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  1. Am I bad. If you go to their X page, I believe the 2024 schedule is up. Not sure how I ended up posting the 2023 schedule and not the 2024 one in the message.
  2. Even if this works for the Rural class(es), I object strenuously to any such implementation in the other classes. So the intent is to have like 14-15 "state champs" with half of them coming from the lower echelons of each class? Or am I missing something?
  3. @nolebull813 thanks for posting this. I took the time to leaf through the yearbook. It was quite informative, especially for a man originally from Jamaica. From beginning to the end of their journey, the graduating class shrunk by more than 80%. To put that into perspective, that's an alarming but understandable rate for the times. I have no idea how that graduating class fared in their lives. WW2 was not that far off; the Great Depression was dead ahead; and the USA was a lot less hospitable to those of us "not blessed" with a certain ancestry. I don't know what motivated you to post this, but want to express my appreciation to you for doing so.
  4. Yeah, the percentages resemble a Boone, Winter Park or Lake Brantley in Orlando today.
  5. So, Norland was an integrated school in 1971. Back then, the Northern part of Dade County was mostly white. The black population lived downtown or in Central Dade County where Miami Northwestern is.
  6. What happened to Mays and Carver? Where did their kids go after they closed or merged into other schools? It's a pity Mays did not survive. Willie Mays was an iconic baseball player.
  7. Back in 1971, Norland was most likely a majority white school. It may have been all white as I am not sure when the schools were desegregated in Miami.
  8. He's a high school sports fan. Kind of like me. I watch the super bowl, and the National Championship college game, and, if UCF is having a really good year, I may attend a home game as my wife is an alum. But aside from that, I watch High School sports, especially football. I guess it's because it used to reflect the game at its purest, where the great majority of the participants will end their careers when they graduate. Unfortunately, it has lost much of its purity over the past 25 seasons.
  9. 8-16 sounds about right. It would remove all the real powerhouse teams while not forcing some very good, but not great teams, into a group with the best of the best where they would have little chance of ever winning it all.
  10. Looks like a check the boxes but do nothing deal to me. But what do I know.
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