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  1. Dunnellon 23 Vanguard 20

    North of Orlando. It has been decades since they had a very good team. They did have like a 9-1 season about ten years ago but exited the playoffs quickly.
  2. It was futile for them to continue playing given the extent of the mismatch. They probably feared injuries.
  3. Columbia vs Pine Forest

    Congratulations! Hard fought win by Columbia. Here in Orlando, Edgewater beat up Godby 48-7 while Apopka beat Ocoee 41-12. In my humble opinion, Edgewater is far and away the best team in Orlando. But their run will again likely stop at the state semifinals against Lakeland.
  4. Vero Beach beats Lake Minneola

    Lake Minneola is an average Orlando area team. If Minneola gave VB trouble, VB is probably make another early playoff exit.
  5. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    Dillard would probably score 100 on them in 2.5 quarters. The score reminds me of the Jones vs Oak Ridge where Jones was up 63-0 at the half.
  6. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    I agree. What would a real power do to that team?
  7. Reschedule from Hurricane?

    Everything on it is pathetic. To add insult to injury, I destroyed one of my email addresses by being a score poster for Oakridge soccer. Maxpreps flooded my email with junk from gambling to dating to flat out porn to extended warranties to ... to
  8. Vero Beach beating AHD

    I forgot about that one. PBG won the semifinal 10-7 over Winter Park at their home field then proceeded to score 48 or 49 on Deerfield the following week at Dolphin Stadium or whatever it was called then.
  9. Vero Beach beating AHD

    I think we both know the answer to that one!
  10. Jones at Edgewater

    The QB Jones played is okay, but he is not as nearly as good as the three you mentioned. While I favor Jones, I do believe this could be a close game, and I would not be terribly surprised if Bishop Moore won it. It may well be a good game to watch.
  11. Any team ever won state with a losing record??

    I feel your pain, man. Remember this, though: FSU cannot fall much further. So, it should only get better ... if not this season, then next
  12. Any team ever won state with a losing record??

    I am pretty sure the answer is no. A couple teams including Apopka have won state with four regular season losses. Good luck to Pahokee on its unique quest!
  13. Jones vs Edgewater

    They did not look good in the Spring game. I have not seen them live since them, but they have scored two impressive victories in the new season. I respect your opinion and will take you word until I see them that Edgewater is superior to them.
  14. Jones vs Edgewater

    Line play and the lack of a good punter cost Jones dearly. Edgewater competes with a handful of teams (which includes Wekiva) for being the best area team at this stage.
  15. Jones at Edgewater

    Edgewater scored an impressive 28-14 win over Jones at home. Jones scored first (I did not see this as I thought the game started at 7 and not 6), so I missed the first eight minutes of play. Edgewater then scored three in a row, two coming in the first half and the the third in the third quarter. Jones then scored just before the end of the third quarter to cut the lead to 7. Alas for them, a comeback was not in the cards as Edgewater scored in the fourth to take a 28-14 lead. The margin of victory was within a point of their victory over Bishop Moore. The only difference is that while BM was in the game till midway through the 4th, this game was essentially over when Edgewater took the 21-7 lead. The difference between Edgewater and Jones was largely in the line play and the quality (or lack thereof) of Jones's punting. This sets up a very intriguing game between Jones and Bishop Moore this Friday. Based on both teams' performance against Edgewater, this would seem to be a very close game. However, I think Edgewater has improved since the BM game, while I am not sure BM has improved (even after tossing the Archbishop Spalding game out the window). The offsetting factor is that Jones plays this game on only three days rest and tonight's game was very physical with both teams getting banged up some. The winner of this game will almost certainly win the district and a playoff spot. Given that this is the north bracket of 5A this team could go far though I would not expect either to beat the south's representative. On the Edgewater side, that district will be decided between them and Wekiva. I am inclined to favor Edgewater at this juncture as the current team is ahead of last year's and reminds me of some of the Bill Gierke coached teams from 2001 through 2006, three of which got to the large class finals only to lose to Miami based teams. Alas, either Edgewater or Wekiva would face a very formidable opponent in Lakeland if they want to make the title game. At this stage I don't see that happening. However, the season is still young and things may seem different by the time the playoffs roll around.