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  1. I said my piece and admit I am no expert, so will leave it at that as I have no more to add to this topic.
  2. Very good analogy, it is a tool and as I indicated in my humble opinion it is helpful for WR's and DB's and many coaches believe (not my analysis) that it can be detrimental for QB's. A hammer is also a tool, but not very useful when you need a wrench.
  3. There is no threat of physical contact, no real attempt to avoid it so no idea what the pocket presence will be when having to deal with that. On top of that, they have a much clearer field of vision to make their reads.
  4. Not sure if you intended this as a joke, but HAHA anyway. As a running back he did a decent job, but their primary weapon on the ground (Moulton) had triple the yards and returns for his senior year. Heck, even the QB Risk out gained him. As far as his defensive prowess, the stats show he had 2 tackles in 13 games so not convinced it is a huge get for Monarch. Plus most likely a team like Gibbons have added weapons you may not know about that will lessen his role even more, thus a smart move to look for a bigger role on a lesser team on his part.
  5. You are certainly right about player movement in the central FL area as we see it at our school more than ever before, both transfers in and transfers out. Players/parents are choosing what they deem is best for them, although I don't always agree with their reasoning. Guess we are the outlier in the QB position as our projected starter for next season is Gunner Holland who will be a Junior; was third string varsity his Freshman year then second string last year. He owns two state wrestling titles already and showed tremendous composure vs Edgewater in the spring game, especially running the 2 minute drill for an 84 yd. drive to win the game. His dad played football and also wrestled for us in the mid-late 90's so the homegrown tag is real. That said, we are just entering summer and alot can happen between now and Aug. 26 regarding even the QB position even with me thinking we are solid there.
  6. Glad that you have come around to my way of thinking when it comes to 7v7 tournaments translating to great success in 11 man football since last summer. Some coaches actually believe that it is detrimental to the development of a QB although it is beneficial for WR's and DB's.
  7. I agree that publics are as guilty if not more so than privates TODAY in the recruiting wars, which you constantly point out correctly. Again to add context, historically that wasn't always the case. Privates had that advantage because parents have a right to send their kids to a private school if they can afford it, so they have always had that open door policy with no repercussions from the FHSAA no matter where the student came from cause it was perfectly legal. They began building quality teams with high quality enrollment then started adding star power thru scholarships to under privileged kids (stealing them from publics) to put them over the top. Publics eventually began to try and counter that thru whatever means necessary. So my criticism has been consistently that they had the advantage early on and used it, eventually forcing some of the publics into what now has evolved into school choice. Privates created this monster and that is my beef. Publics are catching up so a school like Bolles that was so dominant is still excellent but have to now beat teams that are on a more level playing field and their path to a championship is more difficult.
  8. Don't know if I qualify as an "OTHER", but the main thing wrong with your argument and you continue to not believe is that Private Schools offer scholarships to top football players. That does nothing to enhance their financial position, because they are not collecting tuition from them. Parents of these kinds of kids do see it as a PLUS because they will receive a better education than their local public HS, but they are being recruited for their talents on the field. Prime example was an extremely talented receiver from our Poinciana area (Lamar Patterson) that ended up at St. Francis Academy in Baltimore, MD. His family would only make this type of move if they were offered financial assistance. Hated to bring his name up as he recently was killed in an automobile accident on his way to school, so apologies to the family and RIP Lamar.
  9. Actually Columbia, I was unaware of the QB transfer you reference in this thread going from TCA to Riverside. You are much better informed of player movement state-wide and particularly in your north FL area than I or others on this forum. I was simply making the argument when you indicated TCA losing a QB it probably happened for a reason, but TCA was not the worse off because of it. When good programs lose players it is most often because they have been supplanted by a better player, that being my point. As you also indicated, the Hurley kid has been there since the 8th grade but prior to that he was a Miami kid. Don't know how he ended up at TCA and don't believe they have done anything unethical to get him. I also indicated that parents many times are the driving force and TCA has an excellent football program, one of the top coaches in the entire state and a top academic reputation. Their military background is probably a strong reason for selecting a school like that for their son and I applaud them for it.
  10. The part of the equation you are conveniently omitting is that TCA probably lost that 3*QB to Riverside because they were bringing in Colin Hurley to that private school; probably projected at a 5*. Now, I will readily admit I don't know where he was zoned to attend but we can all agree who got the better deal. Can the same case be made for the TE/DE/LB that STA lost as opposed to who they got?? So yes, publics do the same but don't expect me to feel sorry that somehow privates are being demonized unfairly because they lose players too. When that happens, they usually have been upgraded.
  11. No, I knew your comment about my LOGO (which is our team Mascot) was in jest and thought my response reflected that. However, due to our close proximity to one of the designated Metro areas Osceola has definitely become part of the "Wild West". Over the last couple of years we have started to experience more transfers in as well as the reverse (more transfers out). It does tend to play out like Skyway laid out; we may get some players that can upgrade a position group and those being replaced then transfer to another school to improve their chance of participation. Most of it is driven by players, but a large part by the parents who think they know it all; sometimes to the detriment of their child.
  12. Never said we didn't have any, just not as many. Plus, if you look closely we do more rodeoing than shooting.
  13. Very true, just the highly populated areas happen to have more "Gunslingers".
  14. Yeah, we lost to that "Stocked" Flanagan team in the state finals and were holding our own defensively until we lost our starting MLB (Pinellas) with a devastating knee injury just before halftime. They took advantage of his freshman replacement on the very next play by sneaking a back out on a pass play which he misread that lead to a TD as the half ended. We had alot more difficultly controlling the QB's running ability in the second half and had trouble moving the ball against their D. But this as well as the "U School" are perfect examples were obvious recruiting has transpired with concrete evidence being elusive as these programs then faded into nothing.
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