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  1. rumor on the streets, as there was a board meeting for fhsaa the last few days, several countys are putting together ideas that would become "nightmare scenario" (the exact phrase I was told)--- school a is always good at basketball, but other county schools are just ok and some are terrible, push all those ok kids to school a and do away with basketball at all the other schools. school b in same county is really good at football, but terrible at basketball. other schools are ok to good, push all the good kids to school b and do away with football at rest of schools. etc. have powerhouse sport specific schools. the district, regional, state series would become a complete waste of time as some school districts may only have a school or 2 that are playing specific sports.... nightmare indeed, if it becomes rampant across the state.... already underpaid teachers and coaches in the best sport state in the country, florida sports will become a complete joke if any of these ideas come to fruition. add in that ole Ron is making school start at 830 across the state in 3 years, now getting involved with athletics, smh
  2. they ran a little more spread type stuff 2012ish 2013ish when zack was there, it was for sure a dangerous combo to see 2x2 and then all a sudden they shift into single wing or vice versa. i couldnt imagine game planning for the same personnell groupings for a spread em out offense and a smash mouth one.
  3. no single wing-could also be why they had zero offensive touchdowns.....
  4. everyone wants to sit in that big chair, until they figure out your now ceo laundry boy helmet repair guy field maintence paint crew PR executive wrist taper highlight film maker nose wiper booster president fundraising expert recruiting guru teacher of regular ed kids lesson plan writer of those regular ed classes you teach tech guy camera guy just to name a few roles and didnt say 1 thing about on field coaching......
  5. interesting..... as I drum up some h8, the atlantic league looks like the best teams in the league, or maybe Im misreading this. alot of fhsaa teams that wasnt making playoffs. then the regular league is all the small schools. kinda looks like fhsaa model of suburban and metro. will the atlantic league champs play the ssac champs?
  6. oh for sure they would lose, when did the statue come out? when the rep from polk county, lakeland area, went and forced her hand with this. due to publix high kids bolting to lakeland and that coach/admin was going to turn them in. if my old man memory serves me correctly.... it hasnt been that long ago fhsaa was in charge of the sports.....
  7. well said @Ray Icaza 1 yr sit rule would eliminate alot of the tomfoolery going on in the HS transfer portal....fhsaa doesnt have the cajones to pull it off tho. they dont want anyone to sue them for not allowing thier baby to play ball where the rich get richer and poor stay in the dumps....
  8. even a h8r can agree with this..... nil and transfer portal killing college football programs, which in turn are kicking high school recruiting in the teeth and high school transfers are following suit. dam shame
  9. while the 11 kids on the field matter most, so does the school population, when there are 11 more kids on the sideline that are of similar ability and 11 more that are close to that ability and 11 more and 11 more, now you have 50+ varsity kids that are of similar ability. if the school population of A isnt nearly as high B, then you have much less to choose from. 4000 kids, half boys (2000), half are athletes (1000) and 10% play football, 100. 2 teams (JV, V), 50 kids in each. 2000 kids, half boys (1000), half are athletes (500) and 10% play football, 50. 2 teams (JV,V), 25 kids in each. school population DOES matter. Well recruit your halls better is going to be someones answer..... Football is hard, the commitment is even harder, its hot, its 10,11 month commitment, its all summer, its playing a 2nd sport to get better, etc. Every kid isnt a football player, go to any high school gym and watch a basketball game. or boys volleyball game. almost all of those kids could help school B out, 1000%. but, If I can run up and down the court in AC, not lift nearly as much weight(messes up my jumper-says every high school BBall kid) and just take 22ft shots for a couple hours, why would he go out and do bag drills and cone drills and catch passes and put on equipment and hurt and sweat, etc. putting small schools with bigger schools is a complete disadvantage to many of them. take this district, ocoee, west orange and jones absolutely demolish everyone here..... District 22 Ocoee West Orange (Winter Garden) Horizon (Winter Garden) Jones (Orlando) Foundation Academy (Winter Garden) Orangewood Christian (Maitland) Trinity Preparatory (Winter Park) orangewood christian and trinity prep have zero business in this district. foundation would put up a fight in some years, but they to have no business here. horizon is still in infant stages of its opening. west orange has 3000 kids, ocoee too. jones is close to 2k, with a plethora of talent in their area. im not saying fair or not fair, thats ignorance. but whats the point of ocoee playing trinity prep? running clock in 1st qtr? I dont see the point of having the 7th place teams in a district playing extra weeks of football just for participation reasons.....thats exactly why the classes were introduced...... to play against similar size opponents, so 1 school doesnt have 100 on the sideline and the other has 25....
