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  1. Edgewater lost a very good running back to graduation (ICON). Other than that, the rest of the very good skill talent will be back. They also lost some good to very good linemen on both sides of the ball who had experience. They have some holes to fill, but on paper no more so than any other team in the Orlando area. I expect them to be very good again and a return trip to state is not out of the question.
  2. Perhaps. I guess we will see in 2 years or so.
  3. My trip to Lake City a year and a half ago, was likewise, a pleasant experience. I was very impressed with the school and the quality football stadium. Also, I can vouch that Columbia fan is a decent young man who loves his Tigers!
  4. I knew he was ailing. I did not know it was that bad. RIP, coach!
  5. On that night, yes. To be honest, I liked San Fran because I like solid running games and thought they had the better one. Also, the fact two former Central Florida high school players were on the team did not hurt.
  6. We melted down in the final 5:30 of the game. Till then the 49'ners were in charge. I lot a bundle on the game!
  7. That situation is actually sad. There is no reason why a Palm Beach county public outside of the Muck could not win a state title.
  8. They get to play in 1A while having access to players that would be more reflective of a 4A school via a Charter School in the county.
  9. In several cases, yes. But at this stage of the tournament, it would probably not be that big a deal. And, like Bad Bird, I am okay with this, as on a net basis, I think we would often get better finals.
  10. Laz, you provide an invaluable service to all fans of football, particularly high school, where it is so difficult to obtain accurate data.
  11. They were a very good, underrated team which did not get much respect outside the Orlando area. They had a decent shot at taking down St. Thomas and in the end came up just short. I understand why the QB threw the ball to Tommi Hill on the final play of the game as he had a hot hand the last two Edgewater drives. But he was double covered so the throw had to be perfect and it was not. If he had looked left instead of right, Edgewater had another decent receiver, who, while not wide open, only had one defender covering him. That would have been a better, more interesting option.
  12. No you are not dumb; I understand the error. But based on the title, it was teams that have not reached a title game. Edgewater, is probably the best team in past 20 years to not win a title having reached the title game four times (all losing efforts) and the semis two additional times.
  13. Probably a relatively high win percentage. They did reach state in 2005, though, when they upset Northwestern in the semis. Unfortunately, they got blown out by Palm Beach Gardens.
  14. Very sorry to hear this. Tragic is an understatement. Prayers go out to his family, friends and teammates.
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