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  1. When you play Apopka you get astigmatism!:)
  2. Makes sense. The people knowledgeable of those teams have probably all died off by now.
  3. So, I assume these players were all-time best at Columbia. But I noticed that no one was listed before the 1940s. And, I believe Columbia has been around before 1940 and probably played football before then. Is there any reason no "golden age" old timers were not on your list? Lack of information, etc.?
  4. Maybe and maybe not. Apopka is one of a few Central Florida schools that has enough talent, and a culture of winning, that allows them to compete with the better south Florida schools. This year there is no chance of a rematch, as schedules have been set. However, there is a decent chance there will be a basis for comparison as Apopka has American Heritage Plantation on its schedule and you will play them, too. Apopka does not fear or back down from any challenge because there is a belief that a loss is a learning experience. In fact though we have won three state titles, we have never done so undefeated. I am sure Apopka would be willing to play MNW over the next few years, if an agreement acceptable to both programs can be reached.
  5. It was! Was forced to spend the night as I had three young men with me and driving conditions were scary. The fog had come in during the final quarter of the game and was as thick as pea soup when we left. I drove about 10 miles down I-10 and decided the risk was not worth it.
  6. I was at that game. First trip to Doak Campbell and Apopka's first trip to the finals. I did not know what to expect, but liked that Apopka offense.
  7. This was a gimme. Apopka only completed one pass (for a long touchdown) in handing the Bulls a 34-16 beating in the 6A title game in 2001 up at the Doak. Now to be fair, the Darters should have been two for two on passes as Antoine Coley dropped one in the endzone when he was wide open. While a running team, it is slightly misleading to describe Apopka as one dimensional as it always has multiple backs and often the ball is snapped to multiple individuals during the course of a game.
  8. That is correct on all fronts. The Cypress Bay Apopka game was a classic!
  9. More than the gate for many schools and for many sports.
  10. Billy Rolle, Miami Northwestern twice, Killian once, and Southridge once.
  11. I don't know what's wrong with little Jesse. He constantly craves attention but in the wrong way. Strikes me as a kid that did not make the cut for the team and must now somehow compensate for that by being a jerk on the message board.
  12. Orlando Evans, which tied Southridge in 1991, 20 years after Bishop Moore gave Orlando its first state title. If I am right, you are a tricky guy with a wry sense of humor.
  13. The FHSAA changed the rules after this game. I had just moved to the Orlando area the year before, and the grandson of a lady I stayed with for the first three months I was in the area, was a backup on that Evans team.
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