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  1. When did school start starting in the middle of the week??

    Depends on the goals of the district, gotta get in certain amount of minutes/days. If the goal is to be done before Winter Break and you have days like Labor Day, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Veteran's Day, Wednesday before Thanksgiving (some districts give off the whole week now), than you add in a couple of extra days at the beginning. Also makes it not so bad for the kids where you ease them into the year. One school I know of used to have freshmen come in on Monday and Tuesday for a half day. Sophomores-Seniors would come in on Wed-Thursday for a half day and everybody comes in on Friday that way freshmen could find their way without the scary upperclassmen.
  2. Obesity in HS Linemen

    It is interesting though as soon as these players are done (they try to lose the weight) and probably have help at their colleges, How many of these high school kids swell to 270+ and then have a hard time losing it when they don't go to colleges. https://missoulian.com/sports/college/montana/heavy-burden-ex-griz-linemen-focus-on-health-weight-loss/article_3fdd0a80-08ba-5b6f-b69a-2f6c6caa43c8.html
  3. Playing safe to beat heat

    Good reminder of the precautions that coaches and athletic departments need to take in order to keep players safe. https://www.gainesville.com/news/20190712/playing-safe-to-beat-heat
  4. Really, many of the teams that I see are running some form of the spread option (even whatever ESPN High School Game) with the same basic idea, put the ball in the hands of your best athlete (QB) and allow him to make the plays necessary to win. Yes, many of them can throw the ball, but they are making just as many plays with their feet. I also think the spread option makes a lot of sense. While I think it is easier to build a consistent offensive line through the weight room, I think there are more little speedy/shifty guys walking the halls of your school. As a result, it is easier to get the ball in space and allow them to create. The spread option (or some variant) is basically what all of the colleges are running today. As a result, if a high school coach thinks it is his job to get his players into college then he is going to emulate what colleges are doing. I am not saying this is the right idea.
  5. The Ultimate HS Talent Factory in FL/Blanche Ely High

    I think the easy answer would be St Thomas Aquinas, but I am sure that is wrong. Clarifying question how far back does Parade and USA Today go? Like, do I have to think back to those 40s and 50s teams that had or is Parade and USA Todat a more modern thing 80s onward?
  6. Class 1A Region 4 - Can Hawthorne Do It Again?

    Can Hawthorne do it again? No. Losing QB Losing Top 2 Rushers Losing all but 1 receiver Losing nearly 19 seniors on a Roster of 35 As for Chiefland... Another run heavy team that loses their best rusher Another team losing 15 seniors on a Roster of 44 As for Pahokee They might get Booker T Washingtoned due to their difficult schedule. The reality is that it doesn't matter much, because they will eventually have to play Madison County. Madison isn't losing to any of these teams.
  7. Who is this future/former SEC/NFLer?

    Umm... unless you can throw, catch, run, tackle, block or kick then no, 1000 of you doesn't turn a team into a winner. Unless you are writing the big checks (which I am going to doubt, right now). A rabid fanbase doesn't create a winner, if it did, then why are teams without rabid fan bases still winning. And just so you know 42% of 5A-8A Elite 8 games, Semi finals, and Finals were won by 20 or more points since 2012. So it seems quite likely that teams are getting blown out even in later stages. Again, you talk like Columbia is elite. Look at your posts from when Columbia "beat" IMG in a pre-season game. You talked like Columbia was finally going to win a state championship (where some of us told you to relax and don't get ahead of yourself) and they lost in the 2nd round on their own turf. There is nothing wrong with going to games and enjoying them. There is nothing wrong with cheering your team and regaling us with an awesome play, drive, or player. But you try to raise yourself up on the backs of others. You forget that there is more to be proud of then just a football team. Do I enjoy when the gator football team wins? Sure do, but I also enjoy watching the Gator Volleyball, Gymnastics, and Men's Basketball achieve at high levels. I enjoy seeing the Gator Baseball and Softball be dominant. I hate the fact that the women's basketball is awful. I celebrate the fact that UF is now a Top 10 Public University. Did I rub it in to my FSU friends this year, sure did, but we move on quickly.
  8. Who is this future/former SEC/NFLer?

    Let's talk about that Final Four... losing to Viera by 19 on your home field (so much for home field advantage) and Viera loses by 35 to STA. Again, another Columbia squad that is very good, but just not elite. I swear you talk more trash on a forum for your school considering they haven't won anything since 1967. Lots of teams have halftime leads, it is why they play a full game. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades and since we aren't talking about that, take your close and mosey on down the road.
  9. Who is this future/former SEC/NFLer?

    And you haven't made it since 97, seriously you sound so bitter. Like Columbia would have done better against Miami Central that year. Columbia had their chance in the regular seasons against Gainesville and lost. And when all Columbia had to do was win against Navarre to try and get their revenge, what did Columbia do, that's right, choked in the big game again. Where Columbia lost by 7, Gainesville beat the same team by 36. Seriously? Sure Columbia has beaten Gainesville since, but your high moments are still never as high as theirs.
  10. Who is this future/former SEC/NFLer?

    I believe in Chiefland they prefer the term Carolina Blue
  11. Who is this future/former SEC/NFLer?

    He played and won a state championship during his Junior Year playing on both the offensive and defensive side (line) of the ball. Gainesville Sun Defensive Player of the Year. He played at an SEC school, made all SEC his sophomore, junior, and senior years. He played in the NFL for 12 seasons.
  12. The Ultimate FL HS Stadium Quiz

    Sigh, again over your head. Your argument is that these schools can never have home field advantage because they share a stadium or that their stadium sucks because the parking is too small. First go to a Columbia Game at 7:15 instead of 5:00 (when you usually get there)and see how the parking is. It sucks. Yes it sucks at Citizen's Field, go pay the money to park at the VFW and it is fine. And if you have been the school you know the campuses are small and land locked, no room for expansion, no room for a stadium, and even if Buchholz put a stadium you would knock them for no parking. Again, the community is built up right around the school. Columbia has acres surrounding it with nothing. As for dominating Buchholz and Gainesville Since 2013, Columbia is 37-65-4 against Gainesville in Baseball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball according to MaxPreps. Since 2013, Columbia is 15-14 against Buchholz in Baseball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball according to MaxPreps.
  13. The Ultimate FL HS Stadium Quiz

    Just curious, how often are Gainesville and Buchholz playing each other in the playoffs. And if you ever visit any older community school you would know their isn't much room to build in and around the school. Go visit Robert E Lee and see how much parking there is. Go visit Fletcher. Heck go visit the actual campus of Buchholz/Gainesville and realize the reason why they need a neutral site stadium. It isn't hard to figure out. Cities aren't blessed with hundreds of acres of unused space like say Lake City. And heck, if you ever went to Memorial Stadium there was no parking there either. As for beating BHS and GHS... Buchholz 2015 Girls 4A Swimming and Diving State Champions 2016 Girls 4A Swimming and Diving State Champions 2017 Girls 4A Swimming and Diving State Champions 2018 Girls 4A Swimming and Diving State Champions 2019 Girls 4A Swimming and Diving State Champions 2013 Girls 7A Basketball State Champions Gainesville 2015 Girls 3A Swimming and Diving State Champions 2016 Girls 7A Softball State Champions Columbia 2013 Girls 6A Softball State Champions
  14. Who Is This FL HS Legend? Matt Frier/Suwanee

    I know I know!!! But I will wait a day
  15. Famous Father & Son Coaches/Dub & John Palmer

    Tim "Ice"Harris and Tim Harris, Jr were both Booker T Washington