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  1. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    University High School (Orlando) I thought they had already a guy from out of state, but it seems the position is open again.
  2. Vero Beach schedule so far

    This is not the first time I have heard about Hillsborough's central funding/scheduling system. Could this be explained more? Does this mean that Plant/Armwood can never schedule outside of the county (beyond district games)? Does this mean that Plant takes in $10,000 for a home game and King takes in $1000 that they equalize it all in the end? I know Palm Beach County has an athletics office that will often assist with scheduling, but I don't think it was this centralized.
  3. Bolles has a new head coach

    Jacksonville traffic is the weirdest thing to me. Whenever I travel there on 95 or 10, the traffic is usually ok. You get off on JTB or University or Beach and all of a sudden there is just random stops. No rhyme or reason, just 100s of cars in a small area (no accident, no police). Orange Park area is even worse though. Everybody rides on the same darn road (Blanding). Yuck, I would sooner drive all the way to Fletcher across Jacksonville rush hour traffic than to ever drive to any of the Clay County schools during rush hour. There will always be the balancing act of how far will people be willing to drive vs how "nice" of schools do we insist on. I think for Fleming Island, PV, Nocatee, those adults made those decisions. "I want very nice house, no riff raff, and nice schools even if it means that I have to drive an hour each day." I don't think they are going to change their minds in the short term or at least not enough to cause Bolles to have their admissions office flooded with people willing to pay that cost.
  4. Bolles has a new head coach

    Bolles finds a way to get the kids in. I don't think Bolles has the allure that it once did. Bolles has always been a place for the wealthy white of Jacksonville to attend who were afraid to send their kids to Duval public schools. The emergence of Stanton, Paxon, and Wolfson as IB schools with strong academics. Additionally, in the last 20 years, schools in northern St. Johns County (Creekside, Ponte Vedra, Bartram Trail, Nease) are increasingly strong academic schools within wealthy neighborhoods with strong athletics. The upper middle class of Jacksonville have started moving to northern St. Johns and take advantage of the public schools than stay in Jacksonville and pay Bolles tuition. There will always be those willing to send their children to Bolles for the status of going to Bolles, but long term, I think the days of Bolles being a dominant state-wide football program are over. They will still be good enough to play to the regional finals every year, but I don't think we will see them going to the state championship every other year like it seemed to be in the 90s and early 2000s
  5. Vero Beach schedule so far

    Again, you don't have the power. Actually, your entire comment proves it by saying Vero would have to offer it. If you had real power then you would go up to the AD/Head Coach/Principal and tell them to call Vero for a game and they would otherwise, you are just a guy flapping his gums like the rest of us. As for your argument of Columbia being elite, you basically just defined the idea of "Big Fish, Small Pond". Columbia is bigger than almost every school around except for Buchholz and Gainesville. You struggled beating Madison until this year. You haven't played Lowndes or Valdosta in years (definitely within the area). You haven't dominated Lincoln at all. You are 2-5 against them in the playoffs since 2000.
  6. Vero Beach schedule so far

    Your first quote was funny about Vero Beach never losing in the Citrus Bowl until you actually look at Vero's home record in the playoffs at the Citrus Bowl. Since 1990 season, Vero has gone 26-8 at home during the playoffs. They have made the playoffs 26 times since 1990 so that means most of their seasons do end on the road and not at home. As for calling Columbia "Elite" that is far from accurate. No state championships since 1967, only one state championship game since 1967, only twice in the state semis (besides 1997). For an "elite" team they always seem to lose to some up and coming team, Bartram, Lee, Viera, Navarre, and the list goes on. Are they a top 30 consistently, absolutely. Are they a top 5 statewide team that can match up against the top teams nationwide every single year? No, they aren't. That isn't bring down Columbia, it just is an honest observation. The team has struggled to consistently beat Madison County in football (a public school that can't get the transfers the way the Urban schools can that is at most 750 students). An elite program shouldn't struggle in that way. Again, Columbia is a top ranked team, but elite has to mean something more than just being good. It has to mean being the best. Finally, stop pretending you have the power to make a home and home with any team happen. You aren't the coach, you aren't the AD, you aren't the principal. You might have suggest those things to coaches/ADs/principals, but that doesn't mean you have the power.
  7. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

    Immaculata-La Salle Fort Pierce Westwood High School Story
  8. Number of New Coaches

