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  1. With the derelict federal response, testing everyone every game is not remotely possible.
  2. perhaps. But, we have neither and have no clear date in mind to get either.
  3. What benefit would there be in postponing to spring? Are people just assuming we will have an effective vaccine available for all by then? That would be foolish IMO.
  4. 2003 Deerfield Beach, 41-10?
  5. But the idea of the USA as some sort of near meritocracy is a myth. What you say is less the case today than it was 40-50 years ago.
  6. So, how does one prove the assistance was/wasn't based on athletic ability?
  7. No doubt. At the high school level, there's lots of benevolence towards low income people and minorities...as long as they're really fucking good at sports.
  8. The defense in 2006 wasn't anything to write home about. It was an uneven group. Really good DL in John Brown, really good safeties in Black and Wilks, and a lot of otherwise average guys. They struggled to get stops vs. St. X, Kathleen, Mainland (at times) and STA. Perhaps the 2005 version was the one he meant to say?
  9. Clearly, the quarantine has gotten to you.
  10. Well, yes and no. You certainly can educate them on whatever you want them to lean about. But, for them to truly be educated in a way that is to be compared to agreed upon standards of education, there are things they need to have knowledge of. They simply will lack a knowledge of world history if Islam is to be skipped or relegated to the footnotes.
  11. That's not the textbook. They do mention that it is a WORLD History textbook. That's a subject, and it's universally accepted that a well-rounded education includes a study of WORLD History. Islam has a significant place in world history, as do other religions. So, the fact that there is much coverage given is a nothing burger to anyone of any credibility in education.
  12. How about sharing with us this textbook in question. Let's have a look at it. (I know, I know. You're not gong to share the textbook. Because, then we'd be able to know exactly what is in it, and that's no good for perpetuating lies.)
  13. We live in an era where outright lying is a "winning" approach to political arguments. And, no group has mastered the art better than the religious right. And they've thoroughly convinced their supporters of these lies. Most of them probably think kids aren't allowed to pray in school, for example. To continue as a successful society, we'll have to stop this crap. Quit lying and misrepresenting others' arguments.
  14. NONE of the religions should be taught, assuming "taught" means the kids learn scripture and the like. ALL of the relevant religions deserve a place in the textbooks covering the history of the world. A textbook restricted to the history of THIS COUNTRY shouldn't spend much time on Islam; a textbook covering the history of THE WORLD should devote a robust section to it. This is why you religious nuts deserve derision. You refuse to offer an honest critique of things you disagree with. You feel compelled to lie about what others are saying/demanding, creating a straw man (indeed, a lie) from which you will assume it justified to be nasty to whomever you're debating. Ask yourself this: What point is there in claiming to be a good Christian if you end up lying about everything?
  15. I haven't seen the textbook. But, if it's a book covering the history of the world, Islam has a decidedly significant place in the book. As does Christianity, of course. Where the line has to be drawn is in determining if what's being covered amounts to proselytizing or not. You can't tell the history of the world without spending considerable time on Christianity and Islam. But, if students are asked to memorize scripture or something of the kind, that's where the ACLU or Freedom From Religion Foundation would need to get involved.
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