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  1. You have the wrong Darlington. Ty was an Offensive Lineman who went on to Oklahoma. Zack was the Quarterback. Ty was an undrafted free agent coming out of college. I forget which team picked him up but he failed to make the cut. He worked at his Alma Mata as a graduate assistant for some years and was on the Sooners staff after. An academic all star, I am sure Ty will do well at Florida.
  2. Sounds Sisyphean to me ...
  3. Some are weeks away, others are several months away. Different regions of the state and different schools within these regions finalize their schedules at different times. Factors to consider include: the size of the school's districts; whether they are in a district; attentiveness of administration responsible for such matters; the number of long time rivalries the schools has; whether the school seeks out of state or region games to bolster its reputation; other factors too numerous to mention. Expect to see the first set of schedules out early to mid-February and finalized schedules for the great majority of schools by sometime in the spring (late spring for several).
  4. And if your holiday is other: Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever holidays you celebrate at this time of year. May 2022 bring happiness, joy and relative prosperity.
  5. He's referring to Madison County, Cowboys, couldn't you guess?
  6. It turned out Pine Forest had the best chance. After they struggled to beat Jones, I did not think they had a shot at undefeated Jesuit. Little did I know they were going to give them a huge scare.
  7. Pine Forest giving it their all! Much respect to them.
  8. Good for them. I wonder how Jones must feel now. They were an extra point away from winning that game with a couple seconds on the clock up in Pensacola.
  9. Does the score reflect the run of play?
  10. Ouch! If that's true, then their chances are not good.
  11. We will be young next year. So, unless a lot of work is done over the summer, Apopka may have an average season. For Apopka that means maybe getting to the second round of the playoffs.
  12. The better team won. Apopka had a very good season riding its defense. Our offense was not explosive enough to match up with Venice.
  13. Critical drive here for Cocoa. They need to eat clock and score.
  14. Yes, but Cocoa's defense looking a bit tired.
  15. I reserve my opinion. Not enough data.
  16. The original is legit. He's got the track record to back the name!
  17. TBT has the best chance. They have Edgewater 2109 and 2020 talent. But I fear that Edgewater had better coaching and they did not get over the hump despite giving STA several moments of serious concern. I have watched Pine Forest on video twice, including the Jones game. They are solid, but at best (and I stress at best) no better than MNW which was, frankly, outmanned by Jesuit. So, I don't give them much chance. Merritt Island is a solid team, but like Lake Minneola last year will likely be just outmanned.
  18. It would, but there is a difference. Most high school programs don't generate a lot of money from gates receipts, TV, etc. And the coaches in most states (not all) are not particularly well compensated. Big time college football has a lot of money sloshing around and many HBCs who are the highest compensated individuals by a big margin at their respective colleges. In short, it claims to be amateur but the money indicates otherwise. In such situations, it is usually only a matter of time before the troops and their representatives rebel. Currently we are seeing this playout. Where it goes will only be told by time ...
  19. Have to go with the other team this time Dan. Hawthorne needs to beat the Cowboys!
  20. I believe Mike E is correct. However, I would add that Tampa Bay Tech is likely designated the home team as they are ranked 1 while STA is ranked 2. So, when you get there, you want to sit on the home side (whichever side is designated for the home team.)
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