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  1. they should go to either IMG or that stadium where normally play the ESPN All American Game.. Its indoors so weather wont be a factor and its enough for social distancing
  2. True that I been here as well, its dysfunctional there.m now with the head co gone, I say this is they can run the ball and win up front then they have a good chance
  3. They'll win their district.. ribault had no offense whatsoever.. Raines win the local against every except lee.
  4. After the blowout loss to Orlando Jones, will they be in this years class 5A State Championship?
  5. Agreed except for mor students. Jacksonville is a college football city..so lots of people are tuned into college football
  6. Due to the last couple shootings at high school football games, ALL Duval County games will start @6pm according to the Superintendent.
  7. ⁰I remember playing against Andre. He almost beat us single handedly. Him and Rashad grant(I believe) combined for almost 700 total yards of offense..
  8. I mean All those teams are apart of north Florida. look at when state championship is played you have arm wood repping the north and Miami northwestern or central or carol city repping the south. Apopka (Orlando) playing teams like cypress bay. normally when a team from Orlando or Tampa or Lakeland go to the state they are in north region
  9. Is the trend starting to shift towards North Florida? Could North Florida compete with South Florida?
  10. yeah you're right it is bucholz. yeah Terry parker is going to be under the radar they gave ribault problems in the spring game but they wont make no noise in 5a. Some of lee guys went there.
  11. Im assuming they would be playing against each other twice (once in playoffs). im sure Columbia coaches probably would be at the Lee vs. Gainesville matchup this Thursday. TBH I don't know what Lee has coming to the table . I hear some of their kids went over to Terry Parker.
  12. If Gies can get out of his Mark Richt ways then they well be fine. brought in a brilliant OC.
  13. me personally I think Sandalwood had best chance but depends on coaching.. and I hate going against my school but I was always been told to be honest.
  14. Who wins rivalry match up? why?
  15. I say that because besides Nease, every team in that district has a chance to make a deep run depending on who comes out.
  16. me too, but this year is not the year unless they could proved me otherwise.. that's why they play the game.
  17. Sandalwood has the best overall talent in probably all of 8A to make a run. Sandalwood could had easily been the Mandarin of last year, but one thing that kills them is Coaching. for the past 4-5 years Sandalwood has probably has just as much talent as Trinity Christian, but when it comes to X's and O's Gies (the head coach) isn't that dude, BUT has hired a very good OC. If Gies gives him the green light, then lookout Sandalwood would make a very deep run. I'm a former player from Mandarin and Im saying Sandalwood has more talent but Mandarin has better coaching. Bartram and Oak leaf both are going to bring something to the table. So don't count them out. Nease.....lets just leave it at that. (would lose every district game this year). Mandarin has their qb, but lost A lot of firepower so they will be young but the defense will be just as strong. So we'll see what happens..
  18. I think that there should be a spring game but if teams don't want to have 1 then that's acceptable as well. It's a great way to evaluate your team. Get a sense of what your team can improve on especially seeing them against another opponent. Also gives college coaches a chance to scout early talent as well. Injuries are apart of them game so can get injured as well in the KOC. Kids want to play as many games as possible. Yeah it can be overrated but I thinks its beneficial for everyone.
  19. That's why y'all and bolles were the most hated teams in the city because y'all never played and quality teams... Y'all aboutnto earn respect from entire state win or lose record
  20. Facts... because normally in 3a trinity in like a heavyweight playing a bunch or light weights. So we know they should be state champs this year. 5a is toughest class in the state
  21. @Jags904 Sandalwood get over hump this year and win this district.
  22. I say ribault.. they have probably best defense in Duval. if they could get some kind of offense, they could be scary.
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