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  1. I don't know who Raines has coming in, but based on what I saw of them in the spring game, they have a lot of work to do. Solid team, but not a must to make it to the State final.
  2. Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa

    Now that's, too, funny! Very different individuals those too.
  3. When did school start starting in the middle of the week??

    Ok, that's kind of different. Maybe Gatorman-uf explains it then.
  4. When did school start starting in the middle of the week??

    It's probably just the staff not the kids.
  5. Teams the Polls Missed This Decade

    Spruce Creek may be a live candidate in 8A. We will see if I have totally missed the mark.
  6. 1994 4A State Title Game - Santa Fe vs Lake Wales

    After watching the video, Santa Fe was not a bad team. They deserved the win with an inspired second half.
  7. 6A Rankings Top 10 going into 2019 season.

    Yes, they just fell below 7A population stats.
  8. West Central Florida

    I did not realize that DeSoto and North Port had been classified that way. Leaving North Port out probably does not make much difference unless they have turned the corner in a big way, as they won't be competitive. But DeSoto could be a playoff candidate. Purely on geography, you should cover DeSoto, but I realize you have a dilemma given the district they are in.
  9. East Central Florida Top 18 (UPDATED)

    Truth of the matter is, the whole I-4 corridor plus Brevard and the counties just north of Tampa should be considered Central Florida. I guess Orlando Metro claims it just because they are also in the middle of the state width wide as well as length wise. But the whole thing is pretty arbitrary.
  10. East Central Florida Top 18 (UPDATED)

    Geographically, you are totally correct. But for reasons, fair or not, Orlando metro people tend to see Polk County as part of the Tampa Bay area. Now for Lakeland (west Polk), this may make sense. But for Haines City or Winter Haven it does not. So there is that ...
  11. 2000 Class 6A Title Game - Palm Bay vs Dillard

    100% correct. For even the few that make it to the pros and get substantial money, there is a serious question as to whether it is worth it. What value should one place on 20 years of extra life in relatively good health?
  12. 2000 Class 6A Title Game - Palm Bay vs Dillard

    It easily could have been. But was not to be.
  13. 2000 Class 6A Title Game - Palm Bay vs Dillard

    This game was a tough loss for Dillard. Unfortunately Palm Bay took greater advantage of the few chances each team had on offense. Game could have gone either way ...
  14. 2001 6A Title Game - Northwestern v Apopka

    RB should have played receiver or DB in addition to his kicking/punting duties from his sophomore year. Very good high school athlete who only played on offense in his senior year. His younger brother was not bad either.
  15. 2001 6A Title Game - Northwestern v Apopka

    He ran spread when he was there and for the first two games of the 2006 season when he came back. Then he lost to Lake Brantly by a baseball score and went back to running the ball. He began experimenting with the single wing in 2006 but fully implemented it the following year.