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  1. At what point do you determine that the AD and/or HC are not doing the kids a favor by scheduling competition that, as it appears right now, is above their capabilities? This is high school football; I wouldn't think that in five years these kids will take much pride looking back and knowing they lost most of their football games during their senior season, especially when their friends from neighboring schools remind them. They should have scheduled games with teams with whom they could be "competitive".
  2. Perhaps someone can explain to me why it is necessary to have "Jambun82" comment on the officiating of the SFA - Venice game. Those of us that watched the game could see obvious blown calls throughout the game that almost always went against SFA. I don't know if the officials had a "bias" or just a bad day and consistently missed calls throughout the game, and as luck would have it, those calls almost always went against SFA. Venice was a "State Champion" last year, but that is not the case this year. Venice is nothing more than, at best, an average high school team this year. I'm not a coach or a referee; I'm just a high school football fan. We need the referees if we want to enjoy this great sport. There are a lot of good, honest referees in high school football, and even then they miss calls or make mistakes. I wouldn't want their job because as far as close calls go, one team and their fans will almost always complain. With that being said, I don't think the officials in the SFA - Venice game did their fellow officials any favors.
  3. So true. Venice obvious fumbles that weren't called; one before the Venice player crossed the goal line, but was ruled a touchdown. Every time Venice needed a bailout penalty call, the refs obliged by calling one against SFA. It was clearly a football mismatch. Venice didn't belong on the same field with SFA.
  4. Winter Park is loaded with experienced seniors at the skill positions on their starting offense and defense. Their offense can score quickly, as seen in their last game with Boone. With 1:10 left in 1st half, they drove about 80 yards without any difficulty in about 5 plays. The defense is aggressive and hits hard; WR's start looking over their shoulders waiting for the hit to come rather than focusing on catching the ball. The DL is aggressive. Where WP is vulnerable is on the DL against the run if the opponent has a big OL; the WP OL is also a little undersized and that can make establishing the running game tough against a big DL. Depth at QB is something most teams face. Developing the 2nd QB is a must. He's getting playing time in the 2nd half, but it takes game experience to develop confidence and a rhythm with receivers. He should get plenty of playing time in the next few games.
  5. We knew the offense was going to be very good, with experienced seniors at all the skill positions. The defense has been better than anticipated. The DB's play tight coverage and love to deliver hard hits at every opportunity. Boone's WR's were looking over their shoulders waiting for the hit to come rather than concentrating on catching the pass. The DL was outweighed by a good amount by Boone's OL, but quickness off the line help nullify any passing offense by Boone. Then, having a QB that can deliver an accurate pass at 5 or 55 yards doesn't hurt. The QB also combines with a senior RB to give WP a good running game. As for the schedule, it is what it is. They have their District games (admittedly, not a real strong group) that are required; there are a couple of long running "rivalry" games like Boone. They had the North Gwinnett game to allow the kids to experience an out of state game. Plus, some of the best teams in the area were not available because they had schedules in place or maybe they didn't feel that WP would be worth scheduling this year; have to wait for the playoffs.
  6. He had 2 or 3 TD's in WP 1st game, a 42-0 win over Lake Nona . He most likely would have had more but starters were pulled at end of 3rd quarter with score at 42-0. Starters were pulled at the beginning of the 4th quarter against Boone last night; score was 38-3. WP can score very quickly; they have a deep receiving group. Zay will get plenty of opportunities.
  7. That's Central Florida during hurricane season. Last night the forecast was predicting rain. The WP/Boone game was played in nice weather; beautiful evening for football.
  8. Winter Park was supposed to play at WO in the KOC. Like many football fans throughout the Orlando area that night, we sat in our cars for 2 hours watching the lightning show before the game was cancelled.
  9. He was showing a lot of improvement as a dual threat QB; it will be a major loss for West Orange.
  10. West Orange lost their starting QB to a shoulder separation early in the 1st half.
  11. My grandson loves throwing Zay the ball; he knows if he puts it out there, Zay will go and get it. WP has several top notch WRs as well as a very good RB. Most of these kids have grown up together through Pop Warner and many have played 7v7 together in the off season. I agree with you that Zay is one of the top 5 WRs in Central Florida and that is saying a lot because we have some outstanding WRs in our area this year.
  12. There was an "at capacity" designation that allowed for a limited number of students that don't live in the WP zone to transfer in by entering a "lottery type system" for a limited number of admissions. That was the policy before the new free transfer policy that was instituted throughout Florida allowing just about anyone to go to the school of their choice as long as they could provide their own transportation. I don't know if the "at capacity" designation even exists anymore; it may have been changed due to challenges that seem to be the standard now-a-days.. I do know that my grandson and his teammates enjoy having Zay there as a friend and a welcome addition to his receiving group. Why would he want to leave Osceola, his local school, especially if he was a starting WR on a good team? He might have family in WP.
  13. I didn't follow Winter Park football closely in 2018: at that time, I was following my oldest grandson at Bishop Moore. I started following WP when my youngest grandson and his friends started WPHS in 2019 as freshmen. I had heard of the Timber Creek kids transfers being challenged, but i question why the coaching staff was not dismissed or at the very least disciplined if "they were busted for recruiting, where they were putting kids up in apartments and a whole slew of violations of FHSAA". Were the accusations ever verified and if so, did the FHSAA levy some form of penalty on the school's program? I'm not aware of any disciplinary action taken against the school or football program. WPHS, as a school considered "at capacity", has restrictions against accepting transfers by students unless they live in the WP school district. I oppose recruiting because it can destroy the program at the school that they players leave.
  14. Some times when teams press, bad things like fumbles and interceptions happen and games can quickly get out of control. Edgewater has the best RB in the nation, Cedric Baxter. The kid is a beast of an RB, committed to Texas, and is almost unstoppable. Neither Bishop Moore or any other team Edgewater faces this year is going to have an easy time with him. Remember the name!
  15. Edgewater and Bishop Moore is an annual "rivalry game", with both schools being within walking distance of each other. Edgewater didn't play a bad game; that game is normally a hard fought game. That being said, Edgewater is the more talented team this year and as to be expected, they won the game. Doesn't your scientific method take into account rivalry games?
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