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  1. Usually he just calls teams trash and says Madison is the best and will kill everyone. He actually came up with something some what intelligent and funny. I got to give him credit. Maybe he is maturing.
  2. @ColumbiaHighFan2017class lol that's pretty funny.
  3. Dang 44-6 is impressive but I'm still winning. Covid-19 2020 Champs
  4. Very interesting idea to .....
  5. FAMU and BCC get no love in your poll? Jessee thinks FSU is trash and is finally correct on calling a team trash
  6. that might be debatable good think Jacksonville University and Florida Tech folded. Do we include IMG and STA?
  7. I think he was referring to you in that one
  8. I was gonna take it easy on him because its obvious a screw is loose. Remember Florida High is trash
  9. so you saying put your money where your mouth is was just you talking shit but not really willing to back it up. I see
  10. Bartow 20 Auburndale 6. Go ahead and make it $200. 10% interest every month you don't pay.
  11. Lakeland 23 Lake Gibson 22 I'll take that $100 cash app or paypal friends and family. Thanks for playing.
  12. I thought you couldn't bet on here now you are saying put your money where your mouth is. I bet $100 that Lakeland beats Auburndale or Lake Gibson if they play this season. If they don't play I bet at the end of the year Lakeland is ranked higher than Lake Gibson or Auburndale. $100 per team so total of $200 put your money where your mouth is or be like Jessee and make a bet and don't pay
  13. I got through college singing rolling down the street smoking indo sipping on gin and juice.
  14. On a side note I'm attending my first high school game of the year tonight. It should be a sleeper
  15. Stop being a hater and hating on my rankings. I ranked more than 5 teams I just grouped them together
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