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  1. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    We're talking about a monster 8A team in DB. Would have liked to see how TCA handled them. To think that 6A Gainesville, a tough team in their own right, is a respite from DB.
  2. Northeast FL posters

    Sorry CHF I must have missed this message. Trinity plays Dixie County in the KOC at Dixie. The Celtics did get a win over Baldwin tonight in the Spring Game, 7-6 in two quarters of play. Coach Thomas does not yet have much to work with as most new students at private schools don't register until the start to the middle of the summer. He only has 31 on the roster whereas at the start of the season he should have 45 to 50.
  3. IMG Spring Game

    Thanks CHF.
  4. IMG Spring Game

    I've looked everywhere but cannot find who and where their spring game will be with? Have they decided not to have a spring game?
  5. And, I'm willing to bet that he didn't recruit and that SS got very few transfers over the years. The man simply developed his teams from homegrown talent where very few on his teams were super stars. In 2016 SS went 10-2 which was probably still the effects of Sherman's last year at SS. Since then SS has won only 5 games.
  6. Are Spring Games Necessary?

    There are approximately 750 High Schools in Florida, both public and private. Out of those there are maybe 25 to 30 schools that get any significant transfers or where any recruiting is going on. Out of those there may be 10 to 15 where transfers and/or recruiting makes much of a difference. So, I don't think that the state of Florida is a hotbed of transferring and recruiting as some people think.
  7. Northeast FL posters

    Baldwin @ Trinity Catholic. Baldwin was a 3A playoff team last season. Would like to get a look at the Celtic's Jr QB Domanic Brinser. Looks good on video. Unfortunately, my wife and I will still be out of the country until May 23rd and will miss this game.
  8. That's true. They have stands only on one side of the field with a max capacity of 5,000. I think the majority of schools in Florida with football teams have stands that average 5,000 or less. It's usually standing room only in the stadiums that IMG plays in across the country. When your student body comes from around the country and the world understandably there are very few parents and other family members there to fill up the stands.
  9. 99% of Florida schools, public and private, do not recruit otherwise they would all be better than they are. Most have losing records and never win anything, Only a very few schools in Florida have consistently winning records and most of them do recruit and heavily. It's almost the same group year in and year out. Of course, if transferring (recruiting) for sports only was done away with or heavily regulated then most of these same schools may have losing records also.
  10. I don't know about that but every time I have tuned in to the IMG streaming for their games the stands seem to be pretty full.
  11. Controversial Topics

    If the STA administration or some Booster/Advertiser thought that derogatory things were said on the Huddle that economically hurt the school or hurt one of the companies that sponsor the school, they could sue the Huddle for damages. It is not beyond the possibility for some local judge to side with STA or one of the supporting companies. Josh would then have to hire a law firm to defend himself for the duration of the proceedings. Even if Josh won it would have cost him many thousands of dollars and a great deal of his time. If Josh did lose then he may be out of business depending on what the verdict is, which could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, either way, Josh loses and the Huddle may just be out of business. It is thus within Josh's right to mitigate such a possibility, no matter how remote, to protect his business.
  12. Well, obviously, more injuries are going to occur in practice rather than a game. If the players practice 3 hours per day for 4 days that's 12 hours. A game, once a week, is only a little over one and a half hours. Also, all of the players on the team are practicing for that 3 hours whereas in a game many of the players have little playing time and even the starters only play part of that one and a half hours on the field. So there is really no corollary here. As far as the NFL doing very little contact during practices, these are players that have had a few years of contact already and thus have learned most of what there is to know about how to black and tackle. Even in college the players have had the benefit of at least 4 and probably more years of learning the techniques of blocking and tackling. In High School it's all about learning how to play football. Repetition is the name of the game. The more you block and tackle the better you get at it. How is a youngster going to learn how to block and tackle, and how to do it effectively so that he doesn't get hurt doing it, by just going through the motions? I think that the powers to be have done enough to make football as safe and injury free as possible. Anything more will turn football into a game of volleyball or worse drive many players and coaches right out of football, at lease at the HS level.
  13. I'm curious what the purpose of this ruling is? Football, like boxing, is a "contact" sport. The more contact you have the better your contact abilities get. How can you block and tackle without contact? This is indicative of the protect from injuries at any cost crowd. The same crowd that prides themselves in giving participation trophies to all team members. New Jersey might just as well do away with regular football and go only with flag football. Should make the fans, players, and coaches ecstatic.
  14. Are Spring Games Necessary?

    Just wondering how folks feel about Spring Games and whether they are necessary or even desirable. My take, for what it's worth, is that a game played in mid May, over 3 months before the start of the regular season does not make much sense. In fact I don't really see any tangible reason for the game as opposed to a KO Classic which is played a week before the regular season. With too little conditioning and practice time teams leave themselves open to unnecessary injuries. Plus, I fail to see what players and coaches are going to gain from such a game. Also, some of those players may not still be on the team by the end of August. This is only my take and is in no way definitive. Just looking for other perspective and viewpoints.
  15. I do think that Columbia, Vanguard, Jesuit, and possibly Lee have promise of at least getting to the title game but maybe not winning it.