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  1. So, that's what shaped you!! I always wondered why a Mid-Florida person such as yourself had this NYC/Tri-state attitude. Now I know!
  2. From my one visit to the school, I drew the same conclusion.
  3. Okay, then I am going to go out on a limb and guess it is another Central Florida team. Would it be the Mainland Bucs, the team supported by my long suffering friend Dan in Daytona? If I am right, at least he had the pleasure of a state title in 2003.
  4. For ESPN, featuring the teams with the multiple star players works. But for a "true" diehard fan of Florida high school football such as myself, it is not good. I use to go to 90% of Apopka's games fifteen years ago, but now, probably just a little over 50%, choosing instead to attend a more competitive game on the other occasions rather than see Apopka put a 40+ point beatdown on a school such as Cypress Creek, etc. Now because I like the game so much, and because the Orlando Metro area is large affording me many choices, it does not hurt aggregate gate attendance. But supposed I lived in a s
  5. As a fan of the game, I would be more than happy to attend any game where the final differential is 17 points or less. Thus, from LAZ's analysis somewhere in the region of 35% of the games would be attractive candidates to me. Why? Many 14 point or less games are actually very competitive as the final score creating the more than one touchdown margin often comes in the final five minutes of the game. And, even a 17 point margin game can be quite entertaining, if the overall quality of the teams is good to very good. What bothers me the most is the fact, than over 20% of the games are dec
  6. Columbia has, and will continue to produce, a ton of talent. And, while not currently considered elite, taking the totality of its performances over the years, is among the most successful school programs in the state. There are many, many programs that would be very happy to be in Columbia's shoes.
  7. I believe the other team is Lake Wales. Is that correct?
  8. Two of those semifinal losses were to Orlando area teams. Apopka at Apopka in 2001 and Edgewater at Deerfield in 2003.
  9. I know, I have met you and you are a decent person. You would not laugh at an injury sustained by a kid you don't know.
  10. The Darters will have something to say about that statement! I was very impressed with BT's set up when I made the trip back in 2018 to watch their game with Apopka. Though we won, we paid a huge price as Jacyorian Davis-Hamilton ended his high school football career in that game. Though only a junior, his injuries kept him from playing either that year or his senior season. Had he been healthy, the Darters would have beaten Columbus easily last year and JDH would be at a Power 5 program instead of FIU. Hope he ends up doing well in college and possibly beyond.
  11. If I were a coach, I would have met a similar fate as Nelson. To not be given the freedom to put the best team out there in my professional opinion is to place an unacceptable collar. Thus, I, too, would have had to depart.
  12. Bingo. Both of the above posts hit the nail on the head. One final comment: Bartram Trail's community is very supportive of football. I can think of other schools with similar demographics in Old School's list that have not done nearly as well. The chief factor in my opinion is that football is not prioritized to the degree it is at BT. BT has a great program and will, in my opinion, win a state title in the next decade.
  13. @nolebull813, who is a graduate, put a hex on them!
  14. St. Thomas has great talent scouts on campus.
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