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  1. When players on a neighboring team tell their friends and teammates that they were approached by elite Edgewater players to jump ship to Edgewater, it's pretty hard to close your eyes and say they are not "Recruiting". Neither player jumped, but they mentioned kids from other schools that did transfer. This happens every year throughout the state, but few people want to acknowledge or talk about it.
  2. If they follow recent "talent acquisition" measures of past few seasons, the "R" word is not out of the question. With the relationships that elite players are developing on all-star type 7v7 teams in the off season, players rather than coaches are doing the recruiting. It will be interesting to see if Edgewater comes up with a transfer to fill their QB vacancy.
  3. This will tell a great deal about Edgewater going forward. They are losing several star players, including their only experienced QB, to graduation. Osceola is moving up in class and returns Chad Mascoe, their highly rated QB. Unless Edgewater pulls several new players out of their hat, I think Osceola will dominate this game.
  4. They will graduate three of their top players in Christian Leary, Tommi Hill, and Canaan Mobley, with Mobley being their starting QB. I don't see how they'll replace those three from their current roster, especially QB where the backup appears to be undersized and inexperienced. Unless the transfer/recruiting process works more than a few miracles, I think Edgewater's Fall schedule has the potential for as many as 5 losses. They have a great coach, but he can't run or pass the ball for them. I see only 3 easy wins on their schedule (East Ridge, Winter haven, and Ridge Community).
  5. I heard that a couple of Cocoa starters are seriously considering a move to Orlando area. Can't mention names or destination school until confirmed they are coming.
  6. Andrew McClain, younger brother of Timmy McClain (Sanford Seminole), transferred from Seminole to Apopka in January and should be a good fit at QB for the Darters. Andrew will be a senior in the Fall; he has good size and runs well. He's an adequate passer with a strong arm.
  7. Besides Eustis (3-4 last season), Mt Dora (1-7, beat Eustis for their only win) and Tavares (3-5) join the two new teams. It should be a good opportunity for the new schools to be competitive in their first year.
  8. I believe that the two new schools have been placed in a 5A District with Eustis and two other Lake County schools to form what will probably be the weakest 5A district in the state.
  9. I know that the FHSAA considers the two terms to be completely different, but often they are one in the same.
  10. Regular season football didn't generate any money for Orange County schools this past season. Tickets were distributed to players, cheerleaders, band members, and dance teams (2 per student per game) at no charge; stadiums were pretty empty at a few hundred fans per game. It was only when the playoffs began that the FHSAA collected money for tickets.
  11. If you're in it for the money, maybe you shouldn't be coaching. I love watching high school football, whether it's a HS game, a practice. or going out to see the kids play 7v7 in the off-season. When my grandsons were coming up through youth football, I admired the dedication that coaches showed being out there every evening after working a full day at their regular job. Then, on Saturdays, they'd be out there coaching the kids, manning refreshment stands when needed; helping to run car washes to raise funds for their youth leagues, whatever it took, all for the love of the game and helping th
  12. Spring games may not be a big deal to fans, but to players, it's their first chance since the Fall 2019 season to impress college scouts and possibly earn a scholarship. The class of 2021 lost last Spring (2020) to Covid. College programs closed down football camps during the Summer of 2020 and visits to colleges were eliminated. Attendance at HS games this past Fall were severely restricted and college scouts were staying back at home. To totally kill recruiting for the class of 2021, the NCAA granted another year of eligibility to all current college players without increasing scholarship le
  13. Edgewater loses several of their best skill players to graduation this year. Orange County is not like Seminole County. Kids tend to move between teams more frequently in Orange. With Boone making a move towards being a good team, and with Jones, WP, DP, and Bishop Moore being relatively close neighbors of Edgewater, it's easy for kids to transition. Also, Evans has just hired a popular new HC. Competition for players in Orange can be intense. Seminole doesn't really face that in Seminole County where they are usually the elite team, and the kids in Sanford are very loyal to Seminole HS. Both
  14. Luke and my youngest grandson , both QB's and juniors next year, are friends and spoke a few weeks ago about the Seminole opening. Aidan asked Luke if he was transferring and Luke was a little evasive, but it was obvious he was going that way. They were both trying out for QB of a 7v7 team loaded with Seminole kids and Luke was asking those kids a bunch of questions about the Seminole team. I don't think he would have been as good a fit at Edgewater. I think Seminole will be more accepting of him coming in. His competition will be Andrew McClain, a senior and Timmy's younger brother. They also
  15. Luke has an offer from FAU already, and I'm sure more will come, especially playing at Seminole. At 6'3", he has good size and an accurate arm. He should have a better pocket at Seminole than he did at Oviedo, but if he gets flushed out like he did at WP, and a team like Apopka will have the talent to apply that pressure, he throws some wayward passes.
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