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  1. When OldSchool describes academies, please realize most of the European soccer/basketball academies are independent of the schools and thus if we adopted the academy model in the US, schools would no longer offer those sports. I understand what IMG is, I appreciate the fact that they are honest about who they are and thus don't compete with traditional schools. (I do wonder about who is paying for these kids to pay to attend these schools, because the cost is ridiculous and as a parent, if you have that type of $$$, then pay for the damn college education yourself, instead of relying on
  2. It depends on the purpose of high school athletics. Is the purpose of athletics to allow teenagers to learn to work together in a common goal and develop important life skills (beyond the playing field)? If so, then no, Academies are not necessary. Most players are not going to college on an athletic scholarship and most of them understand this by their junior year. Some compete because it makes them part of something bigger themselves or they like football. Some have pent up aggression and football gives them a legal avenue for that. Florida has numerous boys volleyball teams, almost non
  3. Wolfson's biggest problem over the past 4 years is that they have become an IB only school (it is why their population dropped so much). Basically, Stanton, Paxon, and Wolfson are the same type of schools (same as Suncoast Riviera Beach).
  4. Jackson had a couple of good years when Kevin Sullivan, hardest part is keeping the kids eligible. From 2004-2009, they went 54-17. ____________ As for schools like Strawberry Crest, the FHSAA should put these schools at 3A until they get a foundation. Again, a promotion and relegation system would be in schools like this interest.
  5. The question of whether the FHSAA should regulate recruitment... the simple answer is yes. They should. When the punishment is found though (which is rare), it shouldn't go to the school or to the players (unless the player wanted $$$). Instead, the punishment should be the removal of a coaches' teaching certificate by the State Board of Education. You want coaches to take it seriously, threaten their livelihood. If it is an outsider or players, can't stop it. Don't try, but the coaches should not be doing any of the recruiting. As a matter of reality, I have suggested for over 10 years th
  6. Bronson did get their first playoff win this year (they had never won before). I am unsure of when the school began playing football though, but they have played basketball consistently since the 1920s. Sometimes, I wish the FHSAA did a better job of compiling all the records of the teams (hell they haven't even updated the championship record book in 4-5 years).
  7. Columbia is probably 3 weeks too late in finding an offense. Honestly, I am still not sure they have an offense and it very much looked a the kitchen sink offense, where they were just throwing everything out there and seeing what works. They played a pretty tough regular season, but no spring, no summer and replacing an experienced backfield and WRs. I am not surprised they struggled. If they are going with the JR as QB, he will have to make a decision regarding baseball. I think this week against Mainland is where the season ends though.
  8. I am really late to the party, but how is Miami Northwestern in the playoffs, but no other Miami-Dade public schools. I would think this would have been an all or nothing thing with school districts.
  9. It isnt the winner-loser portion, it is how TFA lost.
  10. I feel bad for TFA, I swear they essentially lost the same way two years ago in the playoffs to King's Academy. https://twitter.com/toastedted/status/1327452760380465153
  11. Someplace in Moss's 30 for 30 he talks about it, but yes, he was a man among boys (helped he had a decent QB as well). Army was actually coming off a 10-2 season the previous year and barely lost to Auburn in the Independence Bowl.
  12. This is from A LOOOOOOONG time ago, but even on Saturdays for a while it was illegal. Randy Moss should have been flagged for this play.
  13. I am sure ColumbiaFan will remind us of this 2 or 3 years ago, when Columbia lost a down on the final drive against Lee? I remember the outrage from some friends as they yelled and screamed from the stands about the down situation. The best refs are the ones you barely notice.
  14. https://www.jacksonville.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2020/10/13/ponte-vedra-high-school-football-coach-jeff-disandro-resigns/3639069001/
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