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  1. Hate is a strong sentiment and definitely not my feelings towards anyone on this forum. I am just of the mindset that difference of opinion is healthy and mocking, name calling, ridiculing and yes even hate doesn't help move your point of view forward. When it descends to that level, it becomes a waste of time to continue to engage that person. Regarding some of your post, I find it difficult to see some of your attempts at humor to be humorous that's all.
  2. Studies estimate that public schools may lose up to 15% of population as opposed to the 40% number in your question. In addition, they are funding the student, not the school. Using your 2000 number when a new public school opens, that number quickly balloons beyond that as the community grows and the excess is moved from several adjoining schools to build a new one. That seems to imply it was deemed productive at 2000, can handle 2500 so what difference does it make where that excess population goes? Some leave to charter, Christian or private and the number goes back to the original estimate that it was designed for. At least, that is the logic my simple mind tells me they are using. Undoubtedly, there will be additional cost to fund this program. But I harken back to your original question, why is the FDOE doing this? Is it remotely possible that many public schools are failing us?
  3. The American Federation for Children and Beck Research a Democratic polling firm recently released their latest poll showing the number increase this year from last to 67% supporting school choice. Real Clear Politics poll shows that support at 72% in latest survey. Those are two and I'm sure someone with your abilities can find several more. Regarding minorities, analyst estimate the slim margin of victory for DeSantis campaign from roughly 6 years ago was due in large part to that exact demographic of single minority mothers voting for him when they otherwise would not have.
  4. Sorry to disagree that even public schools are NOT FREE and more problematic is they aren't created equal either. As an old retiree with no kids or grandkids (youngest just graduated) in HS, my ad valorem taxes haven't gone away rather keep creeping up and a big chunk is for schools. My daughter and son-in-law moved out of Kissimmee to the east side of St. Cloud over a decade ago so their two daughters would attend the highest rated (academic) public HS in Osceola County, Harmony HS. Both graduated at the top of their class, but if the programs in place today for school choice were available back then, they may have taken their voucher $$$ and put them in a private school requiring no move. That is the difference between then and now. More parents are taking advantage of this benefit mostly for academic and other reasons outside of sports, but if that choice involves a school with no sports program, they have an alternative . Yes, lots do it for sports also, but I completely agree with you that EDUCATION should be at the forefront of this conversation and I believe it is the impetus for these changes.
  5. The athletic imbalances that seem to be the unintended consequences will not trump school choice in our current political environment, so if your question is directed at me "We Ain't Going Back".
  6. As Dr. D correctly pointed out, the intent is to provide opportunity for extracurricular activity to those that don't have it. Be it football, band, religious beliefs or the debate team. Whether we have negative unintended consequences remains to be seen as well as what tweaks can be made to correct them. The general concept of "School Choice" is embraced by the vast majority of parents, particularly in minority families with only a single Mom raising her kids.
  7. Any county or school willing to punish their own students by entertaining a scheme like this just to throw a wrench in the system should be ashamed of themselves. For example, in basketball you have maybe a dozen players on a team and if only one district team has a program it leaves dozens of kids out in the cold. Seems evil to me.
  8. You are absolutely right in that component of "School Choice" where the sport of choice isn't part of the extracurricular offering. That is very clear in the language affording that option to those who opt out of their local public school for any number of other alternatives. Hopefully, competition for those students will elevate academics for all.
  9. I would also prefer to remain neutral on the views one might have on this legislation, but to respond to your question the FHSAA was slow walking the process of complying with legislation passed regarding the intent of Title IX for women's sports. Our state decided on the "Fairness" aspect we previously discussed by not allowing biological men identifying as women to compete against biological women. Appears the FHSAA, like the NCAA and other bodies did not agree with this law in Florida and thus the friction. Also during COVID (2020), I understand there were some disagreements on when to restart HS sports for that calendar year and there might be some other issues like that including the prayer one you brought up. Sounds like the current FHSAA Director is solid so I hope the new board keeps him in his current post.
  10. Thanks for the kind words but all we currently have is "POTENTIAL" and a lot needs to happen before we start envisioning a deep playoff run. Odds of getting into the playoffs are pretty good but I believe seeding can have an impact on how far you go and I have little faith in the system based on history. Exhibit #1 was last year with us having to travel to Vero Beach, which didn't affect the outcome but reflects the calculus. Despite seeding them higher, we thumped them at their place 31-7 and very well could have been even more one-sided. Does make me wonder.
  11. As usual, expectations are high but as previously alluded success will depend on development of several young but talented players. They are definitely dedicated and working extremely hard so pleased with that aspect. KOC vs APK and the first 3 games vs Treasure Coast, Seminole and Jones will provide them the tough challenge of gaining experience in matchups that should be considered toss-ups. Offensively we should be fine early on whereas the growth will be on the defensive side. Hopefully they will be up to speed when we play Lakeland in game #4 and Rockledge game #5 both at home. Don't want to count my chickens before they hatch.
  12. Understood. Wasn't meant as criticism of this young man, just couldn't find much of a track record but hope he has a breakout season.
  13. Previous school was Cardinal Mooney and don't know much about this young man other than when I looked him up, he is unrated with zero offers, totaling 107 receiving yards in 11 games last year; despite that, maybe he will make their offense scary.
  14. Sure did disappoint us last year at that time, so keeping my fingers crossed as this will be a tremendous challenge for our youngsters to prepare for the upcoming season. Probably will ride up with my son who attends most games with me during the season, so yes would love to meet you.
  15. That timeline for our teams is less than 3 months when we play each other on 08/18 KOC @ Apopka. We will certainly know more about ourselves after that game.
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