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  1. What I meant by easy, was had you scored at that point it would have been very difficult for them to have a comeback and score 3 times with the momentum on Osceola's side. Your momentum was on the ground side. Your running back was gashing them almost every run. Yes there were successful throws. and was balanced by yards gained. But big plays versus grinding it out, ball control, playing keep away from the other team. What i was questioning in the play calling is taking into account the quarterbacks decision making. Not the actual play call. But when the QB is likely to do what he did. I dont know if i would have made that play call with so much on the line. Again, just my arm-chair opinion, I was not in the seat, having to make that decision in real time. Just my opinion.
  2. I appreciate the vote of confidence on county coach of the year, but overcoming the stigma of poinciana is hard to do! Should be, county coaching staff of the year. Couldnt do what i do without a great staff! We do hope to have a similar season next year. If we are able to continue in this direction. It is my plan to enter district play on the next 2 year cycle.
  3. Please understand this is just my outside opinion. I was at the game. Saw everything. Osceola should have won that game easy if in my opinion there weren't a few play calling mistakes. The first one was a big momentum shift. Osceola had 2nd and 1 very close to the endzone, (dont recall the exact yard, but inside the 15 for sure) They passed the ball! The run is what got them there and they were moving the ball well on the ground. The pass was way off target and was picked off and started Lakeland's comeback. Had Osceola scored, which it looked very likely they would have been up 14-0 (assuming extra point). Lakeland would have been in panic mode to try and make up 2 scores in a very short time. The second one was the "trick play". 4th and 4 in the red zone with the game on the line! Do what got you there! rely on your runners! Wouldnt have been 4th and 4 had they not attempted a pass earlier in the series. Understand, it is easy to be a armchair coach. (I am somewhat qualified though) I am not criticizing the coaches or play calls. Just giving my opinion. Same thing goes for "prevent defense" all that does is prevent you from winning. Stick to what got you there and your teams strengths. Also Congratulations to EP for Osceola county coach of the year. Well done!
  4. Beek

    Bowl games

    Yes, Got the email. We are checking on everything. I believe we have set every single school record this year. Points scored, wins, most points scored in a game, largest margin of victory over rival and finally beating the rival school after 15 years of loosing. Still checking on best defense. Now it is on to get these kids in school, then prepare for next year. hopefully we can have 1/2 as much success as this season.
  5. Beek

    Bowl games

    Poinciana vs St. Cloud Canceled We could not get the game rescheduled for saturday due to one of the schools not being available. Poinciana searched everywhere we could for a make up game and was unable to find an opponent.
  6. Lake region coach just told me. All of a sudden today Toho is having to check with their AD after asking for $$ for playing this game and Region came up with the money. So who knows if that game will play now
  7. Toho is playing lake region on Thursday
  8. 4S-D10 most likely. Osceola, St. Cloud, Toho and Celebration
  9. I may regret posting this in the morning. But from all our kids have been through for the last 4 years as me being the head coach and the schools history. Poinciana finally defeated liberty 56-0.After loosing the "Battle of the Boulevard" for 15 years in a row, from its existence! Improving our record to 8-2. Lets not forget who we are and from where we came. My hat is off to the kids and their sacrifices that have finally made this happen for them!
  10. Through my athletic director and direct phone calls as our assigner refuses to use email.
  11. Beek

    Bowl games

    Cocoa beach!. My hats off to the Head coach of that program. He has had a complete turnaround this year there. A perennial 1-9, 0-10 program. We have talked during the year. He has similar issues that I have. He is headed in the right direction.
  12. Beek


    I know East river is trying to make that happen. They reached out to us. We have already made a commitment for a bowl game and couldnt help. But i am sure someone will.
  13. Thanks to all. I never thought at week 10 with 1 game to go Poinciana would be sitting 7-2. I am only a small part of how all of this happened. Coaches and players all working together and believing in the system. Unfortunately we are just now finally hitting on all cylinders. With the season winding down. The game we played last night was the most complete game we have played as a team. All facets of the game worked well. Hardee is no slouch, they are a well disciplined and expertly put together team. All of the things that have gone wrong for us in the past went right for a change. This was the best officiated game I have been in all year. Big shout out to Gulf coast football officials association. (and no, all the penalties didn't go against the other team) The bowl game is set for Wednesday 11/9/2022 at Poinciana High school vs St. Cloud High School This game will be a very tough one for us. But we really need to play them to see where we are as a team. First we must beat Liberty Friday night. 15 years loosing this rivalry hopefully will come to an end. I must also thank my administration for believing in the process. When they hired me I told them this was going to be a long process. This year being my 4th, I am now the longest tenured coach in the schools history. I feel we are still in the beginning process of this. One good year doesn't fix anything. But it is a heck of a start. We hit rock bottom last year having kicked all our seniors off the team. The kids who came in this year came with a great attitude. They are coach-able. They are good students and most of all great leaders.
  14. We have been trying to work this out for the last 5 or more years. We will continue to try. But all requests seem to fall on deaf ears.
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