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  1. On that night, yes. To be honest, I liked San Fran because I like solid running games and thought they had the better one. Also, the fact two former Central Florida high school players were on the team did not hurt.
  2. We melted down in the final 5:30 of the game. Till then the 49'ners were in charge. I lot a bundle on the game!
  3. That situation is actually sad. There is no reason why a Palm Beach county public outside of the Muck could not win a state title.
  4. They get to play in 1A while having access to players that would be more reflective of a 4A school via a Charter School in the county.
  5. In several cases, yes. But at this stage of the tournament, it would probably not be that big a deal. And, like Bad Bird, I am okay with this, as on a net basis, I think we would often get better finals.
  6. Laz, you provide an invaluable service to all fans of football, particularly high school, where it is so difficult to obtain accurate data.
  7. They were a very good, underrated team which did not get much respect outside the Orlando area. They had a decent shot at taking down St. Thomas and in the end came up just short. I understand why the QB threw the ball to Tommi Hill on the final play of the game as he had a hot hand the last two Edgewater drives. But he was double covered so the throw had to be perfect and it was not. If he had looked left instead of right, Edgewater had another decent receiver, who, while not wide open, only had one defender covering him. That would have been a better, more interesting option.
  8. No you are not dumb; I understand the error. But based on the title, it was teams that have not reached a title game. Edgewater, is probably the best team in past 20 years to not win a title having reached the title game four times (all losing efforts) and the semis two additional times.
  9. Probably a relatively high win percentage. They did reach state in 2005, though, when they upset Northwestern in the semis. Unfortunately, they got blown out by Palm Beach Gardens.
  10. Very sorry to hear this. Tragic is an understatement. Prayers go out to his family, friends and teammates.
  11. Not nearly as fast, but with the same intensity!
  12. Elevator was reserved for media only at the title games.
  13. @Jambun82, I left immediately after the interception that ended the game. I suspect you had official duties that held you up a bit. I left my car on the STA side but watched the game on the visitor side. I ran all the way to my vehicle which was strategically located near the top west section of the lot. If Edgewater had won, I would have stayed for the presentation and would not have minded much being late getting home.
  14. Being at that game, as I could not get out of town in time to make a St. John's County trip, I believe Lincoln, when playing at its best, was a lot better than most people think. This is partially borne out by their win over Palmetto, which was relatively easy, while a few weeks later, Miami Central was taken down to the wire by the same Palmetto team. Lincoln had some playmakers and had certainly done its homework in preparation for Edgewater. It was a cold, wet night, so that may also have impacted the game.
  15. Bishop Moore was one or two impact players away from having a special team that could have gone to the semis or beyond. I thought that they were going to be good when I saw them drive the length of the field against Wekiva and score in the spring jamboree. I hope they keep the schedule tough going forward as even if you end with a loss or two on the resume, it serves a purpose come playoff time.
  16. If Edgewater had gone for two and made it, which they had a 50/50 shot at, instead of the fake kick, they likely send the game to overtime as their kicker has made several 3 point conversions from 40 and beyond during the course of the year. So, I agree with you and am still trying to understand the thought process involved.
  17. You lucked out slightly because STA won and their fans stayed for the presentation. Had you been on the Edgewater side, it would have taken a bit longer to get out. Friday, it took me 53 minutes to leave the home side after Apopka's loss to Columbus. Just saying. All in all, the biggest problem with the Daytona stadium is the two lanes at LPGA. For the MNW vs Jones game, if you did not get there at least an hour before kickoff, you would have had serious issues getting up LPGA to the parking lots. I did not for I arrived early, but my buddies did not get in till kickoff because they decided to head over from their hotel which was five minutes away, 45 minutes before kickoff
  18. We did not win any titles, but one could argue that 2019 was the most successful for Orlando area football at the high school level. Apopka, Edgewater and Jones all have much to be proud of as they gave it their all on the football field this weekend before coming up short. In the case of Apopka and Edgewater one could argue that both were quite unlucky not to win with a straight face. I will add Seminole to the list as despite the final score in the regional final game with Apopka, but for the fumble recovery and return by Apopka in their first drive of the game, they had a decent chance to be the area's 8A representative. I will note, also, that Cocoa, which is just outside the Orlando area, also played valiantly and but for a few costly turnovers would probably have had a great shot at the 4A title. My hats off to all the above programs. If we make this a trend the future of Orlando area football is bright.
  19. Last night the Edgewater Eagles gave their all on the field and came up just short of beating nationally ranked, recruiting mill, St. Thomas Aquinas. Up in Georgia, Marietta upset that other Valdosta team to win their state title, too. As he has disparaged other teams on this board, including, among others Miami Northwestern, NB has spent late summer and fall doing the same to Edgewater, insisting they were, in his words: "Fool's Gold." What I would like to see him do, given the fact that Edgewater all but won last night's game, is justify his position on Edgewater. IF he were a real man, he would fess up and admit he was wrong. But I doubt he is, so he will once again move the goal post and somehow insist that their performance against a team supposedly in contention for a mythical National Championship, does not qualify them as a good team. @nolebull813I await with bated breath your response to last night. I will add that crickets on your part will tell me as much as I need to know about you, as would you spinning some ridiculous justification for continuing to argue Edgewater is no good. I could go on, but you are not worth the time.
  20. Well, an improbable season ended in disappointment last night, as Apopka was done in by: 1. Friday 13 (not really); 2. An average kicking game; 3. A gutsy decision by Columbus to go for two instead of taking the PAT and overtime. While it hurts to lose a game when your opponent's only lead comes with 8.2 seconds left on the clock, putting things into perspective, Apopka had a great season. After losing its best offensive weapon (Davis-Hamilton) early in the 2018 season, the Darter's looked forward to his return for his senior season. But it was not to be as he aggravated his injury in a non-football related accident in the spring (it is really a pity as this kid had a fine college career and perhaps pro, ahead of him). Going into the spring game, the offense was really bad without him, and in four quarters of football the team managed only 2 points on a safety. With the above as the backdrop, I was not expecting much from Apopka this year. And, for the first seven games of the regular season, despite the defense playing stellar football, it seemed likely that Apopka was headed for a first or second round exit in the playoffs as more injuries to offensive players (both skill and linemen) plagued the team. Well, in the second to last game of the regular season against Lake Mary for the district title, a turnaround could be sensed as Apopka won what was expected to be a tight game easily. The turnaround was due to two main factors: 1. Some of the injured players returning to health and the team; 2. Some shifts by the coaching staff moving guys from defense to offensive and finding some diamonds in the rough on the bench. In the end it was not enough for a fourth state title. Still, in perspective, it was a good season for the Darters. Congrats to Columbus on pulling out the win. The two teams were fairly evenly matched, but very different in their strengths and weakness. I feel there will be other Columbus/Apopka finals in the future and I look forward to the chance for redemption.
  21. They would especially with three Orlando area teams in the finals, and especially if all the games were Friday and Saturday (2/3).
  22. At least you are a happy tired, man.
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