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  1. It shouldn't have been Niceville but we would have also lost to Dwyer. I think we had a shot vs East Lake
  2. I know Lots of sports lose money and guess who pays for them. Sports that lose money at our school - Cross Country, Bowling, swimming, golf, girls basketball, weightlifting, track, tennis Sports that make a little or break even - Soccer, Lacrosse, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball Sport that makes a lot - football
  3. I can't speak for other schools but our football program gets none of the concession, none of the parking and none of the ticket sales. It all goes into an athletic fund that gets spent on all sports for necessary equipment (balls), refs and travel. The only thing football gets from the school is footballs, refs, travel and reconditioning. They have to raise money for every thing else just like every other sport.
  4. Football is definitely a hard game to figure out. That's why so many people disagree on rankings. Teams match ups are important. Also you never know how a 15-18 year old kid is going to react on each Friday night. East Lake obviously played really well that night almost beating the future state champs.
  5. They lost 4 games that year and barely beat a 5 loss team in the first round but sure 9 years later we can say they were the second best team on that one night they almost beat Plant
  6. Robert Hudson East Lake lost in OT to Dwyer in 2013 and crushed by STA in 2014. Our faiths were similar.
  7. Remember I'm the first person to win the pick em twice in one year and I'm also the back to back champ. I also pulled a UCF and gave myself the title one year
  8. I think there are 5 coaches with 300 wins. Only one coach beat me 4 times (probably because I didn't coach enough games). My brief coaching career here is how I faired vs those 5 Corky Rogers never played but it wouldn't have been good Bill Castle 5-2 not many can say they have 5 wins vs probably the best coach in Florida history George Smith 0-1 what coulda shoulda been Gene Cox before my time Bill Gierke 2-7 and now you know why I'm not a fan of his. He owned me. Great coach.
  9. Screw 300 wins. The only coach to beat me 4 times lol
  10. I'm done with bets. Back to looking for basketball cards
  11. you can't void it. You can delete the thread or ban me but if a man makes a bet then he is going against his word in not paying. Paypal or cash app. I'm ready
  12. that this post gets deleted? $5
  13. you can't void shit. If the little trash boy Jessee wants to back out of a bet then that's on him. You have nothing to do with this. and a $100 is $100 I'll take it any way I can get it even if it's by default.
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