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  1. Fort Myers girls basketball: State champs '16, '17 and '18. Semi-finals '15 and '19. Softball: State champs '17 . Semi-finals '18 and '19.
  2. But no room for a disabled Army Vet in a wheel chair. I knew none of you would respond to my post.
  3. Went there years ago. No problem until this year. I have a close friend who is an Army Vet and served our country in Viet Nam. He is wheelchair bound. There were no accommodation's for him to see the games. None! That issue needs to be addressed for next year.
  4. No Neutral won't fly with me anymore. Either going to take my Hellcat Redeye or the smarter choice, my Corolla. Hope to see u there.
  5. We have 3 rooms at the Hilton DarterBlue2 if u need a place to crash.
  6. Who's going? I'm going to be in Daytona Thursday thru Saturday. We usually have a group of 6 or 7 from the board who have become great friends and enjoy the games together. Always fun meeting new posters.
  7. Wavebb


    I will give you 17. Look forward to seeing you in Daytona..
  8. Wavebb

    Bishop Verot

    To watch CCC and Chaminade
  9. We are taking yellow school buses. No charters for the team and coaches. Not sure about the band or booster club people.
  10. He is going, Perspetive. It will be his third. I'm sure he would trade that trip for one to Daytona to coach a state championship game. But that won't happen this year.
  11. Sam Sirianni and Sam Jr. at Fort Myers High.
  12. I will take Fort Myers over Dillard if I get 38 points.
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