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  1. Does anyone actually know what is going on with Florida HS football right now? According to the FHSAA non contact practices begin July 27 with contact practices beginning August 1. I don't see anything on the FHSAA website about summer activity with the exception that the CDC and State Government are the determining factors. Anyone on this forum have an idea if and when summer activity will be resumed and if resumed whether that activity will be hampered by all of the stringent policies brought forth by this virus?
  2. North Marion’s Willie Offord has stepped down from his position as head football coach the school announced via Twitter on Monday. Offord led the Colts for four years, finishing with an overall record of 28-18 and bringing the program to new heights. During his final two years, the team went 21-6, with two trips to the FHSAA Class 5A, Region 2 semifinals and a trip to the 5A State Championships where the Colts took runner-up in 2018. “I just want to thank everyone who supported us from the booster club to all the parents who helped out. And second of all, all the players that gave me the opportunity to be their coach, to follow my leadership,” said Offord. “I’ll never forget the kids out there and I’ll never forget the things we accomplished.” While Offord has not announced where he is heading next, he says that he is pursuing other coaching opportunities. The Colts say that a search for a new football coach will begin immediately. Really bad news for the Colts. They won't do as well without Offord who seemed to motivate his players more than any other coach before him.
  3. So, what is the final deal on preparing these teams for the season ahead and who makes the decision? The Governor, the County, the Schools, the Coaches, the FHSAA? Has anyone heard what the planned date is that practices will be able to begin? Or is that still pending virus mitigation? Have no idea why coaches cannot lead virtual practices where the players workout from home. How has this anything to do with spreading the virus?
  4. You obviously understand the situation. Yes, private/parochial schools do de-facto recruit. In fact all private schools recruit. Private schools are all businesses and they have to recruit most students otherwise they would have to close their doors. Their recruiting is not biased as they need to fill up their classrooms with paying customers. They are not like public schools where they have students assigned by residence and where they are not in business to make money. It is true that private schools do admit students that receive some funding from the government in the form of a grant. However, all students are not eligible and it only pays for a part of the tuition. The private schools rarely give out full tuition paid scholarships. If we want to talk about recruiting it is not just private schools that are doing it. It's the public schools with all of their "dedicated transfers" from public to public and private to public. All of the top teams, both public and private, get transfers and recruits every preseason. I just feel bad for the poor kids that are forced to the bench to make way for a transfer or recruit.
  5. I never looked at the team but was looking at the student body and staff en-mass. Almost all non minorities. The very few minorities that they have must all be on their football team then. Was just curious.
  6. Christopher Columbus High School is a Catholic all male private school, something that I was not aware of. What is amazing is that there are practically no minority students in the school to include the faculty as far as I can see. What is the reason for that? Strange being in the heart of Miami a multicultural city. They were the 8A champions in 2019 and they do seem to play a pretty tough schedule. Interesting, you learn something new every day.
  7. https://www.amren.com/news/2013/11/hundreds-prepare-protest-against-islam-chapter-in-volusia-co-school-textbook/
  8. Almost every other religion is much older than Islam. In fact Islam is one of the newest religions having been introduce about the year 1300. So, tell me, why should Islam be taught in any American school when religions like Buddhism, Hindu, Judahism, Confucianism and actually Christianity are not taught. There are so many people that practice these other religions in the US while very few practice Islam in the US. This nation was founded on Judao/Christian principles. Islam had no part in the founding of or enhancement of this country. The only reason that Islam is well known is due to the terrorist activity it foments.
  9. Thanks Jambun. Always appreciate your views on topics. Skyway has his opinions just like anybody. I don't agree with them but he does have a right to them. I usually like to produce facts which most of the time saves the day.
  10. Just as public schools have the right to be secular private schools have the right to be Christian, Jewish, Catholic, or any other religious denomination they choose. Private schools do not discriminate. Any student, religious or not, is able to attend a private parochial school as long as they have the money and meet their academic requirements. Many private schools also do not adhere to any religious edicts. Whether you know it or not the majority of American citizens proclaim to be of a religious faith. Also, if all of the private schools in this country were to shut down they would have to build thousands more schools and hire hundreds of thousands more teachers just to accommodate that many more students. Talk about taxes increasing 10 fold to pay for it. Be careful what you wish for.
  11. I was referring to the statement: "they don’t even suppose to be in 1A but really 4A so once they get there & still dominate let me know." Madison has already played in 3A and 4A and they do dominate in their own right.
  12. I think we should all get over this "Madison is only good because they are in 1A fairy tale". 2011 - Class 3A 13-2 2012 - Class 3A 12-3 2013 - Class 4A 5-5 (probably adjusting to 4A play) 2014 - Class 4A 11-4 Madison, like Pahokee, is an exceptional team that would be competitive in any class. So, please, everyone let's end this false premise once and for all.
  13. Problem not solved but mitigated. I switched from using Firefox and Google browsers to Internet Explorer. Videos now work as they should. I remembered this from a similar problem I had in the past with not being able to access certain sites. Seems as though Internet Explorer does not have some of the apps or add-ons that Firefox and Google have.
  14. Do any of you computer gurus out there know how to fix the problem I am having playing videos from the Maxpreps site? I'm attaching the webpage where it shows a dark shade over most of the video when I go to play the video. It does it with all of Maxprep's videos. I have no problem playing any other videos from different media. Don't know if there is a problem with my computer not being able to recognize correctly. I used to be able to play these videos a year or so back. I'm using Windows 10. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided. https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/chaz-siddall/Wmlwab3oEemAzfp8ouYFiw/default.htm
  15. Marion County Public Schools have announced that all school-based and extracurricular activities have been canceled or postponed until March 24. The decision is being made in light of cancellations happening worldwide due to the novel Coronavirus. The county said in a statement Thursday, ”[It’s] out of an abundance of caution for our students, staff, and community, and because of safety concerns related to COVID-19.” This decision includes all extra-curricular and sporting competitions, club-based outings, district events and events attracting more than 250 people. Visits to colleges and universities have also been canceled due to Wednesday’s directive to move certain campuses to online platforms. According to Marion County Public Schools, individual schools and teams still have the option to hold practices at this time, but no competitions or activities with other schools are permitted. The county plans to resume activities as planned starting March 25, although some cancellations are expected.
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