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  1. I've actually considered it but I took another second job that doesn't let me officiate football games. Conflict of interest. As much crap as I give you I actually have a lot of respect and appreciation for the guys that do it. I have pretty good relationships with the ones in the area.
  2. play is over when the ball is dead (player steps out of bounds, player is tackled, ball is incomplete, a player with the ball helmet comes off etc) Usually the whistle is blown soon after the play ends. If I hit a player after one of the above things occurs it is a dead ball foul even if the whistle hasn't blown.
  3. RIP Joe Pinkos. I did not know him but always looked forward to seeing how my team would be predicted to do. His rankings will definitely be missed and prayers to his loved ones and family who knew the legend.
  4. When the ball carriers helmet comes off the play is dead, The officials should have been blowing the whistle. He took two more steps before the whistles blew and at this time he was about to enter the endzone. I'm pretty sure the FSU player got a penalty for hitting him as he entered the endzone because the flag was thrown before the small altercation after. https://sports.yahoo.com/florida-rb-dameon-pierce-penalized-for-scoring-a-touchdown-without-his-helmet-201057897.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAANZ6GGCEGI81LyNRS4eL3bpffAPQNRfErqPrRLEl1KeKsCK-sR93pL3USdPOD3nFIZHDnnnLoLDlQuyEVR2NH5WMtHX1Ln99HzdWnyxlPGOHJ7HY5H-fyEd_ln2nuVoPcuA71Cf6fs0IubsafhpfiHd1ukpa4cs4TX822g2dZrxK
  5. That's because all 17968 people still go to school in Madison.
  6. How the hell did you turn this into a Madison thread?
  7. Just busy trying to educate the young children.
  8. They show up to see me curse you out and give you a butt chewing for your pathetic calls.
  9. As long as they didn't play Lee High School aka Riverside in the playoffs they might have had a shot.
  10. badbird

    Padded Stats

    Usually the person writing the article keeps the stats
  11. So Columbia fan waits until week 8 to post rankings because he can finally get Columbia in them and they lose to Madison County. What are the chances we see a ranking again? Will he do one in spite of me? This should be interesting.
  12. Nothing ever is going to be perfect but with 500 Florida football teams and only playing 10 regular season games the RPI will never be as accurate as it should be.
  13. 1-4A doesn't have enough teams in each class. We have way too many classes.
  14. Why do you have to make every post about Madison County. This was about a kid born with a disability that broke a state record. The team he broke the state record against is 5-1. Stop being a disrespectful douchebag. Grow the f*** up.
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