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  1. TC has one of the Top 10 defenses in the state, and I'm told LW held out at least 6 starters.
  2. More kindness than they deserve then and now. They will be screaming it was only a 7pt loss until Jesus returns. Pee-cock was on a 2023 media show recently still lying that Lakeland scored an illegal TD before the half to make the score 14-14. Yet he still doesn't talk about the "absolute fact" that the Dreadnaughts defense shutout his cry baby a$$ 7-0 in the 2nd half(Would have been 14-0 if Castle was a TOOL like he is) and held them to less than 75 total yards. Lakeland had the best defense in Fla last season bar none. They gave up a total of ZERO 2nd half points over the last 2 months of the season. And that was against offenses like CAI, Kissimmee, ST Pete Lakewood, Lake Minneola, and Venice.
  3. The person who gave that trophy to MC is as fake and shady as they come. Teams have to pay him in different ways to get in his worthless poll. Lakeland won't play his 12 year old games so he hates them with a passion, just visit his crap site sometime and see how unprofessional he is calling them out and a few other programs also who won't let him do their marketing(at cost) But I can promise you this, the Dreadnaughts and their staff don't give AF about him or his low class way of doing business. Bill Castle made Lakeland a nationally ranked program in the 1980s. Do the math, that's over 40 years ago when Joe Blow was still sucking his nanny breast. And say what want but Max Preps, USA Today, Cal Preps, Prep Nation have 1000 times more credibility than Jersey Joe will ever have. He knows it and it eats him up.
  4. Hawthorne-Pahokee re-match in late November
  5. The "cribs" on fire. They don't need no water, let the outhouse burn. Burn outhouse burn.
  6. They haven't had anything worth shooting, er, fighting for over a decade. Let's see how FIGHT they have at Stuart Martin, at Lakeland, Golden Gate, Lake Wales, Sebring
  7. They got pissed when I called out that fake trophy Joe Schmo gave them back in December. I asked waterboy MCFan if the Rockets were 49-14 better than the beatdown BG put on Chaminade and he had no answer, just some slick mouth response.
  8. Funny you say that Nulli A Lakeland fan and LGibson fan got into it a heated discussion on Facebook earlier today about last nights games and homegrown kids. It got to the point that the Lakeland fan(female) said to the LG fan(male), "You must not be getting any ,,,,,"
  9. Yeah you were able to find that "dung" as well.
  10. Bartow up to their old senanigans again. They do that once every decade when they have a pretty good team Fights, alumni refs, drunk fans cussing and trying to intimidate opposing fans. Let's see what happens when they have to play on the road.
  11. #1 team in the nation according to Joe Schmo of south jersey, as well as a few thongs on this site
  12. 15-0 last season 5 State Championships in 7 years
  13. Touche' With that being said I would suspect at some point, and maybe already, Coach Phillips knows the exact crime he and his program are being accused of.
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