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  1. This looks like a legit full and complete move from out of state. I got no problems with this kind of transfer.
  2. I can remember back in the mid-2000s when Lakeland was beating STA in the state championships it was the STA fans crying foul about Lakeland getting transfers. This was before the open transfer rules we have now. Then in 2011 the FHSAA threw the book at Armwood.
  3. And Cocoa in 6a
  4. Open transfers has totally compromised the purpose of classification based on population. In my opinion transfers should be limited by class size.
  5. From what I see, y'all played a tougher schedule in 2008 than you did in 2018.
  6. I suppose you look at it through the lens of a 7A school that gets a few transfers. I look at through the lend of a 5A school. To me, I'd rather schedule a really strong 5A or 6A opponent to prepare for the playoffs.
  7. Pretty sure these kids don't live in the eastern side of the county.
  8. I'm of the opinion that getting crushed like a soda can by a team that clearly is superior does nothing but demoralized your team, especially the underclassmen. It's clear what went wrong; they (IMG) have way more size, speed and talent than you do. I really feel that you gain more by scheduling a tough Non-District team similar to one you might actually meet up with come playoff time.
  9. Ever considered playing either Vanguard or Dunnellon? Those would be good match ups.
  10. I'm not surprised at all you said that. However I look at Lakeland for example. They've been able to win state championships and their regular season opponents were somewhat weak in the years they won it. My question is, does playing IMG and losing really benefit Venice anymore than Vero?
  11. I'm hearing 6 players from Hardee have transferred to Sebring.
  12. Does scheduling a team that is clearly beyond your level benefit you any more than scheduling a likely playoff team of similar size? I'm of the opinion it doesn't really.
  13. I've seen some schedules posted on Hudl
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