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  1. Were the rosters for Dade and Broward based on where the players live, or where the high school they last played for is located?
  2. Sounds similar to Lakeland. Perhaps both will be teams to watch. Of course, still have to do well in recruit...errr attracting transfers. Lakeland's got one of the leading passers in the state transferring in, looks like they won a battle vs Lake Gibson for him. Perhaps all the returning talent for Cocoa will attract more star players to the Tigers as well.
  3. It certainly seems clear the upheaval at Deerfield is going to have a big impact on other programs in the area. If all of Deerfield Beach's top underclassmen go to Dillard, look out!
  4. Are we not going to have another spring setup with Venice and Lakeland? Seems like it's been every year for many years.
  5. Well, I bought the game pass, maybe I can play it back and record my screen? Not sure, must be an easier way.
  6. In order to score a touchdown, a player is supposed to have possession of the ball having broken the plane of the goal line. Just having some fingers on the ball while standing in the end zone is not possession. It was obviously not a TD. That said, if memory serves, it was a 3rd and long they would have otherwise failed on, and their shaky punter would have been out to kick to a dangerous returner. Venice certainly deserved to win decisively. But, any shot for Apopka to hang around and pull it out late was dashed after that call.
  7. If they give up enough points so as to avoid a running clock- as Central did with Escambia until late 4th quarter- perhaps. I don't see Merritt Island scoring enough to avoid the running clock by the 3rd quarter.
  8. That'll never be broken as long as the running clock rules are what they are. Just about impossible to reach that point total against a varsity opponent under Florida's rules.
  9. If an offensive player flinches pre-snap, it signals that the play is beginning, which is a hugely unfair advantage for the offense. Offsides can and should be a penalty, which means it can and should be a weapon for the offense. It just should be limited to when either the defender makes contact, or is offsides when the ball is snapped. If a defender flinches but gets back in time, that shouldn't be a penalty at any time. Of course the offense would reserve the right to quick snap the ball when they are offsides and then collect their penalty yardage.
  10. I'm going to go with Pine Forest, primarily because I know little about them and figure they may be better than any of us realize. But I don't give them much of a chance. TBT's win over Lake Gibson was diminished some when I realized after the fact that LG played without Jevonte McClendon. He was a key part of their secondary, and could have made the difference in stopping the QB runs for TBT. LG also was without McClendon vs. Lowndes, which was the only other game LG got run on consistently. They had McClendon for both Lakeland games and Edgewater. IMO, the best Tech can do is what Edgewater did the last couple of years: lose but be competitive in the process. Merrit Island is terribly outmanned and has no business being on the field with Central.
  11. Let's keep the context of the rule as it is in college and the pros in mind here. What you describe is the reality at every other level of football. And, as it is, the official has a bit of a judgment call anyway in regards to whether the fingernail is actually in the neutral zone or not. For a long time, coaches have coached QBs to modify their cadence and snap counts with the goal of manipulating a defender into flinching even a tiny bit for a cheap five yards. The overwhelming majority of offsides penalties at the high school level-even the ones that help the team I'm rooting for- leave you shaking your head and saying 'that's sooo cheap!'
  12. That rule should be changed to be what it is...any other time a ball is fumbled out of bounds. If the ball is fumbled, it can not be advanced, but it also can not be claimed by the defense given they never had possession of the ball in the first place. So, if a player fumbles at the 2, and the ball rolls out of bounds- be it the sideline or out of the end zone, the ball goes back to the fumbling team at the spot of the fumble, the 2 yard line. Exception being failed 4th downs obviously.
  13. My sense is that there is not even a rationale for having the rule as is. It's just the way it's been forever and nobody ever gets around to changing it!
