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  1. The 1996-1997 Carol City Chiefs - A Video Tribute

    Good to see you back!
  2. 8:30 Start times

    I disagree. Orlando, year round, is a good deal hotter than when I moved here 29 years ago. I can now plant avocados, coconuts, papaya and mangoes in my backyard without fear that I will lose them to the winter frost. In the short run, that's a good thing as I love all types of fresh fruit and veggies. In the long run, probably not so much ... but I am old, so I will be gone before the funk hits the fan ...
  3. Lakeland appears fully reloaded for 2019

    That was just a trolling post. Lakeland's coaching is fine. As long as they have talent, the contend for deep runs.
  4. Statewide 7v7 tournament

    Aside from Vanguard and Columbia, the field is pretty weak.
  5. 8:30 Start times

    I am in agreement with you. But it probably would never happen as it would affect football recruiting negatively vis a viz compared with other states to some degree, especially for the seniors that don't have a bunch of offers already approaching February (National signing day).
  6. 8:30 Start times

    1. Get the better experience since there would be less rush. 2. But regarding attendance, in metro areas it probably would be worse as the games would be competing with other nocturnal activities.
  7. 8:30 Start times

    I could deal with 8:30 for the first four weeks of the season including the KOC. It might reduce the number of rained out (lightening really) games. After that, in large urban areas, it would not work for a number of reasons. So, I would then push it back an hour or an hour and a half.
  8. What I have trouble with is that Dade public schools win championships consistently. It's not like Broward talent is inferior to Dade's. But Dade, aside from Columbus, and a few small private schools over the years, does not have the likes of AHP, ST. Thomas, Chaminade, etc taking talent in large numbers.
  9. Too many very good private schools taking too much of the talent. That and the inability of Deerfield Beach to live up to its year in and year out hype. Maybe it's going to take a resurgent Dillard to shake things up!
  10. South Florida Dark horses for 2019???

    No, BTW is young but loaded. I fully expect them to have a very good season.
  11. South Florida Dark horses for 2019???

    I agree. They have a very good running back and are a well coached team.
  12. 2019 KOC Games

    I like both of these two matchups. Spruce Creek probably has its best team ever and I am sure the Rockets will represent Florida well.
  13. 2019 KOC Games

    Max Preps has been pretty bad historically. First, they used to allow any registered user to post scores which were not independently verified. But that is only the beginning. I have no confidence that they will be up to the new role assigned to them.
  14. 2019 KOC Games

    Don't quote me on this, but I believe Apopka has its KOC against Miami Booker T. Washington. Good idea, but I am not sure if this is the right year. We will see.
  15. South Florida Dark horses for 2019???

    No, but I had a discussion with someone that saw them in the Spring and that person was impressed with them. I generally trust that person''s judgment and he ranks them at about the Western level. I excluded Western since they have had back to back decent years. As for Dillard they had a very good season last year and the most impressive game was probably the loss to Miami Central. Based on the results of your spring game, it looks like you are going to build on last year's improvement.
  16. South Florida Dark horses for 2019???

    In South Florida, Dillard and McArthur are dark horses. In Central Florida, I think Spruce Creek is a live dark horse and I would not be surprised if they are a bit like Mandarin was last year (I am not picking them to win state at this stage, but I liked what I saw in the spring jamboree). I also think Mainland is going to have their best season since Houston graduated, but they don't qualify for dark horse status.
  17. Hey darter

    From what I saw in the spring jamboree, Wekiva will be decent. However, I think Edgewater is the best 7A team in the Orlando area going into the summer. The biggest knock I see is that Wekiva's defense is not nearly as good as the past three seasons. Now that could change over the summer. But going into the break, I see them as a first or second round exit in the playoffs. The offense has a chance to be better than last year, but unless they get major transfers over summer, the defense will just be good, but not special. Bishop Moore had a multiple play 85 yard drive on them to score the only points of the two quarters the two teams played. Last year there was no team in the State of Florida that I saw that could have scored that kind of touchdown against Wekiva. Scores against them last year were either off of big plays or short fields.
  18. Dillard @ Pahokee Wk 2 Columbus @ Dillard Wk 9 who wins.

    I believe Dillard will be too strong for Pahokee. Regarding the Columbus game, it should be very interesting. Two different kinds of football team. I could see it going either way at this point, and will give you a prediction as we get closer to this game.
  19. New football playing schools 2017-2019

    You have got to keep soldering on. I know you have the resolve. Regarding schedules, Max Preps is not going to cut it. But I am sure you already realize this. On another note, for the first time ever, my home country, Jamaica, has a team in the women's World Cup. Now truth be told, a number of them are US residents and some of those were US born. But I will take it. Hopefully, they win at least a game and tie the MNT's performance in France, 1998.
  20. New football playing schools 2017-2019

    Laz, good to see you posting. Hope all is well!
  21. He scored a touchdown in the first NFL game I ever watched on TV. I was fresh off the boat when I saw him do that!

    Happy birthday! My youngest celebrates his next week. And, he got you beat by a few!
  23. Pinellas County’s one and only “State Title”

    Pretty impressive. To give up just one field goal all season regardless of strength of schedule is very difficult. Given they beat a Georgia state champion, I would guess that some of the teams they played in Florida were pretty tough. Of course, I don't know how strong Georgia football was compared with Florida back then.
  24. Pinellas County’s one and only “State Title”

    Um, which school accomplished this record?
  25. 61 Schools That Have Never Won a Playoff Game

    That right there is key. If you are not yet assimilated you tend not to come out for football. Given the fact that the game is only widely played in the USA, that makes perfect sense. It was not till some 13 years after I migrated to the USA that I became a football fan. Recent immigrants tend to stick with the sports that they grew up with.