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  1. Teams to watch in 2019 (besides the obvious ones)

    Their coach is a doche bag..
  2. That's why y'all and bolles were the most hated teams in the city because y'all never played and quality teams... Y'all aboutnto earn respect from entire state win or lose record
  3. Facts... because normally in 3a trinity in like a heavyweight playing a bunch or light weights. So we know they should be state champs this year. 5a is toughest class in the state
  4. Teams to watch in 2019 (besides the obvious ones)

    @Jags904 Sandalwood get over hump this year and win this district.
  5. Teams to watch in 2019 (besides the obvious ones)

    I say ribault.. they have probably best defense in Duval. if they could get some kind of offense, they could be scary.
  6. Now that they don't have to compete against each year in the playoffs which team has best chance to win title? Northwestern? Carol City? Central? All three? Could these Miami rivals do a clean sweep from 4a-6a ?
  7. Rare State Titles Runs Won Completely on the Road

    Mandarin 2018.... well not exactly but they were picked to lose every game including the state
  8. Jax TCA might have a few transfers

    Because what else is there to talk about.. Lol
  9. Jax TCA might have a few transfers

    I commend them for taking on this schedule bc we all know they are going to win 3A.
  10. Jax TCA might have a few transfers

    Jacques would be a fool to go back to trinity unless they moving Fred or other corner to safety
  11. Vero Beach schedule so far

    yeah you're right. lee did blow that game
  12. Vero Beach schedule so far

    I didn't know exactly how many years it was but I remembered them losing to Apopka that year and they should had of lost to Robert E. Lee a couple of years ago (controversial call). I also depends on schedule I see they play decent teams. Unless they run the table they wont get every home playoff game. then took at armwood, they win both home and away but manage to lay an egg in they state title game for the last 10 years. was basically saying that great teams win on the road. plant is a dynasty though no doubt about it
  13. Bolles has a new head coach

    in mandarin its even worse.
  14. Bolles has a new head coach