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  1. Pahokee@Palm Beach Lakes (tonight)

    Most of the high school bands that I have seen in person over the last few years have been bland and boring. They play music that is not very interesting and most of their uniforms are from hunger. I don't know who picks the musical selection and uniforms but they need to take a poll of the fans to see what their preferences are. The best bands that I've seen are the black school high stepping bands. No comparison with the others. When you're at a football game you want to have as much energy on display as possible. You don't want to be put to sleep during the intermission.
  2. Why UCF isn't 2017 National Champions Excuse thread.

    Whether UCF is top billing material or not, their QB Dillon Gabriel is one hell of player. He shredded the Stanford defense with both his passing and ground play action. And this guy is only a Freshman. Holy Cow. Just feel that UCF and Gabriel would give UF, Miami, or FSU fits if they played them.
  3. Since Franks went down for the season on Saturday how do you think the Gators will do the rest of the season? Frank's replacement Trask looked pretty good and actually pulled out the game for Florida. Do you think Trask will be the starting QB here on in and are any of the other QB's on the roster as good? Myself, I never thought that Franks was that good of a QB and felt that the Gators could have done a lot better with someone else.
  4. 20 Interesting Games Next Week

    2A North Florida Christian @ 3A Trinity Catholic last season's 2A champion coming down to Ocala for a visit this Friday. Should be very interesting as NFC is always a very tough team no matter what class. The Celtics better be ready.
  5. Jax TCA vs American heritage

    I watched this game on ESPN+. IMO TCA was not even in the same ballpark as American Heritage. AH is so well disciplined and trained. They seemed to make plays effortlessly while TCA struggled most of the time. Either TCA is not anywhere near as good as they have been or AH is that much better.
  6. IMG 31 St. Joseph's 25

    How a team can make so many mistakes in one game, have a QB that is really not that great, have their top player out with an injury, and still defeat one of the best teams in the country in their home is just amazing. St. Joseph is one heck of a tough disciplined team with a highly ranked QB. Yet, IMG came through with plays when needed. IMO IMG has truly very talented and well trained players that seem to be able to change the complexion of a game at any given moment. Next Saturday they play another highly ranked team in St. John's up in Washington DC. St. Joseph did defeat St. John's on 9/6 by 4 points but the two teams are equal in ability.
  7. 20 Interesting Games Next Week

    How about IMG @ St John's. St John's is just as good as St Joseph's or maybe better most of the time.
  8. Dunnellon 23 Vanguard 20

    They actually have a pretty good team most seasons. And some seasons they are a very tough team. The school is located at the extreme western edge of Marion County, on the way to Crystal River, which is the 2nd largest county in Florida to Dade.
  9. Dunnellon 23 Vanguard 20

    And, this was at Booster Stadium home of the Knights. From reading some of the reports I knew that Dunnellon was a very formidable team. They proved that last night. Dunnellon is now 4-0.
  10. Played at undefeated South Sumter. We now go to 4-0. Are the Celtics back? I surely hope so as it would make 3A more interesting. What's amazing is that the Celtics have always been a balanced team but depended on their passing to defeat tough teams. This season they have kept it on the ground for the most part. QB Brinser averages less than 6 passes per game.
  11. Streams for week 4??

    The IMG @ St. Joseph game is being played at Rutgers University Stadium. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHI_Stadium#/media/File:RUFootballStadium.jpg
  12. No week 3 talk ...sooo all of florida games are canceld ??

    I counted 26 at the game. They are not a bad team although I thought, given how much they scored in their past games, that they would score more than 8 points. Game ended 35-8 Trinity. I believe we had a running clock as I left at the half when the score was 35-0. If we defeat South Sumter on Friday then I will believe the Celtics are for real.
  13. North Marion

    North Marion QB Quinton Gross is only a Junior. However, in the championship game against Cardinal Gibbons, he came in for Wilsher who went down in the first quarter with an injury. He did pretty well driving the Colts for a score. From there on he did not do much of anything. He has little experience as I don't think he got to play much last season. I do know that he throws a few interceptions. The game is at Hardee so advantage to Hardee.
  14. North Marion

    To tell you the truth Hwy17 North Marion was a very good team last season due to basically one player, Sr QB Corey Wilsher who threw for over 2,500 yards and a couple of Sr RB's that combined for 2,600 yards rushing. They no longer have Wilsher and those RB's. They do have a Sr laden receiving core if there is a QB who can hit them. Their first two opponents were both pretty weak, Palatka and Forest. In the next 3 weeks that have Hardee, Gainesville, and Vanguard to deal with. I don't really think they will do well against them. Although, if they can get by them then they have clear sailing with the exception of Columbia in their last game. I believe they ran a Pro Set with Wilsher. Don't know what they are running this season, though.
  15. Jax TCA vs Venice this Friday

    You'll have to forgive Columbia Fan. He's definitely a 24/7 super fan of the Tigers and feels that no other team deserves as much credit. It's true that Columbia is a pretty good team although I don't believe they have ever won a championship. I might be wrong and Columbia Fan will immediately let me know the error of my ways. How many championships has TCA won? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. How many has IMG won, who Columbia Fan never gives credit to. Now Columbia Fan don't get all bent out of shape. We still love you and truly enjoy your contribution to this forum which would not be as lively without you, Bro.