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  1. I believe Bay County and Walton pay their coaches as Athletic Directors/Administrators so they get paid the best. This is an article from summer 2016 about the pay... i doubt much has changed... https://www.gainesville.com/sports/20160717/supplemental-pay-for-head-coaches-in-all-67-florida-counties Another article from same year... https://www.news4jax.com/sports/2019/07/29/sad-state-of-pay-florida-high-school-coaches-earn-little-compared-to-others/#fl-ga-interactive
  2. Not going to lie, I hate all of these out of state games..... make trying to do the RPI times harder...
  3. Boys Basketball Round 1 #1 - 24/24 #2 - 19/24 #3 - 19/24 #4 - 7/24 #5 - 17/24 #6 - 5/24 #7 - 5/24 #8 - 0/24 This is kinda what some of us were talking about, no way a #5 should win so consistently over a #4 seed.
  4. What 561 is describing is correct, but just to be clear... if one of those 500 plays football/basketball/etc... they do count towards the population, but the vast majority of the kids going to the charter school are not playing a sport, thus still having the same effect of lowering the population purposefully.
  5. Right, but if the purpose of seeding is to ensure that the best teams are making the regional finals and the #5 seed is better than the #2 and #3 seed, then the #5 seed shouldn't meet the #1 seed until the finals. Either way, I think the system added a little intrigue, but only because the MaxPreps system is not as transparent as the RPI system.
  6. I get the reasoning and don't have a real problem with it, the issue that happens is that it is almost better to be a #2 seed than a #1 seed.
  7. 6 Classifications with wildcards, 4 regions... so 24 #5 seeds, at what percentage of them winning would we have to admit the system should be rethought... or is it only if they get to the regional finals...
  8. One of the Somerset (#8 seed) and Jupiter Christian... A bigger complaint has to be the #1 seed playing the #5 seed in the second round (the #5 often seems to be a very talented squad and a lot better than the #4) where if it was done based on pure rankings that #5 seed would be a #2 or #3 seed and the #1 seed wouldn't see them to the regional finals...
  9. Since, we now have gone through Volleyball, Boys and Girls Soccer, and Boys and Girls Basketball... any complaints about how the MaxPrep rankings handled seeding and wildcards? Heard one today will be of no consequence after Thursday, but a 9-12 boys basketball team made it in as the number #8 seed over despite a losing record, multiple FFL, and losing head to head to another team that had would be the #9 seed. It seems they were able to get in because of the "tough" schedule they played, despite losing all but 1 of their tough games.
  10. A Solid program would be Columbia (several years straight years of being district champs) with little advancement beyond that (maybe 2nd round), but obviously a solid program, but Columbia does not fit the original question as their football is good, the softball team has won a state championship within the last 10 years, baseball is solid, and basketball has been winning (and until recently) not advancing. As for the original question, I asked for teams that excel in one or two sports, but stink in everything else. A better local (for you) example would be Hamilton County and Boys Basketball with a .566 win percentage. Now, Hamilton isn't what they used to be the last two seasons, but definitely more consistent than Middleburg baseball or softball which has made the playoffs twice in the last and MaxPreps has no winning records for them during the time. As suggested their girls basketball team has been very good for the past 4-5 years after years of being well below average. 2020: 8-16 2019: 11-18 * Playoff 2018: 16-13 * Playoff 2017: 16-10 * Playoff 2016: 21-6 * State Final Four 2015: 21-8 * Playoff 2014: 20-9 * State Runner-up 2013: 15-11 * Playoff 2012: 10-14 * Playoff 2011: 11-12
  11. So you are going to skip over the part where you said Middleburg baseball was solid for the past decade, when according to MaxPreps they have .456 win percentage over the time and once in 10 years did they make it past the first round of regionals?
  12. Really? 2019: 15-9 (Not bad) 2018: 10-13 2017: 8-18 2016: 6-18 * Playoff 2015: 14-15 2014: 9-20 *Playoff 2013: 14-14 *Playoff (they won two games in playoffs) 2012: 7-15 *Playoff 2011: 16-12 2010: 13-11 2009: 18-10*Playoff Not really a solid team and not really doing much in the playoffs. This is an example of a bias that you occasionally show that if a team plays Columbia and Columbia does not put a running clock/mercy rule them, then they must be good.
