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  1. Wharton High School

    As you state above, "Oh and only losers who get no pussy would ever bash someone because the team or teams they like aren’t doing good at that time". Hmmm! Seems like you're the one always bashing other people's teams. Guess we now know who's not getting any and why he always bashes teams that he never sees play an actual game. Try using your left hand, it may help with your frustrations.
  2. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    Exactly how many times did you attend Edgewater games this season? They beat Jones, Wekiva, Winter Park, and Bishop Moore this season. Edgewater, Seminole (Sanford), and Jones are very good Central Florida teams that should be playing in semi-finals in a few weeks. Final four in your division is not a fluke; it takes a good team to get that far.
  3. 2019 1st round playoff attendance

    Bishop Moore fans were out in force at Jones despite the rainy weather, easily outnumbering the Jones fans. It was standing room only on BM side of field. BM fans have traveled well all season.
  4. Jones vs Bishop Moore

    BM actually had more first downs and total yardage than Jones for the game. Big penalties hurt BM in the first half; especially the roughing the punter call. Twice in the 1st quarter, BM was stopped in the red zone by Jones, coming away with only a FG. The 4th quarter was played in the rain. With score 24-16 Jones, snap went through BM punter's hands and out of end zone for safety; the wet ball slid right through his hands. Jones then scored TD about 5 plays later to ice the game. This is a game that BM could have won, but credit Jones for taking advantage of BM miscues. Jones knew at the end that this was one they were fortunate to get past.
  5. Jones vs Bishop Moore

    32-16 final. BM let this get away.
  6. Jones vs Bishop Moore

    Jones just scored; 32-16; 4th quarter. Field is sloppy; BM's going to have to take some chances if they hope to get back in the game.
  7. Jones vs Bishop Moore

    BM should be winning this game. Roughing the punter let Jones keep drive alive and led to Jones 1st TD; four personal fouls led to second TD, and then poor coverage on kickoff (a definite BM weakness) led to third TD for Jones. BM is a much improved team from when these two first met in week four. It's just too bad they have to meet in 1st round.
  8. Jones vs Bishop Moore

    Jones 24-16, 3rd quarter
  9. Jones vs Bishop Moore

    Jones leads 24-10 at half. Penalties are killing BM; five personal foul penalties including roughing the punter on 4th down kept two TD drives alive for Jones. BM also gave up a TD run on kickoff return at 14-10. BM is beating themselves.
  10. Two DeLand Football Players Arrested

    How much of a distraction will this be for DeLand when they play Timber Creek tonight? Timber Creek is a talented team.
  11. Two DeLand Football Players Arrested

    Fox News reports one arrested player is Keyonta Alexander, a running back for DeLand.
  12. Just reported on this evening's news, two DeLand football players were arrested for involvement in a Wednesday night drive-by shooting. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/2-arrested-in-deland-drive-by-shooting-additional-arrests-coming-deputies-say
  13. 8A North Score Predictions (Thru the Final 4)

    I could see an Apopka -Seminole regional final. It would be a great game, but I think Seminole may be too explosive for the Darters. I believe Seminole is going to win state.
  14. 8A North Score Predictions (Thru the Final 4)

    Apopka may win this Friday, but I don't think they will beat Seminole (Sanford).

    8A-R1 Timber Creek (9-1) 8A-R4 South Dade (7-3) 7A-R1 Fleming Island (9-0) 7A-R3 Venice (5-4) 6A-R1 Ponte Vedra (7-2) 6A-R1 Robert E. Lee (7-3) 6A-R4 Dunbar (7-3) 5A-R2 Dunnellon (9-1) 5A-R3 River Ridge (8-2) 4A-R2 Keystone Heights (7-2) 3A-R1 Trinity Catholic (7-3) 3A-R3 Calvary Christian (Clearwater) (8-2) 2A-R3 Seffner Christian (7-3) 1A-R1 Graceville (7-3) 1A-R4 Chiefland (6-4)