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  1. Maxpreps top 6 in 6A after week 8

    You would be correct. Lake Wales is 14+ points better, and I would bet alot of money on that.
  2. Maxpreps top 6 in 6A after week 8

    That song is being replayed again this year. "They lose a game to a team they are better than" I watched about 10 minutes of Columbia film last year and even less this year to know enough about them. I don't need anyone else's point of view. Nothing personal against the Tigers, good program, but unfortunately(for you) 2019 will in all likelihood end the same way 2018 ended, a playoff loss to a team you will claim Columbia is better than. As a matter of fact it would be a miracle for any other result to occur. But hey miracles do happen. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  3. Maxpreps top 6 in 6A after week 8

    At what point did I say someone was" SOOOO" far above someone else? A 1 point playoff loss is the same as a 35 point running clock. #SeasonOver https://twitter.com/countypolk?lang=en
  4. Maxpreps top 6 in 6A after week 8

    Polk has two 6A schools(LGibson and Auburndale). I will bet $$$ that neither one will be in 6A finals, and that would also apply to Columbia as well. In other words your point is mute. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  5. Maxpreps top 6 in 6A after week 8

    Max Preps is a joke in too many ways to discuss. Dillard is easily top 4 in 6A and maybe higher. Jax Lee is fringe top 10 and Columbia is not top 10 at all.

    Madison County at Dunnellon Columbia at Robert E. Lee Armwood at Tampa Bay Tech Northeast (St. Pete) at Boca Ciega (look up why have it here if you want to know LOL) Seminole (Sanford) at Flagler Palm Coast West Orange at Apopka Vero Beach at Treasure Coast Columbus at NSU University School Trinity Christian (Jax) at Colquitt County, Ga. Oasis at Berkeley Prep

    You would be smart to hope that Columbus wins, it helps that #4 RPI ranking you were complaining about. Don't let the threat of Columbus "beating" Dillard cloud your judgement. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk

    No. 9 American Heritage (Plantation) (4-1) at No. 14 Cardinal Gibbons (4-1) No. 18 Apopka (4-0) at No. 17 Jones (4-1) No. 10 Miami Northwestern (3-2) vs. No. 4 Miami Central (5-1) No. 5 Edgewater (6-0) at Marietta, Ga (3-1) No. 11 Rockledge (5-0) at St. Ignatius, Ohio (2-3) No. 3 Columbia (5-0) at Madison County (5-1) No. 19 Bartram Trail (5-0) at Ponte Jesuit (3-2) at Clearwater Central Catholic (4-2) Mainland (2-2) at Cocoa (4-1) St. Augustine (3-2) at Flagler Palm Coast (5-0)
  9. The Agenda Buster

    Total population has ZERO to do with talent "per capita". Hillsborough is twice the size of Polk but it's clear who has the better overall talent and teams. D1 offers/Star ranked kids as of today I can call off the top of my head: Lakeland(9), Lake Wales(7), Lalke Gibson(7), Victory Christian(3), Lakeland Christian(3), George Jenkins(3), Kathleen(2), Auburndale(2), Bartow(1), Winter Haven(1), Ridge Community(1). *Kills that Polk County All-Star team agenda* Bottom line your response(s) just shows my thread hit a sore spot. You will make a long post to single out a team, not in Dade County and not care if your point of view is slanted. Lakeland and PC as a whole is still a decade behind Dade in transfers. It will take much longer than the last 2 years to catch your guys. And any real football guru would be smart enough to do research before quoting Max Preps numbers. In other words that "list" of kids you placed on Lakeland's roster is inaccurate. But here's some news of interest for you. Gulliver Prep's 3-star player Yulkeith Brown make's an "in-season" transfer, and guess where. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk

    No. 4 Miami Northwestern (3-1) at Lowndes, Ga. (4-0)Winter Park (2-2) at No. 6 Edgewater (4-0)No. 7 Chaminade-Madonna (3-1) at No. 17 Atlantic (Delray) (2-0)Riverview (Sarasota) (2-2) at No. 11 Venice (2-1)No. 12 Rockledge (3-0) at Viera (1-1)No. 15 Seminole (Sanford) (3-0) at Mainland (1-1)No. 16 Cardinal Gibbons (3-1) at American Heritage Delray (2-1)No. 21 Bartram Trail (4-0) at St. Augustine (2-1)No. 22 Miami Carol City (2-2) at Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (1-3)Florida High (4-0) at No. 23 Madison County (4-0)Lincoln (3-1) at Niceville (4-0)Robert E. Lee (2-1) at Mandarin (2-1)Braden River (2-2) at Lakewood (4-0)Palmetto (4-0) at Largo (3-1)Fort Myers (2-2) at South Fort Myers (3-0)
  11. The Agenda Buster

