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  1. Willie must go...

    Another subject itself, but I would say Mike White was a bad hire and wont end well.
  2. Willie must go...

    181, Me and some Gator boosters are raising funds to secure a "lifetime" contact for Willie at Fsu.
  3. Only 3 Florida Kids on Clemson Depth Chart

    Be careful 181 that can mean a whole lot of things. Was Fruhm "pushed" their by the same influences? How about Ray Ray, Deon Cain, TJ? Clemson Tiger prints are firmly planted in Hillsborough Co, no pun intended.
  4. Only 3 Florida Kids on Clemson Depth Chart

    And I won a bet with an Fsu homer who was convinced Will would choose the lowly semis over powerhouse Clemson. Stevie Wonder saw where that recruitment was headed, just like Fruhm.
  5. Hey does anyone have the updated population reports in order

    That depends on what numbers you are looking for. The "real" student population, or the one turned in to the FHSAA. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  6. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    This might help OldSchool 1. Sheffield started all last season at previous school, saw an opening at Lakeland's center position this year, or so he thought. End up playing only when the running clocks started. Bad move on his part, but he got a ring out of it. 2. Rodman, see previous memo. Not sure how much he played at Victory but should have stayed there. Had an INT in a runninng clock game against Bartow's reserves. But he was lights out on KO return team. 3. DB's Ware/ Nixon played so little at LGibson why stay as seniors? Add to the fact that Lakeland's entire secondary graduated last year, so they also saw possible playing time as seniors for a good team. And they played, with some good coaching. But if anyone's thinks those two are All-Stars, get some professional help. 4. Martin and his folks were LIED to by LG staff and left the school. I will leave it at that. He fits the All-Star category now, he didn't 4 months ago. 5. Summerall= All Star 6. Ski McWilliams has been zoned for Lakeland HS all his life, and yes he was key to winning this year. Without him they go 13-1 7. Crawford and Hohentaner's family moved to the area 2 years ago as Greg already stated. Crawford played "behind" the leading tackler last year who graduated. He got his opportunity to play this year and did well. Lakeland has a soph LB behind him who is even better. Bottom line there are some people on this site who intentionally put out innuendos and misleading info.
  7. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    FL_HS_football since the night of August 24th
  8. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    Oh really? Please enlighten us about all those great transfers into Lakeland this year.
  9. Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    Send me a private message 954
  10. Game Predictions?

    Naughts 56-21 #TossUp https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  11. Edgewater vs Lakeland Facts

    Yes that is still the case, so we must get better at our craft. QB coaches who played at the college level would help our kids be more prepared for that level. The question is how many publics can afford to hire them?
  12. Noles vs Gators

    We are about to own them again.
  13. Edgewater vs Lakeland Facts

    I understand your point and somewhat agree, but consider the fact that for decades the public schools dominated the state with great athletes at RB, and big powerful OL's. The QB's were not asked to do much more than "manage" the game as gwdrum alluded, and rarely did publics employ QB coaches to develop their skills. And let's not overlook the thought that HS coaching in this state is considered average compared to the talent level. I will let you be your own judge on that thought. The game has changed drastically the last 10-12 years, especially with the explosion of private schools, their money, more sophisticated offenses, 7 on 7, passing leagues, better coaching. I think going forward we will see more Fla QB's playing at the highest level and being successful. At least we can hope that is the case. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  14. Edgewater vs Lakeland Facts

    They were both good QB's, with the numbers and D1 offers to prove it. Pocket passers. Both the '16 and '17 teams should have been in Orlando. However Castle's "best teams" usually have a duel threat guy under center running his trap option, rolling out making plays on the edge. Chris Griffin 2004(Ga Southern) was a magician and maybe the best ever. 1400 pass yards, 700 rush yards Billy Lowe 2005(Northern Illinois) was built like a LB, and played that position as a junior. 1500 pass yards, 500 rush yards. Ski McWilliams 2018 is a scaled down version of Griffin. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  15. Edgewater vs Lakeland Facts

    Where did you hear that? While PC has historically produced the Lorenzo Hampton's, Jeff Chaney's, Travis Henry's, Chris Rainey's, it also has it's share of star passers, past and present. True freshman Tate Whatley(Lakeland Christian/Southern Miss), Keavis Thomas(Lakeland/WKU) are already playing and producing. Red-shirt freshman Holden Hotchkiss will start at North Dakota St next season. This season Polk has a 2K yards 4-star junior, a senior with 1800 yards pass/250 rush, a soph with 1700 yards pass/380 rush in 8 games, another senior with 1k rushing & passing. In addition we have two duel threat juniors who both have nearly 1500 combined yards. None of the above include Lakeland's QB obviously. Different system, different results. He threw for over 1200 yards and rush for 800 at GJenkins because he was the "show". At the L he's just a "part" of the show! The demise of Polk County signal callers has been greatly exaggerated. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk