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  1. absolutely. there isnt anything illegal about that.
  2. correct, im still searching for the illegal part of the multimillionare that jumps into the bad school down the road, as their financial consultant and wants to give bill johnson the head coach at the good school over there, 50k to coach at his school. what part of that is illegal?
  3. what part of this is illegal?
  4. low pay and high expense on housing, while are in the talks, coaches are leaving becuase of resources. Mike Coe of coffee who was at union county and was a state championship contender year in and out, leaves to go to ga, in 3 seasons they went 15-0 this past yr, have an indoor field being built, makes a ton of money, all his 20 coaches do as well. resources, the ability to say if we want something, we dont have to sell discount cards and do car washes to buy 10 helmets, we go to people with power/money/boosters/etc and say we need 10 helmets. look up his twitter, thats where this all came from. camden county and travis roland, same deal. win a title at mainland and goes fundraising the next week. or go to camden, takes his staff, make more money, have incredible resources to facilitate what a state championship program should look like, same-read his twitter. id say majority of coaches would work in FL for what coaches rate is, if there were resources available that if you ask for it, its done. not having to spend the summer selling cards or raffle tickets or whatever they do....
  5. impossible to merit system teachers. whos going to justify why the young english ( 4 yrs of that required to graduate) deserves higher pay than the old grumpy elective teacher, say PE(only need 1 year) who is set in their ways becuase thats how they do it. each of those teachers have their place, the young teacher who is hip and funny and teachers modern and the old grizzled vet who keeps the kids in check and teaches like its 1988 still.
  6. im with you on this. i dont think all the school districts are paying the minimum either. school district gets this huge sum of money from state/govt, etc and sit on it to not pay teachers. orange county holds off on their contracts til the end of year and pays all this back pay to everyone so it can get a years worth of interest on millions of dollars. (sister teacher there) they have the money to pay everyone, BS they dont.....
  7. https://www.palmbeachpost.com/story/sports/high-school/2024/03/09/possible-bill-would-mean-big-raise-for-florida-high-school-coaches/72896876007/] underpaid teachers, underpaid coaches, why in the world would this pass? anyone want to make some extra money, start a high school coaches moving company. get a couple uhual trucks and make a ton of money driving to georgia weekly. will be interesting to see if this thing were to pass,
  8. terrible, yes, but if the bad teams are playing the bad teams, and the good teams are playing the good teams and the great teams are playing the great teams, didnt everyone get what they wanted? dont allow teams to play out of class either, that would eliminate class 5 playing class 1 to pad their record to stay up.
  9. system, i didnt think the metro suburban deal was that awful, who was in those seperated classes, thats a different story. if they would have truly used county population, maybe it would have worked better. I dont think coaches minded it to be honest. what if they would have used school district size instead of county population? how would that have changed things? I do think the move up move down every cycle would be something intriguing for sure, be pretty awesome to see some teams that pad the record with "bum wins" get moved up to a tougher division and those who dont belong, get moved down. cut back to like 4 classes with 1 or 2 open division classes- the district sceneiro of no scheduled games really made some sense, the district title championship weeks was pretty interesting and could have been something they could market for sure, however, teams all having a bye week 9 and then trying to find games weeks 10 and 11 would have been impossible for most. keeping the kids locked in for those 2 weeks would also have been impossible. how would the rivalry weeks go? most teams play that week 11, what happens if team A is in dist title game, etc. so i can see why they squashed it. something has to be done, nobody will agree with anyones plans, im not smart enough to come up with the actual plan and dont have nearly the time to make it work correctly.
  10. what a friggin joke this turned out to be. I would say fhsaa is scrambling to fix it sooner than later, but I seriously doubt it a great deal. complete S-Show.
  11. anyone know when thats happening?
  12. there are alot of public schools in the atlantic portion. Cocoa Beach 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Interlachen 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Paxon 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Stanton 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Space Coast 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Tradition Prep 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Lake Weir 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Sebastian River 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Bronson 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Bell High 0 0 0 .000 - 0 Coral Springs Charter I think sebastian river won this "state title" last year. can clearly see why, I can also see why some independent teams would benefit going to this. as a large public high school, the aura of a state championship is way to alluring. but lets be serious,,,, to win the "atlantic" state championship of the ssac is comical.
  13. Thanks capt obvious. Point being, it's a tattered and broken system that needs revamped, considering 2016 was the last time this specific way of doing things was done.... Fhsaa never let's us down with their forward thinking! Oops....I mean backward thinking....
