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  1. When I saw the news on Blustien''s site the first person I thought about was you. You are a real fan. My prayers to Dillard Nation.
  2. Kid stop sounding like a broke legged puppy and find a way to help your beloved Tigers get better. No one dislikes Columbia, just stating the facts. And FACTS don't have feelings. p.s. LWales RPI > Columbia RPI... and 5A > 6A this year.
  3. Very, very true. And the star QB and WR's are not setting the world on fire either.
  4. Tell me about it 17 This is the 2nd time I had them losing(Lee game also), only to change my pick at the last minute. There will not be a 3rd time
  5. DeSoto County (6-3) at Hardee (4-5) Palatka (2-6) at St. Augustine (5-4) No. 2 St. Thomas Aquinas (8-0) at Western (7-1) No. 5 Armwood (8-1) at No. 23 Gaither (9-0) Dunbar (7-2) at No. 13 Lakewood (9-0) Raines (5-3) at No. 14 Bartram Trail (9-0) Viera (6-2) at No. 17 Vero Beach (8-0) Wekiva (7-2) at No. 22 Apopka (7-1) North Marion (7-2) at Columbia (7-2) Bolles (7-1) at Mainland (5-3) Trinity Catholic (7-2) at Dunnellon (8-1) South Dade (7-2) vs. Hialeah (7-2)
  6. There are 3 things in life you can always count on: 1. Death 2. Taxes. 3. Plant fans with excuses and whining. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  7. 1. Let me walk back my comment a little because I'm not attacking you personally. 2. I just feel there has to be more accountability for the stripes. Yeah it's only a game but so much is invested by the players, coaches, schools, fans, etc. even at the HS level. Do you get a chance to see Polk County games? I can't imagine many crews statewide as poor as the ones in my area. They really are that bad. I wish I had an answer to this problem. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  8. On Bartow's previous possession they were at the 2 yard line and had a offensive PI called.(I can't seem to download the video for some reason). It was worse than this holding crap. You're an obvious "Company guy" so I should not be surprised by your response, but I also think you are one of the better members on this site, and that's saying something. You just lost some major cred with me. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  9. That's the problem I have also. WH kid slants inside basically taking himself out of the play. Bartow #77 is 6'4" 320 and a D1 prospect.
  10. Bartow @ Winter Haven District title to the winner. Tears to the loser 13-7 WH lead in the waning minutes. Bartow at the 1 yard line.
  11. No. 5 Miami Central (7-2) at No. 24 Chaminade-Madonna (6-2) Lake Mary (5-3) at No. 21 Apopka (6-1) No. 15 Lakewood (8-0) at Largo (6-2) No. 8 Palmetto (8-0) vs. Lincoln (5-3) Washington (Pensacola) (8-0) at No. 11 Escambia (7-0) Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (4-5) at Raines (5-2) Cypress Lake (7-2) at DeSoto County (6-2) North Marion (7-1) at Dunnellon (7-1) Flagler Palm Coast (7-1) vs. DeLand (5-2) NSU University School (6-2) at Bishop Verot (7-1)
  12. Many valid points 17, but you are dealing with fanboys who has an agenda for certain school and against others. When LW was struggling in 2016 and 2017 everybody wanted to play them, but when they started rising again and kicking butt all of a sudden LGibson, Aubrundale, WHaven no longer had room on their schedule. If those 3 schools were on LW schedule this year as they "always" are, the Highlanders could have the highest RPI in 5A. https://twitter.com/CountyPolk
  13. Yeah Francis, LWales is better than Columbia. Sorry if that hurts your little feelings. Too bad the Highlanders had to drop to 5A this year, they would win 6A North in 2019.
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