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  1. He got ran out of the Peach State. He's in the Heart of Dixie now.
  2. I heard after all the bad calls you made you should be wearing these stripes instead
  3. they lied to you to make you feel better
  4. Laz doesn't include out of state
  5. What kind of privilege do you speak of? I've heard a lot of talk about people being privileged lately and was just curious if you have benefited from it.
  6. I like reading dumb comments. I'm not ignoring anyone. Oh and STA is some cheating b******
  7. TRASHING TEAMS? I know someone that trashes teams. Oh and his team didn't win the 1A state title with an enrollment of 800 kids.
  8. yes you were. Josh is a big man he can speak for himself.
  9. D*** riding again. Get off Josh's D****. He's a big boy he can speak for himself if he wants to.
  10. Someone had to take it to the next level. Columbiafan stop riding the presidents D***. Don't be that guy that brings up politics every time. You're like the race card guy. You're just being a divider. We have enough dividers in this world. Time for most people with a brain to come together.
  11. If I said Jambun82 was the worst ref in Central Florida that would be my opinion and you couldn't sue me for libel. It also might be a fact.
  12. Is that where they hide all these guys or is that where they hide all the D1 athletes so they don't count on their enrollment
  13. 20 years later STA still causing problems on message boards. Bunch of arrogant cheaters.
  14. maybe in your eyes but the school is the one that submits it's numbers and the county is the one that created the school and the FHSAA is the one that allows the numbers. In football if I have the ball and a lead I can jump offsides and keep the clock running. You saw Belichick do it in the NFL a few times. Is this poor character? Nope it's using the rules to your advantage. I'll take Mike Coe's character over most in this world. Look I'm not a fan of douchebag Jessee and his Madison trash bull shit. I'm not a fan Madison plays in 1A and has cost my school a few titles but
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