan2017class tell this man that Kaleb might get 2 yards against Columba and has a chance to end up in the hospital. Bc that gonna hit his ass hard . That this baby schools can't compete with grown ups
  5. We will see after Friday about madco but yeah they bad. Yeah baker players prove nothing at next level bc they nothing but hillbillies. Rundown trash 48-6 all day madco
  6. Yes it will show , I like champagnet 45 fort meade 17. But if Madison played it would be 28-21 cowboys.
  7. Just to let everyone know please pick blountstown over Freeport. Please Freeport ain't never beat them nor is they on blountstown level. Please trust me I literally watch all 1A teams. Pick blountstown to win huge
  8. I thought Dillard been in the top 100 already?. And madison been there few times. Also madison has real nice houses on hills and land for miles with gates.
  9. Hopefully yall win yall region . Madison will be waiting in Tallahassee. Aka they second football field.
  10. I like Madison over Florida high, anybody wanna bet 50
  11. Madison taking back the city against Florida high they baby brother. I like Madison 31 Florida high 21. They own Tallahassee. Madco got a quarter back about to dance on them boys literally.
  12. The destroyed blountstown drop 80 on them
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