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  1. Hwy17

    Math Help

    Look at Lemon Bay's RPI.
  2. Hwy17

    Math Help

    It's possible to manipulate an RPI. Going 10-0 against weak teams counts 35%. If a couple of your opponents go 5-5 or 6-4, your RPI actually looks pretty good.
  3. Hwy17

    Math Help

    So, my son just ran the math for Hardee's RPI. He said he had to subtract our game out to arrive at the same OWP as FHSAA has.
  4. https://youtube.com/watch?v=g4kA1dCWwJc&feature=share
  5. BTW (1) FSU (9) Apopka (5) STA (10) Bartram Trail (6) TCA (7) Rockledge (4) Cocoa (8) Palmetto (2) TBT (3) Bonus : Clewiston
  6. That's why I think there should be a cap on the number of transfers a program should be allowed to take.
  7. Lake Gibson was up big then nearly blew it. Sounds like Lakeland didn't take Lake Gibson too serious until too late.
  8. I went from first to last quick. Thanks Lakeland!
  9. I visit it occasionally. Not much fun on there anymore.
  10. OSL & Broward Handicapper - miss both
  11. I was told this game was scheduled last minute due to a cancellation. Should be good one and a chance to see just how good Fort Meade is.
  12. Freeport (1) Seminole (4) Lakeland (10) Belen Jesuit (3) Cardinal Gibbons (2) Trinity Christian (6) Apopka (7) Lakewood (8) Gulliver (5) Edison (9)
  13. Fort Meade has a great team this year.
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