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  1. Tebow missed his calling... should of done a Wide World of Sports, where he goes from sport to sport for a week or two and plays with professionals... Rugby, gymastics, hockey, cricket, roller derby, wrestling, team handball, etc.
  2. gatorman-uf


    Does anybody know if FHSAA is using the RPI formula again to determine football rankings?
  3. Edward Waters College announced a new coach... former Dillard Coach Toriano Morgan https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/sports/ewc-introduces-new-football-coach/77-9dd8c223-97a6-4453-8ced-6a275935c4cb
  4. Problem is that even if they go to a JUCO, it doesn't solve the back log. Sure, some kids who would have petered out drop during those 1 or 2 years, but that is generally always true. Generally, I would say it would many years for this fix itself, but the transfer portal will make this solved easier after 1 or 2 years. Basically, a whole bunch of kids who are attending a school are going to enter the transfer portal and then realize nobody wants them and they will quit. Thus freeing up spots for the high school players.
  5. So I did some research, here are Bradford County students are 9-12. I don't think that Bradford County has any other school other than Bradford, so this should be accurate. The first four numbers are based off the Final Calculation FTE and the bottom two are based of the July 31st, 2020 FTE Forecast and the January 27, 2021 FTE Forecasts. So it looks like the numbers are possible to get below 600. 2016-2017 Bradford 766.54 2017-2018 Bradford 735.21 2018-2019 Bradford 666.59
  6. No proof, FL DoE doesn't release FTE per school to my knowledge. If they did, we would get a better idea. Like I said, I would love to see their 2019 Student Population Report for the FHSAA, but the FHSAA removed them from their website. Their 2020 submitted FHSAA number was 740. They said on 12/1/2020 they were down to 538, a 27% due to COVID. 12/1/2020 is not FTE week though, so why they are using that as proof is beyond me. And again, it isn't the number of students on campus, it is the number of students that are enrolled, even if they are in a hybrid virtual program. I am willing to b
  7. If they were moving to 8A, it is because they are afraid of Hawthorne beating that behind again!
  8. Hmmm.. Bradford complains despite their FHSAA submitted numbers being 740 students, they will now be a 1A school, meanwhile Chipley with 635 and Crescent City with 615 students (cap is 600) don't merit a reduction to 1A but instead will be in 3A. Now, Bradford is saying they are under the 600 person cap... if so, I hope somebody does a follow-up to check make sure school district is only getting their FTE for the below 600 number rather than the 740. They are saying that on 12/1/2020 that they were at 538, sadly the FHSAA has removed all previous population reports from the website when the
  9. https://fhsaa.com/news/2021/3/15/2021-2022-fhsaa-football-classification.aspx
  10. I am going to try and respond to several of your posts... No fan of the governor here, but closing schools was the right call and canceling spring sports was the right call. In March/April/May, we didn't have all the knowledge that we have now. This thing was packing our hospitals and the effects on young people were unknown in terms of how quickly in can spread. I think you are taking a too narrow of a view on this. I have zero, zero doubt that if football had been a spring sport that football would still have been canceled. I don't think anybody thought that it was okay to screw over spr
  11. I was an optimistic fool who thought that we would be at full capacity last fall. @DarterBlue2doubted it, He was right, I was wrong. Honestly, I think by the end of June, everyone who wants a shot will have a shot. I think the problem is that there are a whole bunch of people who don't believe the virus isn't that bad, so they won't get the shot. Or they are young and want children and are afraid that the shot might prevent pregnancy.
  12. @ColumbiaHighFan2017class left? Did I miss this? Probably hurting from 7 straight softball losses. And yes a point, he was as bad as Jesse, but I think he has matured
  13. How the hell does every freaking thread become about some podunk community in North Florida... for the love of god, form your own thread and talk about them there. Otherwise, get the hell off this thread. Or at least contribute to a meaningful conversation. Repeating ad nauseam that your school is the best with zero proof. If you want to be the best, tell your principal/ad/coach/school board to stop ducking the competition that they should actually be in and go and play in it. Otherwise, except your participation trophy and shut up.
  14. 2A Possible 406 Father Lopez (Daytona Beach) 356 407 Lakeland Christian 351 408 Community School (Naples) 347 409 John Carroll (Fort Pierce) 343 410 Marathon 337 411 Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) 332 412 Palm Glades Prep (Miami) 306 413 Foundation Academy (Winter Garden) 289 414 Admiral Farra
  15. 3A Possible 364 Baldwin 741 365 Bradford (Starke) 740 366 Marianna 736 367 Keystone Heights 731 368 Walton (DeFuniak Springs) 725 369 Interlachen 717 370 Bishop Verot (Fort Myers) 714 371 Tampa Catholic 702 372 Miami Edison 700 373 Somerset Charter (Silver Palms)
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