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  1. newest rpi?

    sorry if this is already been discussed, new rpi comes out on tuesdays?
  2. As it stands dillard is the 4th seed (SMH)

    they must not be that sorry, look at the discrepency in opponents win %. its enormous. your 7-0 team aint played anyone any good, thus your 7-0. thats the hand dealt with this stupid system. go back to winners and runners up, wild cards in region, drop back to 6 classes, etc... darterblue said something in another thread about this that is exactly what is needed....
  3. As it stands dillard is the 4th seed (SMH)

    why is it smh? i see yall are 7-0, thats great, but opp win % is .345, cant help it if teams you play in district are not any good, but the out of district must be bad too......thats THE factor thats hurting! just sayin
  4. Rockledge Gets Pounded by St Ignatius

    best players in south florida, in terms of #s. best coaches in central florida, without question, they do more with less talented players. but jimmies n joes win yearly. you can out chalkboard another coach to death, but cant teach speed n size and that stuff. south florida has it, and they dont really know what to do with it on a yearly basis. and it shows when they play oos teams. central florida cant compete with oos schools because of the lack of the sheer # of jimmies n joes. throwing 9 balls all day or playing man coverage isnt coaching much..... but my guy better than yours, then that 9 ball is a touchdown and nothin other team can do about it. when matched up talent for talent, thats when sidelines, press box, hudl reports, knowing what the he77 your talking about and the kids believing what kool aid your selling, florida tends to lose more of those games than they win just sayin,,,
  5. ties for district?

    thats a great bunch of info. looking at team a and team c, they have a pretty weak schedule. rpi rankings couldnt get here soon enough. jeez....
  6. ties for district?

    so the team a beats b team b beats team c team c beats team a all 3 are 1-1 it goes to head to head-well all 3 tied winning %. is the determinant. gotcha
  7. ties for district?

    how they change this? i dont know if i ever saw how they changed it, used to do monday 3 team shootout, but i know they changed it, but to what
  8. 7A Region 1 - An Early Look

    dist 4 is abysmal. wow. basically throwing crap against the wall and whichever sticks is the dist champ. wow.
  9. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    unfortunately orange county teams all play each other before they work towards playing out of orange county, same as seminole for the most part.
  10. 99% good one. i can think of 3 orange county schools, 2 osceola county, 2 seminole county, 1 lake, 5plus hillsborough, that all recruit. add in broward county, dade county, duval county and im sure there are atleast 30 more..... 99% is pretty dam high
  11. Are Spring Games Necessary?

    its 100% necessary, finish off the spring work with a game. its the kids and coaches pay day. you work 19 days to get paid on the 20th. is it an eval? sure is. for the entire program. learn how to do this, that and the other, as well as perform on friday night. and what if, your the hard luck program that doesnt win much. the spring game may be the super bowl to jump start the program going forward. beat somoene that you may not have any business beating and it can catapult the kids into a better frame of mind. does it mean much, not really, but it sure can help a losing program turn the corner.
  12. Coaches & Texting - What Do You Think?

    i actually think it may be against the teacher code of ethics/conduct to have out of school un monitored communications with students. if that is the case, I really dont know, could get fired if a parent didnt like it and took it to the powers that be. just saying
  13. Coaches & Texting - What Do You Think?

    remind, not a sms. remind can be set to 1 way message the players. having the kids reply to text is setting up a dangerous situation, in my opnion. remind is good because of the 1 way part, dole out the information to everyone and be done. now if kids have questions, idk what to say, or if they need to let you know something, im not sure about that either. teachers texting my kid, i dont think I would be a big fan of that.
  14. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

  15. Disney event 2019

    while I will say that its great what the colts do, but to be perfectly honest, what in the hell is there to do in indiana during december? its cold, rainy/snowy, windy, temps in the 30s at night.... thats why 7k show up. there aint much to do..... take disney, universal, the beach away from floridians, all during december, when its somewhat 60-80 every day and nights on the low end of 60s, sometimes, and they may pack the citrus bowl, as there wouldnt be much to do. if the roof was put on, and weather of no type was concern(have been when its rainy, or foggy, or chilly cold) may see a bit of an increase of 4k in people. too many things to do on a friday or saturday night in orlando, vs indianapolis.