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  1. He is probably a one and done (if he decides to go at all). The NBA scouts will find him if he is as good as ESPN rates him (just like the scouts find the studs on a 2-8 HS football team). Again, it will be interesting to see long term. Especially if name, image, likeness means the players have greater agency over their own brand, then going to a small school might not matter as much if these players are able to cash in.
  2. 2020 5 Star Recruit (Basketball) Makur Maker committing to Howard University https://deadspin.com/5-star-recruit-makur-maker-committing-to-howard-could-b-1844267491
  3. Sam Budnyk Cardinal Newman Craig Erikson (technically Abram Elam as well even though he was known in college/NFL as DB).
  4. The cancelling of school/sports in Spring was proactive. A move that generally should be applauded by all. As one meme out there put it, "We have to take necessary steps before they seem necessary. And if it works, people will think we over-reacted. We have to be willing to look like we overreacted." As for your indictment of protests as the leading reason for the increase, if so we would be seeing the spikes in places like Minneapolis, NYC, D.C, Chicago, but we aren't. We are seeing it Texas, Florida, and Arizona, states that opened the bars/stores early. If I am being completely fair, there is some evidence to suggest that the reason these states are increasing is because people don't want to be out in the heat and instead inside in the Air Conditioning where it is easier to spread. You can't limit protests, there is no admissions gate; there is no entrance. Most protesters (while not following social distancing) did seem to be wearing masks. My worry for sports isn't necessarily the fans/bands/cheerleaders (they wouldn't barred from games), it is the players themselves. When you are 2 inches from someone, it is harder to not breathe, sweat, etc. on them,
  5. I walked into a situation with nothing but a district schedule (about 8-10 games) completed with about 6 weeks left to fill it and most teams having mostly completed theirs. So yes, I know what it takes. I started with in-county and local teams, expanded to teams further away, was willing to play on odd days to get them here. And remember, every coach would be looking for games in this scenario. Speaking of which did they re-district Columbia's softball region (Englewood, Gainesville, Middleburg, Ponte Vedra, Robert E Lee, St. Augustine)? I thought the district was geared more towards Ocala.
  6. Again, I disagree that the baseball/softball players would have their season taken from them. How long do you think it takes to make a schedule? I mean seriously 10-15 phone calls/emails and you are done. It really is not that hard. So your concerns about them losing their season are invalid. And if anything, if they started in Fall, realized the risk was too large, you could still move it to Spring with no problems.
  7. 1) I disagree that if you told baseball and softball coaches today to make a schedule for games to be ready for late August and early September that they couldn't do it. Most of the schools are playing the same schools they always play anyway. Most of these schools have fall ball, no real difference, except it becomes official. Teachers were given a week to turn their classrooms inside out and adjust to distance learning and did so. I think coaches can do the same thing. 2) Players would be ready to go for the very reason you suggested. They are already doing travel ball. 3) I don't think it is about putting football first (football coaches would flip over this because players would have lost Senior year to showcase their talents to colleges). I think the idea is about safety, sports like football, wrestling, soccer, and basketball are high contact sports. Spread of coronavirus would be faster among them then a sport that is played outside and there is social distancing like baseball and softball. Sports like Track and Field, Golf, Tennis are outside sports and generally sparsely populated. All of the things that you want when we talk about stopping the spread of this. Again, I don't think it will happen because there is no leadership from FHSAA or our State government to make it happen. Even Michigan isn't necessarily doing it, but they are at least discussing it.
  8. Interesting thought... I don't think Florida will do this because our Governor and State Legislature are in denial. (I will admit I was probably too optimistic about where our country would be come August/September). But it is at least an interesting thought process. Honestly, I love the idea, a sports like baseball and softball moved to Fall and football in Spring for one year. Girls Volleyball moved to Spring as well and re-evaluate come November as wrestling, soccer, and basketball start. Maybe, even cross country in Winter. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/06/30/gretchen-whitmer-mhsaa-should-consider-moving-football-spring/5349746002/
  9. https://www.news4jax.com/sports/2020/06/30/bold-city-showcase-returns-in-2020-with-3-games-will-be-aired-on-wjxt/?outputType=amp&__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar&__twitter_impression=true Creekside vs Ribault, 12:00 p.m. Oakleaf vs Orange Park, 3:30 p.m. Bolles vs West Nassau, 7 p.m. I don't think the level of games is as good as last year and the distance might make the crowds a bit smaller. Still a cool event.
  10. @Joshua Wilson Did the FHSAA make any changes in the playoff point system?
  11. I normally just post a coaching change in the pinned topic, but this seems bigger than normal Kenny Sanchez of Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) will be new Pedro Menendez coach. I am surprised a school like Menendez able to pull a coach like Sanchez so late in the process. Especially since he resigned from Bishop Gorman in January. https://www.staugustine.com/sports/20200625/menendez-football-names-two-time-national-champion-kenny-sanchez-head-coach
  12. 15 yards and an ejection today's college football
  13. Jarvis Williams Palatka Suncoast UF Dolphins
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