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  1. If a good qb is the answer I consider myself blessed. Last year had a very good senior. A student of the game. This year we have a sophomore who in my opinion will be better than the senior we had. He is young, but very talented and a natural leader. Only time will tell but in my opinion his future looks bright. We still have to work very hard on the parts around him though.
  2. Dont want my first post to be one that rehashes an old topic. But every time i look up Poinciana this is the same thread i keep seeing. I was on the staff at this game. There was way more than big kids on the line that won that game. Yes, Point was brought in to be the whipping boy for that game. What happened was more of good plays and good takeaways. The opponent underestimated the team they were playing. We had a running back that ran for about 250 yds,(don't have the exact stats) A forced fumble that went for 6 from the MLB. So why has Poinciana struggled? Is it one of the worst
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