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  1. h8r

    Not-so-good games

    1/3rd blowouts 1/3rd competitive 1/3rd avg to bad. isnt that the essence what how it always is? the bell curve is 15% top end, 15% bottom end and then 70% in the middle, those #s are 50% in the middle, competitive to marginal and 50 blowouts and not good, what more do you want when you have your hands tied schedule wise?
  2. ridiculous to not have it all in a central location, where majority of fans reside. for a miami family to drive to tallanasty or a panama city family to drive to ft lauderdale is just more confirmation that fhsaa has no business running the organization all the HS rely on to maintain honest and right by our kids and families..... lakeland, tampa, orlando all perfect venues, drendaught stadium, brighthouse stadium, both plenty big enought to hold state title games, some of the old orlando stadiums would be fine too, dr phillips, west orange, etc.. fhsaa dropped the ball again, and again and again
  3. how much was JV time? 2 or 3 touchdowns worth from what I was told.....
  4. i hear over the weekend that 3 orange county schools dont have their helmets back from Riddell, that another had to send half their helmets back and several havent recieved their order back yet? hard to practice spring ball with 30 kids standing on the side with no helmets...maybe they will share them each series, hopefully not the mouthpieces tho. lol what a mess
  5. rumor central saying a guy that left to be a header somewhat close to LG, is coming back to take the reins....
  6. h8r

    Coach Pay

    I think maybe you misinterpreted my post. Im not arguing that wrestling coaches should get paid more (even though every coach should get paid more) than football coaches for a longer season, i was arguing to the post that the length of season dictates the pay scale. any idea why they moved back the wrestling season by 2 to 3 weeks and now runs all the way to end of feb, early march? because of those lengthy play off runs that football teams are having and those 160 and up kids are football players. they go hand in hand. and pressure for all coaches in all sports, regardless. you pay football coaches more because of all that is entailed with football. larger gates, more kids(for majority of schools), more staff, more parents to deal with, along with 10k other things. friday nights and wins and coaching are the things that coaches enjoy doing and are the good part of the job. the off the field has turned into more and more things CEO related now. thats why they should get paid more...
  7. h8r

    Coach Pay

    that is incorrect. and the school board/unions could care less about supplemental pay. they are worried more about the actual teacher and asst. teacher pay than a coach. fb coach makes more than other coaches in most every county. their season is how long? 11 weeks of games plus 2 more weeks of practice to get ready, so 13 weeks? . wrestling coach season is longer easily 16 weeks, baseball is longer (jan to may), track is longer (jan to may). bowling guy here dont make as much as the volleyball coach, or the football coach.
  8. h8r

    Coach Pay

    sure....but they also dont have the student population to help fund schools, as well as the people population to fund the schools or the property taxes to fund schools. a small county with 1 school elem, middle and senior high schools, has a small population. the hs with 2k kids can pay their coach whatever whatever because its only 1. sure, great argument, but its flawed and wrong. vast majority of those same 1 horse counties pay those head football coaches with a supplement AND the boosters raise the rest of it to offset. so the funds dont come right from the school district. therefore, when boosters get mad, (rush propst), they can go to school board and vote that guy out....because they help pay. texas is a bit different, but the property taxes there in those small 1 horse school districts are so insanely expensive to live in, and the actual infrastructure is awful. they rather pay a fb coach 90k, have turf football field and a jumbo tron, than have roads and sidewalks and pavement and street drainiage, signage, etc. those guys get paid there 12 months, but they also go 4-16 in 2 seasons and get kicked to the curb, even tho no real players, small lineman, new system, etc. board dont care, bring in a new guy he can fix it. texas also is the open transfer policy, if you move/provide an address, you can play wherever you want. with little to no questions. ive said for long time, fla coaches want to get paid, but be careful what you wish for. when you get several hands in the pot to help stir, they all want a say so. cant imagine if booster club president didnt like that we ran the ball on 3rd and goal and didnt pass it and settled for a fg and lost by 2, and he goes to ad who is cousin to the school board member of the distrcit and brother to the principal. and coach is in the office on monday (or coffee shop saturdays) explaining his reasoning on why he made that call to a room full of non football/football wannabes becasue they watch it on saturdays. be carefull what you wish for.... thats reality in texas, georigia, south carolina, alabama....
  9. some FB coaches push it, some dont. fb coaches are greedy about their kids, for whatever reason. they should push them to do everything possible. wrestling by far is the best sport for any big kid or small kid for that matter. want to learn how to move someone with force? it aint moving a weight bar thats gonna get that done in real life, learn how to take ownership and compete, cant blame anyone if you got your tail whipped on the mat. and run track.....with a good track coach, who knows how to teach you how to run.
  10. and all these coaches moving to texas, georgia, alabama, south carolina, for the big cash they spend on the coaches supplement/pay increase/booster club check, whatever you want to call it, if florida ever moves to a high paying coaches state, you think school choice and honesty is bad now,,,,,,coach makes 100k and he doesnt want to get fired(who does at any pay, but hear me out) you dont think they will go to every measure possible to steal kids from the next school?!?!?!??!?!! florida becomes the wild wild west and anything goes.
  11. im trying real hard to figure out why you care so much? is your team in sub urban and your super butt hurt? or is your team in metro and you can figure out why you wont win a state title now? if the answer is neither, you are really emotional about this. suburban doesnt help the suburban teams as much as everyone/anyone thinks. metro still will be majority of same teams winning anyways. it hurts the middle of the road teams in both classes and lumps them with alot of the same districts they were already in or lumps them with teams they were not going to beat regardless of any class. the 5-5 teams will still be 5-5 the 9-1 teams will still be 9-1 get rid of school choice, which wont happen, is the only real solution to the recruiting issue we have in the state. put back in the 365day mandatory sitout period for transfers. major major fines for coaches, suspensions, etc. may get something straight here.
  12. doesnt lakeland high have a charter school on their campus too? art school or something?
  13. allen is a 1 horse town. the school board there did not want to split up a tight knit community. so they expanded the school, upwards and outwards. texas is different in that each school district has is a community. like dillard and the feeder schools would be its own independent school district. pay coaches what you want, do what you want to the school, etc.
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