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  1. If they are as strong as in recent years, yes, they could. TCA also has a much better chance this year, too.
  2. Way Too Early 2019 Forecast

    Yes, that is the best way to play the market. But you have to breakdown the data into different historical periods and assign weights to the data, with the most recent being the strongest in determining short to intermediate term price performance in the security or average you are trading.
  3. west orange coach?

    This may mark the beginning of the rise of Windermere High, and the decline of West Orange, as a football program. Bob Head was a very good football coach who got the most out of the kids he coached. Sorry to see his tenure at West Orange end this way and hope that: a) he will get a second chance elsewhere; and something like what happened never happens again.
  4. It could be the culture at the school, or the coaching. For years Apopka was a football/baseball school, but was mediocre at best in basketball. This year, for the first time since 1963 or 64, they have a basketball team that may make a deep run. The program started to turnaround when they got a coach who knew how to be successful. The talent was always there, it just did not manifest itself on the court.
  5. Willie must go...

    Frost is going to end up regretting he left UCF. I know why he did, and in his situation, I may have too. But in terms of future success, I think he made a big mistake. UCF was a program waiting to explode to the upside once the fossil was put out to pasture.
  6. Deondre Francois Dismissed from FSU

    Some women have a habit of retracting their statements when things involve LEO, or in this case dismissal. It does not mean she was not abused. And, don't get me wrong, not being familiar with the situation, I am not saying she was, just that the retraction does not necessarily mean she was not. The best thing Deandre can do is move on with his life. He should take some time to reflect and after that see if he can find a spot elsewhere. But if his football days are over, then he needs to make sound plans for the rest of his life. I first saw him play his sophomore season when he started for Olympia. While he impressed me some, I was never sold on him as a QB. That said, I am sorry his situation has spiraled downward.
  7. Pahokee new head coach

    Interesting pick. Certainly has roots in the community.
  8. west orange coach?

    This is a very unfortunate situation. Emotional control is a very important thing.
  9. OMG, did not realize this had happened to Lockhart. I took in a game there back in the early part of the 2000s. I did not realize it had been abandoned.
  10. Who Is Deeper in 8A, South Florida or Orlando?

    That sounds about right. Over the last three seasons they have been able to reload. Not sure what effect the departure of Apopka's HBC will have for them. My feeling is that their path to state may be a bit easier in 7A. However, with St. Thomas as the likely opponent, that is probably a higher hurdle to climb than Columbus (a good team), was.
  11. Thanks. I have been to a couple games at Manatee in the not too distant past. The last one was in 2013, when I saw them play University School. The area around the school itself, did not look dangerous to me. In fact, if I remember correctly, I parked my car on the street and walked a few blocks to the school's stadium which was across the street from the school. But I have no perspective on what the area used to be like, nor can I vouch for the rest of West Bradenton. The school's main building reminded me of what is now Howard Middle School in Orlando, but had been Orlando High School before it morphed into two separate schools, Boone High and Edgewater High.
  12. 2019 unofficial schedules

    Yes, it is difficult for Hillsborough County teams to clear significant travel (even in-state) with the local school board administration. It's probably one of the reasons Armwood has been pounded by Dade teams recently. In the early 2000s they held their own with the Booker T's of the world.
  13. Sorry to hear that. What are the major changes and what do you think caused them?
  14. Who Is Deeper in 8A, South Florida or Orlando?

    How do you feel about Wekiva going back to 8A? Easier or more difficult path?
  15. Georgia is relatively poor, poorer than Florida. But football, even at the high school level, has the ear of those that matter. It's reflected in attendance at games. So, that influence leads to coaches getting a much better deal. It is very hard for a Florida coach with an offer in Georgia to turn it down unless he is financially independent or is not motivated by money.
  16. It happens a lot. Florida cannot compete financially. It's that simple.
  17. FHSAA let football teams move

    8A teams should not be allowed to be independent. If you are that big and can't compete just drop the sport.
  18. Who Is This Former Central FL Superstar?

    the link or picture did not work. Probably why there is no response.
  19. 7 Great FL HS Programs That Collapsed

    Chip G had health issues and between that and a lack of administrative support when the Olympia principal came over (she had run Bob Head away from Olympia), he called it a day. Some of the staff he had at Evans for that brief run are now at Wekiva and have created a thorn for the Darters.
  20. The 3 Worst Counties for Football Awards

    They are. They have suffered from coaching and other issues. With the last two seasons under their belt, they seem to be doing better. Will it last? That is the question of the decade.
  21. The 3 Worst Counties for Football Awards

    While at the bottom Duval is demonstrably bad per the above. Duval's public schools won two state titles this year: Mandarin and Raines. So, in my opinion, that leaves Pinellas as the sole county in third place.
  22. 7 Great FL HS Programs That Collapsed

    You could probably add Orlando Evans to that list. In 1991 it was co-state champion and in the 1980s through 2001 was a perennial playoff contender. Today, Evans struggles to win two games in a season. It is not as if athletes are not there. Basketball still does pretty well and the soccer program has had some success over the past 10 seasons. A good staff with the commitment and administrative buy in, could potentially return Evans to playoff contender status.
  23. Biggest Busts in the Preseason Polls

    They benefited from reputation earned the prior two years.
  24. Biggest Busts in the Preseason Polls

    They were young, mostly juniors and sophomore starters with a sprinkling of freshmen in there, too. If the team remains intact, they will be very good in 2019.
  25. Biggest Busts in the Preseason Polls

    But they made it to the third round regional final). It is hard to say a third round team was a bust. Apopka beat them handily and exited sooner. Oh DP, Oh DP ...