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  1. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    The last time Lake Wales got to the state championship game they survived a 1st round playoff game with a 1 point win.
  2. Palmetto survived Braden River

    JMO, rematch games are tough
  3. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    The rematch between Lake Wales and Sebring was closer than when they played 3 weeks ago. Final Lake Wales 22 Sebring 21
  4. Biggest upset of the night!
  5. FHSAA Championship Record Book

    I found an error on Hardee's playoff record
  6. 60 straight wins or state titles

    Nobody remembers you going 10-0 in the regular season. I'd even suffer through some 0-10 seasons if I knew we'd win a state title.
  7. RPI frustrations

    Yeah, we went 7-3 in 2000 and still missed the playoffs
  8. Toughest State Title Loss Ever?

    Frostproof over TCA 6-0 in 1999
  9. RPI frustrations

    The system we had in 1999-2000 was the best. 3 districts per region. Champs and runner-ups get in; 2 at large spots with a simple point system
  10. RPI frustrations

  11. Teams with Losing Records That Could Make the Playoffs

    I liked the idea of district runner-ups getting in when it first came out. We still had 7-9 teams in a district. You don't want to get me started on have many times I saw 9-1 or 8-2 teams get left out because of a tie-breaker or the district they were in was stacked. Our goal was to make this more fair and clearly we have not accomplished that goal. Last year, my team was the #1 seed and we got beat by a #8 seed that some felt didn't deserve to be there because they were 3rd in their district but had more points than the 2nd place team. But they matched up better with us than probably any of the others in the region. So I get to hear it how we just didn't deserve to the #1 seed because we played a weak schedule. This year we've played a much tougher schedule, knowing we were going to be down because of all the seniors we graduated. All of our loses are close games that could have gone either way. Yet we're in 11th place because of the weak teams on our schedule that negate the tough teams we played in the rpi calculation. We blew out the weak teams on our schedule and if you do a side by side comparison with those in the 8th, 9th and 10th spots, I could make a strong argument we're more deserving.
  12. Teams with Losing Records That Could Make the Playoffs

    I agree, just like last year's point system. A win should be worth more than a loss. The reason district runner-ups automatically qualified was because districts use to be large and winning teams were being left out. Then by going to smaller districts, losing teams were making the playoffs and some teams with winning seasons still got left out. These point systems and rpi systems were suppose to cure that. They have not! How bad did Plant lose some of those games? I don't care how hard the schedule is, if you are getting beat bad, you got no business making the playoffs! Doesn't prove you are more deserving than a winning team with an easier schedule. To me, its like taking a student that would struggle with basic math, putting them in advance calculus, then saying their F is better than the student who got an A in basic math.
  13. You make the Call

    For those not familiar with Winter Haven and Bartow; the head coaches are brothers.
  14. Rpi question

    Public schools with under 1000 in a class; Private schools in another class; Everybody else split up into 4 classes. Wish I had the data to see what that would look like.