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  1. LAZ

    The Virus

    Sorry to hear that, brother. I have friends going through the same thing with their relatives. Prayers.
  2. On my site. www.lazindex.com
  3. Here are the inter-classification results for this crazy, mixed up year: 897 games played containing schools representing different classifications. In those contests the smaller classed schools won 377 (42%) and the larger classed schools won 520 (58%). Here is the breakdown: IND vs 1A 5 - 17 0.227 vs 2A 26 - 52 0.333 vs 3A 23 - 25 0.479
  4. Exactly Nulli. A lot of people don’t like the 1/2 a title thing. I understand why but I’m a believer that no championship game should have ever ended in a tie. I believe you can’t give the full benefit of a state championship to the teams that tied because they did not prove they were better than every other team in their classification.
  5. Sorry about the above post. Site is not allowing me to post pics any more because they exceed 3.16Kb.
  6. 2020 TOTAL PUBLIC PRIVATE County Population Titles/1K Titles Runner Up Appearances Titles Runner Up Appearances Titles Runner Up Appearances Category Palm Beach 1,510,660 0.0199 30 31 61
  7. Here's how my schedule strength rankings stack up for the 5A-8A teams still alive in the FHSAA playoffs. Let's see if it makes a difference. Especially for the undefeated and one loss schools with the weaker schedules thus far. 5A In Class State American Heritage 2 4 Rickards 8 74 Jesuit 13 101
  8. OK. I've done my best at this. Going over the past 10 seasons and looking at 400+ schools that do not play on neutral sites (ie Traz Powell, etc.). I have come to the conclusion that there is a home field advantage, albeit ever so slight.
  9. As I tried to explain a year ago, over the past 20 seasons our games are getting less competitive and less interesting. I've gone back and looked at the 53,000 + games played from 2001 to our current point in 2020. Should something be done? Our games on average are simply not very attractive unless you have a family friend or relative participating.
  10. Nolebull813, Did you have Zarapeth Academy on your list?
  11. Here are the worst programs of the 21st century. All of these schools have participated each year (2000 - present) and have less than a .250 winning pct.. They are consistently sub-bar. To Nolebull's point, notice how many of these teams are on OldSchoolLions' seven year list. Leto (Tampa) Poinciana (Kissimmee) Spanish River (Boca Raton) Interlachen Stanton (Jacksonville) Miami Coral Park Cypress Creek (Orlando) Bronson Lecanto Forest Hill (WP Beach) Pine Ridge (Deltona)
  12. IMG (new program 2013) Lakeland St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale) Armwood (Seffner) Madison County (Madison) Bolles (Jacksonville) Oxbridge - now defunct (2013-2017) St. Augustine Miami Central Naples Cocoa Plant (Tampa) Dwyer (Palm Beach Gardens) Washington (Miami) American Heritage (Plantation) List includes on-field performance only.
  13. I know this area very well. Hobart is located in Geneva which is between Rochester and Syracuse. You’ll be better off flying to one of those cities instead of Buffalo, at least from a distance standpoint. Hobart usually has a pretty decent D3 team and there are always possibilities. Just ask Ali Marpet (Not sure of spelling), a D3 all-American OL who’s currently injured but starts for Tampa Bay. Geneva sits on the north end of Seneca Lake which is the biggest of the Finger Lakes. And oh yeah, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the several dozen wineries in the area for your pre and post game
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