  14. I was aware that kickoffs are blown dead after the ball is kicked across the goal line in consideration of player safety. However, I never said anything about kickoffs! I'm talking about regular plays from scrimmage. If a player flinches and places a fingernail into the neutral zone before the ball is even snapped, it's an automatic penalty. That doesn't have anything to do with player safety. Every game you'll see this happen a few times, often at crucial points. I propose that offsides be called the same way it is in college and the pros. To be offsides, either the defender has to make contact with the offense before the ball is snapped, or be offsides when the ball is snapped.
  15. Is there some rationale/argument behind keeping the offsides rule (automatic penalty if in neutral zone even with no contact and the ball not snapped) as it is and has been for decades? It's always seemed incredibly stupid to me. Almost as stupid as the rule where if a ball is fumbled out of the endzone, the *defense* automatically gets possession even if they never laid a fingernail on the ball. Why is offsides still such a cheap opportunity for offenses?
  16. MNW has been blown out three times by high school teams this year: Venice beat them 56-34 at Traz; and Central beat them 49-6 (though the first game between the two was close. So, blowing out MNW seems to be a prerequisite to being a top team in the state this year. Jesuit probably rolls, but I think it could be more of a lower scoring game, with Jesuit winning something like 24-7.
  17. Pine Forest looks to be too good defensively to yield 50 to Jesuit. I actually think they have a chance to make it a game.
  18. I looked at box scores for TC and saw games where they never threw a pass. They were all run, likely looking to take advantage of undisciplined, over pursuing defenses. Apopka was a bad draw for them! Venice is also very simple offensively against top defenses. They want to run the ball with their QB and RBs and throw screen passes, to go with drawing the defense offsides. If Apopka can shut the run game down and take care of the screens, Venice will dry up offensively. The QB is not an elite passer, though he is far faster than most assume. That said, Venice has a strong defense this year. Apopka labors offensively. I'll take Venice 24-14.
  19. I think there are plays to be made through the air against LG. But, there's also the risk of throwing touchdowns to LG. Can Greg Gaines get the best of Cormani McClain head to head? That remains to be seen. Given the fact that Lake Mary, Riverview and Lakeland (2nd game) managed to shut down LG's offense, one has to assume the better defenses, such as all 3 remaining possible opponents of LG, are going to figure out how to contain them better than Edgewater and Melbourne did.
  20. Treasure Coast seems like a very tough game for anyone. But, I have a hunch their style of play will be a favorable matchup for Apopka. Apopka is excellent against the run, with a great LB group. Darters have a great shot there IMO. But I think 8A is Venice's to lose.
  21. STA has been very fortunate over the years to almost never have to play any of the big dogs in Dade/Broward in the playoffs. Their path to the state title game is typically quite soft.
  22. I understand the need to find a way to distinguish between district champs as well as non-champs who vie for playoff births. But, I think it can open a can of worms as well, especially given the preference for district champions. We all know all districts aren't equal. Sometimes there's a huge difference in quality. If the RPI correctly reflects this, and you end up with a non-champ like Lakeland as the top rated team in a region, and they still have to play on the road every game, it raises questions. It discourages strong scheduling because you're just better off hoping to get in a weak district and win that. IMO, once the decision is made to go with the RPI, then teams should be seeded according to it on the grounds that we know all districts aren't equal. If you're always going to favor district champs regardless, then don't release RPI rankings.
  23. Makes us feel a little better! They absolutely stunk it up following the first Lakeland win. I think, if they're focused, the next game will be no big deal. But Bucholz and of course STA will be brutal.
  24. Edgewater couldn't stop Jaylon Glover in the 1st half, then couldn't stop the QB on the keeper in the second half. Edgewater also faced a similar dilemma as Lakeland in that they didn't trust their QB to zip the ball against a secondary with about 16 stars worth of talent.
  25. Lakeland needs Dindy and Thompson to win tonight. Specifically, they need them to play inside, given LG's preference of running inside. Neither played a down inside this season, though Dindy played inside extensively in previous seasons. So, my prediction is if he plays inside they win, and if he doesn't play or doesn't play inside, Glover runs wild again and LG wins.
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