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  1. I appreciate the last word; thank you. I think all teams ranked in the Sentinel top 10 are worthy of their ranking; no disrespect meant to Osceola and the others that have played DP this season. My remarks have been that DP is not that good this season, that's all. Have a good day.
  2. You conveniently fail to mention that when DP and WP went head-to-head in the Week "0" Jamboree, WP beat DP 12-0 in only one quarter of varsity play. As for your opinion that "Winter Park wouldn't be sitting pretty either if they faced off against them", it's exactly that, an opinion nothing more. By the way, the teams that beat WP this season, those being Lake Mary and Edgewater, are both ranked ahead of Jones, Apopka, West Orange and Osceola.
  3. You also defended the schedule WP had and felt it was as good as any in central Florida. The only two teams on their schedule that were upper echelon both beat WP. The big blowouts against West Orange and Lake Mary were self inflicted in those games. Blowouts were self inflicted? I think WO and LM had something to do with determining those blowouts. But, I won't dwell on DP's performance this season; I predicted that out earlier and it's come to fruition. As for WP's schedule and it's difficulty, I believe that I said they had no control over determining their District opponents, but hey have a good out of district schedule; I don't think that I said it was "as good as any in Central Florida". As for their two losses, they were to Lake Mary (38-14) and Edgewater (41-35) (LM and Edgewater are currently ranked #1 and #2 in Central Florida by Orlando Sentinel; WP is #9).
  4. Am I surprised at DP's performance this Fall? Back on August 23rd, after DP was whipped decisively by Lake Mary in Week "O", I posted the following comment on DP's prospects for this season: "DP showed nothing in the Spring Jamboree against Apopka or Winter Park. Apopka's varsity played without new transfer QB Andrew McClain and had their way with DP to the tune 0f 21-0 in just less than a half. WP varsity played one quarter against DP and had then down 12-0. I expect that Apopka will have DP on a running clock early in the 3rd quarter when they play September 10th. It may even be worse for DP when they play at West Orange on October 1st, Cocoa the following week, and then Osceola a week later. All of those games may be blowouts."
  5. I don't see my score for this past week posted. I believe that I had the following winners: 10. Riverview (Sarasota) 9. Miami Central 7. Tampa Bay Tech 6. Berkeley Prep (Tampa) 5. Miami Killian 3. Bolles (Jacksonville) 2. Mobley BONUS GAME: Northeast (St. Petersburg)
  6. 10. Riverview (Sarasota) 9. Miami Central 8. Seminole (Sanford) 7. Tampa Bay Tech 6. Berkeley Prep (Tampa) 5. Miami Killian 4. New Smryna Beach 3. Bolles (Jacksonville) 2. Mosley 1. Cardinal Gibbons BONUS GAME: Northeast (St. Petersburg)
  7. Scorestream relies upon fans attending a game to voluntarily report scores as they occur. It's not a perfect system but it does allow those of us that can't be at the game to follow the scores. I try to attend all Winter Park games and post or track the posting of scores by others. There is a way for people at the game to "confirm" the accuracy of a post and make changes. I can't be at next week's WP vs Evans game, so I'm thankful that fans accessing Scorestream will keep me up to date.
  8. I hope that none of the football platers were involved. If they were involved, it would probably be all over social media by now, and their Twitter page doesn't mention it.
  9. Must be something in the air in Central Florida today. Fox 35 also had a report this afternoon that there was a big fight today among a large group of students at Seminole HS in Sanford that was so out of control that faculty had to call in the police to break it up. No report as to how many students were arrested.
  10. September 17th Apopka @ Ocoee Football Game Cancelled. As reported this afternoon on local Orlando Fox 35 news, tomorrow's (Friday) Apopka @ Ocoee game has been cancelled due to a number of Covid cases at Ocoee High School. They didn't say if it will be rescheduled.
  11. 4. Blountstown 10. Seminole 5. Lakeland 9. Miami Northwestern 7. Cardinal Gibbons 3. Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville) 8. Apopka 6. Lakewood (St. Petersburg) 2. Gulliver Prep (Miami) 1. Miami Edison
  12. 4. Tampa Bay Tech 3. Ponte Vedra 10. Venice 9. Jesuit (Tampa) 7. Jones (Orlando) 5. St. Thomas Aquinas (St. Lauderdale) 8. Miami Central 6. Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) 2, Creekside (St. Johns) 1. Foundation Academy (Winter Garden)
  13. I wouldn't overlook Jones HS (Orlando) when considering the best teams in 6A; they moved from 5A to 6A this season.
  14. 7. West Orange 6. Osceola (Kissimmee) 1. Dunbar (Fort Myers) 9. Columbia (Lake City) 4. Columbus (Miami) 10. Lakeland 5. Gulliver Prep (Miami) 3. Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) 2. Deerfield Beach 8. Venice
  15. The coaching staff at WP is being real careful with Terrance Gibbs. He's an amazing RB with great pass catching skills also. They don't want to risk his future at UF and thereafter. Having Amaris Shaw at RB makes it a lot easier to give Terrance a few more weeks. The word I get from my grandson is that Terrance has been awesome in practice.
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