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  1. Especially in light that they were not only favored, but were at home following a big win over Lakeland. I had similar reaction to the Venice vs Edgewater game, not so much with the winner but the final score as I thought that game would be a toss up. Still dealing with 16-18 year olds and don't know what you will get week to week.
  2. Waited till this morning to get verification of last night's score between Sarasota Riverview vs Lake Gibson with the Rams winning convincingly 28-7. With all the bad post thought this may have been reversed but just saw it in the Lakeland Ledger. Don't think many would have predicted a win by this margin as it looks like the Rams are making progress as the season moves along. They do have solid coaching and will see how they build on this win.
  3. Congrats on your win last night young man, no one on this forum gave you the nod in the weekly "Pick 'Em" for week 5. That said, show a bit of humility with the over the top statements "MADCO owns Tallahassee". You did lose to Chiles last week and thus the sentiment towards you on this board. Think about what you are going to say before just blurting it out. I have always had tremendous respect for what your Cowboys put on the field year after year. About 15 years ago they came to our place and gave us all we could handle so I know they are for real.
  4. Made a good decision not driving to Bradenton as Manatee self imploded early and it went down from there. Turnovers, penalties and no chance against our D Line doomed them from the start. Halftime was 42-0, so we cleared the benches the 2nd half and final 48-7 with a running clock. Not pretty. Apopka vs Edgewater as advertised with a real slugfest ending with the Eagles winning 16-7. Noticed an OL lost by Apopka on the first play of the game and don't know how much that may have hurt them offensively.
  5. Lots of interesting matchups this week again as reflected in the Pick 'Em thread. We travel to Manatee who despite being 0-3 is still a game our kids need to take seriously as their losses are to Gulliver Prep, Lakeland and Palmetto. As previously mentioned, a record is not the only indicator of a quality team but the opponents faced. Beating someone 50-0 on the surface may seem impressive, but in reality it is just sad and no cause for beating one's chest. At my age, I may not travel to Bradenton but instead check out one of the premier matchups in our area tomorrow which is Apopka vs Edgewater; especially in light of the fact that both myself and Darter have thrown props to running back CJ Baxter. It may have been seen at the time just hyperbole, but the Orlando Sentinel reported this morning he just added to his list of offers: ALABAMA! Nuff Said.
  6. Surprised he hasn't offered you an autograph, but then again he may have done that sometime in the past.
  7. Wow, figured it was past your bedtime to be offering up autographs. But I already addressed your humility in a previous post.
  8. That is why winning the district is more important so you at least get one playoff game at home guaranteed. If I am not mistaken this RPI then determines the next playoff games. Last year we were on the road for 3 of the 4 prior to championship games so it does make one suspicious.
  9. Boy, hate to give some of the posters on this board some new ideas when unhappy with the score.
  10. Just checked, actually '09 and went 7-5 with two of our losses to Lakeland including second round playoff.
  11. That fact I can agree with overall. I always have viewed central Florida in general as the "soft belly" of the state when it comes to football compared to Polk, panhandle and south FL in particular.
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