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  1. I'll say this about Lemon Bay; 2018 their qb transfers to Venice. When we played Lemon Bay in 2018 they were winless but played us tough. They had a good defense and decent running game but were lacking a passing game. They finished the season 2-8. In 2017 they were 5-4. I can't help but think had their qb not had transfered, they would have had a winning season.
  2. They've been robbing from North Port and Lemon Bay for years.
  3. The Man that's was a tough loss bowl: Hardee vs Glades Central
  4. 1. Duvall, Leon, Broward. 2. Duvall
  5. Clewiston is a city, Madison is a county
  6. There are 2 public schools in Hendry county. Clewiston is one, class 4a and Labelle is the other, class 5a.
  7. The last time Lake Wales got to the state championship game they survived a 1st round playoff game with a 1 point win.
  8. The rematch between Lake Wales and Sebring was closer than when they played 3 weeks ago. Final Lake Wales 22 Sebring 21
  9. I found an error on Hardee's playoff record
  10. Nobody remembers you going 10-0 in the regular season. I'd even suffer through some 0-10 seasons if I knew we'd win a state title.
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