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  1. I kind of agree with your premise. However, parents are supposed to build men of character. A coach is supposed to build a football team. That takes extreme knowledge of the game and the discipline to impart that knowledge to each and every player. Football is all about execution. If each player is trained properly any team should be able to execute like clockwork. Just my take on this.
  2. He was the first Head Coach of Varsity Football at Trinity Catholic HS in 2002 the school's 2nd year in existence. . 2002 4-6 HC Kerwin Bell 2003 6-5 HC Kerwin Bell District Runner-Up 2004 8-3 HC Kerwin Bell District Champions 2005 14-0 HC Kerwin Bell District Champions,Regional Champions,State Champions 2006 13-1 HC Kerwin Bell District Champions,Regional Champions,State Runner-Up He was mostly responsible for mentoring QB John Brantley, Jr and helping him to become one of the best high school QBs in Florida. Bell also was able to bring very reliable and experienced assistants on board. I think that I was in the stands for every game that he coached. He was a disciplinarian who ran his teams like a military platoon and I got to the games very early just to watch how his teams marched on to the field and went through their warmups. Everyone wished that he had remained at Trinity. But, he had the opportunity to coach a college team and he made that a success also.
  3. If that is the case then I was mistaken. Kind of hard to know who is who on this forum unless they identify themselves as to which team they support. I apologize to Pahokee folks for this misunderstanding. And, if he is a Madison player or fan he doesn't need to be calling an opponent names. I'm quite sure that he does not reflect the opinions of most of the Madison supporters as, with their level of ability, they never need to deride any other team.
  4. I was referring to his calling an undefeated team in the championship game trash. Pahokee hypothetically defeating Blountstown at this stage is meaningless. If Pahokee was so much better why aren't they in the championship game instead of complaining about how unfairly they were treated by the refs and then bashing Blountstown to boot. Jeez.
  5. Come on friend. Pahokee did lose their Semi Final. Blountstown won theirs against Baker. Calling Blountstown trash is pretty unsportsmanlike, don't you think? After all they are playing Madison for the championship, are they not? If Blountstown is trash then what the hell is Pahokee?
  6. Proseteye

    Madison county

    True. But I was just jesting when I stated a thousand years. It's called a "play on words". Just means they are almost impossible to defeat on their home field. Bye the way, Pahokee has won 5 straight over some pretty good teams after a rocky start. I believe the athleticism of Pahokee can match that of Madison. If they limit penalties and mistakes they do have the horses to keep Madison honest and possibly win this game.
  7. Proseteye

    Madison county

    Wow. Pahokee has to drive forever to get to Madison and then has to play at Boot Hill where I don't think Madison has lost for a thousand years. But, if any team can possibly do it, the Blue Devils can. I never count them out in the big games as they have a history of giving teams all they can handle at that level regardless of their record. Just saying.
  8. Are any of the playoff games going to be streamed and/or televised either this Friday or for the championships? Thanks in advance.
  9. 2010: Trinity Catholic over Pensacola Catholic @ Pensacola Catholic. Then on to winning the championship.
  10. You have to realize that I am not a coach and am going by what I have gathered from others. I do know that the 5-3 defense can mitigate the capabilities of the Wing-T allowing the LB's to flow to the ball as necessary.
  11. Trinity Catholic Celtics (8-3) @ Pensacola Catholic Crusaders (10-0) 2nd round of the 3A north playoffs The Celtics will drive 6 hours this Friday to Pensacola. The last and only time the Celtics did this was in the 2010 playoffs and they defeated the Crusaders 21-14 and went on to defeat University School in the championship game. Both teams have had a so so schedule. Certainly not tough but not exceptionally easy either. Both teams rely upon their ground and pound game. Neither team's passing percentage is anything to write home about. . Pensacola Catholic is running the problematic Pistol Wing-T formation. Problematic, that is, for opposing defenses. And they have two beasts for RB's. Big and fast. Their QB seems to run that formation to perfection (at least what I have seen on video). In one of the Celtic's past playoff games they faced Bolles and their infamous Wing T formation. They held Bolles to zero points until the 4th quarter when Bolles resorted to passing. The Celtics won. My understanding of this formation is for the defensive players to "follow the ball" and not necessarily the player. I believe that was the modus operandi for the Celtics against the Wing-T. My thoughts are that this is going to be a very difficult game for Trinity and will take their best effort to overcome the travel distance, opponent's field and fans, and probably the best team they will have faced all year. Can they do it, I don't know. Hope so. Game time: Clear and 44 Degrees. Get out your gloves and ear covering.
  12. Nole, I don't see anyone hyping Dillard. At least nobody on this board and they are certainly getting no love from the so called HS football experts. They really have never been mentioned much at all. All I see is a fan named This-is-Dillard spreading good tidings about the team he supports with all his heart. At times he may be overdoing it some, kind of like someone else we know, but he means well and does give quite a bit of information on his team that we would never have known. I have watched a few you tube videos on Dillard and they do seem like a very solid team. Any team that is 11-0 has to be a fairly competent team. Will they get by Ft Meyers, which looks to be a pretty solid team or Naples an undefeated very solid team (who I think will defeat Central) , nobody knows. But This-is-Dillard has seen his team and their opponents play up front and personal and I'm sure he has studied the potential opponents. If he has faith in Dillard who am I to doubt it.
  13. I think that their QB #10 Zamir Jones makes that team go. Very illusive, quick. and has a very good arm. Without him Dillard may not be in the playoffs.
  14. I think you might be on to something where most Florida HS football fans and coaches bury there heads in the sand to hide from the obvious. HS sports are not supposed to be on the level of college or professional where recruiting is the flavor of the day. HS sports are supposed to be about building character, teamwork, and esprit de corps. Quite a few Florida HS football have none of the above.
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