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  1. No real off the field issues. Committed to KState but didn't qualify. Went to a Juco Jones Mississippi and had a good first year but didn't return. Played for Webber in 2018. Article on him https://247sports.com/college/kansas-state/Article/Kansas-State-football-What-If-Bracket-Kwamaine-Bubba-Brown-Timothy-Flanders-recruiting-signed-letter-of-intent-145660054/ Hilite video
  2. I asked a question and you answered it. Now I'm having a conversation with hornetfan. It is rude for you to keep interrupting us. Respect your elders.
  3. If they put the score on there I might agree but I can't see putting out a schedule a month after the game and including the game without the score. Seems silly.
  4. You continue too ignore I'm still not talking to you
  5. So if Winter Park put out a brand new schedule today they should include the spring game they already played vs DP and Apopka?
  6. You have a hard time following a conversation. You already answered the they was you and I was then responding to hornetfan.
  7. I wasn't responding to you. Stay out of my conversation
  8. Why would they post the spring game on their schedule?
  9. Well Horizon is Windermere relief and Lake Buena Vista is mainly relieving Freedom. Neither of those schools has won more than 3 games the last 5 years and the last time Freedom had a winning record was 2012. I feel confident in saying both will struggle in football for years to come. Both schools got very lucky and put in the same district that they could actually be competitive fairly quickly in that district. With that said the district is one of the worst districts in the state.
  10. I think both will be bad in football for a long time.
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