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  1. Mr. Football

    Does the best high school player always win? Is winning a Mr. Football similar to the SI Cover or Madden Cover curse where your professional career is mediocre at best? Is it even a good sign that you are going to be a star in college football? We can't really judge anybody from 2013 on 1992 Jammi German Ft. Myers 1993 Shevin Wiggins Manatee 1994 Daunte Culpepper Vanguard 1995 Frankie Franklin Sandalwood 1996 Travis Henry Frostproof 1997 Zain Gilmore Robinson 1998 Anquan Boldin Pahokee 1999 Willie Green Osceola 2000 Adrian McPherson Southeast 2001 Leon Washington Jackson 2002 Andre Reese Taylor 2003 Xavier Lee Seabreeze 2004 Antone Smith Pahokee 2005 Tim Tebow Nease 2006 Robert Marve Plant 2007 Jacory Harris Miami Northwestern 2008 A.J. Graham Godby 2009 Matt Elam Dwyer 2010 Quentin Williams Jefferson 2011 Randy "Duke" Johnson Norland 2012 Derrick Henry Yulee 2013 Dalvin Cook Miami Central 2014 Deandre Johnson First Coast 2015 DeShawn Smith Nature Coast Technical 2016 Nick Tronti Ponte Vedra 2017 Bryce Carpenter Venice 2018 Carson Beck Mandarin
  2. Who Are These Two Legendary Coaches? George Smith & Al Morrell

    Al Morrill (Clewiston)?
  3. Who Are These Two Legendary Coaches? George Smith & Al Morrell

    Jack Daniels (Dwyer)?
  4. IMG Football Schedule announced 2019

  5. Cost to Run a Program

    How much does it cost to run a high school program (travel not included)? Let's assume 100 players (Varsity and JV) Helmets New: Reconditioned/Recertify Each Year: Pads: New: Reconditioned/Recertify Each Year: Jerseys (2 years for varsity use before being handed down to JV?) Home Away Footballs Security Tickettakers Referees What are the real costs of running a program? I didn't include Hudl, cameras, coaches salaries, trainer's materials, travel, coaches outfit, T-Shirts... I sometimes wish fans/coaches/players/community members understood these costs not just for football, but for all sports. That these things are not cheap or easy and even when you try to do sports on a low budget, it still is really expensive.
  6. 49 Columbia vs 20 Bartram Trail [Spring Game] Final

    Congrats to Columbia, good job. I will still give the same warning that I always give no matter the result, it is only pre-season. A good showing none the less, especially with going up so early.
  7. Who Was This Great HS Wide Receiver? MJ McGriff

    Still not a denial of googling the answer... your current tactic is called Whataboutism... Knowing that is Vero Beach is one thing, knowing MJ McGriff attend the University of Illinois, or was a two time 8A All State member, or his stats... not buying it. I have no doubt that a person from the Treasure Coast might be able to name him, but a kid from North Central Florida, when MJ McGriff has not made any real impact on the College or Professional. Usually, OldSchool does this, the play/team/coach is a long time coach or is a player who made an impact on the college or professional level. MJ McGriff is none of those things. If this was a question about Trent Whittemore from Buchholz (a local rival of yours) that is one thing, but a guy with little impact beyond his high school area, not buying it.
  8. Who Was This Great HS Wide Receiver? MJ McGriff

    That is not a denial of googling Vero Beach, University of Illinois, or his stats.
  9. Who Was This Great HS Wide Receiver? MJ McGriff

    Too much time googling answers and not enough time trying to think of it himself.
  10. Hillsborough County Changing Mascots

    Lots of schools have changed mascots. Some of the names were better, St. Johns University changed from Redmen to Red Storm. I think mascots like the Redskins need to go. I think don't think necessarily think names like Warriors need to go, because I don't necessarily believe Warriors automatically means Native Americans. I think you can do a Warriors mascot as just a fighter, knight, crusader, etc. It doesn't have to be Indian dress. http://gph.is/1d4wtzp I am usually more okay with specific names of the tribes (assuming tribal permission). As always, it depends on how the school, fans, and administration handle the idea of the Indian mascots. The same people who often protect Redskins, Indians, etc mascot names are insulted by T-Shirts like the following.
  11. Hillsborough County Changing Mascots

    The only real mascot changes were at the elementary and middle school level. Chamberlain and East Bay High Schools will keep mascots, but have changes made to the band and principal dress? during football games. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/gradebook/2019/05/13/school-mascots-are-changing-in-hillsborough-county-to-reflect-sensitivity-toward-the-native-american-community/
  12. Number of Recruits by FL Geography-Panhandle Gets Dissed