  14. That's the Ludacris part......no local teams and drive to the Daytona area to play all your games....who wants to do that on a Friday afternoon.
  15. some sheer ridiculousness going on take this one for example Auburndale 4A 2 7 Jones (Orlando) Lake Region (Eagle Lake) Lake Wales now why in the heck would downtown orlando have to travel to the middle of polk county and nowhere. that is awful, to see lake wales and jones battle, not awful. lots of dudes on the field. or this one Forest (Ocala) 6A 2 6 Horizon (Winter Garden) Lake Minneola South Lake (Groveland) how in gods name did ocala forest travel all the way to clermont/orlando, passing this district Evans (Orlando) 6A 1 4 Lake Howell (Winter Park) Oviedo Wekiva (Apopka) the sheer intelligence of the fhsaa seems to be one nobody would understand. they literally put all the teams in order of attendance records and said ok, yall are kinda close in distance, boom. the rockledge one with all the daytona schools is just as ludacris what a joke
  16. not gonna lie, i did look over that, however, whats the point if they are going to play those teams anyways? why not just let that dog lie and leave the one thing the fhsaa has actually done right for a change....
  17. whos paying for their transportation? you? easy to say do this do that, but if your less than 500 kids in a school whats friday night football gate look like? possibly packed, yes, but those funds pay for most other non revenue sports(swimming, tennis, etc). so a 5 hour bus ride is expensive
  18. I ll ask you questions 4 thru 8...... what are you doing for these things, since you seem to be on the board as a known coach..... ill wait
  19. youve stated repeatedly, youve moved on. so let it go, get over it, move on,
  20. im simply just laughing at this, because of the most insane thing Ive read today, so far. you said running clocks in most if not all of these sports baseball, softball, golf, bowling, volleyball.....SWIMMING!!! whatever it is that you had to drink to come up with this sheer nonsense, please enlighten the board, we all want to sip on that good good. FFS,
  21. part of the proposal won 9-4, and then they dice up the rest of it. I think they jumped the gun on squashing this new idea, some tweaks to it, but it really wasnt an awful idea with dist tournament in football. trying to find games would be the tall task for those dominate programs. and then finding 2 games if you didnt make the tournament, also an interesting mess. a solution would be those 2 weeks if your not in, are mandatory district play. have to have 8 team district, which is what everyone really wants, top 4 play for title, bottom 4 figure it out and play. i thought it was interesting to see they snuck in mandatory bye for everyone week 10 and play dist tourney 11 and 12....so schools would get 2 byes in the season....why? week 10 in florida, no games. smh... going backwards is A typical of the fhsaa, seriously, eveyrone hated the old way, most hate the new way, others would hate the proposed system. cant please anyone or shouldnt even try to please anyone, figure it out and stand by it. maybe the board should be in charge of figuring it all out instead of just knocking holes in the plan. some of them have zero business being on the board anyways.....
  22. 2 Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) 13-0 72.20 26.9 3 St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale) 13-1 69.40 36.4 4 Cocoa 13-1 64.60 36.0 5 Norland (Miami) 14-0 63.60 33.3 6 Venice 12-2 58.80 29.4 7 Mandarin (Jacksonville) 11-3 56.30 33.7 8 Buchholz (Gainesville) 13-1 56.30 34.9 9 Central (Miami) 8-4 55.80 43.6 This is the top 8(IMG was 1st).... according to maxpreps rankings, which is what they will be using thats 8 loaded teams and 4 or 5 state champs and all 8 could possibly win state titles
  23. dont qualify for dist tourney, scheduling 2 games will be very tough, with kids who may be mentally out of it because they didnt make post season. lots of teams have rivalry games last 2 weeks of season, to keep some focus in a bad/tough season. and theroritcally, you could play the same team 3x during the season, dist tourney, playoffs(round 2 or beyond). not that it doesnt happen in nfl, but thats crazy,
  24. did the open 32 pass? anyone have any information?
  25. not img, but 1st academy. especially with the latest info out there about the "co" coaching situation there. which is total BS, dude brings his whole staff with him, so now there are 2 headers and 2 coaches for all the spots. either that wont work like thye planned or its a total farce to sell the kids their coaches aint leaving. could easily see the allure of going to TFA for many kids, great facilities, some of the best recruited kids in the area, the real shot at winning a state title.
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