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  1. Teams like STA should test themselves against the very best like IMG. How does a team know where they stand unless they go up against the very best? STA plays out of state teams that are in the same ballpark as IMG. At least Miami Northwestern and Central have the tenacity to play them every year knowing that the chance of their winning is not that great. Actually MNW didn't do that badly on Friday.
  2. Does MNW have much of a chance?
  3. Watched the replay on NFHS Network. Bolles simply has a lights out defense. I doubt that many teams in Florida will ever have a successful evening of offense against them. IMG would have difficulty scoring a lot against them. Even though Bolles scored a bunch Columbia's defense is not all that bad. They stopped Bolles on a few drives and looked good overall. I don't know if it was just my perception but Bolles players looked huge.
  4. I watched the replay of a spring game between Clearwater Central Catholic and Cambridge Christian which was played at Cambridge Christian. The camera and broadcast was very well done where the camera tracking was no different than an ESPN broadcast. But, I have seen others where the camera wanders aimlessly and there is no broadcast. I am curious how an unmanned camera works at all.
  5. Can someone clue me in on how the cameras work for NFHS as I use them to watch the games that are out of town? Are they facilitated by a live person or is there some sort of sensing device? They don't seem to follow the on field action very well.
  6. What is pretty shocking to me is Buchholz defeating Dunnellon 35-0 at Dunnellon. Dunnellon went 10-2 last season and was in the playoffs with mostly Juniors and Sophomores. They defeated Vanguard twice and North Marion en-route. This season they have mostly the same players and a Senior laden team. All I can say is Buchholz must be pretty damn good to do that to Dunnellon. Dunnellon's Sr QB Trent Townsend had only 32 passing yards the entire game.
  7. I know you're excited about your team winning. But, please remember that AH Delray is not AH Plantation. Delray is 4A and went 4-4 last season. Columbia is a 6A team dropping down from 7A a couple seasons ago. Having no doubt that Columbia would "blow them out" seems a little cocky does it not? I also remember last week when Columbia tied Vanguard 6-6. Boy the excuses that were made that some of your best players were out and that was the reason you didn't win. But, you assured us, if they played again Columbia would destroy Vanguard. After that I had to remind you that Vanguard had a Sophomore QB behind center who was a RB and had not played in the QB position before. Columbia is a good team without a doubt so I don't think it is necessary to take cheap shots in support of their cause. Just saying.
  8. High school is not college, at least not yet. Colleges recruit and have huge stadiums and sponsors to pay for it. Don't really think that college sports compares in any way to high school sports although I will agree that IMG somewhat approaches the climate of college campus.
  9. I know about the team, coaches, and players. Know nothing about IMG's internal financial affairs. The reason that I asked. I have heard a few people on forums, including this one, state that none of the players pay full tuition at IMG. I am simply trying to ascertain if anyone knows specifics regarding tuition not being paid and how it is possible. That's all. I do know that at Trinity Catholic The 2020-2021 tuition is $11,503 for Catholics registered and participating in the parish; $13,585 is the non-Catholic rate. At TC a few students can qualify for government assistance or reduced tuition due to scholarships. However, that rarely reduces the tuition by more than 15%. TC has to pay its bills out of the tuition in order to remain viable and cannot give away free tuition.
  10. If you know them personally then what type of tuition did they pay or what type of discount did they get off the standard tuition? What were the circumstances wherein they did not have to pay the standard tuition? Not questioning your information. Just curious how someone is able to get special treatment and is that special treatment available to all of the players? I'm retired, have little to no debt, and have a pretty decent net income, and I don't think I could have afforded to send my son to IMG when he was in high school. Just saying.
  11. I have no idea what the internal finances of IMG are. All I know is that the Standard advertised tuition for one year of boarding at IMG Academy is $68,500 plus a team sport competition and training gear fee that ranges from $3,750-$4,250 depending on the sport. Government financial aid up to $10,400 per year is available for private school tuition with families that meet the qualifications. Assuming, that somehow IMG doesn't charge tuition to their football team players, is just that an assumption or in other words a guess. Unless you actually know one of the players or coaches on the team that has told you emphatically that they paid little or nothing for their tuition, then I will assume that it's an uneducated guess. How would IMG make any profit if they didn't charge their football players any tuition or charged them a drastically reduced rate? Also, if they didn't charge some players or charged them a much lower rate how would they justify it with the other players? Sorry, just doesn't make sense. The Family Empowerment Scholarship (formerly Gardiner) 65,000+ scholarships awarded Available to students 3 years old - 12th grade or age 22 $10,400 average amount awarded Funds may be used for private school, instructional materials, home education, tutoring and more...
  12. Two things to ponder, Ray. IMG is a very expensive private academy wherein most parents cannot even hope to afford even with government help. So, the probability that a player from your school would be able to attend is quite low. How many other Florida schools, both private and public, accept and I believe actively recruit players from other schools? Just look at the amount of transfers this season alone. The chance that any of your players will be one of those transfers is much higher than in the IMG scenario. If IMG comes looking for a standout player on your team that player better have a big bank account. If Miami Northwestern comes looking for a standout player on your team just takes a little longer drive.
  13. IMG does not hide the fact that they are a training facility for future professional athletes in all sports not just football. They do not force any other school to play them. However, there are schools lined up to play them every season. That is the reason they are in an independent category of the FHSAA which means they are in no district where other district schools are mandated to play them. For the most part IMG plays the top teams in the country, teams that also recruit and accept unlimited transfers just as IMG does. I root for IMG when they play teams from other states. IMG is still a team that is based in Florida and I support all Florida teams that play out of state opponents. I also enjoy watching the best of best play no matter what their situation is. A few of their players may be someday playing on Sundays or at the very least playing on Saturdays.
  14. I stated what I thought would be the best solution. Beyond that I have nothing more to add.
  15. Hey Jullian. Since I see you do at times follow Trinity Catholic . What exactly happened in the OTC/P K Yonge game? From everything I've seen the Celtics are on track to challenge for the 3A championship this season. Did they not play their starters or is P K Yong that good?
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