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  1. Georgia get Florida again Marietta romping Edgewater

    I think you might be on to something where most Florida HS football fans and coaches bury there heads in the sand to hide from the obvious. HS sports are not supposed to be on the level of college or professional where recruiting is the flavor of the day. HS sports are supposed to be about building character, teamwork, and esprit de corps. Quite a few Florida HS football have none of the above.
  2. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    The earlier they set the start time the fewer parents and other family members will be able to make the games before the 2nd half . In the north they still play their games on Saturday afternoon starting at 1 PM. Of course they don't have the heat that we have. I attended a makeup game on Saturday that started at 10 AM. By the time halftime rolled around the players were close to passing out.
  3. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    I don't know how many on this board have been to the Villages Charter High School and Stadium. Wow. They did not spare the funds to build and maintain that facility. One of the nicest complexes I've been to over the many years attending high school football games. And, they have a very good football team. Well coached. Also they have a unique precision cheer leader squad called the "Golden Girls" that have to be seen to be believed. They actually do an entire halftime routine that must take months to perfect. I got tired just watching them. https://www.facebook.com/jan.nappi/videos/10203579026951037/
  4. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    Forecast for Friday in JAX is 58 degrees at game time with some windy conditions. The light rain should end by game time. I remember back a few years ago in the playoffs when we had to go up to Jax for the 2nd round . At game time it was below 36 degrees and I don't think I have ever been that cold since my college days in Boston. I actually had to leave at halftime as there was no way to get warm.
  5. 14 Columbia vs 7 Ponte Vedra Final

    Did the weather play a part in the low scoring for Columbia? We all know that passing is hampered by rain and wind. Unless the field becomes completely sloppy the run game doesn't slow that much. I'm really impressed with your QB Jordan Smith and have been since he took over the starting position. Along with your outstanding WR Bell and also Bradley they are mostly why Columbia is where it is. All three are Seniors and will be departing the team after the playoffs. Do you think this will create problems having to replace the best parts of your offense next season? Where are these three headed to? Hoping they all stay healthy.
  6. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    In the 2nd round next Friday Trinity Catholic Ocala travels 6 hours to Pensacola Catholic just as we did in 2010. At that game we packed the visitor's stands as we also expect to do this Friday. Don't know if our band will be there but hope they will.
  7. Trinity catholic 23 trinity Christian 21

    It was in the 2nd round of the playoffs in 2006 that the Celtics went up to Jax to play TCA and won 45-0. They then continued on to play Pahokee in the championship game. To tell you the truth that debilitating schedule that TCA played against very tough teams probably had something to do with last night's loss. If the Celtics had such a schedule they may not have been in the playoffs at all. TCA is still a formidable team and proved it by coming back in the 4th quarter when they were down by two TDs. However, our Jamarian Samuel is a superstar IMO and put the finishing touches on the victory.

    I'm almost as excited for Dillard as I am for my Celtics. However, everyone has to realize that the referees have no preference for one team or another. In all cases the refs are never from the school districts that they work and especially during the playoffs. I never blame the refs for my team incurring infractions. The only thing that could possibly be said is that very rarely a group of referees will decide to govern tightly by the rule book and it will seem that they are throwing flags all over the place. In that case they may seem to be taking their job too seriously (actually IMO I like it when they do as it teaches young people discipline). We have to realize that the referees pretty much do their job for charity and because they love the game. In that respect they have a huge responsibility to maintain order on the playing field so that the game is played fairly and that no player gets injured. Let us all be appreciative of these men that give up their time to not only train as referees but to travel to where these games may be played.
  9. 14 Columbia vs 7 Ponte Vedra Final

    Columbia made you proud tonight Columbiafan. My Celtics made me proud. Feels a little like 2006 again. Both teams seem like the "real deal" my friend
  10. 14 Columbia vs 7 Ponte Vedra Final

  11. I feel your pain. It just seems that a few teams get talked about and the rest are forgotten about. But, you are filling us in every day up front and personal on the attributes of your team Dillard. We are all following however, many of us are not that familiar with Dillard. I did watch some You Tube of Dillard's games against Columbus, Stranahan, and Blanche Ely. 2 out of the 3 were close games and hard fought on both sides. I like your QB I think his name is Jones. He makes that team go.
  12. 14 Columbia vs 7 Ponte Vedra Final

    A tough first round for Columbia. Ponte Verdra lost by 2 points to undefeated 8A Bartram Trail. However, what was that loss to Creekside by 28-7? Did they hold out their top players in lieu of the playoffs? Best of luck Columbiafan. Hope you guys win it.
  13. Jax Tca and Trinity Catholic reunited once again in round 1

    These two teams are pretty similar. Neither does a lot of passing as neither has a really scintillating QB. Utilitarian but not really outstanding. The Celtics are a ground and pound offense led by Jr RB Jamarian Samuel with 2,096 total yards and the biggest OL in 3A and they are very good. Seems as though TCA does most of their work on the ground also. However, I am not familiar with their personnel and/or their stats. The Celtics are not the same team that went up to Jacksonville and defeated a very good undefeated TCA team 45-0 in the 2006 playoffs. We had John Brantley and associates in those days and TCA had the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse on the ground but little passing capability. TCA may be 5-5 but they are still one of the best teams in the state and will be extremely difficult for Trinity Catholic to defeat even on the Celtic's home field. We are a long way back from the last 3 or 4 years but may not be quite on the level that TCA is. However, we will see this Friday.
  14. Halftime Columbia 20 north Marion 34 (3rd Qt)

    Columbia didn't blow anything. North Marion was obviously the better team on Friday and defeated them fair and square.
  15. Halftime Columbia 20 north Marion 34 (3rd Qt)

    The Colts top RB Gilmore, after scoring the Colt's first TD, went out with an injury and never returned. That was half of their offense right there. They managed to survive. Columbia has a roster of 63 so losing a couple of players should not be that big of a deal. I don't know why people just can't give the 5A Colts credit for going up to Lake City and defeating the 6A Tigers fare and square.