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  1. Vero used to drop their's early back in the day, like around February or something
  2. Yea looks like most of their players were juniors last year
  3. I see Vero is traveling to Brevard, hope EG fights better this time around
  4. What's funny is that Vero and Ft Pierce Central won states right after integration, but both schools used to suck all the talent out of their respective counties
  5. They struggled for sure, kinda wish they could break off from Vero and start a new thing like Gifford charter or something like that
  6. I appreciate you for doing this, on my mother's side of the family my grandaddy went to Richardson(Lake City) and my grandma went to Gifford(Vero Beach), Gifford High is currently Gifford Middle
  7. Can you find out records from the old Gifford High School which is now Gifford Middle
  8. Thanks for bringing this up I actually thought about this
  9. I know, looks like the Treasure Coast area was denying South Florida teams state title appearances, Vero also beat Northwestern along the way to the title game in 1981
  10. Didn't know that, now today that game plays much differently lol
  11. I remember CAI talking to our players on the sidelines when they got hit lol
  12. Dang that's crazy, I really wanted to get revenge on them but oh well
  13. Heard anything on who we might be playing this year?
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