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  1. If wishes were horses beggars would ride (in the modern day, drive).
  2. Stadium is about the right size based on recent attendance.
  3. I certainly would not blame the players or coaches.
  4. Given the secrecy of the rankings, the best one can do is once they come out, take a statistically representative sample of ranked teams and attempt, using different methodologies, to replicate their rankings under different assumptions. While it's almost certain that an exact fit will not be obtained, one should be able to come up with a method that fits, more or less, the rankings made by the authorities within a 95% level of confidence. Given the overall secrecy of the methodology, to my way of thinking, it's imperative that staffs try and replicate them. This is the only way you can reasonably determine that your school was treated fairly. For aside from district champs which get an automatic birth, and, to a lesser degree, district runner ups with say a 9-1 record against good competition with their only loss being to the district champ, it will be almost impossible to determine whether your team was properly excluded/included in the playoffs or not. Further, the question of where you rank if included is also open when the rules and or methodology are not transparent. Thus, if you end up being ranked 8th in your region when you should have been 5, it will greatly impact your early opponent and could also affect home/away status.
  5. Cocoa took down Glades Central in back to back state title games, if I recall. That's probably a big part of it.
  6. No doubt that's true. If Naples was going to be a contender, it is unlikely they lose to Golden Gate. That said, GG is not a cellar dweller like Celebration or Cypress Creek.
  7. They will beat West Orange in my opinion. Mainland is going to be a difficult opponent.
  8. Golden Gate's sole loss is to undefeated Bartow. If Bartow still had the Jones Sophomore QB, they would likely be a force to reckon with this year.
  9. Good question. If healthy, they certainly can. If depleted, it will be tough.
  10. Win or lose Apopka will be fine. The defense will give up between 7 and 17 points against Edgewater. It will come down to whether the team is able to score more than the Eagles do. I am cautiously optimistic.
  11. His South Florida only includes Dade and Broward Counties. He doesn't even include Palm Beach County let alone the Treasure Coast teams. PBC is most certainly south Florida. Regarding Treasure Coast, you can make the argument that it's its own separate region, or you could include it in south or central Florida.
  12. The loss of your running back to transfer was lethal to the offense. Lots of talent on the team. But it's a season away from being fully effective. There's still a chance MNW could make some noise in the playoffs. You once won state after finishing the regular season going 5-5.
  13. Chaminade vs Miami Central - In a very close game, I am going with Chaminade but it could easily go the other way STA vs Treasure Coast - wins a close game Cardinal Newman vs Atlantic - shows they are for real Edgewater vs Apopka - In a major upset the Darters prevail in a very low scoring game. Niceville vs Choctaw - Eagles pull off a close win Dillard vs Miramar - Going in the right direction Seminole vs Vero Beach - Seminole wins a tough road game. Rockledge vs Osceola - Osceola finally gets a very close win despite being hit by the injury bug St Augustine vs Bartram Trail - In a very exciting game, Auggie shows they are the king of St. John's County Ely vs Coconut Creek - I have a feeling Ely will have a very good season Picks are bold underscored.
  14. Even though they lost to Palmetto, I don't believe Palmetto is as good as Homestead. In fact, I don't think Palmetto belongs in the top 10 after watching the first half of the Columbus game. They were totally outclassed even though Columbus was only up by 15. Aside from that, I like your rankings of Miami/Broward.
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