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  1. They were a Lake County all star team because they were taking all of the Lake County players. First Academy hired the Lake Minneola recruiter and he took a bunch of the players with him to First Academy. Now Lake Minneola has a depleted roster with a tough schedule. The coach wasn't aware of this until he arrived and saw the roster.
  2. NIL about to get passed also. Northwestern gonna get paid.
  3. They are working on it. Teams are being notified they are getting moved. I wouldn't be shocked if it wasn't today
  4. I was going to suggest that to our district if the plan went through. I actually think the fhsaa should mandate it if it ever passes. I like the district tournament idea. I know really good teams will struggle to find games but the counties can make people play each other like Orange County does. Apopka has no problem finding games and they are pretty good. Larger districts, take out the 8 juggernauts and get a true state champ, don't have to play a district schedule if you are bad so no reason to be independent. I really liked the proposed plan with some tweaks. Not shocked they decided to go back to what sucked before. Great job FHSAA
  5. Cocoa, Chaminade-Madonna, Miami Norland, St. Thomas Aquinas, Clearwater Central Catholic, Lake Mary, Gainesville Buchholz and Plantation American Heritage This is the 8 teams that would have been in an open division. CCC just lost by 100 to Chaminade. I like the idea. Columbiafan if you read this I like the idea. Best idea FHSAA has had. I don't like how they pick the 8 teams for the open division.
  6. If a kid plays another sport that suspension rolls over to the other sport or if he's an underclassmen and he doesn't play another sport it rolls over to the next season. You hand down the correct suspension no matter if one can serve it or not. I'm going to go a little extreme on this example but If I go rob someone with a gun with my 80 year old friend I don't get a lesser sentence because he's going to die before he serves all his time. Lakeland got off with a light penalty. Good luck in the playoffs.
  7. go to 43:20 mark. Both players get 12 game suspension for this. Now go watch the Lakeland video and tell me why they didn't get more than 12 games?
  8. A few kids threw punches, that should be mandatory 6 weeks. Our best soccer player last year got 12 games for blowing a kiss to a player and they made him miss the entire soccer playoffs. Lakeland and Kathleen have a brawl and they get 1 or 2 games. HMMMMM looks like a certain school has some pull with the FHSAA and Lakeland won't have a tough game until round 3 and they magically get all their players back. Super SUS I have nothing against Lakeland and respect their program and will root for them to win it all. I just hate the inconsistencies with the FHSAA. No one knows the formula for rankings and then magically we are going to let all these players back for the important games but hammer other schools for the same thing.
  9. after zooming in and slowing it down it looks like a closed fist punch to the ear hole. Definitely deserved to be let go.
  10. Being on the other side now sadly most admins don't care what you do for kids or care about wins or losses as long as there are no issues they have to deal with they are happy. I'm sure they have their reasons for letting you go. I'm guessing it has nothing to do with football. Thanks for making a difference in kids lives. You might not be appreciated by the admin but lots of people do appreciate you. Thanks Coach
  11. I stopped posting and don't pay attention much but does anyone else think Sportsfan sounds familiar. He joined last year when a certain poster disappeared.
  12. you could eject me but that wouldn't change the fact that you still suck
  13. I was being sarcastic but if I'm being honest most officials only suck when I lose. They usually do a great job.
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