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  1. It happens a lot. Florida cannot compete financially. It's that simple.
  2. FHSAA let football teams move

    8A teams should not be allowed to be independent. If you are that big and can't compete just drop the sport.
  3. Who Is This Former Central FL Superstar?

    the link or picture did not work. Probably why there is no response.
  4. 7 Great FL HS Programs That Collapsed

    Chip G had health issues and between that and a lack of administrative support when the Olympia principal came over (she had run Bob Head away from Olympia), he called it a day. Some of the staff he had at Evans for that brief run are now at Wekiva and have created a thorn for the Darters.
  5. The 3 Worst Counties for Football Awards

    They are. They have suffered from coaching and other issues. With the last two seasons under their belt, they seem to be doing better. Will it last? That is the question of the decade.
  6. The 3 Worst Counties for Football Awards

    While at the bottom Duval is demonstrably bad per the above. Duval's public schools won two state titles this year: Mandarin and Raines. So, in my opinion, that leaves Pinellas as the sole county in third place.
  7. 7 Great FL HS Programs That Collapsed

    You could probably add Orlando Evans to that list. In 1991 it was co-state champion and in the 1980s through 2001 was a perennial playoff contender. Today, Evans struggles to win two games in a season. It is not as if athletes are not there. Basketball still does pretty well and the soccer program has had some success over the past 10 seasons. A good staff with the commitment and administrative buy in, could potentially return Evans to playoff contender status.
  8. Biggest Busts in the Preseason Polls

    They benefited from reputation earned the prior two years.
  9. Biggest Busts in the Preseason Polls

    They were young, mostly juniors and sophomore starters with a sprinkling of freshmen in there, too. If the team remains intact, they will be very good in 2019.
  10. Biggest Busts in the Preseason Polls

    But they made it to the third round regional final). It is hard to say a third round team was a bust. Apopka beat them handily and exited sooner. Oh DP, Oh DP ...
  11. The Greatest FL HS Playoff Team Ever?

    Surely this must be a typo. DB has been in the highest class since the early 2000s at least. By contrast Madison over this time has been in the lowest three classes. I doubt these two teams have met in the playoffs over the past 19 seasons.
  12. The Greatest FL HS Playoff Team Ever?

    Good record and almost there!
  13. The Greatest FL HS Playoff Team Ever?

    I believe the answer is either Glades Central or North Florida Christian. But those are guesses. I have not done the research.
  14. The Greatest FL HS Playoff Team Ever?

    It's not Lakeland. In 2009, I believe, St Thomas destroyed them in the State Title game. Scored over 50 while I believe Lakeland scored 7. It was the most totally dominating beat down of an undefeated team I ever saw.
  15. Biggest blowouts (wins and losses) by major FL programs 1963-present

    Only to lose the state title game to South Dade. Go figure!