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  1. Ponte Vedra was 7A last season and I guess 4S is somewhere around that class this season. They played Bartram Trail and FSU HS very close. And they lost to Bishop Kenny by one point. Makes me think that they must be pretty good. Anyone know much about this team that they can share?
  2. Hey Columbiahighfan, The Celtics will be going up to Gainesville this Friday to play the Gainesville Hurricanes. What in the world has happened to them? I thought that we may have a real struggle on our hands but am not that sure the Hurricanes are up to it. Any ideas?
  3. They do have a few names that are unfamiliar to me. Trinity, being a parochial school, always gets students transferring from public schools or where parents that move to Ocala from other cities and states and want their son to go to a parochial school. So, the team reflects those situations. We do play some tough opponents this season in Buchholz, FSU HS, Clearwater Central Catholic, Gainesville, and Raines.
  4. No prediction here as Kickoff Classics are just for evaluation of all the roster and nothing more. Buchholz @ Trinity Catholic this Friday. Buchholz pretty well breezed through the season and playoffs and then met STA. If anything, from my evaluation, they are an even better team than last year. I'm just curious as to how the Celtics will do against them although just a glorified scrimmage. The Celtics do have some big boys in the trenches on both sides and a couple of big RBs. Our QB is last year's backup with not a lot of playing time. Looks Ok though and hopefully will develop. Know little more than that about their chances.
  5. Could be but I would think that Gage still was the starter at IMG ahead of this newcomer for the coming season.
  6. I kind of doubt it, Ray. Gage played seasons with IMG when one of the top running backs in the nation Kaytron Allen was there. Gage got a lot of playing time and was in a lot of plays with Allen. Could be financial problems or maybe he just didn't care for the coaching method at IMG.
  7. Can anyone explain the reasoning why organized practice is not allowed outside of certain specific timeframes? What is the purpose of it?
  8. I still like, IMO, the only plausible scenario, which I believe was adapted by the FHSAA a few years back, and that was a student transferring would have to sit out sports in the year he was transferring. It didn't completely shut down transfers for sports only, but it surely limited them. I don't seriously think that the Florida Legislature envisioned students transferring for sports only when they approved unlimited student transfers anywhere in the State. Their intension was to allow students to transfer out of schools performing poorly academically to schools performing better academically.
  9. Columbiahighfan and others There is really no comparison between public and private schools. Public schools are funded by taxes and are administered by local school boards. Private schools are funded by tuition payments and are administered by private entities. Public schools are an entitlement. Private schools are not. Public schools keep their doors open regardless of how many students they have in their buildings. Private schools stay open if and only when they have enough tuition paying students in their buildings. Private schools cannot depend on local students only due to high tuition and standards that they set. As such, they have to find students from other places. That is why there are no districts for private schools. Since public schools do not have to bring students in from other areas they can function quite well with only local students. Private schools have to bring in students from other areas in order to pay bills and stay in business. So, what would be considered "recruiting" by public schools should not be considered "recruiting" by private schools. There is also the factor that many public school students, both in and out of sports, transfer to private schools for better academic possibilities and a more comprehensive disciplinary structure. At least this is the way that I see it unfolding.
  10. IMG recruits all of its students. They are, after all, into training future stars in various sports. What else would they be? Who tells you that they don't recruit anyone?
  11. Apparently you did get a little excited to research the new head coach and players transferring out. Can you bring us up to date on the players that did transfer out? Any of the starters from last season? I do follow IMG although I don't get too excited. Just enjoy watching a top HS team, based in Florida, play against some of the best in the country.
  12. Seems that all of the prior head coaches, and possibly a few assistant coaches, have gone on to College and NFL level jobs. I guess they figure if you can handle a team that maintains top level play against the best in the country then you can handle more difficult tasks. Let's face it, if you are HC of a high school team and you're offered a college or NFL position then you take it. These colleges, and later NFL teams, recruit players from IMG. Why not the coaches that groomed them. And probably doesn't take more than a season to convince them.
  13. Replaces Thomas Johnson who apparently is now with the Tampa Bay Bandits of the US Football League as defensive coordinator. https://www.imgacademy.com/news/img-academy-announces-billy-miller-head-coach-national-football-team https://www.linkedin.com/in/billy-miller-653041128
  14. A tougher schedule than most of the higher classifications have. And a team that I believe has few if any transfers to make them the excellent team they are and have always been.
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