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  1. South Florida Dark horses for 2019???

    Yeah man great W. I'm told your guys and Western are pretty equal again, but the bigtime safety James Williams probably gives them a slight advantage now. Can't wait either.
  2. South Florida Dark horses for 2019???

    I think you and I have the same "source" down south. I'm also told those boys from Davie may shock all of 8A this coming season. Not so fast DFB and Columbus<Lee Corso voice> https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  3. 2019 KOC Games

    Good road test my man. So glad Hardee/LWales is back! https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  4. Lakeland appears fully reloaded for 2019

    golfbagboy where is your mirror image losER? Go find that clown and cry yourself a river elsewhere. Those lackadaisical transfer rules that worked in your favor for 20+ years is now alive and well in Polk County. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  5. Can Dillard Win Their First Playoff Game This Year Since 2013

    I'm cheering for your guys this year like I would a Polk County school Good luck bro https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  6. IMG Football Schedule announced 2019

    You sound offended, so I will ask you the same question. How much? P.S. I never lost money on LW because I didn't bet they would beat Vanguard, however I did lose a boatload telling everyone in Fla that Lakeland would monkey stomp Columbia in the 7A North Region Finals. Oh wait, that didn't happen either. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  7. IMG Football Schedule announced 2019

    How much? https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  8. Lakeland Needs a New Recruiter

    I guess you got your answer. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  9. 5A Region 3 - A Look Ahead

    And they were even more talented last season. The key for LWales OL development. This group is talented but young.
  10. Lakeland Needs a New Recruiter

    Will know more after the spring/summer, alot of changes. Head coach, QB, system, etc. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  11. Lakeland Needs a New Recruiter

    Based on offers alone LWales has the most talented roster this spring/summer at the moment, although one of their kids is expected to leave. 1. LWales - 8 2. LGibson - 7 3. Lakeland - 6 https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  12. The Dropoff of HS Football in Polk County

    1. You have Lakeland confused with Plant. 2. You're a clown act. 3. All of the above. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  13. The Dropoff of HS Football in Polk County

    PC's biggest problem is TOO many schools. From an athletics standpoint GJ, Tenoroc, LR should have never been built. And now there are charter/church based schools popping up all over the county making false promises. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  14. Willie must go...

    Another subject itself, but I would say Mike White was a bad hire and wont end well.
  15. Willie must go...

    181, Me and some Gator boosters are raising funds to secure a "lifetime" contact for Willie at Fsu.