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  1. Assuming a switch and then a "cancel" in late Sept/early Oct. though it would still allow time to add the sports back on the schedule in Spring in my mind. Honestly, this plan isn't going anywhere.
  2. I do generally agree with you on this. I am not sure the powers that be would be fighting tooth and nail to have a season if baseball and softball were the first sports. I think they would have already voted on the truncated season (which we all acknowledge is an imperfect plan). I think the concern in why you switch the seasons is that some sports can more safely social distance during the course of play. Football with players lining up less than a yard from each other, running into each other and breathing on each as they are in a pile, probably makes it that football is a bigger risk sport (as is basketball) than baseball/softball. It is the same reason why Track would be moved to the fall instead of Cross Country. And again, switching only makes sense if you believe that there would be a season. If we don't believe that there likely would be a season, switching is wrong and ultimately, we are left with a truncated season as the only real answer.
  3. Let's change it for a second... if football was a spring sport during the time of COVID, do you think they would have canceled the season like they did with baseball/softball... If you think they would have canceled it, it isn't about baseball/softball being disposable, it is about the health and safety of the students. Honestly, they canceled proms, musicals, and graduations were done as drive thrus in some communities. To think they would not have canceled football during spring is silly. The reality is that it sucked for all of those students, nobody thinks otherwise. But to be so petty to say that well then football and basketball shouldn't have a season because the last season of spring sports didn't happen is foolish. Nobody wanted to cancel those seasons and due to when those seasons occur during the school year it is what is going to happen. The FHSAA and school districts need to do everything possible to make sure that same thing doesn't occur to this year's student (even if it is a truncated season for everyone).
  4. Depends on what your underlying assumption is. If you believe that the spread of COVID will be so bad as to force to end the "fall sports season" then yes, it is a bad plan, but that means the only good plan becomes the truncated season plan to ensure some season for everyone. Again I think this idea had merit 6 weeks ago, almost no merit now.
  5. 5-2 going into game (lost last 3) including Nease. So they both definitely could have been state ranked when game was played.
  6. Tim Tebow, Nease. Some random white WR who played at a Mid-Major
  7. 6 weeks ago, we had this discussion about moving these exact sports. Back then I said, coaches would be able to make their schedules in time, in this situation, I am not sure coaches could do it. I think if coaches/admin/officials were pushed, we could have a season that started by Sept 14, done by November 20th (no playoffs or only playoffs for district champions, done by early December). This was the right idea 6 weeks ago, but now it is too late.
  8. Tallahassee Schools BREAKING: The @FHSAA meets on Friday to vote on the fate of fall sports. @LeonSchools Rocky Hanna and other Superintendents from across the Panhandle are recommending flip flopping several sports from the fall and spring. More tonight on @abc27 Fall: Baseball Softball Track Swimming (if pools reopen) Spring: Football Volleyball Cross Country
  9. Why can't sports be about more than winning? Why is it so important than there are county/district/regional/state championships? Aren't sports supposed to be a continuation of the classroom where character and leadership are being learned and developed? Yes, play to win, but if the season is delayed they can still develop those other qualities that we hope coaches instill in our young athletes. Those coaches can do that in 8 games or 15 games. The best coaches/teachers take events of the past 5 months and use to develop better human beings and citizens. How many more of our players are more keenly aware of how a virus is spread than they were 5 months ago. How many coaches have talked to their players about responsibility of government actors (Federal, State, and Local) as well as responsibility that as a player they have to their community at large? Honestly, whatever option is chosen, the FHSAA should simply just cancel the state series If they choose option 3 (spring football season), I don't understand why there can't be sport season overlap. I will admit as I was more optimistic about what would be happening by August/September despite what some on this board thought. The entire process could have been handled better, not just by our leaders, but as a society. I was reading a quote from a college football coach who took all-star teams to Japan for exhibitions and the coach asked someone why so many people were wearing masks. They responded with they do it for civility, if someone has a cold, they wear a mask to protect their neighbors. The reality is that we as Americans focus on the individual more than society. It is why we play our bass and speakers at god awful loud amounts when driving through quiet neighborhoods. It is why we the hell that is Black Friday (now Black Thanksgiving). It is why we see people willing to transfer to 4 schools in 4 years for more stardom (forget the teammates you leave behind). Honestly, I don't care what the FHSAA chooses. The reality is that I won't be going to football this year, I don't trust the local yokels to do right. If anything, this event has shown a lot about people and the sacrifices they are and are not willing to make.
  10. West Port Bobby Kissane and Brian Maurer
  11. Illinois Moving Football to Spring https://chicago.suntimes.com/high-school-sports/2020/7/29/21346982/ihsa-high-school-sports-coronavirus
  12. Oak Hall and PK Yonge each had a 7000+ guy, but I don't know if they had a second
  13. Jefferson (Tampa) Stephen Garcia and ?
  14. Nothing anybody says will make me think that is not the late Anthony Bourdain......
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