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  1. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    I notice that. However, I'm not so sure Bloomingdale or Gaither are better than Viera. Not sure if TBT is playing on a new level now.
  2. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    TBT putting 52 on the board and a running clock in a road playoff game is an eye-opener. I'd have to take a look at TBT and see their strengths and weaknesses before I conclude it won't be a close game. A guess based off of watching very little of them is that they are really fast with questionable play in the trenches? I think it will be a fun game to watch, even if it isn't that close after all.
  3. And how did that make them any different than your beloved "national" academies?
  4. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    Fewer and fewer schools/fans see themselves as involved with chasing a state title. Not because there are too few classes! But because everyone is realizing that all of the players have left to go play at a handful of schools and there is literally NO chance of anyone else beating those super teams. Wiregrass Ranch and Melbourne were both 7-3 and heading to the playoffs. Both, as was expected by those following the teams, looked up at scoreboards reflecting 57-0 deficits. For the teams not facing such mismatches, they still realize that at some point in the near future they will have a similar fate. "What's the point?" is a question being asked by many when the decision to attend a game is made.
  5. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    I'd be perfectly happy if Lake Wales won a state title. But, they've been laughably overrated. At least relative to the super teams they're being compared with. The 90s Dreadnaught teams also paled in comparison to the last couple of teams. And not because newer is always better, or because I'm some teenager who thinks all of the teams from yesteryear suck. It's because we're seeing a dramatically more pronounced concentration of talent at a few schools than we've ever seen before. And that's not necessarily a good thing.
  6. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    That was before the "super team" phenomenon was occurring. This Lake Wales team may be every bit as good or maybe a little better than those mid-90s teams. And that is very bad news for the Highlanders should they have to face Northwestern, AH or maybe Jones. Those teams are considerably better than Alachua Santa Fe was...
  7. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    Polk county fans have overrated Lake Wales horrifically. Might have been best for them to lose tonight. Then they could claim to have taken Sebring lightly (isn't that what they did the last time when it was also really close?) and/or had bad luck. Now, the chances of them facing an American Heritage increase. Won't be fun getting running-clocked...
  8. Polk County Playoff Teams

    Bloomingdale traveled to Winter Haven and won 35-2 back in August. So, yeah, I can see Bloomingdale winning (again).
  9. 60 straight wins or state titles

    A truly tragic night.
  10. You make the Call

    Now that we're more than two years down the road from it, can you acknowledge that a WR completing a pass to a left guard for a gain of around 30 yards should not have been allowed to stand? lol
  11. 6A Gaither now 9-0 -- Hosts Armwood next week

    My guess on this game is that Armwood struggles to score...after the running clock kicks in. Armwood 35-0.
  12. You make the Call

    I hope you'll consider the possibility that NEVER being willing to acknowledge a bad call by the officials won't actually help officials gain more respect or make it a more appealing gig. It's like the mentality of so many police apologists when someone unarmed gets killed. It's one thing to want to support a group of people who are important. It's another all together to push back against any/all criticism at all times.
  13. Final Miami central 7 Chaminade 27

    Was his quitting because things were going swimmingly? Or was there some other reason?
  14. Lake City Columbia vs Atlantic Delray Beach

    Simple prediction: Should Lake Wales make it far enough in the playoffs to face Northwestern, AH or Jones, they will lose by a minimum of three touchdowns.