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  1. STA got a break when St Louis QB fumbled on first play from scrimmage and STA converted for a quick TD. For the rest of the first half, I think St Louis looked liked the better team STA defense couldn't defend the pass. Second half was a totally different story; STA pounded the ball on the ground and ran it down the throat of St Louis. Also, STA pass defense showed up and guys up front put pressure on St Louis QB, who played hurt during the second half. It's a good thing STA has a very good ground game because their QB was less than mediocre. The right side of STA OL is two LSU commits and they owned the line of scrimmage during the 2nd half. Great game to watch.
  2. Bishop Moore down the stretch faced 5 very weak teams then lost in opening round * One of those five "weak" teams was South Sumter who you ranked #71. BM shouldn't be penalized for beating teams that FHSAA placed in their District. Jones beat those same teams and almost lost to BM in their first playoff game, a game played at Jones. Vanguard Knocked off a North Marion team who had just blasted a 9-1 Dunnellon team the week prior * North Marion, Vanguard, and Dunnellon were all in the same mediocre District, a District in same Region as Jones and BM. They got luck of the RPI and didn't have to face Jones or BM early. So Bishop Moore has 1 win over a top 100 team, that is why they stayed low in the central FL rankings * That win was a running clock put on South Sumter in the 3rd quarter of a home game for South Sumter. As for thought put into it I did share these rankings with several people including a source in Central Florida (and probably would have shared with a few more had i had more time to do so and wasn't also in process of trying to work on another future project for a upcoming task on my podcast) Bishop Moore is a solid team but I just wasn't all that impressed with their performances this season, in past years I've had them much higher but from what I've gathered on here and through sources they were down this year which kept them low for the season and losing in opening round didn't exactly help them jump up in the final poll * BM played the toughest early schedule in all of Central Florida, losing competitive games at Edgewater and at Jones, and was blown out by a very good Archbishop Spalding team. They then beat the other teams in their District, most of the time with a running clock. This is a perfect example of penalizing a team for scheduling tough out of District teams (Edgewater and Archbishop Spalding).
  3. As a booster on a selection committee, I would try to be realistic. What is the available talent pool of players in our locale; expectations of the coach should not exceed his available talent pool? How big is our school? What is the character of the coach; many programs serve as more than just a football team, for some kids, a good adult role model is more important than our team being championship caliber. In the end, it's supposed to be about the kids.
  4. This isn't even close regarding Edgewater and Miami Central. As you stated, Edgewater lost a closely contested game to STA on a neutral field. STA coach said it was their toughest game all year. The only time MC played a nationally ranked team, SFA made them look like a girls' field hockey team in a home game for MC. I have to object to Bishop Moore being an honorable mention when their four losses came in games with #3 Edgewater, #9 Jones (twice), and Archbishop Spalding of Baltimore. You rank Vanguard #30 and Jones beat them 37-14 in playoffs; Jones beat BM two weeks earlier 32-16 in playoffs. You have South Sumter at #71; BM beat them at South Sumter 42-28, with a running clock in the 3rd quarter. SS got 2 late TD's against 3rd stringers. There are probably many more instances where the rankings were not well thought out. I leave that to other fans to identify their teams.
  5. Orlando Sentinel reported there were over 10,000 fans at Jones NW game.
  6. NB has also bashed Bishop Moore from day one. BM lost 3 regular season games this year; Edgewater, Jones, and Arechbishop Spalding. They lost again to Jones in the playoffs. Other than the games Edgewater and Jones lost, their closest victories came against BM. Proud of our Orlando kids. I don't expect NB will ever acknowledge he was wrong about the Central Florida schools.
  7. I agree; congrats to the three teams that represented the Orlando area. All three were highly competitive, but came up a little short. I have continually shouted the praises of Edgewater and Jones. Edgewater was in the game with STA right up until the interception by STA in the end zone at the end of the game. Jones was in a tight ballgame until losing their best player, running back Sparrow, to a concussion in the third quarter. Apopka has a history of state finals and championships and once again became a championship level team as the season and playoffs progressed. Hold your heads high Orlando.
  8. Not being a teacher or coach, just a fan, i have noticed that coaching changes in high school football are not a rare occurrence. I follow the Orlando area because I live here and my grandsons play football here, one in a private school and the other in a public school. Most of the changes I see happen with schools that are not having great success or where there are extenuating circumstances. One extreme example here in Orlando is West Orange HS where I believe there have been 4 head football coaches this year' but that's extreme. As a booster, I agree that booster organizations should be able to supplement a coach's salary. It is a year round sport and requires a dedicated individual who loves the sport and working with the kids. For many kids, these coaches serve as a role model, many times being the only adult male with an important role in their lives. I think this is just as important as winning football games. These coaches also are a kids best chance for a potential football scholarship and a college education; they connect with college coaches and recruiters. I think most parents and boosters would be more than willing to help with the coaches' compensation, but I believe you would run into obstacles with non-coaching teachers objecting to any such help. With over 30 years as a Florida resident, in several areas of this state, I have yet to see a teachers group that I feel would endorse this without complaining about teachers being underpaid.
  9. I expect the three Orlando area schools (Apopka, Edgewater, and Jones) will have large crowds at the games this weekend. Jones postponed a basketball game that would have prevented some folks from attending the state championship game. Daytona is only a 45 minute ride up I-4 from Orlando.
  10. HornetFan

    Madison county

    I believe that classes are supposed to be determined by student population, at last in 5A thru 8A. 1A thru 4A may have different rules. I don't think being a private or public school plays into that.
  11. HornetFan

    Madison county

    An interesting match-up would have been Madison County against the Masters Academy, the Sunshine Conference champion.
  12. There must be a reason why most of the top teams in the country spend a lot of time in Florida during recruiting season. If there are only a few very good teams in a particular state, it should be fairly easy to build a "great" team. When there are a large group of competitive teams in an area, the talent gets spread around and you have more competitive teams, not necessarily all-star teams. For depth of talent, it's hard to top the state of Florida.
  13. You've been bad-mouthing Edgewater and Jones for months. Now, both teams are playing in state championship games. You called them over-rated, but Edgewater took out Tampa Bay's best team, Armwood, in an away game at Armwood. As for Edgewater travelling to Marietta, most knowledgeable people on this board agree that teams travelling long distances for games are at a disadvantage; you don't recognize that. FSU, USF, and Wharton HS, it's apparent that you don't know what a good team team looks like. Orlando area has three state finalists in the larger divisions and win or lose, we're very proud of these kids. You should probably keep your loser attitude in Tampa Bay.
  14. Agree, especially when this supposedly happened under his watch on previous occasions.
  15. I don't know if it has been filled quickly, but Oviedo head coach is out of his coaching position at end of season. This happened after hazing accusations involving players sexually abusing other players in locker room (supposedly not the first time this has happened). School tried to handle internally, but after parents objected, police were called in. I believe it is still being investigated by local police. It has been reported that coach is out, but will remain a teacher at Oviedo.
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