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  1. The new North Florida League 1A

    and there went 1A football. Time to redistrict again.
  2. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

  3. I would rather use maxpreps than the stupid point system we have had the last two years. Also this new RPI no results from previous years have been given. I'm afraid it will also suck
  4. Columbia still looking for games

    IMG regular season?
  5. Columbia still looking for games

  6. The Best Rivalries That Never Were

    Osceola vs Apopka
  7. Who Is This FL HS Football Legend? Jesse "The Jet" Hester

    Jessie Hester
  8. Former Columbia player runs 4.29 40 time at NFL combine

    Rondel Melendez ran a 4.24 in 1999 and was drafted 7th round. Jalyn Myrick ran a 4.28 in 2017 and was drafted 7th round.
  9. Former Columbia player runs 4.29 40 time at NFL combine

    the NFL did not have him projected as undrafted. The NFL experts had him as a 7th rounder or free agent. Big difference. If he got invited to the combine the NFL saw something in him.
  10. 4th Qt Windermere 45 Blanche Ely 37

    2nd year school. head coach won a title at Olympia. Jason White Chocolate Williams and Darrel Armstrongs kids play on the team
  11. I would expect Dillard to win but you still have to play well
  12. Former Columbia player runs 4.29 40 time at NFL combine

    How did it prove the entire NFL under estimated him? GTFOH. If they invited him to the combine they didn't under estimate him. Also speed doesn't mean he will be a good player but it sure helps. I wish him the best of luck in his journey to playing in the NFL