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  1. It varies some based on the classification and the draw. You could make a deep run and then run into a team that you can't compete with like Central. You could also be really strong but get a tough draw and bow out early. So, I guess I'd define it as being good enough to be reasonably competitive with any/all the teams in your classification.
  2. We've reached a point where, for just about anyone to make a deep playoff run, they have to snatch up local kids. All of the schools are trying to snatch up all of the local talent. They're just having varying degrees of success doing so.
  3. All of the schools that benefit from an influx of transfers also lose transfers all the time. Roughly 95% of the time, the players they lose weren't good enough to get as much playing time as they want, because there's someone else better than them at their position. Lakeland lost two running backs this off-season, both of whom figure to get scholarship offers. There's just substantial movement of players all over the place.
  4. Back when I was a kid, TV broadcasts of games would routinely start games with comparing the weights of the OL and DLs. They'd emphasize it when there was a big disparity in lbs per man. That would matter if it was actual wrestling going on. But, the only goal of the DL is to get to the ball; they don't need to engage with the OL at all! Miami in the 80s was famous for having guys shoot the gaps and blow plays up. Obviously, at the more advanced levels of the game, guys can be outmatched if they're too small/weak. But, in HS quickness is the most important attribute.
  5. And I think something hard for a lot of people to get their heads around is how lighter DTs can be a major problem as well. You'd need a lot of them to rotate through, but the 215 lb kids can cause havoc shooting the gaps if they know what they're doing.
  6. Again, it isn't the schools behind this. It's the players. They see each other out at camps, tournaments, pick-up games and on social media, chat it up, and try to build super teams. The coaches may have an idea of what's going on, but I don't think they're directing or guiding it. Not directly, anyway. It's pretty easy for everyone to see where a team could use help. And they all know who the best players at those positions in the area are. So, the dominoes can fall pretty quickly without a coach saying/doing anything.
  7. I couldn't comment on how good those guys are. But, I can say there's a long history of evidence showing that lighter, quicker, faster DLs are preferable to bigger kids that may project better at the college level. The reason probably being that HS OL's often lack the cohesion, alertness and quickness to fully utilize any size advantage they may have. So, even though a critic may say they lack the +250lb guys, I'm willing to believe it is possible this could be the best unit at the high school level, even if other DLs have more guys with more college success.
  8. Traveling long distances for games in which a sponsor is not footing most/all of the bill are bad ideas for all public school teams (and most privates, too). We shouldn't mock some for not playing such games, while letting others off the hook. Teams should play other teams within no more than a couple hours' drive. This means that teams in urban areas with several good teams are more likely to play more elite teams.
  9. Some points here: 1) these kids have played together before. They played together as younger kids, and they play pickup games in local parks together. They've traveled on recruiting trips together, too. That's part of why they wanted to play the season together. 2) Lakeland's record against Dade is obscenely in favor of Lakeland, and they've almost certainly played more games against Dade teams than any other program not in the tri-county area of South Florida. Carol city was real good in 2015 and 2016, and Lakeland was nowhere near their best those seasons. 3) It seems pretty clear some Dade (including Central) teams have ducked them this year. Sure, Lakeland is up and Central is down. And perhaps it's true that when those roles were reversed, it was the other way around. In that case, they are each guilty of the same thing. 4) Hopefully, there can be a bowl game of sorts after the season between metro and suburban champs.
  10. On paper, it sure looks to be the best. But, they have to prove it on the field. They've been very prone to penalties for as long as anyone can remember. There's plenty that can go wrong, especially with so many new players, and the potential for some to be unhappy with the role they end up with. And, there is still some question as to whether Castle will really go through the entire season airing the ball out 20+ times a game. In 2017, Lakeland aired the ball out pretty well against eventual state champion Venice in the spring game, too. People thought Kevarris Thomas was going to be a legend. But, eventually, the offense went conservative, reverted back to a one-read passing game, and dried up the last few games of the season. If that happens again, and they revert to running the same offense they've had for years, I don't think the OL and backs are good enough to overcome the holding penalties and lack of a running threat at QB to score with ease. But that's the totally cynical view. The smart money is on this being the best team they've ever had, by far.
  11. it would make some sense. But, I gather Clearwater is a program of ambition as well, and having a big name program come play them at their place is an awesome opportunity, and sure to be as close to a sellout as they could hope to have. Unless they think they'll be rebuilding and may be down 50-0 at halftime, it probably makes sense to keep the game.
  12. The transferring hasn't been quite as crazy before as it has been this year. Lakeland has had plenty of transfers over the years, but they've never gone out and literally gotten all the best players from LG and Kathleen all in the span of a few days. You've had this strange obsession with pointing out that public schools also get transfers. OK, we get it. The transfers and recruiting are all over the place. To bring a petty twitter beef to this board is ridiculous.
  13. Would have to get Clearwater to sign off on that. That was to be a return trip for the 2021 game.
  14. I hope they can make one of the games happen. But, it would require one of the schools currently on the schedule to step aside. Not sure that will happen. If it does, I hope it will be a bit later in the season to give the coaches a better shot to scout those opponents.
  15. A big concern for all high school programs is money. And, with the cost of gas being so high, the farther the travel, the more money is spent. Traveling long distances is also very taxing on all involved. That can get lost on the minds of you guys in Dade/Broward because there are so many good teams within a short distance. If you look at Lakeland's schedule, it's actually pretty strong...within the context of limiting opponents to those within a couple hours of driving distance. The only teams you'd give credit to them for scheduling are from Dade and Broward lol. 2017 was the first year the current craziness with open enrollment really took off in Polk. Before then (like when they played CC) it wasn't wide open yet. Now, with the pandemic and the inflation mess, I don't think you'll see many public schools spending much money to travel far for games. That's going to apply everywhere, including Dade. They just don't happen to need to travel a long way to play a power like a Lakeland will. Lakeland's players are trying to get games with IMG and American Heritage. I have no idea if it'll work out or not. Keep in mind, the adults make the schedule. It was the kids that got all the transfers, and not until June.
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