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  1. Pick em (badbird woes)

    The UCF National Championship claim upset a lot of the privileged elite in college football, but it also put them on notice and exposed the Power 5 Cartel for what their national championship is; an invitational limited only to Power 5 teams. Here we are two years later and UCF bitch-slapped another Power 5 team this past weekend.
  2. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    Oviedo and Hagerty are in Seminole County. Keonte Coffie of Oviedo was last year's Central Florida Player of the Year as a junior. This past week against Colonial HS, he rushed for 415 yards and 5 TD's.
  3. FSU Poorly Hydrates Again

    UCF proved once again that they are the best college football team in the state of Florida. They treated Stanford like a red-headed step child. The beat down was complete at the end of the half, 38-7. Heupel called off the dogs in the second half and played 2nd and 3rd stringers. Stanford left it's starters in trying to salvage some semblance of respectabilty by putting up a couple of late TD's. For those of us that were there at the game, there is no denying that UCF is a top 10, more likely a top 5 team, something the Power 5 Cartel will never admit. Go Knights; Charge On!
  4. Miami-Dade County Football Conference Update

    A couple of years ago, IMG had 17 seniors on the ESPN 300. That doesn't happen without recruiting, but IMG doesn't pretend that they belong in the FHSAA playoffs.
  5. Miami-Dade County Football Conference Update

    IMG's entire team consists of "recruits" from all over this country. They don't "recruit" all their players; many inquire and only the best are offered scholarships. Otherwise, kids play for IMG White , pay about $75K tuition, and compete against regular Florida HS teams. Their White team is not a super team.
  6. Miami-Dade County Football Conference Update

    There's a small private school in Oviedo, Florida, the Masters Academy. They don't play in FHSAA sanctioned district; they're in what I believe is called the Sunshine Conference, or something like that. The school would be a 1A or 2A school if you based it upon student enrollment. They recruit and do it very well; their team is loaded and could give most Florida schools a run for their money. In their first game this season, they pulled their starters before the end of the first period; the score was 48-0 at the time; final score 62-13. I watched Masters play a pre-season, non-tackle scrimmage with Winter Park, a team with quite a few Division 1 recruits at the skill positions. Masters was every bit as good as WP, if not better. When you say "The reality is that none of them consider themselves recruiting schools. They consider themselves schools with great football programs that people are just naturally attracted to because they are winners or send athletes on to the next level", I can't believe their fans are that naive. They know exactly what's being done; they're just happy they aren't on the receiving end of having talent stripped away. Then, to truly be hypocrites, they'll denounce schools like IMG who admit their actions and goals.
  7. Boca Ciega Beat Tarpon 88-0 in 3 qtrs

    How can they get to 88-0 in three quarters; that's 12 plus touchdowns? I thought they were required to go to a running clock once the lead hit 28 or 30 points.
  8. Miami-Dade County Football Conference Update

    This is exactly what high school football is supposed to be about; playing for your neighborhood school against another neighborhood's high school football team. It's not supposed to be about who can assemble the best all-star team by raiding programs and recruiting their best players. Rather than make a new conference for 30 or so schools that respect school boundaries, why not have the recruiting schools establish their own conference and leave the FHSAA state tournament to the traditional high school football programs? This way the kids would be playing each week against competition that they actually have a chance of beating, and the recruiting programs can play for the national ranking and play the IMGs and St Frances' of the football world.
  9. Jones vs Edgewater

    SFA is ranked #1 in the country by MaxPreps. The other teams are being rated based upon last year's teams; that doesn't make them better this year. Baltimore's daily newspaper said AS is vastly better this year and rated them #2 in are to SFA. The schools you listed are prep schools and all recruit the Mid-Atlantic region just like SFA and AS do. This are not your average high school football teams. If you think they are, I suggest you ask Miami Central, one of the "South Florida Elite".
  10. Jones at Edgewater

    I have to agree that the Jones - BM game has become more interesting. I wasn't at the Edgewater - Jones game, but I understand Jones changed QB's during the game trying to spark some offense. Edgewater was able to exploit BM's weak secondary play, something that has plagued BM in every game this season. If Jones has questions at QB, it could help BM. Of the three teams BM has faced so far, Edgewater's QB is the #1 rated junior in Central Florida, Gainesville Eastside has Anthony Richardson at QB, a UF commit rated #1 QB in state of Florida. Archbishop Spalding QB is nationally ranked and committed to Virginia Tech. Yes, our secondary has been shredded, but it does say something when you look at the QB's they have faced. BM's lines have been strong this season. The running game has been productive against very tough defenses; the passing game has produced also. BM has been burned by long passes and sweeps. If they play a Jones team coming off three days of playing a big game and Jones has questions at QB, this could be an opportunity for BM to pull an upset. One thing, BM doesn't quit, even when they were in a beatdown by AS, they still played hard. I expect a good game.
  11. Any team ever won state with a losing record??

    UCF was 0-12 four years ago because Coach O'Leary ran an antiquated offense, targeted recruits no one else wanted, and drove morale into the basement. Scott Frost lifted the team up, put in a fast paced offense, recruited the fastest players available, and restored morale in the locker room. When we lost Frost to Nebraska, we were fortunate to get Josh Heupel as our new coach; he built on what Frost started. FSU faces bigger issues. Their fans expect national titles, not a national joke on Saturday afternoon. The talent level has disappeared in Tally. The perfect storm has arrived in Florida and FSU is drowning. UCF has established themselves as a national force; one that Power 5 teams want to avoid. Manny Diaz has the "U" on the verge of a resurrection. Dan Mullins has Florida back in the top 10 in the nation. FSU made possibly the worst coaching hire of any team in the past ten years. Willie Taggert is a disaster; his buyout is $17million. With attendance falling and booster support sagging, FSU cannot afford to fire him and top level talent won't sign with him. FSU may have to get used to looking up to the Pitts and Wake Forests of the ACC.
  12. Jones vs Edgewater

    Edgewater out-recruited Jones including stealing one of Jones' best players from last year's team. Jones also lost their QB to IMG. You have to love it when the wolves feed on each other.
  13. Jones vs Edgewater

    Edgewater is loaded with talent this year, not at level of national elite, but definitely a threat to reach final four in state. That said, the Archbishop Spalding team that "made BM look like a junior varsity team", would make many of the so-called Florida elite look like Pop Warner teams. AS is probably the 2nd best team in Mid-Atlantic region, next to St Frances, who made Miami Central look like a girl's field hockey team.
  14. Jones vs Edgewater

    I have seen both Wekiva and Edgewater play Bishop Moore. Edgewater would run Wekiva off the field; talent and speed aren't even close. More on Jones after game this Friday with BM.
  15. Jones vs Edgewater

    I don't think the Wekiva victory over Winter Park was that impressive based on Wekiva's play. It was more Winter Park giving the game away. WP fumbled twice for TD's by Wekiva. A couple more self-inflicted turnovers led to Wekiva TD's. It was just a sloppy game by WP. In the Spring game against Bishop Moore, Wekiva was not impressive. BM drove the ball down the field on them rather easily. That was a BM team that just finished a half against Boone playing a fresh Wekiva team. I still have doubts about Wekiva.