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  1. Going 10-0 depends on your district, though, if you are in 5A or higher. If you are in a tough one, you will have at least a couple of games you could lose against teams that will go between 10-0 and 8-2.
  2. Dillard will have a running clock on them by half time or at the latest early in the third. They will win by 35 to 50 points depending on how quickly the running clock is started. Your real test is down the road. For now you have smooth sailing.
  3. It's still early. The later RPI rankings will make more sense. My concern is that the math could be wrong.
  4. I will readily admit that I have not done any research on this. However, if your research is accurate and complete, it seems like an error to me. Sarasota and Edgewater are 3-1 each for a winning percentage of .75. Cocoa is 2-1 for a winning percentage of .67 (all three taken from MaxPreps since they are the record keeper). Therefore, it seems that the second .35 should be multiplied by about .73 (rough approximation) and not 1. I have always been uncomfortable with the current system as once complexity is introduced unless there is diligence, errors are likely to abound. With that said, I am sure Venice probably has the top RPI in the state at this juncture. However, one wonders whether teams have not been helped/penalized by errors in the past.
  5. 10 St. Thomas Aquinas 9 Cocoa 8 FSU High 4 Gaither 6 Columbus 5 West Florida 7 Bartram Trail 3 Deerfield Beach 2 Trinity Christian Academy 1 Edgewater BONUS GAME: Clewiston
  6. Each year is a new year. Last year and the year before is only relevant if you have kids this year that played on and contributed to those teams. I am not hating on Dillard. I think they are very good. I am just not sure whether they are elite good. Time will tell. You may be right in being very high on them, or you may be disappointed. Let the season play out. If you win a title celebrate it after the final whistle.
  7. The problem I have with top 10, is that aside from Deerfield, you have not yet played top tier competition. It is very hard to judge how good a team is that demolishes Cooper City and Ely.
  8. While there is a real problem, I am not sure Brian Smith's solution would not be circumvented by the more astute programs. When the state opened up the ease of transferring with or without reason, it became very difficult for the FHSAA which, at that juncture, essentially abandoned any attempt to monitor and penalize recruiting.
  9. At this stage, Dillard is a very good Florida high school team, that has a shot at taking down St. Thomas. I would not make you a favorite to do it, but I do give Dillard a chance. If you do, at that stage, I would regard Dillard as likely being Nationally elite. For now, I would just say you are a top 25 Florida team. Where in the top 25 is yet to be determined.
  10. If that's the case, that was a fatal mistake. All games, even against teams you are supposed to beat, should be taken seriously.
  11. Lakeland did me in, too. I should have had more confidence in Lake Gibson, but they seemed to be giving up too many points. Wait, they did the same against Lakeland, but managed to outscore them.
  12. Sad news. Sorry to hear of his passing. To all: Please be careful. Covid-19 is a dangerous malady, especially if you are getting up there in age.
  13. Five months ago, Hallandale would have been a very good game. Then came the poachers and now they are a shadow of what they were.
  14. Two more facile victories before the showdown Broward County has been waiting for!
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