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  1. They will need to win out first. While favored, the last thing they should do is look too far ahead. If they focus on the next two games, one game at a time, they will have a shot. At the end of the day, it is not guaranteed as this is a popularity contest, not something settled on the field.
  2. Sure, why not? Lakeland beat the upstart soundly.
  3. Hopefully Apopka won't melt down in the final minutes as they did in Daytona.
  4. I attended this game. Jones beat Edgewater at their own game. They dominated both lines of scrimmage. I was surprised they were able to do this as Edgewater is bigger up front. I thought if Jones won it would be based on their passing game. I was wrong, for while they did have a few big pass plays, they were also able to run the ball between the tackles very effectively against Edgewater. Edgewater had a few good drives, but the early ones sputtered when they got beyond the Jones 30. Post tragedy, Jones seems to have peaked. If Jones can maintain this form for another week, I think they will meet St. Thomas in the final. Not sure how to evaluate their chances if that matchup occurs.
  5. If the Darters beat PBC, I will be in Fort Lauderdale for the final. Columbus will rightly be the favorite, but maybe Apopka can give you a good game.
  6. Columbus's record looks better than they do on video. Despite the great showing against Central, I see chinks in their armor. Unfortunately, I am not sure if we have the horses to properly exploit them. If Seminole had remained injury free and in peak form as they were early in the season, I would have actually given them a great chance to beat Columbus. As for Ocoee, they have made a wonderful playoff run on the road. I think they will give Columbus an early scare and a good game, but they may just come up short. Great season for them, though. Prior to this year, I am not sure whether they had won a playoff game, though they have made the playoffs before.
  7. Thanks, actually, we travel to Palm Beach Central and Ocoee travels to Columbus. We would have only gotten Ocoee if Doral had upset Columbus which was not going to happen. I am fine with the PBC matchup. Would have preferred if Palm Beach Gardens had beaten them as they would have had to travel to Apopka. But I think Apopka, if it plays at its best, has a very good chance against PBC.
  8. Get it done!! I think this rematch will be an epic one.
  9. Great win for the Bucs, Dan. Happy for them. I think they have as good a chance as any of the other three teams to win it all. I am not a huge favorite of the new, Metro/Suburban breakdown and would much rather see a promotion/relegation system which would be more honest and would give programs with bigger aspirations the chance to step up their competition over time. Central and east Central Florida is well represented in the semis with teams from Volusia, Brevard, Orange, Osceola and Polk still in the hunt. On to next week!!
  10. Tough loss for Pahokee. Sorry to see your season end.
  11. So you got your fix and it's all good. But why would the teams in metro that don't cheat get stuck in a no win situation? Now we have a situation like California and certain other states that don't really have a state championship competition anymore. We have sections of the state competing against each other. The current situation is not tenable. Pretty soon many metro schools will just stop participating in the state series since it is either that or cheat if you want to win it all.
  12. The system won't really address it. Just for those labelled suburban. But what about Tampa Bay, Orlando and Jacksonville or Palm Beach County for that matter. They will still be in essentially the same position they were in. Apopka is not a school that aggressively recruits. But it gets little help from the redone system. Yes, currently Columbus is the only real South Florida threat. But if some of the large publics in Dade and Broward decide to do a Miami Central, then we will still be disadvantaged. I am not going to whine any further on this. But in my opinion only making kids that transfer sit a year unless it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that there is a real reason for the transfer that is not sports related (such as the death of a custodian, a divorce, and the like) will make the system fairer.
  13. That there will be a major upset along the I-4 corridor next Friday. It involves a storied program versus an upstart.
  14. Don't know the exact amount, but it was well under 100, as was Bolles who lost its QB early in the game.
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