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  1. Who Are These Two Legendary Coaches? George Smith & Al Morrell

    Walt Frazier, Carol City and George Smith, St. Thomas Aquinas?
  2. 8A Region 3 - Will the Bucks Win Again?

    Western is in Region 4 this year, not region 3.
  3. 8A Region 1 - An Early Look

    Spruce Creek showed very well in the Spring Jamboree. They have a running back with an offer from Alabama and an athlete at QB that can run and pass very effectively. Their defense is more of a bend but not break kind and lacks the savagery I .like to see in my D. But it was effective against both Raines and Atlantic Coast. And while Atlantic Coast did not impress me much, Raines is still chock full of athletes. Now playing Spruce Creek with only a fifteen minute break after going two very intense quarters with Apopka may have affected their performance; however, I would make Creek coequal favorite to win district 2 right this minute.
  4. 8A Region 2 - An Early Look

    Lake Nona, offensively, has talent. Not sure how the D will show against good competition, but given the weakness of the Region, this team could surprise more than a few in the playoffs.
  5. Apopka Jamboree

    First the bad news: Apopka does not have an offensive identity and must develop one over the summer or it could be a long, disappointing season ending without a playoff appearance. Now the good news: There is enough skill talent to do it. However, the offensive line must develop quickly. It would also help if the injuries get better over the summer and a few fresh, new faces show up in the freshman class. Finally, the defense was solid in all aspects of the game holding Atlantic Coast to minuscule yards (I don't think they had a first down in a half of football) and making critical sacks, a forced fumble and an interception, against an athletic, Raines offense, holding them to six points in two quarters. In fact, you could argue that it was not the D that gave up the six points as Apopka's offense fumbled away the football at about their own nine with about 40 seconds left in the game. Raines scored with 14.8 seconds left in the game, and intercepted Apopka's hail Mary to end the contest. To hold the defending state champion to six on a night when the offense could not move the ball to save it's life against them was pretty impressive. Apopka has plenty of talent. However, at this stage, its offense is the least developed of the eight teams I have seen play this spring. Now talent wise, it if far from the worst of those eight teams. An offensive identity needs to be developed or the team will struggle to score against decent teams. Lohman, who was our brightest offensive spark in the first game against Atlantic Coast, went down late in the second quarter of the second quarter of that game and was on crutches for the second game. I hope the injury is not severe as he will be needed to help spark the team come summer. On defense Jaylin Carter had a stellar night recording sacks and forcing the Raines fumble. Surprisingly, Spruce Creek, which is not usually a football power, was the best of the four teams at the jamboree winning both of their halves in impressive style. Their running back, number 4, and quarterback, number 9 are both D1 talents in my opinion. They beat Atlantic Coast 28-7 and was leading Raines 7-0 more than midway in their first quarter when I left to make the long trip home. Apopka won its half against Atlantic Coast 2-0 as the D brought Atlantic Coast down in its own end zone when they started from their own 3, and lost 0-6 against Raines. I did not see Fred Young, who was our best receiver last year on the sidelines. I don't know whether he has left school via transfer, or if he has quit football. Either way, the loss is a pity, as Fred was a very good receiver and with Apopka running more out of the spread I would have expected him to come into his own this season.
  6. Spring Game 2

    Both Lake Nona and Timber Creek looked solid. Not deep playoff threats, but teams that will compete for playoff spots and on a given night could bring down any of the better teams. So far, Lake Nona's QB impressed me the most of the ones I have seen this spring.
  7. Daytona Mainland tops St Augustine and Jax Mandarin

    Is he coming back?
  8. Spring Game 2

    So, I watched the first three quarters of the Winter Park vs Dr. Phillips game tonight. I had to leave at the end of the third as I had another commitment. Both teams showed well. When I left, Winter Park held a 21-7 lead. However, the Sentinel reports that Dp. rallied to win 28-21 in the fourth quarter. Sorry I was not able to stay for the fireworks. Thoughts on the game: Both teams are solid. Dp. should have scored first as a half back pass delivered by Patti (I am guessing he is related to Nick and is the same style QB), found a wide open receiver in stride. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, after hauling it in, he stumbled and fell. On the next play Patti threw an interception which WP proceeded to drive down field and score. DP utilized two QBs, Patti and the tall kid that transferred from West Orange last year. Patti is quite the athlete, and it is kind of like having a running back with a good arm playing QB. However, he threw two picks before leading DP to their fourth quarter comeback. For me, as of now, I would take the WO transfer as my starter, but we shall see. Winter Park looked good which they don't usually do in the spring. The have a number of very athletic kids at receiver who can make plays after the catch and the QB is capable of tucking the ball and running for decent yardage. Perhaps the most interesting thing I noted was that the WP defensive interior, which was undersized and did not look that impressive to the eye, was able to contain the DP running game well for the three quarters I saw. Look for both of these teams to make a run in 8A come fall.
  9. Ryan Jankowski highlights against Jensen Beach

    Is he going to be a Sophomore or a true Freshman? He has the makings of a good QB. Certainly more upside potential than his older brother.
  10. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    Those would be some good matchups. You would think someone would make it happen.
  11. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    That would be a good thing. We are adjoining counties and there is no real barrier that should prevent scheduling some good matchups.
  12. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    Me, too! Rockledge came up to Apopka for the KOC in 2002 and put a beating on the Darters!
  13. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    Then I expect the Raiders to have a good season again. Back when I started watching high school football, Rockledge and Palm Bay were the best teams in East Central Florida.
  14. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    Well you got to admit, there's not much difference between a Raider and a Pirate. So, I am sure the former pirates are comfortable in their new home.
  15. Sub 10 100 M Run by High Schooler - Video

    I am not surprised. The ease with which he won the 9:98 hundred was the reason I was certain that at this stage of his career he would do well in Jamaica, my home country. Believe me that's the highest compliment I could give a high school sprinter, for the Jamaican school boy/girl circuit is about the most competitive in the world. It does not always have the best high school sprinter(s), but in terms of depth, I can't think of another country or region within a country with more potential olympian sprinters in the 17-19 age group.