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  1. Sorry to hear that. Please take comfort in the fact she served the Dillard community for an entire working lifetime. May she RIP. And may her loved ones take comfort from her purpose filled life. Unfortunately, we all shall die one day, some of us young, unfortunately, and some of us at an old age.
  2. Columbia's best players are as good as the best anywhere else. The problem is: in a typical year, you don't have enough of them at all the positions on the field to go the distance. And, given geographical considerations, it is unlikely you will under the current rules of the game. Back in the day, before recruiting became widespread, and before transferring was aided and abetted by State government, every five or ten years, despite being a small city, Columbia could put together a team that could compete at the state level, despite having holes in some areas. Today, with transferring mad
  3. Sure, some of that occurs. But having effective open enrollment subject to capacity makes it extremely difficult to police. Therefore, it is easy to get away with. Over the past 25 years which is about the length of time I have watched area football, the concentration of talent has exploded as rule changes made it easy to go wherever one wished. Look, to me there are legitimate reasons for kids to attend school out of zone. Three that come readily to mind are: 1. Attendance at a Magnet program related to the kid's career interests; 2. In a situation where a kid has already completed at l
  4. Under current enacted state regulations, you are allowed to go to any public high school of your choice with the only caveats being that if it is not your zoned school it must not be at capacity and you must provide your own transportation. When this went into effect, the FHSAA essentially gave up on trying to police transfers (not that there were doing a stellar job prior to the change). So, until the legislature goes in a different direction, we are stuck with what we have got. In densely populated areas, this basically means that the great majority of talent will tend to congregate at
  5. Pahokee and Glades Central were special cases. They had an unbelievable concentration of talent in the Muck. Unfortunately, with the demise of sugar, they have lost population and as a result are now in the same shoes of most other rural and semi-rural areas. It is not likely that a flood of south Florida talent will transfer to either of those schools.
  6. It is a disadvantage for all high schools located in smaller towns/cities. On the other hand, for the same reason, such schools don't lose their best players to transfers too. It's a two edged sword, but it makes it difficult for rural and small town/city schools to win state titles in the current environment.
  7. Jones would have a hard time against a highly recruited Central team. They would fare better against American Heritage. Personally, I think they have a better title chance this year in 6a, as I think Central would be much harder to beat than Miami Northwestern.
  8. As Perspective laid out in his own lawyerly, rather cheeky way, they are both talented and well coached. To me, they are a more consistent version of Bishop Moore in Orlando which is equally well coached, but does not always have as much talent.
  9. Dillard has a shot, as does Edgewater. At this stage, I don't want to handicap anything. STA is clearly the favorite to win 7a, but it's not a lock.
  10. Jesuit has been a good program consistently.
  11. It would be difficult for any of the three to win the state title. But in terms of competitiveness, I have to agree with you: At least on paper, it's a very competitive district. Of the three, Jones probably has the best shot at getting to at least the state semis. But I would not be shocked if one of Mainland or Lake Minneola beat them.
  12. It would be stupid to write Osceola out of the district race and a deep playoff run.
  13. I am very familiar with the 9th grade campus, or at least the old one, before it was rebuilt. Back then, I had a child that did his first two years of high school at Winter Park before finishing 11-12 at Apopka. Not sure what WP's enrollment stats are today, but in the first five years of this century, it had about 2,900 students of which about 20% were in the IB program.
  14. @Trelle, the great majority of Orange County public high schools are built to accommodate an 8A capacity. This has been the case since DP, Cypress Creek and University (back then it was a 5A capacity, as that was the largest class) were built in 1988. I guess the theory was: since metro Orlando was growing rapidly, it was more cost effective to have very large high schools which could maximize the use of scarce land. So, yes, I am pretty sure LBV and Horizon were built to accommodate roughly 3,000 kids at capacity.
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