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  1. I asked a simple question. If you can't answer then please keep the smart aleck reply to yourself. And, no, I'm in northern Florida so Miami is the farthest thing from my concern.
  2. Approximately when are these usually available?
  3. I knew before the game that Brown was injured and I was really surprised that he was cleared to play Sunday. He did make an effort to play the first half and I believe him when he didn't want to continue playing with an injured ankle. Obviously it was bothering him as he only made 3 short yardage catches. Looked like on those catches that he lacked his regular speed and couldn't break away. If the coaching staff was trying to force him to play injured then I don't blame Brown for getting upset. If his teammates realize this then I don't think that any of them would blame Brown. They might blame him for his antics but not for being reluctant to continue playing with an injury that was hampering his performance. I still hope that Arians reconsiders his split decision to release Brown. Brady, I think, will mitigate the situation.
  4. If Fournette gets healthy he's an additional target for Brady. Beside being one hell of a RB he catches passes like a WR. In the last game against the Panthers I would give Evens and Fournette the entire game to rest up. I don't think they are needed against the Panthers especially at home. Regardless of how absurd the Brown episode was I think that the Bucs should reconsider his firing. The Bucs will have a tough road through the playoffs without Brown. And, after all, winning the Superbowl again is their main objective. There are a lot of players in the NFL that do stupid and illegal things and they are kept by their teams even though they are not even that good.
  5. I agree with your assumption. Actually I was surprised that the Jets did not kick a field goal instead of running the ball on 4th down. And to think that the Bucs top WR Godwin was out. Another top receiver Brown walked out of the stadium at the half, and one of the best RBs in the league Fournette was out. And then Brady threw the winning score to WR Grayson who had been activated off the practice squad that week. If Brady is not considered the best QB in NFL history then he's among the top 3.
  6. Kind of off topic somewhat. Buc's defense stops the Jet's offense on 4th and 1 from the Buc's 5 yard line with only a minute or so left in the game with the Jet's leading 24-20. Buc's offense needs to go 95 yards and score a TD. FG won't do any good. Brady takes the offense down the field and they score with 10 seconds remaining to defeat the Jets 28-24. What a team. What a QB.
  7. Can anyone believe how difficult it is to do what Jesuit did stopping Pine Forest for 4 downs inside their own 5 yard line twice within the last few minutes of the game. What kind of a tough and disciplined defense is that? And then to have the temerity to score via a passing play to win the game after 4 interceptions against you during the game. Wow.
  8. 13-12. Seems as if Hawthorne either missed two extra points with both of their scores or went for two each time and were not successful, which in the last analysis cost them the game. Did Madison also miss the extra point in the 4th quarter? After the 4th quarter score did Hawthorne threaten to score?
  9. Funny. Madison lost to Hawthorne a team you said ducked good teams. Stop digging while you're ahead.
  10. What about "teams" that lose to teams that duck good teams? Hmmmmmmmmmm.
  11. You are going to look awfully silly if Hawthorne takes Madison to the woodshed tonight. If Hawthorne can overwhelmingly defeat both Madison and Pahokee they are certainly not overrated or trash (your words). Don't know where you derive your analysis from? Just seems like a case of disrespect and resentment to me.
  12. An observation. I re-watched the Madison - Hawthorne 2020 playoff game. Anyone who states that Hawthorne is not a very good team doesn't know what they are talking about. IMO Hawthorne manhandled Madison in that game even though the score was close. If Hawthorne is anywhere near as good as the 2020 team, and Madison is not a heck of a lot better team than in 2020, Hawthorne will manhandle Madison just as bad as they did Pahokee 3 weeks ago 51-12. For Jesse's sake I am hoping that Madison is indeed a better team than in 2020.
  13. Watched the replay of this game on You Tube. MNW was manhandled by Jesuit. The Jesuit defense is lights out with their players on top of the MNW QB consistently not allowing him much of anything. Their pass defense is also one of the best I've seen. Jesuit's offense seemed to cut right through the MNW defense especially #24 RB Smith. I've never seen MNW so dominated unless it was by IMG. Jesuit is such a well coached and disciplined team it's almost unfair for any team to play them. Pine Forest seems like a pretty good team. But, don't know whether they are even in the same ballpark as Jesuit. I do, however, wish them well.
  14. Don't make us wait. Please give us your words of wisdom why you "don't like Jesuit at all"? Must be a deep thinking reason like you despise private parochial schools especially the one's that could beat the brakes off of Madison and make your team look silly.
  15. Let's see, do you support UF, FSU, Miami? How about the Buccaneers, Jags, Dolphins? Are they considered Florida teams? How many players on these teams come from Florida? The players currently all live in Florida and will for at least 4 years. They are members of teams that train in Florida and represent Florida. Don't really know what you are driving at.
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