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  1. Yeah it was the Tucker Isreal kid who made ESPN for the TD throws against celebration. I seen 3 that were a jet sweep. Game was way out of hand in the 4th quarter and Paradiso still had Isreal in their throwing it.
  2. Those years with Jim Leavitt as the HC were awesome. Fun to watch him start the program from scratch and turn it into a highly competitive D1 program. Dude was intense as hell.
  3. Great player for the Bulls. Played a bunch in the NFL as well. In todays world he may have transferred to an Alabama or Ohio State after he made All-American his sophomore season. But that wasn't a thing yet. AHHHHH the good ole days.
  4. You can't have a round robin format with 8 HS football teams in a two week period. Round robin means you play everyone in your bracket. FHSAA does it with seeding and single elimination. 1 vs 8 and so on. That would be only 3 weeks of post season for the open bracket.
  5. In my opinion, 8 teams should be the max. Wonder how the FHSAA will deal with the 8 team open division playoff format. Open division will have 3 post season rounds compared to the other classes that will have 5 rounds. These situations is usually when the fhsaa SHINES....LOL
  6. NOW THAT S--T WAS FUNNY!!!!!!!!
  7. I seriously can't remember how many times I had to do that very thing. Like Nolebull said in another discussion, the kids know kids from other schools and where the "hot hand" is. I never entertained discussions with kids or parents of kids from other schools. I know we lost some good ones because of it but I am ok with that.
  8. Because CIA no longer offers football he can play at another school and still attend CIA if he wants. He just can't have coaches from other programs REACHING OUT to him to do so.
  9. Doesn't matter if the player is in limbo or not. Coaches or anyone affiliated with the school are not allowed to talk to kids about playing for their program until they are enrolled in that school.
  10. In his announcement, he thanked coaches from other schools for REACHING OUT and giving him the opportunity to be a part of their program. That sounds like recruiting to me.
  11. All the little Timmy's at TFA might want to talk to their parents about transferring to another private school. Looks like all their spots have been filled up by the new and improved recruits.
  12. Yeah, if you're in a in a program that has accountability and structure the season never really ends. January to August is when you win championships. I just hope the fans understand and respect that. The coaches should be paid accordingly for the time, effort and sacrifice they put in for the school and football program. Oh, and that 100 degree heat aint no joke for the players, trainers and coaches.
  13. Yeah most of the best players in the state going to the big 3 is a thing of the past. Maybe thats why the big 3 always being in the top 25 is also a thing of the past.
  14. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around, does it make a sound?
  15. QB transferred from Wekiva to Leesburg to TFA in a span of three years. During that span he played for the 7 on 7 team 24K. Again, Im sure its just a coincidence.
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