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  1. not sure why injury has anything to do with it to be honest..... if you shoot a gun at me but miss, isnt that still an attempt ? 6 games and 8 next year rudolph not innocent at all. he didnt help the situation,
  2. h8r

    Rpi question

    no debate on that! winning does bring better players in, we all know that. and with the pretty open transfer rule, kinda, sorta, its free agency season in some places!
  3. h8r

    Rpi question

    agree with alot of what you said, the 2nd round deal is because of travel, add in you get some home made rivalrys that arent a natural one. like osceola has played dr phillips several times the last few years in the 2nd or 3rd round, im old dont remember which one. rpi is interesting, i dont like it much, but it sure does make you figure out some schedules if your in 1 of those tough districts. just to get in the dance
  4. h8r

    Rpi question

    hold the phone, let the h8 pour out. kudos on the state title, but dont throw stones. winter park the last 3 seasons 18-loss in 2nd round to state champ mandarin 17-region finals, played spruce creek apopka and wekiva in playoffs. pretty solid group 16-region finals, played wekiva, timber creek and seminole, again, solid group. seminole was loaded that year mandarin last 3 seasons 18 state champs 17 didnt make playoffs 16 didnt make playoffs sun shines on a dogs @$$ every once in a while, but hard to say another team is soft, or sucks or plays a weak schedule when they were in 2nd round or better last 3 seasons. and consistently one of the better schools in football in central florida. they also win the states all sports award more times than anyone I can think of.....
  5. 3 way tie, goes to RPI. when will that be decided? after week 11 or after the last district game? would only make sense after week 11, but........ so 1030 friday night, whos celebrating a district title? or are they waiting til after week 11 game and the selection on that sunday AM?
  6. h8r

    Rpi question

    winter park and timber creek, both metro orlando teams, have their non district schedule handed to them by the county....im sure you could get either one to play someone besides metro teams. they are (most of the time) in the same district too. last couple years Winter park has faired pretty well in playoffs was a missed kick, I believe, from beating seminole 2 or 3 seasons ago and being a final 4 team.
  7. h8r

    newest rpi?

    sorry if this is already been discussed, new rpi comes out on tuesdays?
  8. they must not be that sorry, look at the discrepency in opponents win %. its enormous. your 7-0 team aint played anyone any good, thus your 7-0. thats the hand dealt with this stupid system. go back to winners and runners up, wild cards in region, drop back to 6 classes, etc... darterblue said something in another thread about this that is exactly what is needed....
  9. why is it smh? i see yall are 7-0, thats great, but opp win % is .345, cant help it if teams you play in district are not any good, but the out of district must be bad too......thats THE factor thats hurting! just sayin
  10. best players in south florida, in terms of #s. best coaches in central florida, without question, they do more with less talented players. but jimmies n joes win yearly. you can out chalkboard another coach to death, but cant teach speed n size and that stuff. south florida has it, and they dont really know what to do with it on a yearly basis. and it shows when they play oos teams. central florida cant compete with oos schools because of the lack of the sheer # of jimmies n joes. throwing 9 balls all day or playing man coverage isnt coaching much..... but my guy better than yours, then that 9 ball is a touchdown and nothin other team can do about it. when matched up talent for talent, thats when sidelines, press box, hudl reports, knowing what the he77 your talking about and the kids believing what kool aid your selling, florida tends to lose more of those games than they win just sayin,,,
  11. h8r

    ties for district?

    thats a great bunch of info. looking at team a and team c, they have a pretty weak schedule. rpi rankings couldnt get here soon enough. jeez....
  12. h8r

    ties for district?

    so the team a beats b team b beats team c team c beats team a all 3 are 1-1 it goes to head to head-well all 3 tied winning %. is the determinant. gotcha
  13. how they change this? i dont know if i ever saw how they changed it, used to do monday 3 team shootout, but i know they changed it, but to what
  14. dist 4 is abysmal. wow. basically throwing crap against the wall and whichever sticks is the dist champ. wow.
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