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  1. To recap: you follow up the statement "...I will NEVER answer to someone like you."...by asking me to answer you. Go fuck yourself.
  2. I don't believe a single person here is a fan of St. Frances, who also won the game easily. We aren't calling out the abomination that was the officiating because we didn't get our desired outcome. And, as a Lakeland alum, I don't bring back up the play in 2017 where a WR was allowed to complete a pass to an OL who wasn't an eligible receiver and have the play stand because I hoped Lakeland wouldn't get the yards. I bring this all up because I think it's time we own reality, and seek solutions. The first step towards solutions is admitting there is a problem.
  3. You've been offered numerous examples, both in writing and in the form of the full game with a specific time offered. The embarrassment grows worse the longer you try to defend it while refusing to watch it.
  4. thanks to @Dan in Daytona for the link. Thought I'd put it here as well for future reference. Full game
  5. Ask around your buddies who've officiated and caught the game. I'm quite sure they will agree with all of us commenting in this thread. I'll look to see if I can find some clips of the worst calls.
  6. there have been many comments which help answer your question. You have to actually watch the game in question to have any clue what we speak of.
  7. It appears Harrison DID play after all. He had been wearing #14 all season and switched to #26 last night. Weird. I stand corrected.
  8. Bottom line: Both teams wanted to run the ball, and understood the LOS was going to be key. Lakeland could run the ball; Osceola could not. The other fun fact is that, unless Buchholz takes one of us out, there will be another rematch. There's not much use in speculating further about what might/could/should have been given that fact. And it's possible both teams played with that in the back of their minds. The playoff rematch matters more. The team with more firepower not yet seen will have an advantage. Future seasons look bright for both teams.
  9. No, though Harrison had been performing very close to that level.
  10. I don't have one. I'd be happy to listen to yours upon watching the game. Without you watching the game, I'll pay no attention to your opinion. I'm solutions oriented, and not interested in piling on well-intentioned people.
  11. No doubt, if Lakeland is simply unable to call for a fair catch on the pooches, and can't field those, they'll have plenty of trouble in a rematch, too. And if the DBs who were out remain out, that's also a problem. Harrison scored two TDs last week and played zero plays this week. If he tore an ACL or something, Lakeland will be hurt. Ditto Dontay Joyner and Twan Wilson. I give credit to Osceola for playing much tougher than they seemed to last season. Last season, they seemed like a bunch of really nice guys. Tonight, as I said, they looked like the team that was going to get all of the 50/50 balls. Jakeem Jackson took two balls that should have been inconsequential for scores. He simply made the plays.
  12. Lakeland wins 25-22. Osceola battled, and appeared more battle tested in general. Lakeland probably should have won by more, but fumbled two kickoffs and gave up a couple of improbable big plays to Jakeem Jackson. Three of Lakeland's best DBs never saw the field. Maybe the basketball player that recently came out beat them all out. Seems unlikely though. While I think a full Lakeland wins more decisively in a rematch, I have to give credit to the Kowboys for battling. And I'm quite disappointed to see Lakeland squander such WR talent. Pleuss looked rather horrible. Perhaps Castle's scheme has messed him up. Perhaps Osceola was in his head due to some things shared on this board. Perhaps he's just not that good. I think Castle's approach to offense is generally bad for modern passing QBs. I hope the experience makes Lakeland better. But, tonight, it seemed Osceola had the "clutch" quotient. Lakeland is fortunate to escape with a win.
  13. I don't think it's helpful to have a typical ref pile on. But, I think we need to recognize that one of two things is true: 1) we witnessed profound incompetence or, 2) corruption. Did someone with ESPN/Paragon pay off the refs to keep it close-ish? Or do we have completely untrained refs due to the shortage?
  14. Too much to comment in depth on now. Other than the usual exploitation of the awful offsides rule by Venice, there were several absolutely egregious calls against SFA. A Venice WR was running completely upright, was stripped of the ball...and then the play was called down. Several false starts by Venice weren't called. It was as bad as I can remember. And that's saying a lot given how bad the officiating often is in Florida.
  15. Weather forecast as of now has thunderstorm probability of a high of 68% (at 4pm) to a low of 38% through the 9:00 hour. 64% chance for the 7:00 hour. So, still a tossup, but looks like a chance for the game to be played after some delay. I gather there's increased urgency to get the game in. So, hopefully it won't be too fucked up by the weather. I can't get a good enough read on the game to make a pick. After this game, I'll be able to make picks for the rest of Lakeland's games.
  16. Live, on national TV tonight, the officials demonstrated how bad the officiating crisis is at the moment. It was a profound embarrassment for the officiating profession. That is, of course, assuming it was not a matter of full-blown, corrupt, cheating that we watched tonight.
  17. Had Knight done better, one way or another, he'd stay there at Jesuit. But, he struggled, this kid emerged, and so it was easier to make the move. Dad could've waited, or found a way to keep son there until December.
  18. With the spineless pansies we have "managing" college and prep football now, look for this kind of thing to be the next big trend. We're going to see more of this.
  19. Well, I'm not worried about the coaches taking them lightly. But, I think the players will do so. I think they'll play with less passion than they would against a duck like Bartow. The kids know Bartow kids. They don't know kids from Canada, Denmark etc.
  20. Would you now agree that CAI may be the toughest game of the season for Lakeland? I say toughest not because I'm certain they are better than Osceola (they may be) but because they're a very unique match up for most Florida teams. Florida teams usually play teams with an abundance of quickness, but poor QB play, poor offensive line play and poor discipline. CAI looks a bit plodding thus far, but they're big and the kids seem to have a higher IQ than the typical Florida player. I also think the factors you've mentioned are going to mean Lakeland will take them very lightly. The 'Naughts will play passionately vs. Osceola. I think they'll be flatter than a pancake for CAI, which is really foolish.
  21. Taking the games away from unruly fans makes sense. But, perhaps leaders can think of ways to ensure a better, more accountable crowd is present. Maybe require an ID to enter, and a scan of IDs for all who are unruly, followed by a ban, arrests etc. The "community" is not a thing. What you have are a handful of knuckleheads ruining it for everyone.
  22. 30+ years ago, you'd figure this was just odd timing, and maybe bad luck for Jesuit. Now, with the increased specialization, traveling 7v7 teams, and building of super teams through unchecked transfers, the timing is highly suspicious. It's been a rough few games for the Jesuit offense, and they just were beaten soundly a few days ago. I have a hunch the Knight family was unhappy, perhaps because some on the team were unhappy with Knight. Just a guess...
  23. I'm still of the opinion that CAI will be the toughest game. You and most others picked them to lose to Miami Palmetto (likely because you knew they split a pair of halves vs. Chaminade and Cardinal Gibbons and have lots of talent), yet they beat Palmetto 26-0. Grayson beat Fort Dorchester 28-0 and CAI traveled up there and beat them 31-0. Do you have any intentions of adjusting your opinion of CAI?
  24. I'll take Chaminade over AH 42-21. And I think AH is really good.
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