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  1. badbird


    Did Jessee decide to pick a team from a new state this year? Did he follow the Madison County RB to Lowndes? Maybe he's on the national board with the poster formerly know as Columbiafan2017? He still owes me money and I would hate for him to run off without paying.
  2. I'll throw out some replacement names Rick Darlington Deland played for Castle at Lakeland and coached there. Cameron Duke Edgewater great younger coach would do well there and Lakeland wouldn't miss a beat Bill Buldini Lakeland DC has been a Head Coach and currently the DC at Lakeland
  3. I love it but it will never happen.
  4. I have a winning record vs Bill Castle, not too many can say that. I wish I had a few of his rings. He is a legend and the best ever in Florida. Enjoy your retirement Coach Castle.
  5. 3 games in 2021 were 7 or less and only 8 games compared to 9. Cardinal Gibbons 21-19 Madison 13-12, Jesuit 35-29. Not arguing just pointing out facts.
  6. Sorry to disappoint but I will not watch or follow any of them. I'm pulling for Mainland and Apopka other than that I could care less about the others.
  7. In 2014 and 2015 Osceola ran into two of the best defenses ever seen in the state of Florida in STA 2014 and Flanagan 2015.
  8. QB had a bad game. 2nd and 1 play was the momentum changer for sure. He had a guy open in the flats but decided to throw across his body to no one, well no one in white. State semi's on the road and you turn it over 3-4 times you usually won't win especially playing against Bill Castle, who by the way passed Corky Rogers as the all time winningest coach in Florida last week. Congrats to Coach EP on a great year but this was expected out of Osceola. Coach Beek you should have been the county coach of the year. I hope to see Poinciana back in a district soon and on the rise.
  9. They will run out of ammo before they get off the bus. Blowout Central 45-7
  10. I have no connections or interaction to any of the players in the playoffs so I'm looking for a good game to watch. Sorry to disappoint you dad.
  11. As bad as 3S is sorry Columbiafan(I'm rooting for you guys to win the watered down we suck state title) but they have had some really good competitive games. Round 2 had 5 games 3 points or less and round 3 had 2 games decided by a touchdown or less.
  12. On paper Osceola should have won by 20 in round 1. Round 2 was a good match up. I was going to say 4S has been the most competitive but when I look at it it's been blow out city. Second Round Average margin of victory 25 points with one close game Osceola vs Treasure Coast. All others were margins of 19 or more. Regional Finals Average Margin of victory 20 points with one close game Buchholz vs Bartram. All others were margins of 20 or more.
  13. I've been very disinterested in the playoffs with 25 classes of trash football but I can't miss this one. GO KOWBOYS
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