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  1. If you watch the last clip, at 0:50, you get a much better view. The other WR is not in position to do anything. And, we can easily see when and where the official threw the flag. It was obviously on #10. And, it was obviously b.s. Although not nearly as b.s. as the roughing the punter call towards the end of the 1st half, or a couple of the roughing the passer calls.
  2. I'm not sure. Are you seeing something there?
  3. The play in question is the first play in this highlight collection. It is replayed from a better, wider angle at 00:51 through the conclusion. Best I can tell, they call it on the WR #10. What are your thoughts? http://www.hudl.com/v/2BjAPe
  4. The Agenda Buster

    Are there any schools we can be sure would turn players away (other than if the school was at capacity and had to turn them away)? Coaches can tell kids they have to earn their way and bust their ass just like everyone else. They can tell them nothing is promised, that they have to earn playing time through proving themselves. But, when/if that all has been done, why wouldn't they play the best players? Are you suggesting they should say something along the lines of "look, you've been out here busting your ass just like everyone else, and you've clearly outplayed the others at your position, but, you transfered in, so I can't play you"? That seems ludicrous!
  5. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    Northwestern and STA belong ahead of Central at this point, IMO. Northwestern put up much more of a fight against a team equal to or better than SFA in its loss. And STA has the win on the road at DLS.
  6. 20 Interesting Games Next Week

    I think OSL was talking about high school games involving teams who might be playing in the state playoffs.
  7. NW vs CC tomorrow at 7pm

    It has to be really hard for that little boy Carol City has playing QB against the Northwestern defense. By the time he's 16, he could be a really good player, though.
  8. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    My point was that gaining transfers and building super teams is something most everyone wants to do now. It just so happens Lakeland may have had the best run at doing this in 2019; hence the larger numbers. Have you compiled lists of transfers for schools like Central, Carol City, Northwestern and BTW? There's video clips of Antonio Callaway and Maurice Alexander-of BTW state championship fame-playing together at a school not named BTW just a year or two prior., for example. I'd like to review the state title teams from out of Dade over the last 5-6 years and see what those transfer lists look like.
  9. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    Now, to be fair, I think similar lists need to be compiled for several other schools as well. Armwood, Edgewater, the Dade county powers etc. The acquisition of a lot of transfers is not unique to Lakeland. It is part of a trend (not a good one, IMO) that is pervasive across the country. The trend, most everywhere it seems, is for star players to merge and super teams to be built. Lakeland appears to have done arguably the "best" job of it this year. But, this kind of thing has been happening, in Dade especially, for several years. It's a bit easier to track now with hudl and twitter accounts that update on such matters.
  10. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    One more transfer we missed for this season: SS/OLB Carlisle Johnson. One of Spoto's best players last season.
  11. Talk to me about Armwood?

    Armwood is almost certainly an elite, top 5ish team in the state this year. North Gwinnett appears to be pretty good, and will have a huge home field advantage. But, I think Florida needs Armwood to go up there and take care of business. Outside of Lakeland and STA, I don't see anyone else beating them.
  12. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    There is/was also a kid named Daniel Curry (6'2 285" DL) who moved down from Virginia. Not sure if he's played or is event still with the team.
  13. Lakeland Transfers - The Real Numbers

    All look accurate. Though in the 2018 transfer list you listed the same guy twice (Roberson).
  14. Can anybody stop the Dreadnaughts?

    Well, in that case, just call the game. There are backups on both teams who practice hard every week and would have liked to get some playing time.
  15. Plant is pretty bad......

    As good as Armwood looks-they may well win 7A- I have a feeling they lose at North Gwinnett. Hope I'm wrong!