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  1. There is talent in Opa-Locka, too.
  2. Seminole High is as tough; Venice's schedule is also pretty tough.
  3. One of the toughest. Certainly more difficult than Vero Beach's schedule which to me is middling, not weak, but not really tough.
  4. I did not go to the game. But I hear that Apopka ran the ball 90% on offense though they have not abandoned using some spread formations. I know we were up 14-0 well into the fourth when Lake Gibson scored to cut the lead to a score. But Apopka sealed the deal on the next possession. Apopka is young, particularly on defense. But there is adequate talent. Despite a tough district, the playoff appearance streak should remain intact. How far the Darters go, I don't know at this stage. Some young teams improve as the season progresses, and some don't. To have a shot at going deep, Apopka will have to make significant improvement over the course of the season.
  5. Vero Beach goes 8-2 based on that schedule.
  6. It is a very strong schedule so far which should tell you a lot about DILLARD and its playoff potential.
  7. This is someone I saw play several times. RIP.
  8. Lincoln is a very diverse school. Not predominantly anything. It has a very good academic reputation. And, in the late 1990s and early 2000s was a state power winning a few state titles before the opening of a new school that took some of its talent. More recently, it has been decent, but not great, at football.
  9. Lincoln usually has some talent. But I think Dillard should be able to take care of business. Like Columbia said, it may be a game worth watching. Hard to say. In 2019 in the second round of the playoffs, Lincoln took an Edgewater team that gave Aquinas a difficult game in the finals into overtime.
  10. A lot will depend on your underclassmen's strength as well as the transfers that occur between now and the game. Last year's Venice team would have acquitted itself well against IMG (certainly could have won, but at the least been very competitive). So, my take is that you will need to approach last year's strength to have a good shot assuming IMG is at its normal strength.
  11. If they won, it would make Kansas City look better.
  12. The team has a shot. Would be happy for Trey Hendrickson if they did. He's a former Blue Darter.
  13. I feel your pain. Thought the game was in the bag at the half.
  14. Colquitt is usually a very strong team. For Deerfield to represent Florida, they would need to be at their best. Right now, DB looks like they are going to be down is the 2022 season.
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