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  1. I believe a hand or wrist injury, along with a hamstring pull. Some have said he may be able to come back mid-late playoffs, but not certain. They did beat Apopka without him, but barely.
  2. While Lakeland is pretty loaded with young talent and may be dangerous in the playoffs, their performance thus far does not warrant such a high ranking. And losing Gabe Dindy for possibly the rest of the season hurts a lot. They don't deserve a top 20 ranking until if/when they make the state semifinals or better.
  3. Of course a lot depends on how they rally around the interim coach. Between that schedule and having the coach resign in the middle of the season, it's been a rough Fall for WH.
  4. It was certainly a tight game with some mistakes. Lakeland hurt itself with a lot of false starts and offsides penalties in big situations, including one when Apopka was lined up to punt. It was certainly odd to see a Lakeland team win a game without a running attack to speak of. I think Castle needs to call games with this team like he did back in the late 70s and 80s, meaning a fairly balanced offense with plenty of passes on 1st down.
  5. Great, if not pretty, game. Lakeland learned earlier they will be without 5* DL Gabe Dindy for the rest of the season. And they already had the poor showing against Lake Gibson. So, this was a good win over a good Apopka team. Lakeland had no running game against a stout Apopka D, but has WRs who are potentially the best pair they've ever had. So, they hit several big plays in the passing game. It was a tight, back-and-forth affair with Apopka busting a big run to go up 17-14 with 5:10 to play. Lakeland started from their own 13, piddled around, and found themselves with 3rd and roughly 25 to go, with just a few minutes to play. QB Mason Martin scrambled for about 12 yards to set up 4th and about 12. Martin hit Soph athlete D'Marius Rucker for a 4th down conversion. Lakeland managed to march the rest of the way down, all through the air, and won the game on a TD pass to Jr. Tyler Williams with 53.5 seconds left. Williams has a chance to be the best WR to come out of Lakeland as a 6'4.5" 185lb WR with blazing speed. Great game, just like the last time the teams tangled at Bryant Stadium in 2017.
  6. Apopka is at Lakeland. I'll take Lakeland 28-12.
  7. You're going to need something better than the NFHS Network version. I watched it there and the camera was blurry and zoomed out a mile. Right before the lightning delay, with Lakeland at the LW one yard line, there was a fight deep in the endzone. No clue who was involved, but may have been OL Maldanado. He was apparently benched last week and was pissed, so perhaps he took out some frustration. I wonder if the ejections will produce suspensions for next week at LG too.
  8. haha yeah I caught that after I commented!
  9. Have to assume it will be a dogfight, probably not a ton of points on the board.
  10. I was also there when LW beat Lakeland 26-14 in 1995 at LW. Rough night, Highlanders were too quick for that Lakeland team and Jeff Chaney had a big night!
  11. If Lakeland is really a contender in 7A, they'll need to win fairly comfortably. The way that would happen is through controlling the line of scrimmage, which they should be able to do. But, lots of penalties and/or fumbles could negate all of that. I think we'll have a dogfight and I'm not sure the young Dreadnaughts are ready to dominate a good team on the road. I'll take Lakeland 20-6.
  12. Venice's results this year: Venice 56, @ Miami Northwestern 34 Venice 41, Edgewater 7. The most impressive pair of games of anyone in the state, by far.
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