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  1. Worst music ever until someone decided to call rap "music", bad poetry laced with profanity.
  2. That's true. Why didn't local authorities enforce the 14 day quarantine for all people coming in from NY? They wanted the money those tourists were going to spend. If they had closed the beaches and stopped the street parties, it may have discouraged NYers from coming. South Florida is a vacation haven for people from NYC, and sadly those visitors brought the virus with them. Does that mean that kids from around the other areas of the state of Florida should do without HS football or state championship playoffs? Did local authorities shut down protests in South Florida or did they look the other way as they did here in Orlando? We had mask and social distance requirements for everyone in Orlando except for protesters. I guess they had some special type of immunity to the virus.
  3. American Heritage Tampa Bay Tech Chaminade-Madonna Trinity Christian Dr. Phillips Lakeland Florida High South Fort Myers Bartram Trail Vero Beach
  4. The kids in South Florida are missing out on the playoffs and that's a shame. Should we penalize all other teams in the state because one section of the state was a hot spot for the virus? There's a reason South Florida was a hot spot; many people in that area did not heed warnings concerning the virus and large parties in the streets and on the beaches were featured in newspapers across the country, especially around Memorial Day. The kids are now suffering because their area was not diligent in dealing with the virus. Then, we had teams like Northwestern that flagrantly disobeyed restrictions placed on organized practices. Were they the only ones? I seriously doubt that. Still, the FHSAA offered them a chance to opt in to the playoffs: no team was discriminated against in any way. I understand that South Florida teams won 7 championships last year; maybe this year when all teams are required to play under the same rules, the results will be different. I was rooting for Maris during that Mantle/Maris run at the HR record.
  5. It's ridiculous to claim a team that beats the other teams playing in the state championship playoffs is not a state champion. Are you not a state champion if you beat a team in the championship game that is depleted by injuries? You can only play the team on the other side of the field; you can't control how they got there or who they brought to play. As for an asterisk, that's pure nonsense. Is there an asterisk next to Henry Aaron's name in the record books. When Babe Ruth played, the teams played about 144 games a season. Aaron played in 162 games a season. Should all baseball records have an asterisk if a player had the opportunity to play more games than the previous record holder? No! You live with the situation at the time.
  6. I don't think there is any such thing as a normal sized lineman. Many small schools have OL's that can range from 190-230 and DL's in the 180-210 range, with heights from 5'10" and up. Larger schools may have larger kids, but the elite schools tend to have the big, tall linemen; OL 250-300+ and DL 210-260; 6'3" and up. The elite schools are sought out by the kids that are tall and big; few small schools get the big lineman, and if they do, they rarely have more than one big lineman.
  7. After the way Apopka struggled with Ocoee this past week, I have to go with Dr Phillips. Ocoee, at best, is considered a weak team that Apopka should have blown away, especially playing a home game at Apopka. I agree that Apopka normally gets stronger as the season progresses, but this may be too early for them to meet Dr Phillips. I'll say Dr Phillips by 10.
  8. I totally agree that University is the weakest team in Central Florida, but you play your schedule. University couldn't move the ball on WP at all and WP scored at will. Actually felt bad for University and was hoping none of their kids got hurt. The whole 2nd half , with a running clock, they faked injuries play after play to keep the score from getting worse. At one point in the 4th quarter, over 3 minutes ran off the clock while a kid sat on the field with a cramp in his leg. That aside, it still gave WP a chance to get on the field with someone other than their own teammates, so that wasn't bad. If WP makes the right choice at QB, next week's game can be very interesting.
  9. I hope Edgewater is as over-confident as you about the Winter Park game being a sweep. WP game tonight with University was no contest; University presented little or no opposition in a 43-0 loss that saw a running clock in the 2nd period, but this WP team is loaded with talent. Add to that it's a neighborhood rivalry with many of these kids knowing each other for years; the game should be very interesting.
  10. Just heard that both my grandsons tested negative and are eligible to play tomorrow; good news, that and Winter Park is a 44 point favorite according to Pinkos.
  11. The gentleman told me they were "pic" or "pick" something. I do pretty good with my hand held movie camera, but not an expert on live streaming, so I wasn't familiar with the system. They bought enough for all 20 schools in Orange County, but it's going to take time to get them installed. I would hope they would start first with schools that have a home game next weekend; that would make sense. I'm just happy they're working on something to bring us football..
  12. I just spoke with a gentleman with Orange County Public Schools about live streaming of Winter Park football games. He advised me that they have purchased cameras for each OC high school; one for the gym and one for each stadium. The cameras arrived yesterday and they are arranging for installation as soon as possible. They won't be installed in time for this week's games and possibly not next week's, but they are moving as quickly as possible. That's good news. He also told me that if things go well with live attendance the next few weeks, the OCPS Board will look at increasing attendance at the remaining games.
  13. Winter Park HS plays in Showalter Field, a stadium that can easily allow for several thousand fans at a football game. Orange County (Orlando) is limiting attendance to only 2 persons per player; there are no cheerleaders or band members allowed. That means there will be about 200 fans at each game. The latest move by the Orange County School Board is to require every player to be tested for the virus before they can play in a game each week. If a player refuses the test, he cannot play. If a player tests positive, and everyone knows there have been problems with false positives, he cannot re-test at his parents' expense; he has to quarantine for two weeks. The head of the OCSB admitted she didn't want football played this Fall; this has become a political football with Orange County politicians, the OCSB, and the teachers union playing politics with high school football teams as the pawns.
  14. But if you roll over too quick, you could pole vault out the window.
  15. IMG Academy Chaminade-Madonna Lake Gibson Bartram Trail Bolles Fletcher Bishop Verot Palmetto Seminole (Sanford) Trinity Catholic
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