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  1. Daytona Mainland tops St Augustine and Jax Mandarin

    Also, Vanguard is no longer in 6A. They moved back down to 5A. Will now have North Marion to contend with in 5A-6. In addition, Vanguard will be visiting Columbia 11/1 which may be for the first time if my memory is correct.
  2. 4A Region 1 - An Early Look

    Is West Nassau still with that ground and pound offense? We had a playoff game with them in 2009 and their ground offense was so difficult to deal with. Don't believe they ever threw a pass. Are they still a formidable team?
  3. Class 1A Region 4 - Can Hawthorne Do It Again?

    From 2011 through the 2015 season Trenton under HC Andrew Thomas pounded Hawthorne every year. No games were even close. Trenton was in the championship game 3 times and won twice. Since Thomas left Trenton has been floundering. Andrew Thomas is now the HC of Trinity Catholic since last season and should be instrumental in the resurgence of the Celtics.
  4. Serious Turmoil At Blanche Ely

    I doubt that any HS football team "fears" any other HS football team. What would they have to fear? That another team may be better than their team? The players just want to play football and enjoy testing themselves against the best opponents. I have never met a HS player that had fear in their DNA.Now, possibly some coaches have trepidation when confronting a more powerful team due to the status of their jobs. The more games they lose the easier it is to be humiliated and to be let go as HC.
  5. 8:30 Start times

    I wonder if they have thought about playing the games on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday or Sunday evenings would be good for all and would allow everyone to attend. Up north they have always played their games on Saturday at 2 PM. They still play very few night games in the north I believe. Of course playing games in Florida at 2 pm is not advised due to the heat so they would have to be later in the day.
  6. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    Actually I meant HC of Trenton not Dixie County. Sorry. My mistake.
  7. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    Andrew Thomas has been HC of Trinity Catholic in Ocala since the beginning of the 2018 season. Prior to that he was HC of Trenton for 5 years. Seasons 2016 and 2017 he was HC of T.R. Miller HS in Alabama before transferring to Trinity Catholic.
  8. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    Does anyone know if Celtic QB Dominac Brinser transferred to North Marion? He was on the Celtic's roster in early May and now he is on the North Marion roster. I thought he was being primed as the starting QB for Trinity this season and he looks good in his Hudl videos.
  9. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    I'm also a big Vanguard fan and have been out to their games on Celtic bye weeks and also when the Celtics are playing a team that will not be as competitive as the others. Since Farmer took over the Knights have become some what of a powerhouse in Florida HS football. Moving to 5A from 6A should make them even more prolific. Wish the Celtics would start playing Vanguard again like in the past.
  10. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    Well, let's see. He's an experienced coach and he probably knows that teams always get more players over the summer and it's just a matter of mathematics. More students registering more players on the team. Looking at some good talent is more of a hope than an affirmation. But, then again you're trying to insinuate an ulterior motive aren't you now? If that were the case why did the Celtics go 5-5 last season?
  11. Trinity Catholic 2019 Season

    According to Coach he is looking at some good talent joining the team over the summer as I believe registration does not pick up until that time. Roster only at 31 now. Possibly 45 or more by KOC. The Celtics seem to have a so so schedule. Not too hard and not too easy. So, I'm thinking they will be able to make the playoffs this season. I think that the KOC at Dixie will be a good measuring stick as to how the Celtics will do.
  12. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    We're talking about a monster 8A team in DB. Would have liked to see how TCA handled them. To think that 6A Gainesville, a tough team in their own right, is a respite from DB.
  13. Northeast FL posters

    Sorry CHF I must have missed this message. Trinity plays Dixie County in the KOC at Dixie. The Celtics did get a win over Baldwin tonight in the Spring Game, 7-6 in two quarters of play. Coach Thomas does not yet have much to work with as most new students at private schools don't register until the start to the middle of the summer. He only has 31 on the roster whereas at the start of the season he should have 45 to 50.
  14. IMG Spring Game

    Thanks CHF.
  15. IMG Spring Game

    I've looked everywhere but cannot find who and where their spring game will be with? Have they decided not to have a spring game?