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  1. I suppose I could have worded what I said a bit differently. Rarely can a HS kid manage ~ 300 lbs well. But, even those that can often struggle to gain much of an advantage over a 200 lb kid that is skilled, has developed in the weight room and is much quicker. The kids that have Power 5 offers often have them because of what they project to be after another couple of years of development rather than what they are as 17 year-olds. I think to the point of the original post, it seems some players and coaches think they just HAVE to get the OLs to be ~300 lbs. Doing so means they are good, while being lighter means they are somehow inferior. And that is so often not actually the case! I think there are a lot of players with scholarships or jobs in pro football that aren't actually any good; they're just what's now considered the right size. And there are others who could be very effective, but that don't get the chance because they are thought to not be the right size.
  2. The Covid-19 and associated mandatory shut downs of the entire program-all based on wildly differing standards from area to area- are a totally different animal. We've never seen teams have to cancel games simply because of some positive tests for viruses. Teams aren't being forced to shut down because they lack enough players to play. They're being shut down because of a few people-who may not even be sick-testing positive for a virus.
  3. Injuries have always been a part of the game. They've never been irrelevant, but have never fully negated anyone's title. Covid-19, and the wildly inconsistent response and restrictions imposed is an entirely different animal. For several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that almost the entire South bracket of playoff classifications has opted out entirely. They didn't opt out because of any reasons that have been encountered at any other times in our lives. They're opting out because we are in the middle of a global pandemic which will have killed over a million people and continues to rage unabated as we speak.
  4. Nobody really knows what they are doing in managing this pandemic. Restrictions have been almost entirely arbitrary and the product of the whims of government officials and other leaders. Navy's coach decided to exercise MAXIMUM caution and never once had his team play scrimmages or even tackle at all leading up to the game. The first time in 2020 a Navy player tackled another player or got tackled was when the first game kicked off. BYU followed no such course. They scrimmaged and tackled and all of the usual preparation. Anyone who knows anything about football knows how badly this disadvantaged Navy. IMO, we can't even say with certainty BYU is the slightest bit better than Navy, despite the fact that the scoreboard read BYU 55, Navy 3. The same kinds of things can be happening at all levels of football now. Teams aren't playing by the same set of rules. And, another obvious example is the metrics being used to determine whether to cancel games and shut teams down for weeks at a time. What data, exactly, are schools and/or counties required to collect and report in regards to Covid cases? I sense that, in some places, counties will be vigilant in testing, reporting, and shutting down teams over positive cases. While other places may do next to nothing on that front. Or they may cover up or lie about positive cases. We might see a playoff matchup with Team A, which happened to have 9% of its team test positive, scheduled to play Team B, and Team B is forced to forfeit because two (2) players test positive AND were outed. Team A is allowed to advance on because they never disclosed their 9% positive cases, and/or the 9% positive rate is allowed where they are from. It seems to me that the inconsistencies and lack of transparency around all of this is rendering the season meaningless outside of whatever benefit is accrued from getting some games in. We shouldn't be forming meaningful conclusions about how good teams are, or who should be "champion" in this mess.
  5. So, you have major players not participating. AND, you have MASSIVE impact on what the playoff brackets will look like with so many entire districts not participating. Who are the few teams from these counties who do participate going to play in the first 2-3 rounds? There is also the matter of how teams end up being forced into shutting down for two weeks. If we're a couple of weeks into the playoffs, and it's Wednesday and there's a major showdown on Friday, and a few kids recently called up from JV end up testing positive, that ELIMINATES the team as they must shut down for two weeks...in the middle of the playoffs. What, exactly, are the thresholds for forcing a shut down? Are there ways certain schools in certain counties may be able to "game" the system and avoid positive tests coming to light and prompting a Covid shut down? I strongly suspect there will be ways around this. And I have a feeling that ambitious programs that have managed to already have THREE games under their belts as of today have probably figured this out. Some schools and/or counties will be RELENTLESS in pursuit of positive cases and forcing shut downs; others may literally look the other way at all times. All things considered, I don't think they should be naming state champions this year. Perhaps they can play a state series of some kind and award some other sort of title to whoever wins that. But, it shouldn't be a typical state title that goes in the record books alongside all of the other titles through 2019.
  6. I was bummed to read that LHS will not be doing the webcast this year. Hoping for some sort of live stream!
  7. Request a refund. They grant them pretty easily. Oddly, Lakeland announced they will not offer any streams this year. They had one of the more reliable streams for the last several years. Bummer.
  8. Any weight over about 250 lbs. in high school is wasted weight. There's just about no way to get over that weight at high school age without the excess over 250 being fat and/or something the kid can't doesn't yet have the coordination or development to use properly. Playing bigger players at positions that they figure to be able to play in college-but are not yet ready to play now in H.S.-is one of the more obvious causes of the supposedly talent rich factories like STA sometimes losing to teams with less "talent". We consistently see kids about 200 lbs being able to dominate as DL in h.s. because that's often all the weight they need to hang given their excellent quickness. But of course those kids have no chance to get a scholarship to play DL, and so some schools just won't play them at DL no matter. But, those that will play kids like that routinely take advantage of the big, uncoordinated, underdeveloped OLs that have impressive height/weight profiles.
  9. The Bloodhounds are a bit unsettled at QB, so Lake Gibson's stout defense was too much. Assuming Lake Gibson is able to play Lakeland next week (a big assumption with Covid), LG might ought to be a slight favorite. Lakeland has been completely shut down since Sep. 8, and won't be able to do anything until Tuesday of game week.
  10. Once Edgewater begins playing high school teams, they will be fabulous! This was just a throw away game, I guess, to get their kids some film against IMG. But, moving forward, they will only be playing high school teams. They may still be the favorite in 7A North bracket if we have a state playoff that looks anything like last year.
  11. Sure. Just have to hope they are actually bringing you the game, rather than random panoramas of the stadium during the hours of the game.
  12. If they are robo-cameras, you have to hope they are zoomed out in a fixed position, or there is someone somehow controlling the camera who is paying attention and hasn't eaten a bag of 'shrooms before.
  13. Their streams, especially those in games played in Hillsborough county, are quite poor. In Hillsborough, word is they partnered with a company led in part by Derrick Brooks, that uses robotic cameras. They really wouldn't best be characterized as "bad". A better way to describe them would be "utterly dysfunctional". You'd have the play moving left to right, and the camera would suddenly pan right to left. You couldn't follow the game AT ALL. So, it was criminal to charge money for that.
  14. My question is, What happened that couldn't have already been anticipated? Word is, we're talking about one coach testing positive. Is ANYONE sick? Why can't they quarantine those testing positive and let the rest play? It seems to me this strongly suggests they won't play a single game. Odds are, they will ALWAYS be able to find at least one positive case.
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