  10. h8r

    @ Nulli Secundus

  11. h8r

    @ Nulli Secundus

    qb transfer from another state 2 wrs transfers from osceola those 3 kids are not real poinciana kids that yall developed. need to be honest about it and not sugar coat it...... h8r
  12. thats just a silly statement. 80%+ of high schools schedule is done by head coaches and ADs, some counties like orange force their schools to schedule metro teams 1st, seminole county does it to(i believe). so your handcuffed as a match maker. yearly doormat team A that has won 75 games in 25 years has to play yearly state powerhouse team B that has won 75 games in 7 years......cant blame coach or AD for that, for sure cant blame florida for that..... h8r
  13. indiana basketball used to be 1 class, idk anymore. wrestling i think still is 1 class-32 man tourney win friday night you advance to saturday 16 man bracket. lose and go home. caused for some serious matches on friday just to survive and advance. texas has no running clock. why stats and scores from texas are outrageous. some real good teams, but the avg to below are just plain awful. 1 state champ wont ever work, not enough money not enough weeks in season to have a big enough bracket to do it. if you took top 16, your leaving out some teams that would well be deserving to get a chance to play. im sure someone here could post the top 16 teams in the state and not everyone one of the smart guys here would agree on top 16. and with that, who chooses whos top 16? coaches poll? admin? fhsaa? maxpreps? regardless, someone would hate that 2 and it would be a mistake and a joke and stupid and blah blah. cant make everyone happy, shouldnt even try too. everyone gets a trophy, everyone needs a hug, everyone needs reassurance that your 2-8 team is deserving to play in the tournament, because you only lost to "insert powerhouse here" 56-6 and they beat everyone much worse......
  14. if only all the games were played in 1 central location so people could spend a weekend watching all the excitement. having to drive to tally from naples or from penscola to ft lauderdale, is a complete travesty to the fans.....while daytona and that small stadium and no parking was a joke, why wouldnt the fhsaa try like heck to get ucf stadium....its in central part of state, 3 hrs or so from each end. the citrus bowl was too big and Im sure they asked for a gazillion dollars to host and parking downton orlando isnt very much fun, 10k people in that staidum made it look empty, but 10k at the bounce house and its jumping pretty dang good. oh well.
  15. Well Batman, I shall call em like I see em...... Coach Nichols, did, not, run, the, single wing...... And yes zero championships, but bewteen him and Coach Rolson, getting there more than 4x, sure is not insanity..... You have to be in the big game in order to be able to win the big game. With all those major d1 kids running around at markus paul field, you sure would think that running that saturday afternoon offense would produce at the very least, a shot to win it in the big game. 2x2, 3x1, teams see it weekly, if not daily. easy to figure out how to defend it. ask anyone with a backside in the stands, they will tell you. those same people cant even find the ball in a good flexbone and swear to the holy man that trap and power are the same play and why not "open it up" to win via the pass.....dare that wing t team run counter criss cross and it goes untouched as 10 guys flow to the buck sweep, and that same "open it up guy" calls it a gimmick play and would never work vs a real team or better coached team.... Flexbone is not single wing, nor is single wing the wing t as is double tight double wing, is none of those either. some similar principles, sure, maybe, kinda, but definetly not the same. the amount of teams that win state titles in the country running wing t, flexbone, single wing, is overwhelmingly larger than those trying to fit a square hole into a round peg and run the spread(is that an offense or a formation?)..... heaven forbid we look at corky rogers and his incredible amount of wins and what did he run at jax bolles......the delaware wing t.....he did kinda good.....won a couple titles with it. h8r
  16. while I agree with the opening it up more, but riddle me this batman, the games lost, wasnt it due to interceptions/turnovers by the offense? maybe Im wrong, but that ancient offense that coach Nichols ran, sure did alot of damage vs almost everyone. nobody runs that 1970s offesne anymore and similar to single wing, which apk, coach rolson, is a testament to this, as is Coach Darlington at 1st year deland, who almost beat ohs, you cant prepare for it in 3 days.....timing, execution angle blocks, etc. what beats that boring offense that CAN open up when needed-see Ty Ensor comment- is jimmies and joes. not xs and os. doesnt matter what offense or defense you run, if my dudes are better, then you get your face kicked in or win by 1, i say that if the cowboys with the K ran the flexbone last year vs west orange, they would have won. i can also see the state champ wrestler being a triple option qb that would thrive in that offense, him and swint on the edge in a triple look, good friggin luck stopping that. throw in the dudes at db/wr that yall got and you cant line up 8 in the box to stop it..... open it up and start looking just like everyone else. which isnt easy to prep for, but is easier if you see it every week. just sayin h8r