    Perhaps it is because the Panhandle doesn't produce the talent that it once did.... Since 1999: 1999: Lincoln (Tallahassee) 6A (largest classification) 2000: Pine Forest (Pensacola) 4A 2000: North Florida Christian (Tallahassee) 1A (smallest classification) 2001: Lincoln (Tallahassee) 4A 2001: Madison County 2A 2001: North Florida Christian (Tallahassee) 1A (smallest classification) 2005: Port St Joe 1A 2006: FAMU High 1B 2007: Madison County 2A 2009: Pensacola 3A 2010: Lincoln 4A 2011: North Florida Christian (Tallahassee) 2A 2011: Jefferson County *1A-Rural 2012: Godby (Tallahassee) 5A 2012: Northview (Bratt) 1A-Rural 2014: Port St. Joe 1A-Rural 2017: Madison County 1A-Rural 2017: North Florida Christian - 2A 2018: Madison County 1A-Rural In the last 20 seasons the "panhandle" has won 19 state championships, only 7 of them coming in a classification above the bottom two classifications with 27 runner-ups. Again most of the runner-ups are coming in smaller classifications. So out of 300 potential slots, the panhandle has gotten less than 15% of them. They haven't won anything above 2A since 2012. Perhaps we just start acknowledging that the Panhandle isn't what it once was in terms of individual or team talent. 1999: Rutherford 5A 1999: Escambia 4A 1999: Suwannee 3A 2000: Marianna 2A 2002: Crestview 3A 2003: Madison County 2A 2004: Madison County 2A 2004: Pensacola Catholic 2B 2005: Graceville 1B 2006: Pine Forest (Pensacola) 3A 2006: North Florida Christian (Tallahassee) 1A 2007: North Florida Christian (Tallahassee) 1A 2007: FAMU High 1B 2008: Lincoln (Tallahassee) 4A 2008: Godby (Tallahassee) 3A 2009: Niceville 4A 2011: Wakulla (Crawfordville) 5A 2011: Chipley 1A-Rural 2012: Lincoln 7A 2012: Madison County 3A 2013: Niceville 7A 2013: Blountstown 1A-Rural 2014: Godby 5A 2015: Wakulla (Crawfordville) 5A 2016: Baker 1A-Rural 2017: Blountstown 1A-Rural 2018: Baker 1A-Rural
  13. Sub 10 100 M Run by High Schooler - Video

    Check out his leg of the 4x400, easily 3 seconds back when he gets the baton and beats the guy a little over a half of a second. https://deadspin.com/matthew-bolings-100-meter-national-record-wasnt-even-hi-1834703582
  14. I think your info might be wrong as I don't think they won state championships back to back seasons.... unless you mean they were 4-7 and then went undefeated the next season. I definitely read it as state champions twice. Raines 1997 Coach Welton Coffey Mack Frazier Jabar Gaffney Glades Central Brad Banks (Iowa, runner-up for the Heisman)
  15. Who Is This Famous Coach? Sam Budnyk/Cardinal Newman

    Attending High School in the Palm Beach area, everybody knew who Coach Budnyk was. A former Marine, no non-sense, who cared deeply about his players, didn't put up with anything from them. Some of my friends who played for him hated him because he wasn't a players' coach. He expected results. Others would still run through walls for the man if he asked them to. He used to help a lot I think the Lou Groza Award (Best Kicker in College which is presented by the Palm Beach Sports Commission) and the local version of it. Newman has never been a consistent powerhouse. They win games consistently against the lesser large public schools in the Palm Beach area, but not good enough to ever really make it. Many years ago, I went to a Cardinal Newman vs Pahokee game at Cardinal Newman back in 1998. Anquan Boldin was a senior that year and Cardinal Newman had a QB/S named Abram Elam (his son just signed with UF while playing at Benjamin School and his brother Matt Elam played for Dwyer/UF/Ravens). This was billed as a star power game, but nobody had any real doubts of the eventual winner (Pahokee). I wish I could say that Newman put up a good game, but I remember leaving early in the 4th quarter because of how lopsided the game was. That is kinda how Newman has always been, one or two good athletes, a bunch of guys who just play with no real idea that they will play again after high school. They are good enough to beat average big schools, but not great schools. As a result, 1st or 2nd round eliminations consistently.