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  1. As I have stated a million times, the real answer to all the problems is a promotion/relegation system that starts with size, but allows recent success/failure to be a factor in moving schools up and down. On a logistics note: the FHSAA always basis it on the Fall numbers right? So we should be looking at the Fall 2020 numbers?
  2. Laz, do you think this is something that D2/D3/NAIA schools could latch onto long term? We have seen several professional spring football leagues (AAFL, XFL, Arena) that come and gone over the years, but there always seems to be some interest in the sport continuing past the Super Bowl. Could moving to spring for these D2/D3 schools be a way to get some marketability of their programs/some limited TV revenue? Or will D1 College Basketball/Baseball/Softball always trump lower division football?
  3. Your appreciation of coaches does not put food on the table for their families. At some point that is a consideration, again, I am not advocating Texas or Georgia type money. I am advocating for the same hourly rate that the governor and state legislature think that teachers should be making at a minimum and taking hourly rate and applying it to the job that coaches do . I am not even advocating for winter/spring/summer payment, but simply just fall payment. You want mentors to stay, I agree, but I also don't think they should have to take a vow of poverty in order to do it.
  4. I agree, but the arguments I hear on why we don't coaches and sponsors more always surprises me. As the pittance that they receive is ok, but I do feel that coaches are to blame for this as well. They aren't organized. They don't press their pay concerns and explain it big picture. That after school programs (sports and clubs) are programs that kids off the streets and under somebody's supervision until the late hours. Why wouldn't a community want that? Kids who are involved in two or more extracurriculars are more likely to graduate. These organizations are some of your drop out preventio
  5. I think a lot of people misunderstand what it is to be a coach (and teacher) in today's world. The expectations of how much time and effort that are put in to the field, the level of commitment, the level of expertise that is demanded is no longer a joke. You can't just be a guy who played back in the day. You have to be year-round committed when a school has dreams of championships. Are you willing to do that for $4,200-6,000? Are you willing to have a little less commitment and do that for $2,500-3,000 as an assistant? I will say this a million times over, but school districts are doing
  6. Governor DeSantis said canceling schools (and thus sports) was a mistake last Spring. Few school districts are going to exercise their local control to shut down schools. Unless, this thing comes and kills thousands of students (which honestly it hasn't by now). I don't think you will see the FHSAA cancel anything (they may delay or postpone or forfeit games), but everything will continue as normal.
  7. Cardinal Newman Coach Dan Burack Resigns https://www.palmbeachpost.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2021/01/04/cardinal-newman-high-school-football-coach-dan-burack-resigns-after-one-year/4132089001/ Jack Daniels (former Dwyer Head Football Coach) will be new Head Coach. This will be Cardinal Newman's 3rd Coach in 3 Years. I am going to take this as a sign as Cardinal Newman no longer wants to be just above average and wants to compete for championships.
  8. One of the simplest quotes, but definitely one of my favorites, with the fire storm that came from that article.
  9. This is one of the reasons why on another thread, I dislike the idea of academies (or at least the separation of extra curriculars from school). Many of the kids that we are talking about here are not and would not get a chance at these academies (forgetting the financial aspects). They aren't the right size. High School coaches have to play with what they have. You can't make them grow 3 inches. So they work around and have to coach kids up. My favorite part of high school/college sports is seeing a team grow. A team goes from below average to average to good to great. A lot of that has to
  10. Very rarely is an upper middle class school only good at one sport. For various reasons, I have a general dislike of that school. In Cross Country, the Boys team is consistently in the top 5 in their class (one runner-up). The Girls teams have won 2 in their class (not as good recently). In Swimming, Boys were runner-up recently and girls runner-up 3 times and a state championship. In Golf, Boys have won a state championship and 3 individual championships and in girls one team runner-up. In Tennis, Boys have won a state championship and a runner-up. In Girls Volleyball, one state
  11. I think @ColumbiaHighFan2017classhits it on the head. I will add one more thing as well. Money matters: you are talking about upper middle class families, a school with a free and reduced lunch rate of 7% with high academic scores. Parents are going to put the money into training/camps/clinics, kids don't have to focus on school or sports or job. They can do sports, get decent grades and have parents provide everything else. Better academics gives principals better flexibility in who they hirer. They can hire another on-campus football coach. A growing area allows football coaches to get st
  12. King's Academy? Wakulla? Hamilton County?
  13. To be fair, last week's games were more akin to Regional Semi-finals than Regional Finals.
  14. I will keep hammering the idea that the FHSAA should slowly move good teams up and bad teams down regardless of population. Use the average of the RPI over 2 seasons, highest 8 teams move up, lowest 8 teams move down. New public schools start at 3A. Forgetting even playoff wins, how many .500 seasons in the lot? Meanwhile schools like Madison County, Trinity Christian, and Bolles rack up win after win and state championship appearance after appearance. If the fear is that Madison County is rural, fine, find the smallest rural school that doesn't get to play in 1A and ask them to
  15. 2 seasons ago, 0-11 and by a coin flip, they make the playoffs. Coach Corey Fuller comes back to Gadsden County and has them in them in the State Semi-finals against Bolles.
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