  17. i dont think anythings "wrong" with it. but travel is a bit of a problem.... and someone on pg 2 said there isnt a difference between 2500 and 4000 kids, and those 4 or 5 schools that nobodys ever heard of thats not the issue, but go to a 2500 kid school and pick out the boys, (on avg half are boys) 1250 to choose from. if its a true 10 % of boys that play football, thats 125, compared to 200....... but its never that many. say its 5% play football, thats 60ish for the 2500 school and 100ish for the 4000 school. now is there 60 dogs who can whoop on 100, absoltfreakinglootley. happens yearly. but, if im a coach, and i have 100 kids to choose from and run 9th, jv and varsity programs, and can develop those 100 kids in the weight room, the track, during the summer every year for 4 years, bet you that my 100or so kids will get gooder than your 60 or so, who probabaly play varsity and 20 or so play jv and 6qtr just to fill out the squad. my 100 kids i can rotate kids in at practice, i can utilize every single athlete possible at special teams, i can send a dude deep on play 1, rotate a kid in and do it on play 2, 3,4,5 and you have 1 corner, I have 5 kids that will run your db legs off 5 straight plays, whos got the advantage??? dont think its that big a deal, I watched miami play north carolina 1 year and miami was avg at best, but had some track stars play football(go figure right). play 1, 4 verts, play 2, 3 verts and out, swing by rb, play 3, 4 verts, touchdown. they changed personel, 3 times, NC had 1 backend guy come off on play 3, as he ran 60 yds 2 plays in arow.....and they gave up a tuddy.....why, because my jimmies and joes are better than yours. and my back ups are 2. my back up back ups are so much better than your 2s or 3s its crazy. more people to choose from vs lesser, you will find 1 dude out of the pack that is pretty dang good. lesser classes sure, 6 is plenty. travel is an issue if you do it right, its not. champs and runners up make it. winning record is a prerequeiste(sic) to making playoffs. no 5-5, your not in. still dont like seeing small school in east seminole county have to go to small school on west lake county. 7pm game and leave at noon to get there in time(im kidding, but not by much). thats why there were 8 classes before the divide by the idiots in power. and the all mighty dollar.
  18. sit a year is the real solution. period. 365 out, regardless. academics over athletics. get caught using fake address, no sports for 365. but because im a hater, you want fair, theres one the comes to the westside of orlando every year, they have lots of cotton candy, some wonderful fried stuff and some carnies that can talk smack better than any 15yr old. life aint fair, rich get richer, poor stay poor and middle class is screwed both ways. i will take my cotton candy please and a nice fried snickers, with my diet coke. thank you
  19. 9 too many, 6 may not be enough. that 6th class would be like 2500 and up, what kind of disparity is that? a team with 2500 kids playing a team with 4000 kids(or more). not different than 1000 vs 2500.....
  20. ok cool, cpu models still dont understand high school kids. they are wrong too. so I went thru a couple of games teams lost to teams they were supposed to beat and, cpu model says win but they actually got blown out in the game. why? because its a 16yr old kid, and weather in florida and whatever ever ever.
  21. cal preps is very cool site, the prediction model is interesting, but 82% is a bit high I think. numbers dont equate to heart, attitude, weather, etc. games aint won in cpus, they are won on the field. its a bit ludacris to think that the top 8 in a region could feature 4 schools from 1 district and 1 school from the other 3 districts. not that those 4 may not be deserving, and or some poor records for teams that played a tough schedule. is what it is, top 2 from each district, make the districts mandatory 6 teams, lower the classes back to 6 to increase sizes of the classes. simple fix. things like travel should be part of the appeal process. playing in a tough district should not.
  22. this guy says ratings are what gets teams in, https://www.tcpalm.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2022/11/02/what-fhsaa-football-brackets-would-if-playoffs-started-today/10656015002/ if thats the case some of those 7,8 win teams will not be getting in and someone like TC at 3-6 with a huge power ranking will be in, some dist champs will be on the road too? according to what he posted on that link if it stays true, thats ludacris....
  23. fhsaa.com, football, rankings
  24. their district is chock full of teams that have beat each other up, vero, martin county, tresure coast, centinnel. friday will be interesting for sure for that one, diving into these rankings now.
  25. looking at the losing record teams, treaseure coast and that region is interesting, 4s region 3, they have the strongest SOS in the whole region, but not district champs, 6th in the region in ranking, etc, etc, they play chaminade friday and likely lose but they probably make the playoffs, which is completely bizzare at 3-7
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