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  1. Florida is still a "Right to Work" state. You can be fired for any reason or even no reason and you can choose to end employment by those same rules.
  2. Consequently, Lake Minneola has just announced it has cancelled spring football. What goes around comes around.
  3. Thanks for admitting that you do not know why they transferred or the several others that mysteriously transferred to that school (not a known powerhouse). Thanks for also agreeing you specifically have to ask all the kids that left for seemingly inexplicable reasons why. That happened as a matter of fact which raises suspicion thus the launch of an investigation by the FHSAA who hopefully will ask YOUR question as well as many more to get to the bottom of it. Any fair-minded person should readily support this investigation. If you don't support and admitted you don't know the facts, you are basically guilty of what some are accusing you of. I would hope you would like to know the TRUTH as opposed to simply attacking the messengers.
  4. Flawed reasons you sight for leaving when you look at the two players we lost. They both played at OHS their freshmen and sophomore seasons with significant varsity playing time as sophomores and were projected starters for next season. Our school is not "FAILING THEM" academically, athletically or any other measure as we sent about a dozen seniors from the 2023 class to further their education thru football. This list included 5 going to D1 schools like Florida, FSU, UCF, Oklahoma and Rutgers. I ask you specifically like you ask others to tell me exactly why they left since I just debunked your stated reasons. The answer is you have no idea but turning a blind eye to the "Possibility" of rule breaking is wrong. By the way, losing those 2 will not ruin our upcoming season as we have others capable of stepping up in their place and so my concern isn't that.
  5. Thank you and that integrity included his wife that happened to be the principal at said school also deciding to leave.
  6. Sentinel sportswriter JC Carnahan wrote an article on April 8th on this subject matter. It clearly states that the FHSAA is definitely investigating "Allegations" against The First Academy for rules violations by its football program and even points out their winning varsity baseball HC (Groves) has recently resigned because he doesn't want the rule breaking that is blatantly happening at that school will reflect negatively on him. He has expressed his frustration with the school administrators to no avail. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the transfers they have gotten include the following schools: Boone, Timber Creek, Leesburg, Lake Minneola and my school Osceola. The two players we lost left for inexplicable reasons and were both sophomores that would be projected starters next year. Something Smells!!!
  7. Never blamed teacher unions for lack of coaches pay, simply quoted articles written by others regarding the specific effort currently under way to raise their "Minimum Wage". Those articles speculated that teachers would oppose raises without them being first in line. My position with unions in any public/government employment is crystal clear, so the clown is the one spinning it to fit his narrative.
  8. No doubt they are working to "GET" kids to transfer in as we lost a couple of very good players to them in the last couple of months. The change came when they brought the 1 year HC down from Leesburg where he put them on the map and into the playoffs somehow managing to "GET" players from some of the surrounding schools. No doubt it is happening.
  9. Did I read that article correctly where it said states we are losing teachers/coaches to (AKA.... GA, AL, TX, SC, etc.) don't allow "Collective Bargaining" (AKA.... unions) for public employees? Even some of those states pay plan is based on "MERIT" (AKA... winning) for coaches?
  10. Are you still talking to me?? Thought I was pretty clear for you not to waste your breath on this subject matter, but somehow you are missing the point. Teacher unions have limited power in FL because the candidates they overwhelming support keep losing. If they had won, the teacher union vote had a lot to do with it and would be wielding that power. Osceola county which isn't a GOP stronghold during the past two national elections had the journalism students for the OHS monthly newsletter (Kowboy Jake) interview the faculty as to their political leanings. A sample of about 30 teachers that were interviewed were voting as follows: 25 D vs 5 R. Enough said.
  11. As a general rule, I am not a big supporter of unions in the public sector in particular. They certainly had a place in the private sector during the industrialization of our nation, but today not so much. I have no first-hand experience with unions representing our local law enforcement or firefighters but my interaction with the teachers union over several years in that profession is the basis of my opinion.
  12. As usual, expectations are high so look forward to see how we navigate this season as we do return many excellent pieces. As others have stated, the transfer bug goes both ways and here again this year it appears we are losing more than we are gaining as a handful of top line players have chosen to leave. Some are understandable with lots of talent but not breaking into the starting or lead role. Others are inexplicable, so will have to see what the summer brings after Spring Football. GO KOWBOYS!!
  13. OSCEOLA KOWBOY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Kowboy Football (@Kowboy_Football) / X (twitter.com)
  14. BINGO!! So one can extrapolate from your argument that teachers unions are not "Political Friends of the Hacks" in Tally. Rather they are political friends of the hacks trying to replace them there. Finally agree on something and best to leave it there as I am not trying to convince you to change your opinion while at the same time your explanations are falling on deaf ears. Mostly because I trust my EYES more so than my EARS.
  15. Even back in the mid 70's when they took hold in our county I resisted joining due to the political nature of the organization rather than as you rightly point out the lack of focus on the betterment of the students.
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