    Below is just the list of new coaches/openings from the PINNED topic of Coaching Moving Vans. Right now the number is 63, out of 553 teams (all classes and independents), that means there is 11% turnover at this point. I am sure there are numerous other positions that are not there as well. For those who work outside of education, is a 10% turnover per year normal in your companies or is that low? In my mind that seems low, but as we report more coaching openings that were quietly changed, I am sure that number might be 15-25%. Apopka Arnold High School (Panama City Beach) Baker County Bartow Bay Bloomingdale Bolles Bradenton Christian Chiefland Citrus Cocoa Beach Columbus Coral Glades Cypress Creek (Orlando) Dillard Dwyer Ed White Evans First Academy-Leesburg Forest (Ocala) Gadsden County Godby Hagerty Hamilton County Holmes County Ida Baker (Cape Coral) Inlet Grove Community High School Jupiter Christian LaBelle Lake Gibson Lake Placid Lely High School Melbourne Miami Miami Springs Monsignor Pace Moore Haven Newberry Niceville Olympic Heights High School (Boca Raton) Pahokee Palm Beach Central Pasco Piper Poinciana High School Ridge Community Seabreeze South Broward South Ft. Meyers St. John Paul II (Boca Raton) St. John Paul II (Tallahassee) Stoneman Douglas Suncoast Tarpon Springs Tavares Titusville Umatilla University (Orlando) Washington (Pensacola) Weeki Wachee High School West Broward Westland Hialeah Williston
  9. Way Too Early 2019 Forecast

    Laz, In terms of parity, the smaller the number the less differentiation between the teams. In other words, we would expect these districts to be much more wide open (if historic numbers came through). Am I reading that right? Good information as always. Why the FHSAA doesn't just pay you to the rankings is beyond me.
  10. The new North Florida League 1A

    @ColumbiaHighFan2017class We are approaching March Madness and we are finishing up Championship Week. For many of the small schools, the conference tournament is the most exciting portion of it all. March Madness is something they can compete in, but they will take pride in winning in that conference championship because they are facing "like-minded schools" and that is what it comes down to.
  11. The new North Florida League 1A

    The FHSAA actively campaigned against the bill, the media even started calling it the Free Agency Bill. Sorry, our Republican led state legislature, knew exactly what they were doing and exactly why they were doing it. If they didn't shame on them the moreso for not listening to the FHSAA and coaches and instead listening to one person who had an axe to grind. Again the legislature (even with their current voucher push) cares more about the 4% of the kids attending private schools than they care about the 96% of the kids who go to public schools.
  12. The new North Florida League 1A

    Completely misinterprets the bill. " The provision is substantially the same as legislation pushed in the House and Senate that gave student athletes more freedom to transfer schools without incurring penalties. Among other things, the provision allows student-athletes to be immediately eligible when they enroll in or transfer to a school and requires a local board to establish eligibility criteria. Sen. Kelli Stargel, the Lakeland Republican who backed the legislation, said the goal of the bill is for districts to treat high school athletes “the same way as if they are in band or drama.” “Kids are so mobile these days,” she said. “There were a lot of ways that kids were getting caught up in the process.”
  13. The new North Florida League 1A

    Name 80+ that can form a classification with an STA then that Columbia wouldn't be part of. There just aren't that many. Yes, every few years a Venice, Manatee, Lakeland, Miami Central, Dwyer, Miami Northwestern comes along that can beat them, but on a consistent basis, nobody is beating STA. Thus, you have to be willing to challenge them eventually. Yes, I would put CHS football long term in the hardest classification. The reality is though they aren't playing STA to the state championship in any classification set-up. At state you have to beat who you have to beat. Could we take the MaxPrep rankings or the Lazindex and make a top 96 classification (minus 1A/2A/IMG) and a highly competitive classification where it would truly be anybody's. Competition makes things exciting blowouts don't. I would bet if we took Stanton and put them in a 10 team district like the one below, all of these teams programs would grow. Sure one or two of these might become really good (which would be statewide average), but I bet the games would be competitive, more kids join, more students and community members show up. Stanton Providence Paxon Englewood Wolfson Bishop Snyder Andrew Jackson Westside Episcopal Terry Parker
  14. Who Is This FL HS Football Legend? Michael Irvin-Video

    "Hey, can I tell you who I am?" "I know who you are," THIS_IS_DILLARD answered. One of the hottest takes of the time about his arrest back in 1996, was that this just proved that the Dallas Cowboys were too bombastic, full of themselves, and entitled.