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  1. I would bet his house, not mine!
  2. You have to permit a man some vices. It's better, if done in moderation, than many other vices.
  3. 15 yards and a loss of downs, plus automatic ejection!
  4. Lots of Patois, mon! He would probably have difficulty with that!
  5. A game like that deserves regular season status. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the two teams first and only meeting.
  6. I think it is going to be a fascinating game between the two QBs. Brady is the GOAT, but is not young, Patrick M may end up being one of the best of all times. I think I am going to go against your pick in this one and favor KC by 6. Either way, it should be a very good game and for a change, I look forward to watching it. On another subject, is Venice playing Vero Beach this season or next? Do you know?
  7. So, some guardedly good news on my brother in law. He has been transferred to a rehab facility after testing thrice negative for the virus. While sick, he did suffer a mini-stroke. Hence, the rehab. But as of today, the worst may have passed. When he completes the rehab, he has a standing invitation to come down to Central Florida for a month or two to complete his healing.
  8. Not really funny, but I had to laugh.
  9. While not a prerequisite, it probably does not hurt!
  10. Hey, in all seriousness, it is difficult to be an official. At the high school level it is done because of the love of the game. Just like in Florida, high school coaches for the love and not the money.
  11. I see you are a senior citizen like me!
  12. As of now, Orange County will allow spring games. This could change if Covid-19 continues at its current rate.
  13. @Jambun82, I have met the young man in person. And, I have spoken to you on the phone. I believe that both of you are decent, reasonable people. If due to different perceptions and/or beliefs caused by age, politics, or some other matter, you decide you don't like each other, the rational thing to do would be to just ignore each other. As the elder of the two, I would admonish you to exercise mature, adult judgment and let the matter go.
  14. Glad she is doing well. Yes, it does affect different people differently. I am guessing this is due to both genetics, and physical condition. That's the chief reason I took the first shot of the vaccine this week even though I have reservations about it. I just have no idea how it would affect me, and I don't want to find out. I hope he gets better, too. He is a humble, simple, good guy. I don't want him to die this way. Yesterday, we talked about going to watch the Razor Ruddock vs Michael Dokes fight at MSG back in the late 1980s (or was it 1990). Action packed fight which ended in ver
  15. I spoke to him today. No ventilator, at least not yet. Being treated with remdesivir. Tried to cheer him up. In 70 years of life this is his first time in hospital.
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