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  1. I can get behind some version of this idea. Want to transfer to a school you're not zoned for? Show a minimum G.P.A., or state an interest in a program available at the desired school that's not available at the current school. If both schools offer football, then football can't be the reason for transfer. Of course, the "equity" monsters would fight it vigorously.
  2. It was a nice season for them, no doubt. Part of my claim is based on the fact that high school football has changed a good bit since then. Back then, that was basically Venice's kids playing. Now, we've got kids from all over coming to Venice, as happens at schools all over the state. All of the state championship caliber teams (Venice has been that, though not within the class it played in. 8A and one or two other classes was winnable most every year for them if they were in it) of today are better than those from 20+ years ago. This hurts to say since I was in high school over 25 years ago,
  3. It's been many, many years since Venice has fielded a team that wasn't better than the 2000 team. That was a Cinderella team that had a knack for winning close games, including a four-point win over a Lakeland team playing with a young backup QB. The state title game was an outlier game, sort of like Florida over OSU in the 2006 title game. Dwyer shit the bed.
  4. I think these last few Venice teams could have won 8A. Where they get stuck is against teams with elite size and athleticism in the trenches. The top handful in Dade, and the top handful in Broward are usually too much for them. Outside of that, there's not much left in the state they can't handle. Only the occasional loaded team from outside of those areas is out of their reach. Now, that said, if the rules around offsides penalties and blocking on screen passes were changed, they'd be a pretty average team real quick.
  5. I think MNW lost a lot, not sure on replacements. But, most likely Venice will be badly outmanned. Perhaps early in the season, MNW will not be organized and Venice can get a W.
  6. not really. They recovered three consecutive pooch kicks into a swirling wind in Lakeland territory to close out the 2nd quarter. They never really beat the Lakeland defense straight up. A few super cheap offsides, pass that was nearly picked that went for a TD, a pick six that was dropped, a QB scramble when there were only 10 defenders on the field. Etc. They were physically outmanned, but got enough cheapies to be ahead 21-7 after a half. They did completely destroy Manatee, though. I think it was 44-0 in that half.
  7. I feel like this is your prediction for every game between Dade/Broward and any team from anywhere else
  8. If the better coached program can keep much of it's staff in place, in the long run they may be able to get the players as well. We saw Bloomingdale win a lot of games in 2018 and 2019 as well. Like you said, just never had the talent across the board to get to a state title level. Bloomingdale is a bit out of the way for players considering the move, though. Armwood has access to both Plant City kids and some kids from more urban areas to the west being right off I-4. I don't think Armwood is going away any time soon.
  9. Some of that has to do with the fact that Dade and Broward are their own little bubble, basically separate in most every way from the rest of the state. Most of the players and fans down there haven't heard of most any teams from different parts of the state. And some of it is because those teams usually wouldn't be able to hang with the best in Dade/Broward anyway.
  10. Rumor is Deerfield Beach will face Lakeland in the Kickoff Classic August 20. Should be able to get an early idea about both teams. DFB and Columbus may have been the two best teams in 8A last year.
  11. Bloomingdale seems to have the better coaching staff in terms of getting the most out of what they have. But, Gaither looks more equipped to attract the most talent.
  12. Apparently, Palmetto just cancelled the KOC game with Lakeland. Any teams out there without a game August 21?
  13. Surprised you went with PC over Tech and Bloomingdale over Jesuit.
  14. If it hasn't already happened, we will start to see some kids with deals with local businesses. Probably just a select few, or perhaps more if compensation per player is a small amount. It ends when people realize this is all just a bunch of individuals conducting business to support themselves, rather than the "local team coming together to try to accomplish great things!". It isn't the local team anymore when kids are moving from across the state or now country to play for high profile programs, and are willing to move right back if things don't go as they please. And it isn't even a te
  15. I know the number of transfers on defense has been significant. But, ultimately the kids that are new have to be as good or better than who they replace. Sometimes it works out that way, sometimes not so much.
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