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  1. Maybe a little early for this prognosis. However, many people are more in the know than I am. So, any indications from the grapevine if the 2021 season is going to a regular season to include the Spring games? I'm not much for Spring games per se as I don't think they have a lot of value so early in the season and are open to possible injuries with players who have not fully acclimated to the full contact schedule. That being said I'm still interested to know if they will be played.
  2. Congrats to you Dillard guys. Dillard seems to have come a long way from the bleak years especially after Coach Tate had to take over from your previous coach Frasier who passed away. He must be one heck of a coach to keep that team together and winning that's all I can say.
  3. I still kind of like the idea that a couple of folks on here have put forward previously. If we cannot completely stop transfers or recruiting for sports only, which is my first preference, then how about if a team is a consistent loser in a specific class that they move down one or two classes regardless of student size. In addition if a team consistently wins easily in a specific class they move up one or two classes. If you separate the good teams from the not so good teams then you have good teams remaining good and not so good teams remaining not so good. Not so good teams playing against
  4. Not exactly smacked around when you score 33 points. That being said, I stated earlier that I was not worried about the Celtic's offense I was somewhat apprehensive about their defense against a prolific team like TCA. The Celtic defense, although very good, is not quite on the level of the better teams in the state. TCA just happens to be a better overall team at least on this Friday. OTC will have most of their starters back for next season and will be a force to be reckoned with.
  5. Should be interesting. Last season the Celtics defeated the Conquerors 23-21 in the playoffs. Can they do it again? My feeling is that both teams are better than last season's teams. The Celtics have a pretty good offense and a defense that is starting to get noticed. Both teams lost to Bolles. OTC also lost to the Villages 27-25 and to Sandlewood 17-14. Both in the last couple of minutes of each game. TCA seems to have a pretty balanced team per usual. Don't seem to have any weaknesses that I can see. They do definitely play a brutal schedule.
  6. I would think they would. The John Carroll Catholic/Trinity Catholic game was streamed on You Tube for free. However, NFHS Network will be streaming it on their platform. They charge $10.99 per month. Not much more than a stadium ticket price.
  7. Obviously there was nothing really for me to worry about as the Celtics won 48-0. Looked like they totally overwhelmed John Carroll. Oh well on to next Friday when Trinity Christian Academy will be a coming to town. Should be quite a game between two very good 3A teams.
  8. In that same first half TC put up 35 against JCC and eventually won 57-28. With that being said, TC is an undefeated 8A team which has blown out most of their opponents. It's going to be a tough go for the Celtics this evening. Just hope that we have the defensive horses to slow down the JCC offense. We do, however, have the offense to beat them.
  9. You are 100% correct. Old St. Anastasia Catholic School | Abandoned Florida www.abandonedfl.com › old-st-anastasia-catholic-school A new church school auditorium was opened on April 29, 1960 at the new 33rd Street location. Elementary school students were moved there. The high school remained at the 1914 facility until the fall of 1965, when the remainder of the students were moved to the new St. Anastasia High School (later renamed the John H. Carroll High School). I did manage to find some videos of the the team.
  10. I'm not doubting your experience. However, the stands are usually packed for their home games. Don't know where these people come from and who they are? Maybe they just want to see a good football team play. And, I am quite sure that the stands are really packed for their away games. We all know that IMG is an institution of the privileged which I think most people accept. Unfortunately "attitude" is endemic among many of the young today and not just on the campus of IMG. Thank you for your insight though it's appreciated.
  11. As much as one can know without being actually associated with the team. We used to play them just about every season and I attended the games. They are usually a very solid team that is very well coached. However they did seem to run into trouble against Armwood and Lake Gibson when they and Vanguard were in 6A. Anything else I will try my best to answer.
  12. Unfortunately they require a subscription to read the articles. However, did check out the Fort Pierce newspaper which has some info on John Carroll in the playoffs. THANKS.
  13. Know absolutely nothing about this Fort Pierce team except for their record. Cannot find any videos on You Tube nor much written about them including HUDL. Their record is 8-1. Anyone from south Florida been to their games or that know about this team? To play so many higher classification opponents they must be pretty good. They're also averaging 350 YPG on offense. 6A Port St. Lucie - W 6A Okeechobee - W 4A Avon Park - W 8A Treasure Coast - L 6A South Fork - W 8A Central - W 5A Jensen Beach - W 6A Sebastian River - W 3A F
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