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  1. 12 Interesting Games Next Week

    Darter you might have posted on the wrong thread? Age? I'm just a few years behind you... see u in Daytona
  2. Best victories on Vero's 60 game winning streak

    Very impressive despite playoff loses. Congratulations to Vero.
  3. Venice vs Cocoa

    heading up there. Best game I can find for an hour drive. FM is on a bye week. Any good places to get a room, hopefully on the beach?.
  4. Richard Young Lehigh

    Not much love for SWF but we have produced some great players. Too many schools to compete for a state championship. Heads up. Watch out for this kid. Richard Young is only 14 and is capable of playing with any Florida powers. FYI
  5. SWFL Refs

    Last word I received is that the games are not going to be played in Lee County. Hope it was wrong. Pre-season games are important to the coaching staffs to get the kids in the right position and open up with a good effort when it counts.. Sad
  6. Florida's 5 Greatest NFL DB's Ever?

    Deion no doubt.
  7. The 30 Best FL HS DB's of the Past 50 Years

    Haines City: Derwin James ( FSU, Chargers )
  8. The 30 Best FL HS DB's of the Past 50 Years

    Fort Myers: Jammi German (UM, Falcons, Browns ) North Fort Myers: Prime Time. No more info needed
  9. 1991 Southeast vs Riverview Video - Great Ending

    The '91 Noles were the first team Fort Myers beat in the state playoffs. Won up there 24-15 and at home the following year 30-7. Despite popular belief, FM had some nasty teams in the '90's.
  10. Florida's 5 Greatest WR's Ever - Name Them

    Magic Benton MNW and the U.
  11. Earnest Graham Fort Myers ECS Head Coach

    I don't know him that well but have never heard a bad word said about him. It's hard to say who is going to build a winning program in this area. No loyalty at all. Fort Myers will always be decent because of coaching. Not " elite " as most posters use the term. I think we were at the Armwood/Dwyer game in '10 when South Fort Myers lost to Norland in the semi-final at Traz. South was a highly recruited team with Sammy Watkins and Dallas Crawford who could have played elsewhere. I have no shame in bringing up the state championship trophies at Fort Myers. 3 straight girls basketball championships, and probably a good shot this year. Our '10 boys state basketball championship was special. Back to back Floyd E Lay top sports program in 6A. Not ashamed to be a grad of that school, not to mention I was the valedictorian my senior year. Rock solid 1.5 gpa summer school session B. Look forward to seeing you in Daytona.
  12. Earnest Graham Fort Myers ECS Head Coach

    Too many schools Darter. Simple as that.
  13. Earnest Graham Fort Myers ECS Head Coach

    Hard to say, Cjm04. So many transfers and way too many schools. Wish our School Board would just enlarge existing schools instead of wasting money and opening new ones. Fort Myers, Oasis, ECS, could be a two playoff win team. Dunbar could join the group along with North and Lehigh despite their brutal schedule. Will get u some better info in a few weeks.
  14. Earnest Graham Fort Myers ECS Head Coach

    The only signature win ECS has had in my memory is when they beat Glades Day years ago. They would have no chance of beating the larger schools in SWF.. in the past. Maybe this year will be different. Far from the best program in Lee County.
  15. has hit another home run with the transfer of Immokalee High School qb RJ Rosales. In another post, I mentioned that Evangelical has a chance of being a top 10 if not better 2A team this year. Should be interesting to see how this turns out. Rosales is only one of many players who will suit up the Sentinels who came from another SWFL team this year.