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  1. Maybe all 16 should forfeit the season since we none can compete
  2. Were any of these pre-intergration schools?
  3. So which one in the photo are you?
  4. Belle Glade Rams Lakeland Barracuda
  5. Why are we making this so hard? For the last few years the smaller classes haven't had districts and used RPI to determine playoffs. So either (A) use that system in all classes, or (B) keep districts but consolidated into 3 districts per region so as to have bigger districts. Which this has been done before.
  6. Maybe but something has to give. Hardee was one time in a district with Cocoa Beach so long trips for district play isn't unprecedented. Any district with Key West means a long bus ride.
  7. Combine the districts, 3 districts per region then.
  8. My past experience was just the opposite. One time we got put in a 4 team district while the surrounding districts had 5 teams and it became really hard to find a game because of it. So it works both ways. The way I see it, anything less than 4 teams isn't a district.
  9. Back to the topic at hand, why bother having districts if there are only 2 or 3 teams? Just go open class like the smaller classes have done these past few years.
  10. Hear me out, playing and competing for a district champ as a means of qualifying for the playoffs is something I favor. That said, anything fewer than 4 teams in a district isn't worth having. IMHO 5 to 7 teams is ideal. Back when I was in high school we had 8 teams in our district on only the district champ got to move on. With this new format I think we should get rid of them all together. If not, perhaps consolidate so there are 3 districts per region, which has been done before but some complained about travel.
  11. 3 team districts are a joke and now we got some 2 team districts thanks to yesterday. So you go 1-9 and qualified for playoffs? That's dumb. For the last few years the smaller classes didn't have districts so we know kinda how that can work in all classes. Let's get rid districts, play whoever you want or form a conference to have a title to shoot for. Determine playoffs by RPI, maxpreps ranking or whatever. May say you have to play at least half your schedule against teams in your own class or higher? IDK. What's y'all thoughts?
  12. Aside from Desoto, Hardee has been playing Fort Meade since the 1920s with only a couple of interruptions, sometimes as kickoff classic games. Sebring has been on the schedule since the 70s and Avon Park off and on since the 40s. As an alumni, I'd like to see Palmetto back on the schedule.
  13. FHSAA should add Glades Central, Pahokee & Key West to those and have 4 districts with 5 teams each.
  14. North Port and Island Coast will be in 3A Suburban. Some other area schools in that same class include Braden River, Charlotte, Port Charlotte, Cypress LakeSebring, Lake Wales, Bartow.
  15. So far I've identified 17 schools that will be in 2A suburban class in my part of the state. Most of these schools are on par with each other. Will be interesting if the districts make this the same region. Those 17 are: Lakeland Christian, Tenoroc, Discovery, Mulberry, Frostproof, Fort Meade, Avon Park, Lake Placid, Hardee, Desoto, Bradenton Bayshore, Sarasota Booker, Lemon Bay, Bishop Verot, Clewiston, LaBelle, Estero.
  16. The conspiracy is you got board members voting who don't know, understand or care what they vote on. Just vote yes on who made a good presentation.
  17. Ray's ideal is good. I was thinking first come first serve.
  18. I've said a million times on this board I have no problem with school choice for academic reasons but it has become team choice. I say limit the number of transfers a program can except in.
  19. The real problem hasn't been fixed and I suspect in the near future there will be another change to "make the system better".
  20. Hwy17

    9 classes?

    Bigger mess
  21. Hwy17

    9 classes?

    I thought the consensus was few classes would be better not more?
  22. Baker wasn't any better. The thing is 5A is Miami Central, AHP a distant 2nd, and a bunch of average at best teams.
  23. Madison (3) TCA (2) Berkeley (1) Cocoa (5) Miami Central (8) Jesuit (7) STA (4) Venice (6)
  24. Madison (7) Hawthorne (4) Champagnat (10) TCA (11) Chaminade (12) Berkeley Prep (9) Cardinal Gibbons (13) Cocoa (2) Miami Central (16) Merritt Island (6) Jones (5) Jesuit (14) STA (15) Lake Gibson (3) Apopka (1) Venice (8) BG: CAI
  25. Looking at the data, seems the bigger the county the more likely it's a private school still in the playoffs.
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