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  1. It's on there team preview page. At the beginning of the season, it was 35 hardest, remember Columbia was top 10,
  2. They are good but not elite. They had the 35th hardest schedule in the state.
  3. Yeah if they wanted to be good they could easily.
  4. Are they good in Cross country?
  5. Hopefully he can get them back to the top.
  6. Thanks, I know easy win for Madison, there offense is multiple formations. But Miami central gonna destroy them.
  7. Can I play, and how do I make my picks
  8. Yeah I miss that part my bad. It was like 2 in the morning.
  9. Weaker than 1A really are 8a teams all under 6 foot. Are they slow as crap, and under weight. Do they have no football skill. 1a is a joke and should not be allowed in Florida. Except for a few teams.
  10. Jesse

    Pahokee signings

    All lost to Hawthorne.
  11. North Florida is pretty bad. They top 40, but nowhere near top 100 in Florida. Madison should be a little higher up
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