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  1. Do you remember that Aquinas fan Carlos, or something like that? Always attacking people for things related to his school, or anything else for that matter. Dude swore he was the Einstein of HS football Could this columbiajoker be C-los reincarnated? If you notice anytime someone mentions Sta and the "R" word he jumps to their defense and starts pointing fingers at other schools and trying to change the subject. Hmmm
  2. Yes indeed 17 Big test for the Miners.
  3. Taggart was fired at 9-12 The current guy would have to go 6-4 the rest of the way to even match that.
  4. LWales slapped Jesuit in the mouth at that camp, and we aren't talking about shorts and tanks. The Highlanders were expected to be rebuilding this year. They are very young(2 freshman start in key positions), but is week will tell alot about them and Lakeland as well. The Naughts are favored, and they should be.
  5. I'm happy for you 17, I know it's been tough seeing your program struggle lately
  6. But I did blow it on your Wildcats beating Frostproof. I had the Dogs winning that game. See my weekly preview:
  7. Not me, I won money on it. Easy money at that(+21) I watched a replay of the 1st half of their game with SFA. That score is very misleading and SFA is poorly coached. I knew a really coached team with some talent could make it a game, and obviously Jesuit is well coached with some decent to good talent. Aquinas will lose to well-coached teams with good to equal talent.
  8. You win Hornetfan Truly sad and pathetic the poor leadership in this state and around the US right now.
  9. That DB was Kerry Watkins, aka K-Dog. Me and a few UF Gator friends stood along the fence near the 10 yard as Watkins was jawing with the Lakeland fans in the south end zone area. He then pointed to the opposite end zone, ala Deion Sanders. The Naught fans mocked him. K-Dog got the last laughed and took it to the house. Woodham would never trail that night. Watkins entered UF that next fall with the size and skill of a future pro DB, but he was also a headcase and never made it.
  10. That is partly true, they can/will surely pass this virus to others. However the rate of transmission is not as high as those with obvious symptons. The people who are not part of the anti-everything cult will be smart and follow sound, medical advice. Those who are a part of the anti-everything cult will continue to be who they are.
  11. Education money is spent on many things we don't need. God knows we need Jr High football back. Twitter
  12. It makes too much sense 17, and for that reason it won't happen. But I like your way of thinking.
  13. Don't fall for it Nulli. Players from that 2004-2006 Juggernaut laugh when they read his nonsense about 2018 being the best team in school history. Even the coaches laugh as well. PCGridiron (@CountyPolk) / Twitter
  14. Agree 100% Hwy 17 1. My 1st proposal would be they sit for 1 year, no exceptions. 2. If they can't accept that, my 2nd proposal would be a 5 limit cap on transfers to all schools. Proposal #1 would kill all transfers. Proposal #2 would kill the monopoly we are now seeing in 2A-7A. Final Proposal-- If the FHSAA doesn't want to end this nonsense the 2A-7A "public" schools need to do what the 1A schools threatened to do years ago and start the own association, with rules across the board for anyone who wants to be a member of a new FHSAA. PCGridiron (@CountyPolk) / Twitter
  15. I know all about NuJack, and the Attorney whose son played at GJ just recently. Coincidentally we were all UF undergrads at the same time in the 80's, and none of us are Lakeland natives. You can't make that up.
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