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  1. Kissimmee is a "tweener" of a town. It's not really all the way Orlando, but it's definitely not Tampa Bay, either. So, media is reluctant to pay much attention to them. It's a shame. The closest thing to a decent reason for the lack of coverage is they are a bit lacking in truly marquee wins. The Lakeland wins were pretty good, but, in the last decade anyway, those weren't elite Lakeland teams that they beat. But, overall, they and Naples are possibly the two most unfairly disregarded programs in the state over the last 20-30 years.
  2. Am I mistaken on Lakeland's forfeit situation? I suppose I never really followed up on the final outcome of the 2010-2011 situation.
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/prep-prep-rally/florida-power-may-forfeit-season-because-ineligible-players-223759616.html
  4. If forfeits are included, Lakeland drops off the list.
  5. Looks like the FHSAA record book is offline. Can @OldSchoolLion or anyone share knowledge of an instance where a player had seven (7) rushing TDs in a state playoff game? Jaylon Glover did it tonight.
  6. Of course, we've wondered about this for months. But, I'm wondering if the Governor's hands-off approach is making this less of a variable in Florida than elsewhere. It seems I'm reading less about Covid cancellations and suspensions lately. Bartow lost their starting QB for the playoff game despite testing negative. But, outside of that, I'm not recalling many other issues lately. Have I just missed them?
  7. you should put an asterisk for that. Zero travel, zero road games, totally different set of circumstances.
  8. Safety is the primary concern over kick returns. It's the most dangerous play in the sport. The next major rule change likely to occur is the elimination of the kickoff all together.
  9. They have a road win over a team ranked #21. Regardless, they are VASTLY outperforming what their circumstances and resources suggest.
  10. We might be seeing the early stages of a shift in philosophy. Coastal Carolina, new to playing FBS competition, is unbeaten and may well shoot into the national rankings following its win over a ranked team last night. They've gotten there mostly through an offense which was put up a lot of points (Covid does seem to impact this for most teams). Here's a look at its OL by size. Willie Lampkin, who started on the 2018 and 2019 Lakeland teams, is starting as a true freshman and his size is overstated here, as he's more like 5'10" 260. This may be the smallest OL I've seen in FBS football in deca
  11. A brief glance suggests high priority was given to proximity of schools.
  12. Any idea on whether they've figured out the livestream issue?
  13. All of these games are bigger than Venice at Lakeland? That strikes me as odd. You can't tell me that getting blown out by IMG-not a HS team- suddenly means teams like Mitchell and Flagler Palm Coast are better. I assume you either missed that the game was happening, or are trolling.
  14. There needs to be a set of rules around cancelling games that everyone needs to abide by. And we know that, due to the nature of testing and reporting on cases, there will not be a statewide set of rules. Sarasota County may be much more lenient in forcing cancellations than, say Broward or Orange counties. That Venice already has five games played, never having been forced out of playing and even able to fill an opening created by another school (Vero Beach) having to cancel, is telling. But, Venice looks pretty loaded by high school standards anyway. I'm not sure anybody in the state p
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