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  1. Look, you seem to be stuck on a broken record. The government statistics are that so far 160,000 people have supposedly died from Covid-19. Per capita the US has the third lowest deaths in the world. That tricky mathematical formula per capita somehow escapes some of the so called experts that have in their mind that the US has the most deaths of any country. Just look it up. 160,000 divided by 330 million is 0.0045%. the 3rd lowest percentage of deaths in the world "PER CAPITA". I guess we must have been doing something right to have those low statistics. Those stats are even lower than the annual flu that comes around every year like clockwork. But, nobody wants to face up to facts and statistics. Too boring I guess.
  2. The schools will definitely be opening full time August 24th. That means hundreds if not thousands of students and teachers together for 8 hours daily 5 days a week inside buildings. Football teams are together about 2 hours a day for practice and about 4 hours on Friday all outside. Have no idea how it was decided that there should be restrictions put on the teams like how many games they play, etc considering that football players are probably the most fit students in the school. And, why is it that a few hundred fans cannot attend the games for a max of 4 hours outside yet students can be together for many hours during the week inside? Are there medical professionals making these rules or is it just some bureaucrats trying to protect their backsides. Aren't masks, social distancing, and washing your hands ever 3 minutes enough for these people? How about we all wear HazMat suits to the games with OBA's. Would that be enough? Can anyone imagine a football game with no fans or nobody in the stands? Pure nonsense IMO.
  3. Why are Pharmacies not being allowed to dispense this medicine even with a prescription? Who is blocking it and why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zkIguitaqc
  4. I have learned over many years of life that the collective voice doesn't matter much. A couple of individuals in a government organization are making the decision. And they have an agenda that is not that of the collective voice. They listen to the power brokers.
  5. I would venture to say not one player would state that he didn't want to play and, as such, please cancel the season. The players want to play football regardless. If football is cancelled you are going to see thousands of pretty upset and downright angry kids. Just think of the trouble they can get into when they have just had the sport they love the most taken away from them and possibly any chance of getting in to college. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of parents and fans who support those teams and their players.
  6. I lived through the Polio age and remember when the vaccine was discovered and perfected. Took them nearly four years to perfect a vaccine. A horrible experience your family member went through probably for the rest of his/her life. My condolences, truly. As kids we shuddered at the thought of getting Polio. Covid-19 is of the SARS-CoV family type virus. It's classified as SARS-CoV2 but is structurally somewhat different than SARS-CoV. According to the Lancet Medical Journal Covid-19 is way below the SARS-CoV fatality rate and also very far below the fatality rate for the MERS family of viruses. The US, over the years, has been hit by both SARS and MERS viruses and we survived all of them without shutting things down. By the way, we also survived Poliomyelitis and all of the childhood diseases, most of them viruses, without shutting things down. And there were no vaccines for those childhood diseases until many years later. This is the first time in my lifetime, and I'm an old timer, that any disease has even attempted to cause the country to shutdown. Many many doctors, some of them ICU, emergency room, and specialist type doctors disagree totally with the CDC and believe they are the problem. There are 5 countries that never shutdown and they all survived in better shape than the countries that did shut down. None of them destroyed their economy and locked their people away like POW's. Just saying.
  7. AGREE. They are also allowing the students to gather all day in classrooms, have lunch together, ride buses from home to school and back, and get together for extra curricula activities, but they are worried about a football team practicing outdoors 2 hours a day and playing a game for 3 hours on Friday. I wonder why they don't protect these football teams when flu season comes around ever year like clockwork. After all approximately 40 million get infected, 300,000 hospitalizations, and 70,000 die every year from the so called common flu. How many kids get the flu every year. I'm quite sure quite a few. But, somehow we don't close the entire country down. There is something much more than protecting students in all of this. After all it's been proved that people under 18 have a near zero percentage rate of dying from this Covid-19. I wonder if it has anything to do with their young immune systems that are at peak effectiveness. Isn't that the reason why young people don't die of the common flu when some older folks do? Just saying.
  8. I second the motion. What he did in his private life is nobody's business. What he did with the Mainland football team was paramount.
  9. I watched him the many times that Tampa Catholic played my Celtics. What a disciplinarian. That team was totally disciplined and well coached. Proves that his style wins games. His players really respected him as you could tell by their demeanor.
  10. In 2005 Trinity Catholic went undefeated and beat Pahokee in the championship game. Robert Love broke the all time pass completion record in spite of the Celtics defeating his team. I believe this might be it.
  11. The body's natural immune system protects from and fights off viruses. There is no cure for any virus and there is only one vaccine and that is somewhat effective and its only for the common flu. It's supposedly 40% effective but nobody really knows. Vaccines are made up of Antibodies that help to boost your Immune System if it is compromised. Other than that a vaccine does not do much good. Every day that you're alive you are bombarded by millions of viruses which the immune system protects against. The fact that millions of people have had Covid-19 with no ill affect or only mild symptoms is proof that very few people die. Most that die have other severe medical problems wherein their immune systems are compromised. Antibiotics can only kill Bacteria. They are useless against viruses. Once again, the immune system is the only thing that protects against viruses. If you are healthy, exercise regularly, eat right, don't smoke, take drugs, or drink excessively, then your immune system will never allow a virus to affect you. I would say that HS football players fall into that category and the reason why people under 60 do not have much to worry about from Covid-19 or any virus.
  12. That is the measurement the CDC goes by when they evaluate how serious a disease is. With the common flu, which comes around like clockwork every winter in the US, there are approximately 70,000 deaths and 300,000 hospitalizations. But, there is no hysteria, no panic, no country lock down, no economy destroyed every winter because the amount of cases is 40 million or more. The death rate is lower than people falling off bicycles every year (sarcasm). Why don't we shut down the country for Cancer deaths which are 607,000 per year? Cancer is caused by a virus which mutates cells and eventually kills the host. 84,000 died of pneumonia which is caused by a virus. More people die from illegal drugs than from Covid-19. Where is the concern?
  13. Of course. It was a conspiracy to shut down Spring Sports (although the season was right in the midst of Covid-19) and now it's another conspiracy to open up Fall Sports. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. ( the actual death rates per capita right now are the lowest they have been since the start of Covid-19. Death rates per capita mean how many deaths there are measured against how many people are tested. Simple analytical mathematics. Very few people were being tested in April and May so death rates per capita were high. Since millions have been tested since per capita death rates have fallen drastically. In fact I heard yesterday that they have fallen below what the CDC considers a concern for a Pandemic). Let the games begin.
  14. If the schools are reopening then all of the related activities (ie football) will follow suit. Hopefully all of us are pleased with this decision. https://www.ocala.com/news/20200706/florida-schools-ordered-to-reopen-in-august
  15. I have to admit that Pahokee made a lot of mistakes in that game that allowed my Celtics to build up a 30-7 halftime lead. Also, Let's face it the Celtics were good enough to take advantage of those mistakes. Remember Pahokee was a powerhouse that had won a few championships and most of them with ease. It was the Celtics first time in the finals. We got cocky I believe and thought the game was won. Robert love had other plans. Pahokee scored 3 TDs and a touch back to tie the score in the 2nd half mostly through the effort of QB Love. Late in the 4th quarter the Celtic's RB Rudell Small ripped off a 65 yard run right up the middle to put the Celtics up 37-30 which is how the game ended. The Celtics defeated one of the best teams in Florida and one of the best teams of all time. Quite an accomplishment.
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