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  1. You fear Hawthorne because of what they did to you last year and are going to do again this year. Cornelius Ingram is as high quality person as you can find. Madison can play in 1A with a 4A enrollment, but Hawthorne can't get transfers? Grow up kid.
  2. Tough loss dillard fan. You will get them in round two
  3. Sounds like IMG played the Post-grad team, which is pretty impressive if true.
  4. Isn't STM a boarding school with 5th year seniors? Varsity squad and Post-grad team
  5. When I said last week they would lose 2 more games I was being a little generous. I actually believed they would lose 3 more games, not including the playoffs where they will get knocked out by Hawthorne again, or Ft Meade
  6. I'm not sure about the state record but I would bet that accomplishment ranks pretty high.
  7. Lake Wales had shutouts in 8 of their 10 regular season games in 1980. The other 2 games they surrendered 6pts and 13pts. 19 total points in 10 games.
  8. They have 2 more Ls coming this year
  9. Do you remember that Aquinas fan Carlos, or something like that? Always attacking people for things related to his school, or anything else for that matter. Dude swore he was the Einstein of HS football Could this columbiajoker be C-los reincarnated? If you notice anytime someone mentions Sta and the "R" word he jumps to their defense and starts pointing fingers at other schools and trying to change the subject. Hmmm
  10. Yes indeed 17 Big test for the Miners.
  11. Taggart was fired at 9-12 The current guy would have to go 6-4 the rest of the way to even match that.
  12. LWales slapped Jesuit in the mouth at that camp, and we aren't talking about shorts and tanks. The Highlanders were expected to be rebuilding this year. They are very young(2 freshman start in key positions), but is week will tell alot about them and Lakeland as well. The Naughts are favored, and they should be.
  13. I'm happy for you 17, I know it's been tough seeing your program struggle lately
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