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  1. You also forgot Dillard gets no respect
  2. No helmets or players were injured. Good ole WWE wrasslin
  3. My junior year we got into a fight with Ernest Ward in football. Now a days everyone would be suspended for 6 games. No one was ejected lol. The game had a few minutes left and they just ended the game.
  4. I played baseball vs Pensacola Christian and football vs Apalachicola. Also left off Century from the panhandle. 3 stories from my life vs these three teams. Football - we were getting on the bus to go play Apalachicola who believe it or not was ranked #1 in the state and we were 1-5 at the time. The Principal came on the bus and said I just want you guys to have fun and not get embarrassed. Well we went to Apalachicola and upset them. The coach at Apalachicola at the time was Coach Shaw Maddux. I would later in life coach with him at Osceola. Baseball - we were playing Panama City Christian. They had no fence and the school was in deep left field. I hit a ball probably the farthest I've ever hit one. I admired it forgetting they had no fence. It one hopped the school. I got thrown out at third. The coach was not happy with me. I have one about Century as well. My dad was the head coach in football in the early to mid 1980's and Century was a big rival. After a close heated game that Century lost some guys out of the stands came onto the field and started a huge brawl between the teams. Fans got involved and It got real ugly. One of the worst brawls I've ever seen. Now I was young at the time but there were lots of people left bloody after it. Also lost my last high school baseball game at Century. I think it was Buck Showalter (former MLB player and manager) field maybe not but he went to Century.
  5. Easy solution - Pay us our hourly rate for the time we work.
  6. Winning a district title use to mean something. Now with lots of 2 and 3 team districts I would be in favor of getting rid of them also if we can't increase the number of teams in the districts.
  7. They hired Geno Thompson today. He was the DC at West Orange and played there.
  8. I'm also going to text Price and tell him to ban Jessee from Madison games
  9. https://www.tallahassee.com/story/sports/2022/02/25/madison-county-football-coach-mike-coe-resigns-takes-new-job-georgia/6940875001/
  10. https://www.tampabay.com/archive/2001/12/03/players-injure-cheerleaders-during-charge/
  11. https://www.tallahassee.com/story/sports/preps/2021/08/18/madison-taylor-county-players-appeal-handful-fhsaa-brawl-sanctions/8155104002/
  12. If they are going independent put them on the independent list. So now we are up to 3 schools they left off. Sebastian and Liberty. Why put out a list that doesn't include every team? Don't you think it's important to get it right the first time? How hard is it to double check the list and make sure you have all the schools and if the schools didn't fill it out send an email or make a call. They missed teams last time they did this also. I know Lake Minneola wasn't on the list last time. It just shows complete lack of organization. Don't rush out a half assed list.
  13. So they miss a team completely. Typical FHSAA move. They would fu** up a wet dream. I wonder who else got missed? How many teams will still cry and try and change to an easier district based on travel
  14. tons they could do. They chose to create more classes which created more 3 team districts to try and please the cry babies and chicken shits in the suburban areas (not all Suburban teams are cry babies and chicken shits just wanted to make sure to clarify)
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