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  1. A review of the recently released 21-22 football classifications raises the following questions: 1) Mulberry is listed twice. Shows as 3A but also as an Independent 2) The following schools are not listed. Most would be Independents but Haines City? All Saints' American Collegiate (Clearwater) Clearwater Academy International Haines City Hillel (North Miami Beach) Inlet Grove (Riviera Beach) Jordan Christian Prep (Auburndale) Joshua Christian (Jacksonville) Lighthouse Private Christian Academy (Pensacola) Northwest Chr
  2. gatorman-uf, I'd like to see it but I doubt it would be possible. Very few if any of these small schools will ever be household names. What I would really like to see is a leveling of the playing field. The current structure has become so imbalanced that we have been seeing the same top teams from all division’s year in and year out. There are numerous reasons but I believe changes need to be made to keep it interesting. FBS - Must expand the playoff field to at least 8 teams immediately. This would help other schools by giving them something to play for and give other school
  3. NCAA D1 FBS Tarleton St (TX) -FCS vs. New Mexico St -FBS NCAA D1 FCS South Dakota St vs. Northern Iowa Lincoln (MO) -D2 vs. Nicholls St (LA) Sam Houston St vs. Incarnate Word (TX) Illinois St vs. Missouri St Samford (AL)
  4. Die hard college football fans will be happy to see this: The college football spring season began last weekend and will continue into May of 2021. The magnitude of teams participating may shock some people. There are 299 colleges scheduled to play over 760 games throughout the spring. FBS - 1 team (New Mexico St) FCS - 96 teams NCAA D2 - 52 teams NCAA D3 - 103 teams NAIA - 47 teams
  5. LAZ

    Lax Index

    FOUND ANOTHER ONE- ScoreStream had the Coral Gables vs. South Dade score reversed. Actual Final was South Dade 14, Coral Gables 3 I watched the highlight video to verify. Here's a rare case where MaxPreps had it correct. Unacceptable.
  6. LAZ

    Lax Index

    So sorry but I haven't logged on in a while as I had to attend to some personal issues. The South Florida score reporting was a complete disaster this year. I'd like to blame it all on Covid but even it can't shoulder the entire blame. As usual it appears nobody is "responsible" for score reporting and score reporting accuracy. This is ridiculous. Like the rest of you I scour the internet each and every weekend to get scores. ScoreStream, MaxPreps, On line newspapers, etc. On average there are 10-15 games per week that simply cannot be found anywhere. In the past, when schools provided th
  7. LAZ

    The Virus

    Sorry to hear that, brother. I have friends going through the same thing with their relatives. Prayers.
  8. On my site. www.lazindex.com
  9. Here are the inter-classification results for this crazy, mixed up year: 897 games played containing schools representing different classifications. In those contests the smaller classed schools won 377 (42%) and the larger classed schools won 520 (58%). Here is the breakdown: IND vs 1A 5 - 17 0.227 vs 2A 26 - 52 0.333 vs 3A 23 - 25 0.479
  10. Exactly Nulli. A lot of people don’t like the 1/2 a title thing. I understand why but I’m a believer that no championship game should have ever ended in a tie. I believe you can’t give the full benefit of a state championship to the teams that tied because they did not prove they were better than every other team in their classification.
  11. Sorry about the above post. Site is not allowing me to post pics any more because they exceed 3.16Kb.
  12. 2020 TOTAL PUBLIC PRIVATE County Population Titles/1K Titles Runner Up Appearances Titles Runner Up Appearances Titles Runner Up Appearances Category Palm Beach 1,510,660 0.0199 30 31 61
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