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  1. Who Are the 2 FL HS Legends in the Photo?

    That was the 2000 game, won 30-7 by Chris Wienke and the Noles. The Gators won the SEC title the next week. FSU lost to Oklahoma 13-2 in the Orange Bowl playing for a national title. Bobby Bowden more or less blamed Mark Richt being occupied with his new gig at Georgia for the loss.
  2. Who Is This Dominant Playoff Team? Cocoa

    Without looking I'd have to assume Bolles with all of the small schools they've faced.
  3. Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa

    Interesting, thanks. Know of any other such pages? I've heard about something to that effect for Polk, but have so far been relegated to reading random comments here and there with no list to speak of.
  4. Five more transfers just showed up at Cocoa

    Do you have names for any of these kids? Transfers are fine and dandy, but they have to be an upgrade over what you already had to make a difference.
  5. Who Is This FL HS Legend? Andre Cooper/Fletcher

    Here's the catch start about 2:15 in case it doesn't automatically.
  6. Who Is This FL HS Legend? Andre Cooper/Fletcher

    Andre Cooper, Jax Fletcher. Huge catch early in the '97 Sugar Bowl made Gator fans nervous, but the Gators still won 52-20
  7. What Did 2018 8A Preseason Poll Look Like?

    If I was a writer at some regional newspaper, I wouldn't put much effort into state rankings, either. Most of my time would necessarily be spent covering the local stories. Thankfully, the rankings have no real bearing on teams' seasons.
  8. What Did 2018 8A Preseason Poll Look Like?

    The writers voting in these polls often have limited awareness of the player movement/transfers impacting teams in the immediate area they cover. Which should tell you they have absolutely no clue about player movement in other areas. All that is being considered is the name brand, how the team did last year and who graduated off that team. That was sufficient in years past. Now, such an approach renders the rankings meaningless. There's just far too much transferring and stacking of the deck, sometimes at places that have little to no history like Wekiva and Western.
  9. 1996 4A Title Game Video - Bolles vs Bartow

    I don't recall (or see in the videos) it being clear blue skies for this game
  10. 1996 4A Title Game Video - Bolles vs Bartow

    Haha yep that was a VERY cold weekend! The game the night before this (Lakeland 40, STA 6) was bitterly cold as well as you can imagine. I was sitting next to Haines City's old coach and he said to someone he thought Bartow would take out Lakeland if they played. Which is what everyone in Polk wanted after this game. Didn't happen until the opener of the next season though.
  11. 6A Rankings Top 10 going into 2019 season.

    Columbia is in 6A? Must have missed it.
  12. ESPN High School Kickoff weekend

    The large private schools want to market themselves nationwide to sell themselves to potential students. And the Dade and Broward publics are happy to take on anyone because they know they can beat anyone. That's about it for schools consistently playing OOS every year.
  13. 1999 5A Title Game - Rutherford vs Lakeland

    I remember being very worried walking into the stadium that night. Lakeland lost their three-year starting QB before this game. Then, the outcome solidified this as Lakeland's best ever team up through to 2005. Now, it's their third-best team ever. Great night for the Dreadnaughts!
  14. East Central Florida Top 18 (UPDATED)

    Indeed. Growing up there, we always had access to both Tampa and Orlando news stations through basic TV (rabbit ears or cable). But, as you said above, this is all about the area the Orlando Sentinel deems worthy of their efforts/where most of their subscribers are from. Polk has the Ledger, so subscriptions to the Sentinel are quite low. I guess it just seems to make more sense to label the rankings "Orlando Sentinel coverage area rankings"