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  1. They have leadership at the FHSAA?
  2. Osceola is not moving up in class. They have been 8A since 2015. They are just now in a district with Orange County teams. Osceola should be one of the favorites if not the favorite in 8A. They return most of their skill players on offense. They also return most of their defense including 2 D1 defensive lineman and 2 D1 secondary players. Linebacker and OL will be the two biggest concerns. My guess is Osceola has a few kids that will step up.
  3. they play Osceola in the spring also. It's just a spring game but a good test for both teams
  4. Darter said Lee has a habit of losing clutch playoff games. They beat Columbia in 2016, 2018 and 2019 in the playoffs. It appears they have no problem beating Columbia in clutch games. If they sucked all those other years then they didn't have any clutch playoff games to lose. Lee needs transfers to compete. Once they lose their coach or a new admin they will probably go back to being a bad undisciplined team. Not sure how long that will be.
  5. We just got in a Power 5 WR 5 foot 120 lbs and runs a 5.4 40. He is power 5 if he grows a foot adds 60 lbs and drops his 40 time by a second. Other than that he's not bad.
  6. Horizon is mainly drawing from Windermere. Not exactly loaded with football talent but really good at other sports.
  7. I have an addictive personality. Here are three things I've been addicted to in my lifetime. Dipping, Gambling and cursing at officials. I've kicked two of the three habits. Now leave me the f*** alone and go blow some more calls.
  8. This is why I quit gambling jambun.
  9. I meant Bucs by 17. Chiefs missing a few OL and Mahomes hobbled killed any chance they had. Bucs also played great.
  10. over under game 56 over under KC 30 over under TB 27
  11. pay for teachers and coaches in Florida is pathetic.
  12. Just don't throw a flag on me for cursing lol
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