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  1. Simple question, do you watch ESPN?
  2. It's a negative if you are a PURIST, but each community represented doesn't agree with your assessment. If you really are a purist then we should be down to 4 TEAMS TOTAL for the semi-final round not the 32+ that are still alive therefore we will have 8 champions in the current setup that are really getting a participation trophy.
  3. Tend to agree with Dan on this topic. CMD should not be discounted in this discussion as Friday we will be able to compare what Central does vs AHP relative to what CMD did to them.
  4. So sorry Dan, I let politics creep in as I was only counting the red counties and forgetting about the blue ones . So you are correct in pointing out there are 67 counties in FL..........my bad!! But that makes it more special as 43 are not represented.
  5. Whether your county has 1 TEAM or 4 TEAMS it is still an accomplishment as your list has 24 counties represented out of 59. So at least you aren't one of the 35 left out.
  6. Yeah, I know more sarcasm so no need to educate me on your post as I was thinking the exact same thing. However, just to be clear as previously stated I believe Osceola ranks in the top 10% in the state not the 1%. So no they would not be getting my vote to compete with the likes of Central, Chaminade, AHP, etc... That is a completely different animal.
  7. Another good matchup in the semi's is the resilient Jones Tigers who dismantled Edgewater today will be taking on Homestead for a little more CFL VS SFL flavor. Not so surprised that Jones won, just how much they won by.
  8. Then you gotta win to represent as I like your chances better than Ocoee. Columbus looks like the real deal.
  9. Thanks, appreciate the encouragement and congrats to your Darters on the tough victory against Lake Mary. With Ocoee winning looks like you get them which means an Orange county school will definitely be in the finals. Good luck next week.
  10. Kowboys defense controlled the game all night with a better performance than the last couple of weeks. Will skip getting into the weeds regarding the game, but Vero couldn't have managed more than 100-150 total yards for the game. Actually, could have been even more lopsided than the final score. Props to #1 Jacobs of Vero as he played his tail off and I can see why he is so highly regarded; he really didn't do much offensively, but defensively he had several important pass breakups that if he wasn't making those plays it would have been a rout early. They just didn't have enough players like him to match up with the Kowboys. Now on to the re-match with Lakeland we have been anticipating since the 3rd game of the season.
  11. I did recognize that but isn't sarcasm or tongue in cheek used sometimes to drive home a point?
  12. Actually Perspective, you are a little late to the party. The NCAA instituted their version of M and S years ago which they apply different metrics calling them Division 1, 2 and 3. Even within Division 1 they separate the power schools under the names FBS and FCS. Just curious why they would do this??
  13. Ray Icaza


    So true, but simple math has 9 "WINNERS" out of roughly 250 teams (4%). What about the other 96%??
  14. Injuries can play havoc at the end of the season as it appears the Rockledge QB did play against Mainland but was he 100%. Same thing with Rucker from Seminole, not to take anything away from a good Lake Mary team but did it have any effect on the outcome? It happens and without knowing to what extent injuries are affecting a team I believe we are seeing it in some of the latest results.
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