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  1. Ive seen coaches in that same county get fired for alot, LOT less than that. my how times have changed there.....
  2. I think at this point, many of the 0-0 teams would play anyone within reason
  3. Anyone looking for games? We should have pin to the top post about this, Several central florida schools havent played a game yet. These boys need to play!
  4. the toho qb that transferred to edgewater, lives on the state streets in st cloud. digging around and find out info, and most of the kids came from gateway, but a dozen or 2 of their best players came from just across the lake.... congrats to EP.
  5. now to the OP. rumor central is churning....aforementioned coaches above not getting the position, as calls went out this AM.
  6. wasnt that the year that george jenkins was pretty decent, had a good qb and 3 or 4 wrs. all a sudden they end up at lakeland, lake gibson had a couple good kids go there too. and they had to sit out spring? the publix school (GJ) hc was a bit of a loud mouth, if I am remembering this right, and called the naughts out in the paper.
  7. didnt the qb and lb come from st cloud? who lost like 20+ dudes, why wouldnt they go back there?
  8. the fhsaa allowing transfers for any reason is a mistake. the schools fix(at least in most areas ) is the 95% capacity rule. if a school is at 95% capacity, they will not take any transfers, unless its a move in. in orange county for several years since the rule has been in place, there was only 2 or 3 schools that was below 95%. east river, jones, wekiva and edgewater. Im out of the loop a bit on their numbers, but I am assuming they are still the only ones. but, good luck proving anything to anyone. fhsaa has flat turned ablind eye.
  9. Marc Deas is the rumor circulating the area. former player and coach there, former hc at the new school in osceola, toho.
  10. lots of DUDES there right now. someone is getting gold or they let it fall apart. be interesting to see who lands a prestigious job, this late in yr.
  11. not sure wtf that has to do with guy leaving img for $$Greener$$ pastures. but cool, sure, publics n privates. whatever. privates should be in their own class. period, no questions asked. its like that in majority of states. why not here.
  12. The kids look like me there, I look like the kids there. That was a big appeal. what does that mean? white kids? mexican kids? italian kids? black kids? german kids? asian kids? if thats not a strange statement for your opening newspaper article, idk what is.
  13. football scoop says hes coached at some pretty decent and some bigger colleges..... maybe img didnt pay him like he was getting paid at syracuse and 100k vs 75k(made up number) is the allure. I will reiterate, texas football at the major schools, is as good as anyone. at the middle road, they are poor representation of texas high school football. some of the big dogs, with names and all that, couldnt last a season with our big dogs. florida speed is real. texas money is real. oil bonds and high property taxes and really crappy infrastructure(hear of the texas winter storm?) is also very real. we live in florida for a reason, 11 months of awesome weather, 2 hrs to the beach either direction(or less) and the best football in the states.....coach made a money decision.
  14. over rated..... the number of big time programs that have this, is less than anyone knows or thinks. the 20-30k games are state title games or games at the college stadiums. Allen HS has probably the best facilties in the country and they dont seat that many, dont believe what you hear, big time fla football trumps big time texas football. IMG beat the snot out of Duncanville, which had some of the most impressive guys youve ever seen on a football field. I can think that it would be very similar if the other state powers here played texas teams too.....
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