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  1. 1 Alabama 2 Notre Dame 3 Ohio St 6 Florida 9 Miami 11 Georgia 13 Oklahoma 17 USC 18 Wisconsin
  2. And that would have been fine. If they were successful, it would have been because of their play, not an official over-reacting to a "bang bang" glancing hit that didn't hurt anyone.
  3. If money is a problem, just move one official from the field up to the booth; that will just mean one less official on the field effecting play. It's hard to argue money being a problem when fans were being admitted to games this regular season at no cost, and that was with attendance being severely limited. I can see it will do no good to debate with you on this because you are obviously an official or former official, and in my opinion, you have an inflated view of the importance of officials. I don't think they should ever effect the outcome of the game, but they often do just that.
  4. I'm not hung up on titles; I'll leave that to people that feel such titles are relevant. I'm one of those fans that think if officials are noticeable, especially near the end of a game, they're doing too much. In the case of Boone - VB, it would have been 4th down and 10 to go for a 1st down. VB would probably have punted instead of having an official extend their possession. As for paying for the technology necessary to review calls, these games are already being broadcast and taped. It wouldn't take much to have an official in the booth and let them review the play, just like professional of
  5. CLASS 8A Seminole (Sanford) Apopka Miami Palmetto Osceola (Kissimmee) CLASS 7A Niceville Edgewater Bloomingdale St. Thomas Aquinas CLASS 6A St. Augustine Lake Minneola Lake Gibson Miami Central CLASS 5A Baker County Dunnellon Jones American Heritage (Plantation) CLASS 4A Bolles Cardinal Gibbons CLASS 3A Trinity Christian Chaminade-Madonna CLASS 2A University Christian Champagnat Catholic CLASS 1A Baker Madison County
  6. This happens at other schools in the state. I've seen several instances of this in the past few years right here in Central Florida.
  7. Over the years, I've seen more talented kids suffer in youth football because of coaches practicing "Daddy Ball". but this is the first "Grandma Ball" that I've heard of.
  8. I took my grandson to the UCF camp for linemen, not this Summer (Covid), but the previous Summer. STA brought about 10 of their linemen to the camp. I couldn't believe that one HS team had so many kids that big and that talented. More than half of them were at least 6'4" or 6'5" and athletic, and all seemed to be at least 275 pounds or more. It was an impressive display of size and talent.
  9. Yeah, and garbage men are now called sanitary engineers; the label "ref" is not what is important here. You used the term "referee" two sentences later. The WR wasn't hit head on; it was a glancing hit and it wasn't at top speed. You say, "no Referee who is worth a darn is going to overrule any other official when it comes to player safety"; if that is so, why do they have booth reviews in college and the NFL? Targeting, supposedly the most heinous penalty in football when it comes to player safety, is reviewed each time an official calls it, and many times the reviewer overturns the call of t
  10. Apopka Pop Warner organization is probably one of the best run youth football programs in Central Florida, if not the best. Also, their facilities are amazing.
  11. I understand that it makes no difference in the rules if a ball is catchable or not. I still say the call was a bad call. You said in a response above that "The DB clearly led with his shoulder a few seconds after he was able to see that the the receiver had not caught the ball, the pass was incomplete, and the play was over". When that ball sailed over the WR's head, the two players were less than five yards apart. Two players travelling towards each other cover that short distance in a split second, not a few seconds. Also, from the video, it appears the DB had his eyes down on the WR, not t
  12. Ok, maybe the announcer wasn't begging for calls for VB, but he sure was blinded as a fan in calling that a penalty. This is football and when two players' momentum carries them towards a common spot and they bump after the ball has already be thrown out of bounds (as your two photos obviously show), it should not be called a penalty. I have a few teams that I root for in the Orlando area (Winter Park and Bishop Moore) and a few others that I respect (Edgewater, Jones, Seminole, and Apopka) because their programs are very strong and they all have a very good chance to getting to the state cham
  13. I looked closely at the "pre-Hit" and "Hit". Both players continued for about two yards towards each other and they bumped. The time between the two photos is a fraction of a second. The ref blew it.
  14. That announcer was a "homer" begging for help from the official. The ball was uncatchable and the penalty should not have been called; I think the ref believed he may have owed them one from the incidental contact a few plays before downfield. From the angle the DB came, he couldn't see if the ball was caught or not, and all he did was bump the receiver to make sure he was out of bounds, besides that, it wasn't a bad hit, more a love tap. A bad call.
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