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  1. Ohhhhh...now you have the time to look at a game.
  2. Sad for the kids and coaches who thought by scheduling hard would help their chances at a high seed in the playoffs. I guess the FHSAA wins again with their top secret formula for the rankings.
  3. They seriously can't get anything right. The FHSAA could F up a wet dream.
  4. Because its kinda a hard thing to do. Besides I was just pointing out that they have had a winning season the past 6 years. You stated they didn't.
  5. Deerfield is 57-16 the past 6 years. By winning season I hope you meant championships. Because they are without a doubt very competitive and have had a winning season the past 6 years.
  6. Poinciana got some transfers this off season. I was told that at least two of them were starters for Osceola. Gotta win now
  7. Of course they can if its a 7v7 competition. But like I said, not at summer workouts.
  8. You are allowed to run through plays with a coach during summer workouts. You just cant have a football present. Kids can throw a football and run routes as long as the coach is not present.
  9. Having a consistently winning program in todays HS football is tough to do. I'm sure Daunte Culpepper is proud.
  10. I forgot how good that game was. A clear depiction of how great Florida High School football is here from the south to the north.
  11. Well with his size (even with it being inflated), he needs as many touches as he can get. In other words, he needs film. I guess he chose a different rout than the well traveled QB from A.H. Plantation, Aquinas and Cardinal Newman... LOL. Playing Time > Education. At least the QB jumped from one great private education to another.
  12. 100%. About 7 years ago before school choice, college coaches considered Dade County the "wild west" of high school football. They would complain how it was so difficult to figure out which school a player was attending from year to year. They also use to say that sometimes when they watched film with the current coach it was highlights of another team the player played for from the previous season. Kinda crazy to think that this is the norm today for most schools in metro counties and some in suburban counties. I guess since the school choice bill became active, all of Florida can now be considered the "wild west".
  13. Dang this is this kids 3rd private high school in 3 years. American Heritage Plantation, Aquinas, and now Cardinal Newman. I guess he's trying to figure out which private school in the area has the best education.
  14. Their height and reach already causes problems for o-lineman. But if you add in a great get off and high effort, you will have a great front four at any level.
  15. The kid is 6'4 and has a bethune offer. Maybe thats the reason for the transfer. In todays world, being a 6'4 qb is pretty hard to go unnoticed with the social media and the 7 on 7 scene. His twitter transfer post is depictive of the the way things are now. He clearly stated that the school staff and coaches helped him become a better student, athlete and person. That seems like everything you would want as a parent for your kid but they still felt the need to transfer. He also stated that his teammates were there everyday for him. Again, seems like everything you would want as a parent. But they still chose to transfer and leave his teammates that have been there for him everyday.
  16. The 2019 Lakeland squad had a bunch of star studded transfers as well.
  17. Genius wizards...Simpletons...idiots...Barney Fifes=2 crummy ideas. Yup, that pretty much sums it up for the FHSAA.
  18. Oh yeah I forgot about that. This is my last one....I promise.
  19. After seeing the last few posts, I feel that I have transported to the past and landed on the flavarsity board. All that was missing was Silver King.
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