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  1. That may be true to a degree. But if leadership did it, I still think they should have brought him back. Sometimes a non-conventional player adds a dynamic that the prototype does not.
  2. When Denver did not renew his contract, I was really angry as he had taken them to the playoffs and I though he deserved another chance since he had totally turned around their season. It did not happen, and at that point he only wanted to play QB.
  3. While I respect your intelligence and interest in the sport of football, I think you still have a lot to learn about politics as practiced here in the USA in the 21st century. I was not the least bit surprised. But they could have at least found a more transparent way to do it. And for the record, I am a supporter of student athletes being able to profit from their college football exploits. College football is very big business, and the workers (players) should be provided more than just a so called free education. The vast majority never go on to an NFL or even Canadian League career a
  4. He should have done this several years ago, if he were serious. The odds of success at this stage are not very good. No hate intended; just stating reality. Could he succeed? Yes. Will he? I doubt it very much.
  5. You have to understand where Edgewater is located. It is just northwest of downtown Orlando. It borders: Jones to the south; Evans to the west; Wekiva to the northwest; Winter Park to the east; and, Boone to the southeast (It also has a small border with Colonial to the east-southeast, but there is not much talent there.) The point is, that kids in those neighboring schools can often just as easily commute to Edgewater as they could to their own, zoned school. Thus when Edgewater has a good coaching staff (Gierke era or currently), it is easy for neighboring talent to choose to go there.
  6. Sorry to hear of your friend's passing. May he rest in peace but never be forgotten by those who knew him and benefitted from the experience. It seems he was a true fan and supporter of his community.
  7. A big part of the problem is the smaller population at the "Muck Schools". A lot of the Palm Beach County Power 5 talent came for GCHS and Pahokee.
  8. It is unfortunate he was behind Timmy for years and then had to transfer to get a chance to start with the Oviedo kid coming in. We will see how this works. As a senior, it does not give the program that much time to adjust around his skills.
  9. I remember watching Travis against: Edgewater, Chaminade and Naples in 2003. He was a bit undersized but played as if he was 30lbs heavier. He was a proverbial beast!
  10. On an unrelated note, Apopka renews its rivalry with Lakeland with an October date at Bryant Stadium. Not sure what Lakeland has this year, but to travel to their place is usually difficult.
  11. That is true. i guess, I was just haiting on a rival.
  12. Lee reminds me of what Dr. Phillips was till they finally got over the hump in 2017.
  13. IF they even get that far. Lee has a habit of losing clutch playoff games.
  14. They will still use single wing. The goal is to experiment with other things. But I will be honest: unless Apopka gets a QB who throws the ball at least as well as Zack Darlington did back in 2012, they will not stray far from the single wing. The problem is: It is difficult to get a QB that good, especially if he feels there is not a deep commitment to at least a 40/60 split.
  15. My interpretation: For whatever reason, he did not fit in at IMG; and, therefore, he was not happy. It is possible he was forced out, but I have no basis for saying so. Regardless, the job he took did not meet his expectations. He likely took a pay cut in leaving, but his sense of well being is probably better for the move. He will have his hands full if his goal is to transform the program he is headed to into a consistent winner. I am not sure what their expectations of him are, so, he could be on his way out of that job in a few years.
  16. Not surprising, whenever someone gives me that line, my guard always goes up. If you are honest, you don't need to say, "to be honest." Your word is your bond.
  17. Maybe family, is he a native Florida guy?
  18. The defending 8a champs? Do they want you to make the trip or are they willing to travel? This would be a great game for Dillard and if it's up here, I will make that game.
  19. It is, but I am told I am not at liberty to say, yet.
  20. The power of the purse is a strong motivator.
  21. If I trusted you, I would. But I think you are a conman! You do have one redeeming virtue: You are a good, loyal fan of the game.
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