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  1. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    I am going to take the Panthers by 21. If you meet up with Wavebb, tell him I will see him in Daytona.
  2. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    He is a beast!
  3. Vero vs Treasure Coast

    I watched the Vero vs Viera game and Vero looked a lot better to me in that one than they did early in the season. The team has certainly seemed to have turned the corner and should be a threat to get to at least the semifinal game this year.
  4. Vero vs Treasure Coast

    A lot of people confuse the two. There are similarities but also big differences. With single wing, the line is unbalanced and there is no true quarterback. The ball can technically be snapped to anyone of three guys.
  5. Vero vs Treasure Coast

    They run single wing, not wing T. There is a difference.
  6. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    We will see what we will see. I am sure they will score over 21 against either of them. The acid test is Edgewater's defense which gives up its share of points.
  7. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    Agreed, I give Palmetto the edge, but if I were in south Florida this weekend, that is a game that I would probably attend.
  8. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    You will see them against the Region 2 winner in two weeks. It will be at home for Armwood or Lakeland. We will see what happens then
  9. First Round Results - Was RPI Worth It?

    Of the four remaining teams in the playoffs due to RPI, only North Marion and Atlantic have a decent chance of being in the regional finals. The other two should be bounced this week.
  10. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    I believe the chaff has now been removed from 8A. Look for the remaining rounds to be much more competitive.
  11. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    I agree. BT will be very difficult to beat at their place. If Apopka is to win they will have to punch them in the mouth early and maintain that for four quarters. I have BT a 10+ point favorite going into the game.
  12. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    You can go with whomever you wish. It does not change the fact that Edgewater will win this game easily.
  13. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    Regarding the two games involving Orlando area teams, Edgewater and Apopka, I think the Edgewater vs Lincoln game will be a blowout win for Edgewater to the tune of over a 30 point margin win by Edgwater. In the Apopka vs Bartram Trail game, if Apopka is to have a solid shot, it will have to play mistake free football. That game could be close, but the edge belongs to BT.
  14. Hillsborough County just destroyed Brevard County

    With the exception of Dade County, the above could be said of pretty much every other area of the state including all the large, metro areas. In Dade, the Northwest corner of the county would always produce a few statewide and often nationally competitive teams. You cannot say the same for Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale, though in the case of FTL, the reason has as much to do with St. Thomas, American Heritage and more recently Cardinal Gibbons, and to a lesser degree Chaminade.
  15. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    At Apopka, Palm Coast brought at best, 200 fans, plus the band and cheerleaders. The Apopka side had about the number of fans I see at a decent regular season game. I guess the weather (rain fell constantly, but not heavily for pretty much the entire game) reduced attendance. I have noticed that overall over the past 8 or so years, that attendance seems to be drifting downward in Florida. Even the state championship games reflect this.