    Lakeland transfers vs Dade County! Let's look at the "real" numbers from "real" talent. We will exclude bench riders, followers looking for a ring, and most importantly someone's agenda. Lakeland---2018 and 2019 1. Lloyd Summerall---4 star 2018 team sign with UF 2. Jaharie Martin---0 star 2018 team signed with Montana 3. Chris Howard---0 star 2018 team signed with Central Arkansas 4. Jace Hohenthaner--0 star 2017 and 2018 teams. Dad's job relocated to area, signed with Northern Illinois 5. Willie Lampkin---2 star 2018 and 2019 teams committed to Coastal Carolina 6. Arian Smith---4 star 2019 team 7. Kendall Dennis---4 star 2019 team 8.. Chayil Garnett---3 star 2019 team 9. Khalil Crawford---2 star 2017 and 2018 teams. Family moved here from another state, signed with Navy Miami Central---2018 and 2019 1. Henry Gray---4 star 2018 team 2. Amari Daniels---4 star 2018 team 3. Katravis Marsh---3 star 2018 team 4. Deidrick Stanley--3 star 2019 team 5. Josue Ultima---3 star 2019 team 6. Ali Makabu---0 star D2 offers 2019 team 7. Jesus Machado---3 star 2018 team, no longer there 8. Jalen Harrell---4 star, no longer there 9. Jovens Janvier---4 star, no longer there 10. Marc Christie---0 star 4 offers 2019 team Miami Northwestern---2018 and 2019 1. Ronald Delancy---3 star 2018 team 2. Leslie Smith---3 star 2018 team signed with Pitt 3. Terrance Lewis---5 star 2018 team 4. Jaquez Stuart---3 star 2018 team signed with Toledo 5. Isaiah Velez---3 star 2018 EKU 6. Khalil Brantley--- 3 star committed to UM 7. Nathaniel Noel---3 star 8. Rayquan Berry--- signed with FAU 9. Tim Burns Jr.----3 star 2018 team committed to UM 10. Sean Delaughter---0 star signed with Fort Scott JUCO 11. Georell Kidd---2 star signed with Buffalo 12. Wati Huggins---3 star 2019 team committed to FIU 13. John Joachin----2018 team, transferred in and now is gone. 3 offers 14. Antwan Massie---0 star 3 offers 15. Marcus Fleming---4 star 2019 team 16. Amahri McCray---9 offers 2019 team The moral to this story: 1. Lakeland "recruiting" is JV compared to Dade County. 2. Bill Castle and staff takes good and decent HS players and consistently beat south Fla powers. #AgendaBuster https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  12. Plant is pretty bad......

    Pretty bad was an understatement. Pinkos had them a 24pt dog last night and the south Tampa folk laughed at that prediction. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk

    I find it strange and kinda funny that IMG is included in pick ems but not ranked in the state polls. Flagler Palm Coast (2-0) at Spruce Creek (1-0)No. 12 American Heritage (Plantation) (2-1) at No. 15 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (1-2)No. 21 Booker T. Washington (2-1) at No. 10 Columbus (2-1)IMG Academy (2-0) at St. Joseph's, Pa. (1-1)Trinity Catholic (3-0) at South Sumter (3-0)No. 23 Miami Carol City (1-2) at No. 6 Chaminade-Madonna (3-0)St. Augustine (2-0) at Bolles (1-1)NSU University School (2-1) at No. 17 Western (2-0)No. 20 Seminole (Sanford) (2-0) at DeLand (1-0)Dunnellon (3-0) at No. 11 Vanguard (3-0)Gulf Breeze (1-2) at Washington (Pensacola) (2-0)No. 13 Mandarin (2-0) at Bartram Trail (3-0)Lake Gibson (3-0) at Auburndale (3-0)Palmetto (3-0) at Port Charlotte (3-0)Raines (1-1) at Robert E. Lee (1-1) (Saturday)

    Dillard, Columbus, Carol City, Western > Miami Central And possibly a few others.

    No. 5 Armwood (1-0) at North Gwinett, Ga. (1-0)No. 10 Columbus (1-0) at Osceola (Kissimmee) (1-0)No. 23 Booker T. Washington (1-0) vs. Miami Central (0-1)No. 7 Miami Carol City (1-0) vs. No. 3 Miami Northwestern (1-0)No. 21 Cocoa (1-0) vs. Hoover, Ala. (1-0) at The Freedom BowlLincoln (1-0) at No. 19 Rockledge (1-0)Bergen Catholic, N.J. (0-0) at No. 2 St. Thomas Aquinas (1-0)Miramar (1-0) at Dillard (1-0)Crestview (1-0) at Escambia (1-0)Fort Myers (1-0) at Charlotte (1-0)