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  1. I've often wondered why there have never been any comprehensive changes to the rules regarding kickoff returns from the end zones and kicks for extra points at least in college and high school football. Since many if not most of the kick offs now go into the end zone and extra point kicks are routinely made it would seem that kickoff returns should be similar to that of the NFL where a player can do a run back from the end zone. It certainly would make the game more exciting as run backs are one of the most interesting plays in football. As far as kicking extra points are concerned maybe they
  2. I don't know if a school has to contract with NFHS Network or not. But they have hundreds and possibly thousands of schools in all different sports where you can stream their content. You might want to get in touch with Columbia's admin to see what the deal is. Or you might just go on their website NFHSnetwork.com and look at the schools involved. You can do a search for the school to see if anything is scheduled. You don't have to pay to search or view their site.
  3. I believe that NFHS Network streams all high school games throughout the country. I think I saw Columbia on their docket. You have to pay $10.99 per month. Very good streaming quality after a couple of weeks of major adjustments with their cameras and equipment. About the Celtic's expectations I will know better after the Sandalwood game on Friday.
  4. You noticed that also. I can't attend Trinity's games physically because they are only allowing family members in the stands. So, I get to watch them on the NFHS Network via streaming. From what I could see against the Villages (a very very disciplined and well coached team) and Bolles was that the Celtic team was lackluster and uninspired at best. I have never seen a Celtic team that was just going through the motions as much as this team, especially the defense. That huge and experienced OL is also just not getting the job done. Maybe they will awaken from their slumber against Sandalwood. B
  5. Columbia Fan.........Since this is pretty much your territory how do you see Sandalwood this season? They are in Class 8A and 4-0. However, they seem to have played teams that normally would be pretty good but that are doing poorly thus far. Had some close games with a couple of 5A schools and a Freelance School. Pounded Nease but I think that Nease is struggling big time. Do you think that we have a chance especially at home?
  6. We never played FSU High. We played the Villages Charter last Friday and unfortunately lost 27-25. No excuses. The Celtics were missing in action for the entire first half. Our defense was non existent. Scored 22 points in the 2nd half but it wasn't enough. The Villages Charter is an excellent football team. Well coached with skilled players. They will be a force to be reckoned with in 4A.
  7. One of the reasons that the Trinity Catholic Celtics are doing so well. Sr RB Jamarian Samual, behind a huge experienced OL, gets the job done. He's pretty fast but not a speed demon. His moves through the line and in open space are reminiscent, IMO, of C J Spiller the Union County Tigers, Clemson, and Buffalo Bills standout.
  8. Why do you feel that Madison is not the same team as in the past? Specifics if you will.
  9. I realize that Jambun but both are formations that keep the defense guessing on every play with deception and misdirection. Both also use mostly a ground game for their offense. I don't think I would call them completely different types of offense.
  10. Believe that Bolles runs the Wing T and has run it for years very successfully. Very difficult to defend. But Bolles passes more these days than they used to which of course makes it even more effective.
  11. Getting a couple of weeks early start on this game as I don't think there is another opponent this season that has a prayer of defeating IMG. IMG is No.1 and Duncanville is No. 4. Don't know if IMG has ever played them before. They look like a pretty tough team and IMG has to make the trip to Texas to meet up with them. If IMG defeats them then they will probably stay at No 1. If they don't, well............... Thoughts and predictions?
  12. Is Florida High that good or is Madison not as good? Remember Madison just barely defeated South Sumter at Boot Hill 18-13. Just asking not finding fault.
  13. You are correct. Also, a good HC cannot make a winning team without a good QB. The years that we won championships or did very well is when we had a very good coach and a very good QB. The other years we had OK coaches and not so OK QB's and we didn't do very well. IMO a QB, especially in HS football, can make or break a team just like a HC, in HS football, can make or break a team. I watched the Celtics from 2003 when they had their first football team until now and I can attest to this being the case every time.
  14. Hey Columbiahighfan What is your take on the game tonight at Jax Trinity? Are you going or is the school limiting the attendance to only parents?
  15. I would surely like to know what reasoning, medical or otherwise, was used by these organizations to have certain schools "opt out" of HS football for the 2020 season. It certainly cannot be based upon current medical advice from the CDC which I believe has not stated that HS sports should be shutdown. Should these organizations not have to intelligently justify the reason for shutting down any sport in any school. Strange that it's OK for hundreds or thousands of students to attend classes 8 hours a day inside these schools but not OK for a few football players to practice and play games outs
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