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  1. 7A Region 1 - An Early Look

    dist 4 is abysmal. wow. basically throwing crap against the wall and whichever sticks is the dist champ. wow.
  2. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    unfortunately orange county teams all play each other before they work towards playing out of orange county, same as seminole for the most part.
  3. 99% good one. i can think of 3 orange county schools, 2 osceola county, 2 seminole county, 1 lake, 5plus hillsborough, that all recruit. add in broward county, dade county, duval county and im sure there are atleast 30 more..... 99% is pretty dam high
  4. Are Spring Games Necessary?

    its 100% necessary, finish off the spring work with a game. its the kids and coaches pay day. you work 19 days to get paid on the 20th. is it an eval? sure is. for the entire program. learn how to do this, that and the other, as well as perform on friday night. and what if, your the hard luck program that doesnt win much. the spring game may be the super bowl to jump start the program going forward. beat somoene that you may not have any business beating and it can catapult the kids into a better frame of mind. does it mean much, not really, but it sure can help a losing program turn the corner.
  5. Coaches & Texting - What Do You Think?

    i actually think it may be against the teacher code of ethics/conduct to have out of school un monitored communications with students. if that is the case, I really dont know, could get fired if a parent didnt like it and took it to the powers that be. just saying
  6. Coaches & Texting - What Do You Think?

    remind, not a sms. remind can be set to 1 way message the players. having the kids reply to text is setting up a dangerous situation, in my opnion. remind is good because of the 1 way part, dole out the information to everyone and be done. now if kids have questions, idk what to say, or if they need to let you know something, im not sure about that either. teachers texting my kid, i dont think I would be a big fan of that.
  7. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

  8. Disney event 2019

    while I will say that its great what the colts do, but to be perfectly honest, what in the hell is there to do in indiana during december? its cold, rainy/snowy, windy, temps in the 30s at night.... thats why 7k show up. there aint much to do..... take disney, universal, the beach away from floridians, all during december, when its somewhat 60-80 every day and nights on the low end of 60s, sometimes, and they may pack the citrus bowl, as there wouldnt be much to do. if the roof was put on, and weather of no type was concern(have been when its rainy, or foggy, or chilly cold) may see a bit of an increase of 4k in people. too many things to do on a friday or saturday night in orlando, vs indianapolis.
  9. west orange coach?

    WOW..... I sure hope it gets cleared up, never struck me as that kinda guy.....
  10. double post

  11. 6 quarter rule denied. ADs stated, policing it would be a nightmare. but the RPI rankings stuff went thru.
  12. 7 Great FL HS Programs That Collapsed

    on that note, it wasnt that long ago one of the gierke brothers had them back to like 10-0 or something. they kept the kids from the area from transferring to surrounding schools. and some great coaching, kids bought in and they were really good. there was a newspaper article about the quick turnaround, 1-9,6-4,9-1 or something like that. then he got fired? and they fell apart again
  13. the 6 qtr rule is long overdue, but yes someone is going to be paperwork crazy. and yes those numbers will be fudged. I asked the same question, is 1 play a quarter? probably doesnt constitute a full quarter if he was only involved in 1 play, but if he played 4 plays, 1 in each quarter? is that 4 quarters? some logistics that needs to be talked about. the rpi,,,,,like said above who you played, played, played played, and you get x amount of points for each of those things to warrant wether you made playoffs. seems like just another ignorant step in the process of determining who should and who shouldnt make it. leave it the same, just lower the loss points by 5 and you dont have a coin flip for 0-10 team getting in like we did this year..... we got beat a team that played good teams that played bad teams that played worse teams,,,,,not a good system. least from what we read so far....
  14. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/highschool/os-sp-hs-fhsaa-football-system-0111-story.html lots of things here, 6 quarter rule is long, long, long overdue, but adding in rpi type info for playoffs? does this make it cloudier to find out who is in? last 2 years you could just keep track of who won and lost and figure out pretty quickly. thoughts?
  15. What Is Normal for a First Season of HS Football?

    i know 3 guys that was on the staff the 1st year and 1 that is still there. their first season, was ran by a coach that had never been a head guy before. not an issue, but im not sure if he had ever been a coordinator either. the words I got from a couple of guys was, each week they put in a new offense because they couldnt score. 1 week lets run spread pass, air raid. 0 points, scrap it and monday were installing the wishbone, 0 points, now lets run the wing t, nope no points, empty qb single wing read option, negative points that week. a brand new school, pulling from some local powerhouses, should be hiring a coach that has some history as the guy in charge. scoring all but 3 points wouldnt have been a major eyesore if the kids got better weekly and you could see some type of idenity coming out. now 2 of those guys are not on staff anymore. they both told me it was a set up job to begin with, hire someone who will fall flat on his face and watch the current guy(who was AD and hired him) take over and they get some wins and he is the savior. but, you know how disgruntled former coaches are, new schools should be independent for the first 2 years, unless its in the middle of a cycle, go independent, then put them in a district. part 2 of that is, a brand new school is already 7a? 8a? thats insane. thats poor planning on the powers that be. so the schools they took from, did they drop a class? if the answer is no, thats a problem in itself. school was way too big and overcrowded. west orange was 45-4700 when they split, they didnt drop a class, 2k kids from them went to windermere(which the community did not want btw) and they pull another few from olympia and its full. didnt build to projections (west orange county is BOOMING), built to relieve 1 school, for the most part. windermere is now 8a...