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  1. Saw this across my Twitter feed and it felt it was like a Sexy Beast in training. I cant believe it was nearly 10 years ago that he was playing QB for Apopka.
  2. Such a SexyBeast of an offense that Coach Darlington runs
  3. Does this mean the return of the most exciting offense in high school, The Single Wing?
  4. If I was forced to do it for the 2022, I would start with our current classifications. Change has to be slow. 1) I would then either contact Laz and ask him if the FHSAA could use his Power Rankings for the previous 4 years. or 2) I would use the RPI from 2019 and 2021 and average them together. (Not the best solution due to 2020 not using RPI) In either case, I am taking the top 10 teams from 2A and moving them up to 3A, top 10 from 3A to 4A, etc. I am also taking the worse 10 teams and moving them down. For 1A, I am taking the top 2 teams and moving them into 3A, the worse 2 "Rural" schools that in 1A would move down as well.
  5. I find it funny that all the people on here bash the RPI (or any scoring system), when 4-5 years ago, everybody raved about how great this would be football. No more blowouts, only good teams getting into the playoffs, better state championships. Every game would count rather than only some of the games in determining who made the playoffs. We would get better in-season games. I prefered the district/runner-up system because of the simplicity. My main concern as I have suggested for long periods of time is that school population is too limited in determining classifications. Classifications should be based on previous levels of success (or lack there of). The complaints of unequal competitiveness in districts become lessened when every team has been on the same level. Move good teams up a classifications and bad teams down a classification. Re-classify every 2 years based on a 4 year rolling average for football (every other team sport should re-classify every year). Districts become more competitive, which allows less complaining.
  6. Deland - Steve Allen - Out Orlando University - Zach Barrett - Out https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/highschool/football/os-sp-hs-deland-steve-allen-university-zach-barrett-20211112-zj5eyosvafhlnhkotkerslqd3y-story.html
  7. 1A should be played in Tallahassee/Gainesville/Lake City as any one of those 3 makes the game centrally located. Glad that it will be in Tallahassee. 2A should be played at a home stadium of one of the teams as they rarely ever get above 1,500.
  8. I have problems with the RPI (different than yours), but the formula is pretty much the FHSAA basic formula. College Basketball RPI: RPI = (WP * 0.25) + (OWP * 0.50) + (OOWP * 0.25) FHSAA RPI: RPI = (WP * 0.35) + (OWP * 0.35) + (OOWP * 0.30) The change was mostly due to coaches wanting winning to matter more. ---------------- As more games have played, we have seen a correction. FHSAA's main problem was they released the RPI waaaaaay too early! RPI should be released until like week 8 or 9 at the earliest. They wanted every game to count. My argument to people like @ColumbiaHighFan2017class back then was nothing was stopping teams from playing a challenging schedule, because there was no punishment if you lost the game as long as you won your district. Now, every game counts. Have the good teams substantially upgraded their schedules to find good local and state-wide games or do most teams play the same teams they always play? I think you do see a small improvement in schedules (some counties even allow of county travel), but most teams are still playing within a short distance. @ColumbiaHighFan2017class loves to bring up the 1-9 Eastside team, but he forgets that an 0-10 Gadsden County made the playoffs over Andrew Jackson in one of the first years of the point system (not the current RPI system). Systems have one offs, get used to it. Should it happen, no, but it does. If it was a constant trend, we should worry. If the FHSAA didn't learn a lesson from it, we should worry.
  9. When you do opponent's winning percentage, you have to remove the teams (in this case Bishop Moore's) result from the record. Pine Ridge lost to Bishop Moore... You would remove their loss so they would be 2-2 (or .500). Edgewater won vs Bishop Moore... You would remove their win so they would be 5-1 (or .833).
  10. Before I write another e-mail to the FHSAA and get a nearly zero useful response, can someone check my work? FHSAA: Bishop Moore OWP = .728 Mine: Bishop Moore OWP = .75278 Bishop Moore's Opponents L - Edgewater (6-1) = .833 L - Gainesville (4-2) = .600 L - Treasure Coast (4-1) = .750 L - Braden River (5-0) = 1.000 W - South Sumter (5-2) = .833 W - Pine Ridge (2-3) = .500
  11. gatorman-uf


    I didn't think Florida HS football games could end in ties, (Spanish River vs Olympic Heights 6-6). Does anybody know how the FHSAA handles ties for RPI?
  12. So you talk trash without knowing anything about the young man, run your mouth before you have any knowledge... damn don't they teach anything out in Madison. Just curious, he won a state championship last year. They beat Hawthorne to win. Just to remind everyone. How did the mighty Cowboys of Madison do when they faced Hawthorne?
  13. In defense of Notre Dame, they play a harder schedule than most: Link From 1998 to 2017, Sagarin Ratings, Notre Dame had average Strength of Schedule as 9th in the country. Does Notre Dame get special privileges, because they are Notre Dame, sure. They are what would happen if Bama or Texas went independent.
  14. Could you provide a list of the transfers that the school in Jacksonville has on their 2021 roster that came from other schools during the 2020 season. Or direct me to a previous post where you listed them? Could you do the same for Columbia? I ask because as the person making the accusation that Lee/Riverside is getting transfers from Ed White/First Coast/Trinity, you have to back up the information. If you are correct, great. But unless you can prove it with actual names and former schools, just sounds like accusations right now.
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