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  1. Which States Produce the Best Talent?

    Lousiana, Georgia, and Mississippi I was also thinking a Northern state for OL like Ohio
  2. Which States Produce the Best Talent?

    no way. He said per capita. Most likely will be smaller states
  3. Who Is This FL HS & Canes Legend?

    Bret Perriman
  4. Winners Bracket First Round Results

    I'm already the 2019 champ so I'm good with that. You can be the 2019 co champ and we can both get a trophy. Before we know it we will have 8 champs with 2 people playing in each pick em
  5. Flagler Palm Coast at Apopka

    Because the Apopka coach doesn't curse at the officials so they give him the benefit of the doubt in the regular season and don't call as many flags because he respects them. The playoff officials are from a different area and don't know the Apopka coach so they call it by the letter of the law.
  6. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    I wouldn't call 1A competitive yet. The good teams haven't played. So lets say there is more parity between the crappy teams.
  7. Regional Quarters Best Bets for Upsets...

    No chance Auburndale beats Lake Wales tonight
  8. 4A Region 4

    so if Cocoa doesn't make it the team that beat team has no chance?
  9. Two DeLand Football Players Arrested

    Probably because the former coach cursed at an official. I kid kid. This is sad
  10. 4A Region 4

    lol well you didn't argue about 6A and 8A so I was 2/3 rds correct
  11. 4A Region 4

    People just like to argue. I said might. Heck after they beat each other up they might now win 4A. 5 really good teams in one region. Not many teams would want to be in that region.
  12. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    Mainland hasn’t been very impressive.
  13. 8A North Score Predictions (Thru the Final 4)

    They wouldn't play them until round 3
  14. Who Is This Central FL HS Coach?

    Hurlie Brown