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  1. Lee Venice Bartram Trail Cocoa STA Miami Central Bloomingdale Jones Vanguard Pontre Vedra
  2. STA Bolles NFM AHP Osceola Niceville Deland Newberry Fletcher Champagnat
  3. I would have thrown names in a hat and have somebody draw them out.
  4. Victory Fleming Island Apopka Palmetto Columbia Florida High Bertram Trail Vero Beach Bolles Venice
  5. American Heritage Tampa Catholic Bloomingdale Bishop McLaughlin Charlotte Clearwater Fleming Island Trinity Catholic Treasure Coast
  6. Hwy17


    I was thinking how crazy it would be if in 5a Region 4 the blind draw results in Miami Northwestern vs American Heritage Plantation for the play-in.
  7. Exactly! Stick with Norvell. A fair assessment on him as head coach really can't be made until after 4 season given the mess he was handed.
  8. I pick Lake Gibson to win. Not because they're really better but due to Lakeland having no games played and no practices in.
  9. Exactly how much research do you do and are you relying on message board homers?
  10. It seems to me like too much focus is on getting a scholarship to play division 1 college football. What's wrong with giving a smaller sized athlete a shot if he can help your team win and perhaps get recruited by a lower division college program?
  11. AHP Tampa Bay Tech Chaminade Columbia Dr. Phillips Lake Gibson Madison South Fort Myers Bertram Trail Vero Beach
  12. That kid may not have a place at one of those private schools like you mentioned above but a many a high school would find a place for him.
  13. Naples was 10-1 last season so I was shocked when I saw this score. Before Kramer was coach there Naples wasn't much of a power. Immokalee typically has a sound program and won state in 2004 but got moved up in classification; belong in 5a.
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