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  1. 100%, the problem is clear and you can leave school choice for an education available to everyone at both public and private. Just restrict students not zoned for that school to sit out a year for HS sports. It won't fix the problem completely as some schools will choose to gamble not getting caught but it would be a huge step in the right direction.
  2. Yes, you have been very clear on how this all came to pass and I am grateful for the education providing hard facts. If they want to solve it then they should go make their case to the current legislature as I am sure 80% of coaches would be glad to contact their local representative to bend their ear to correct the problem. Here our local sports reporter has already interviewed local coaches and their perspective probably mirrors those of other "Suburban" coaches throughout the state. The vast majority of coaches in our county say it will not fix the problem; it doesn't hurt my alma mater as they don't bleed players every year as several others do. Head coach at Lake Nona in an adjacent county recently resigned and got immediately hired as new HC for Toho HS. Will be interested to see if any players follow as though in different counties the two schools are separated by less than 10 miles.
  3. All these band aids the FHSAA keeps coming up with are truly a joke. They readily admit with the changes they pass that free movement of players causes the competitive imbalance, with Metro population density benefitting the most due to sheer numbers of top quality players. Even though they know the root problem, they turn a blind eye to the obvious fix of turning back the clock to pre 2011 when they opened the flood gates. This new idea will just create a two-tier system of competitive imbalance rather than one. Regardless of which group you are in, the haves will still benefit while the have nots will continue to flounder.
  4. I am a big Gator fan and hope he does have a positive impact on success going forward. Napier and his multitude of staff personnel are getting a bunch of positive press during this honeymoon phase, but from my perspective thus far recruiting hasn't really showed signs of improvement and thus far not convinced. Hopefully, time will prove me wrong.
  5. And the QB from Ridge. But who is surprised as it has been going on for a long time.
  6. By the way the defensive end that plays alongside him, Derrick LeBlanc has also narrowed his list down to 7 and stated he will make a decision soon. Early on it seemed he was a big lean towards Ohio State, which is still on the list but has scheduled more school visits going forward. Recently saw an article on MSN that the new Florida coaching staff was making him a "Priority" in their recruiting. They are part of our defensive front that returns virtually intact for 2022 as well as the rest of the defense. Big thing for us is an offensive line that returns 4 starters and 5 or 6 others with experience which we did not have last year; had only 1 returning starter and the rest were very green.
  7. Yeah, but even watching highlights would make one favor Walker. Looks like he just announced shrinking his recruiting choices from 10 to 5 with Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State, Florida State and UCF. He was favoring Florida over UCF but guess he has had a change of heart due to the Gasparilla bowl. Just speculating.
  8. Would love to see that as well although the distance is always a consideration.
  9. Sounds like Cocoa will be strong as usual next year. I bet Osceola would love a rematch at our place next year as they are always looking for top quality teams to play that aren't geographically too far apart. Bet it would be another great game just like the last one.
  10. Jon Santucci recently wrote an interesting piece in the Palm Beach Post about the 3 factors that should be used to determine "Classifications". #1 with like 50% weight geographical population in 20 mile radius, #2 with like 25% weight would be school enrollment number and #3 with 25% weight would be pubic vs private. Thought it to be very well conceived given the transfer situation in competitive balance.
  11. Info I have gotten, it most likely will be the end of January.
  12. A full day has transpired since my post and many forum members have read it but no one has responded which leads me to one of two possible reasons. No one that read it are involved in the selection process or if they were and researched the fact realize they have no argument. A stat that I failed to mention that emphasize this young man's dominance is our team interception totals. We do have an excellent secondary, but they would never have accumulated these totals without constant pressure in opposing QB's face. It's not just the sacks, but the knockdowns, hurries, etc... right up the gut that produced this probably record number for our team. Our combined total was 19!! To me that seems like an incredible number for 12 games, but maybe others have as many and I am all wet. That too is a possibility.
  13. Due to the holiday season and the fact I watched all of the finals thru my Specturm account, I didn't watch the final Monday episode until yesterday. Staff that compiled this team picked very deserving players although I know some from individual teams around the state that were also deserving inevitably get left off. My take as a Kowboy fan was that Derrick LeBlanc was selected over our other top DL John Walker; to me both are great players, but for someone that watches them week in and week out since their freshman season there is no question who is better. I know several recruiting sites rank LeBlanc higher maybe projecting his future potential as their reason, but both are 4* on all the major sites. Here are the facts: 1. Leading tackler on the team with 77 total, 41 solo is Walker with the solo number being more than the total number for LeBlanc for his season totals. 2. Leading sacks are 13 vs 8 again with Walker dominating. 3. Most teams consistently double team Walker as to slow his disruptive nature to almost no avail. 4. Both do pass the eyeball test with Walker @ 6'3" - 280 lbs. and Leblanc @ 6'5" - 250 lbs. 5. Finally, LeBlanc plays DE and was selected in the top "Interior Lineman" category which is the position Walker plays. Go Figure. Our two leading tacklers this year were both interior linemen (with 77 & 63 respectively), so I asked both the HC EP and the DL coach Van Sickle when in all their years coaching has that happened. Their answer was the same as mine watching Osceola for better than 50 years.......NEVER!!! I bring this up because Walker was so disruptive he created lots of opportunities for his side kick inside. Last point is we had better than a half dozen other players, LB, CB, safety etc. with between 45-55 total tackles which was a superior number than LeBlanc. This DL returns almost intact as well as most of the defense. Probably won't change minds of the authors of this list but it does make you wonder, what are they not seeing. Maybe one of these folks are on this forum and would like to defend their selection. I am open and interested in hearing your argument.
  14. Same to you, your family, friends and loved ones. Looking forward to a great New Year in every way imaginable.
  15. Yeah, just a counter punch.
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