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  1. Question for Josh

    Thanks for answering. I didn’t see the game or hear what happened. Sounds like Chaminade wasn’t a lock to win even if they didn’t get hosed on a spot. They can redeem themself this week.
  2. Rockledge

    i heard there was a fight at the end of last game and they might be down a bunch of players. Can anyone confirm?
  3. looks like a block in the back to me. Pause it at 59 seconds and his hands are on his back. They could have also called a hold on the slot WR. His hands are clearly outside and his left hand is on his back.
  4. Thoughts on Franks Being Out for the Year

    He had a lot of pressure as a backup QB in high school? I guess there was a lot of pressure to hold D'Eriq King's jock strap.
  5. Why UCF isn't 2017 National Champions Excuse thread.

    Sort of like high school bands. Most of them suck but somehow get superior ratings
  6. I believe a few people gave me crap when i said Dillard could finish 9-1. Looks like they might do one better. Deerfield was also dropped from the schedule. you have Columbus left. How long is there RB out for.
  7. It most likely will not be a district champ with a decent record. Other than that good luck trying to figure out which team it will be.
  8. Question for Josh

    I picked them too but have no idea why.
  9. Question for Josh

    Or did you pick them because they play Columbia. I got to figure this out.
  10. Question for Josh

    I know silly.
  11. So should we teach are players to block in the butt? Would that be a penalty?
  12. Question for Josh

    I can’t ask a question? They lost and only fell one spot. I need to know why because they are a pick em game and I know nothing about them other than they acquire players like the Yankees acquire free agents
  13. Question for Josh

    how does Chaminade stay ranked #7 when they lost to #22 this week? Was somebody hurt? Is columbiafan doing your rankings?
  14. Thoughts on Franks Being Out for the Year

    Trask looks average at best. He is not the answer. Kentucky was down to their 6th DB and left guys wide open and also dropped at least one interception Trask threw right to them. Delusional Gator fans will be disappointed in a few weeks
  15. Blocked punt or Roughing the Kicker?

    Was contact unavoidable?