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  1. I can name coaches who have: won more than 200 games; coached one school for over 25 years; appeared in back-to-back title games; careers cover 4 decades; have a stadium named after them. But all 5 requirements? I'm stumped. Obviously they didn't coach in my part of the state.
  2. Somebody mentioned in a previous thread; Gene Cox.
  3. I was thinking Billy Turner as well but he only got to the finals once. Then I figured it would be Jim Powell (Venice) but he didn't quite have 200 wins.
  4. With only 14 playoff appearances, I'm lead to believe that he spent much of his coaching career when only district champs made the playoffs.
  5. Vero Beach - 64 wins Lakeland - 60 wins Lake Butler - 46 wins Hardee - 46 wins
  6. Palmetto's #1 rankings at the time was due to an inflated RPI that in hindsight was not as strong at year end.
  7. Tallahassee Lincoln over a very overrated Palmetto
  8. Not the answer, but coach Jordan Ingman at Port Charlotte just might do this. Hired as a head coach at age 22, he's been the head coach at Port Charlotte since 2012 and has had a winning season every year. 8 seasons as a coach and only 30. Now that Binky Waldrop has retired he becomes one of the longest tenured coaches in SWF
  9. 1993 Bay vs Rutherford. Bay won in a blowout. Bay's head coach was Jim Scroggins, one of several former Desoto coaches to leave Arcadia and win somewhere else.
  10. Jack Youngblood. Played hs at Jefferson County, college at University of Florida, and NFL for the Los Angeles Rams. Called the John Wayne of Football
  11. Looks like its the IMG white team. Lakewood Ranch might win that game.
  12. Are we sure Lakewood Ranch isn't playing the IMG white team,?
  13. 1988 3A quarterfinal Orlando Jones vs Hardee
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