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  1. Gainesville hires Santa Fe Coach Dock Pollard
  2. Cypress Bay Coach took over South Broward position.
  3. Thank you Laz, I am not terribly surprised by it being Jefferson County. The year they won 1A, they were dominate in that class, but they are hardly even are mentioned since then. FAMU seems the type of team similar to most 1A (yes I know they aren't 1A), but they have ebbs and flows of talents, but even a decent FAMU team seems likely to only be 5-5. As for Jupiter Christian, I guess I only pay attention during their bad seasons (which are usually really bad).
  4. No real surprises honestly, it looks like it is spread out among numerous classifications and regions of Florida. I wonder what state title team since 2000 has the worst winning percentage over the same period as above. My guess would Nease or Jupiter Christian or Jefferson County.
  5. It is amazing to think that some of these teams are this level of bad. For example, Rutgers is not a surprise to be this bad, but too be that bad that means even their non-conference games they have to be losing. At a certain point, I have to begin to wonder is having a football team worth the cost if we can't be competitive. While I get conferences are about helping to build brands, make scheduling easier, helping build rivalries, etc. As always, I am going to suggest the ideas of promotion/relegation on a two year cycle. If you started with a 10 team conferences and took the top 10 from LAZ's other post (Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, LSU, Georgia, Wisconsin, Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan). I think that would be an exciting conference and probably more exciting for a season that college football currently is. 9 games would still allow 3 non-conference games against a traditional rival or a cross-country game of some sort. As I can already hear the SEC homers upset that 4 Big-10 teams could get in the top conference, well after two years, if they aren't the top, they would move out and somebody better replaces them.
  6. This is on the FHSAA Classified section. Am I reading this correctly that BTW wants a head coach or are they asking for a Head JV Coach? "Booker T. Washington Senior High School is now accepting resumes for the following coaching positions. Head Football Coach Head JV Football Coach Head Boys & Girls Cross Country Applicants must be fully certified in a subject area. All qualified applicants must forward a resume and proof of certification to Dr. Lisa Starks, Director of Athletics, via email lstarks@dadeschools.net. Deadline to submit applications: January 22, 2020."
  7. Well, the school advertised for head football coach on FHSAA Classifieds on January 6th.
  8. I read it as well, but it surprises me because he is an alum of Newman. He had to know what kind of parents are in the stands. Unless those people are purposely sabotaging your program, you gotta have tin ears for that kind of negativity when you are running a program. Oh well.He references a new baby on the way as well, so I am sure that had a little to do with it. He made his recommendation, it will be interesting to see if the admin listens. Newman has got to be feeling pressure (Oxbridge, King's Academy, Benjamin) are all within a 15 minute drive. You can't go back to being a non-playoff program.
  9. Was just about to post about Molina, shame thought he was going to continue to improve them.
  10. Something to remind players of when discussing recruiting. Get EVERYTHING in WRITING! SIGN NOTHING! Especially with NAIA schools. NAIA schools work differently than an FSU/UF/Bama. https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20200103/19-edward-waters-college-students-were-evicted-some-blame-football-coach
  11. As we start January, we already have 42 openings (probably more because a lot of small schools don't get noticed). There are 550 football playing schools in the FHSAA, so already 7.2%. NFL: 15.6% coaching turnover (5/32) NCAA: 13.8% coaching turnover (18/130) I guess I should be happy that it is only 7.2%, but I know that some people say that it is over 100 changes a year, which would put us over what both the NFL/NCAA have. Simple question: What is the proper pay for a public high school football coach in the state of Florida (please remember to include their teaching salary)? So if you said 20K, is that just the stipend? If you said 50K, is that stipend only or stipend plus salary?
  12. If Plant players are upset: 1) They are teenagers, they will recover really quickly. They will continue to play football. The world is not ending. 2) They should be happy that their coach is getting an opportunity to go to college. The good ones should understand what he did with the Plant football program to make it one that people wanted to "transfer" to.
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