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  1. Ohhhhh...now you have the time to look at a game.
  2. Sad for the kids and coaches who thought by scheduling hard would help their chances at a high seed in the playoffs. I guess the FHSAA wins again with their top secret formula for the rankings.
  3. They seriously can't get anything right. The FHSAA could F up a wet dream.
  4. Because its kinda a hard thing to do. Besides I was just pointing out that they have had a winning season the past 6 years. You stated they didn't.
  5. Deerfield is 57-16 the past 6 years. By winning season I hope you meant championships. Because they are without a doubt very competitive and have had a winning season the past 6 years.
  6. Poinciana got some transfers this off season. I was told that at least two of them were starters for Osceola. Gotta win now
  7. Of course they can if its a 7v7 competition. But like I said, not at summer workouts.
  8. You are allowed to run through plays with a coach during summer workouts. You just cant have a football present. Kids can throw a football and run routes as long as the coach is not present.
  9. Having a consistently winning program in todays HS football is tough to do. I'm sure Daunte Culpepper is proud.
  10. I forgot how good that game was. A clear depiction of how great Florida High School football is here from the south to the north.
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