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  1. Yes, he always did his own thing, but usually consulted with us first and he would explain why he made the choices he did. We try and stay in touch via Discord and WeChat weekly, but finding the right time is often a problem as he lives 12 hours ahead of us. And, trying to communicate with your grandchild electronically is not the same as hugging him. And yes, there are physical and emotional issues being the youngest in your class. It helped that by the time he was 15 he was over 6ft and weighted about 200.
  2. Chronological and emotional ages often don't correlate as well as you would think. In my kid's case, he skipped the fourth grade in elementary school, so he was always a year ahead. It got worse from there as in middle school he opted to do Algebra 1 and Geometry at Apopka high. So, he ended up graduating high school at 16 which made him the youngest in the class. At 22 he packed his bags and moved to Thailand. He has lived in Asia ever since, got married and is the father of a kid there.
  3. While Prom means a lot to most kids, it does not to all. It's on a case, by case basis. In his case, he has always marched to his own drummer. He's lived in the Far East for over 11 years now, and at this stage it looks like he has made the Asian continent his home.
  4. If he has enough credits to graduate, I have no problem with him doing this. One of my kids graduated a year early (he was not an athlete) as he had completed his high school curriculum. If you can, and are mature enough, there is nothing wrong getting a jump on like after childhood.
  5. I would love to see the Rockledge Raiders get back to their form of 20 years ago.
  6. Heck, there isn't even consensus on what's best these days. We live in interesting times.
  7. You said it all right there. It is all fine and dandy to appreciate the loaded teams that may play an epic state finals game. But at what cost? Numerous blowout victories during the regular season and through the first three or four games of the playoffs? To be honest, I liked it better when talented, but obviously flawed teams would meet in the championship games. Just my two cents.
  8. Am I bad yes, Trinity Christian Academy, Deltona is where the first kid transferred from.
  9. No Academy. Based on the other transfer from there you just posted, looks like their football program just went belly up.
  10. Yes, it has. And Venice has been Exhibit A for that. But the 2000 team had a very difficult path to the 5A title game, overcame the obstacles it faced, and blew out the opponent in dominating fashion at Florida Field. By those standards, that was a very good high school team that would have been in the mix anytime between 1996 and 2006. For you to essentially malign them seems unfair from where I stand. I respect what Venice has on its roster this year. However, I think they will be tested severely on their path to state. If they win the whole thing, more power to them. But I am quite sure it will not be a romp.
  11. You are confusing star power with good team. That's a mistake. The 2000 Venice team took out: Lakeland which had been on a 35 game winning streak; Manatee; and Ely at their place, on their way to state. Yes, only two kids from that team got D1 scholarships, both of them running backs, and only one of the two got much playing time in college (the other got a masters in Engineering, so his time was not wasted). That Venice team was very good, largely homegrown and had true grit. I would take them over many, many teams today that are loaded with 3 to 5 star players.
  12. Are you watching last season, or spring highlights? There is a difference.
  13. They are the defending champions. The kings till they get taken out.
  14. There are a few Central Florida teams that will have something to say about that. We will see how it plays out.
  15. I will probably watch Wekiva vs Norland. I think it is potentially better than Apopka vs Deland. I am curious to see what the new regime at Wekiva has got.
  16. They have as good a shot as they have ever had. They did win state titles in 2000 and, I believe, 2017. I may be off by a year on the second date. I am not saying this is a must; I am saying they have a very good chance.
  17. It should be a very interesting game. In terms of stars, Venice probably has the edge based on movement in South Florida this year. But they are playing in the Bulls' backyard, I believe, and Venice could also have problems with their physicality and overall speed.
  18. For what it's worth, they beat up Lakeland and Manatee in two quarters each of football in their spring jamboree. Their QB transferred in from Sarasota Riverview; his dad was an NFL QB. Not a true dual threat, but he can run for yards when the situation arises. They are grouped in the South bracket and should compete with Columbus and Deerfield, as well as Osceola or West Orange or DP, if it can improve over spring for a shot at the title game.
  19. Venice has a solid shot at beating MNW. They are fielding their best team since 2000. Lots of "transfers" with stars on the team.
  20. His team is actually going to be pretty good this year.
  21. Enterprise is going to make a deep run this year. Coach going to beat down his former connection.
  22. If Deerfield caliber is such that it exits the playoffs early, they won't blow out Lakeland. Regardless of how far the Dreadnaughts go this year, they will only get blown out by legitimate state contenders, if at all.
  23. Until a team makes it to the State game and puts up a good showing, most fans from outside its area would have never heard of them unless they have a tradition of playing on the road and upsetting teams every so often.
  24. Actually Trinity Christian Academy. The Masters Kid is a punter/kicker. This kid plays defense.
  25. Sadly, yes. High School football is now on par with college when it comes to the assembly of dominant teams.
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