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  1. Or maybe they were not very good this year
  2. They lost to Trinity Catholic in the playoffs. They as nolebull says is garbage. As Jesse says trash
  3. Columbia’s best win was over 5-5 Trinity Christian or a 1A team
  4. not many agree with you especially the computers. They also beat Mainland, Cocoa and played BTW tough. Bolles was better than Lee and North Marion.
  5. Beginning of the season doesn’t matter. After the season they were in the 100’s
  6. I'm just saying Rockledge is getting all the transfers now. They already have 5 transfers
  7. it is the same as maxpreps. Give me the link please. That 20.6 is there SOS. It is not even in the top 100. The 102-62 record of opponent is really good. Madison has to play 1A teams which hurts their SOS. Most 1 teams are not ranked very high. 26 Madison County (Madison, FL) team preview trend Florida 1A Region 3 1A 12-2 0-0 6-0 49.3 20.6 102-62
  8. Rockledge the new Cocoa? Rockledge has a way tougher road to get to or win states. They should go back to Cocoa
  9. 35th hardest schedule according to who? Lazindex has them as the 120th hardest schedule. Maxpreps has the top 57 teams ranked with a harder schedule. First one with a weaker schedule was North Marion who was ranked #58. Madison only had a harder schedule than 9 teams ranked in the top 100.
  10. do you include teams like St John Bosco, St Frances, Mater Dei in your national tournament? If so you need to include IMG
  11. I thought Madison was better than everyone else. Or can they only win vs trash 1A schools?
  12. Miami Northwestern (If Columbia wins this round give them the UCF fake title)Lakeland St Thomas Aquinas Edgewater
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