  13. What are some examples of one of your local high school that excels in one or maybe two sports, but is god-awful in anything else? Or, is able to have good programs in everything but football?
  14. Booker T Washington (Miami) hires Gerald Cox from Coconut Creek... surprised they didn't promote the Associate Coach who just helped win the State Championship.
  15. Since it worked when I posted for Plant, any idea when Glades Central is going to announce the hiring of their new coach? It has been almost 3.5 months now.
  16. First, I did say they have done well (re-read please) (right before your bolding). S Your quote makes it seem like Columbia is constantly playing games over 2.5 hours away since 2013. They have played 1. And nobody wins pre-season games. They are pre-season games. It is like you taking to task Vero Beach for saying they have the longest streak, but they aren't counting playoffs. The pre-season games DO NOT COUNT, because they are pre-season. They are glorified scrimmages.
  17. It is almost an impossible question: We don't have the numbers/rosters/etc, from the 1970s and 1980s to be able to track a kid from 9-12th grade. Maybe there were transfers, but we can't tell. I know I was considered a transfer to my school in the 90s because I came from out of state, but I did nothing to help the team succeed. As always transfers aren't helping good teams, they are already good. They are just making the middle of the road teams that much worse which is the bad thing for the sport. Every team is trying to find an edge over another, but it is also the reason why promotion and relegation are easy answers. STA gets 4 transfers in, fine. Lakeland gets 4 transfers, fine. Columbus, Central, Cocoa, Bolles, Apopka, Columbia get 4 transfers in, fine. Let them all play against each other.
  18. Using Google Map Directions: 2019: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2018: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2017: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2016: Defeated Escambia (40-20) 2015: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2014: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2013: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2012: Lost to Navarre (28-21) 2011: Defeated South Lafourche (LA) at Nichols State University (30-19) (not exactly a home game for South Lafourche) 2010: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2009: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2008: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2007: No away games over 2.5 hours away 2006: Defeated Niceville (18-14) 2005: Defeated Choctaw (28-21) 2004: Defeated Orlando Jones (35-7) To be fair, it is not like Columbia has played a ton of games that are over 2.5 hours away and they have done well. Of course ColumbiaHighFan is going to point to Apopka and IMG to bolster his argument, but those are pre-season games that do not count in the records.
  19. Disappointing that the kid from Newman transferred. If you look at his twitter, he was already getting big name (Power 5) offers before he went to STA, so the school is not going to get him any more offers than he currently is getting. If he thinks that the school is making him a better player, so be it, but like many situations, it is a shame that a team develops a student for several years only for them to abandon them. Transfers after freshman or sophomore year don't bother me nearly as much as transfers before senior year.
  20. Polls are idiotic when there is an actual playoff system. Polls before Week 7 are idiotic because, what are you basing your poll on, reputation and one or two games. Reality is that statewide polls should be considered useless in all sports. Now a smaller regional poll after week 7 is fine. I am going to make a safe assumption that the writers of the Jacksonville Times Union probably see a good many games of the Duval, St Johns, and Clay County to make a reasonable power ranking. I think the PBPost could make a reasonable poll of Martin and Palm Beach Counties. At the same point, at the beginning of last year who wouldn't have said STA, MNW, BTW, Central, Champagnat, Chaminade, and Madison wouldn't be in the Final Four or the Championship. I mean I think many of us even said that now that Miami powerhouses were more spread evenly that they would an easier path to the state championship.
  21. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/highschool/football/os-sp-hs-fhsaa-football-20200129-bzr42a36undgnf5baif46odlky-story.html I agree with HuffyLegend... You are potentially asking a team to travel from Pensacola to Miami (or vice versa) for a state semi-final game. Too far in my opinion. In the FHSAA is going to do this, they need to give additional financial compensation to these teams that have to make the travel. People are going to underestimate how expensive these types of trips really are.
  22. While I know many people are excited about a Madison County vs Pahokee state championship... this year, Madison would have been a #1 seed and Pahokee would be a #4. Same result as this year.
  23. It makes sense when the state-finals are central location (Basketball, Baseball, Softball), but I don't think it makes as much sense for football. As the FHSAA does this, they have to somehow find a way from FHSAA funds to supplement longer travel.
  24. As Darter explained, Madison isn't going to pull from other counties. I mean a move to Madison County is almost impossible for the average family because there are not a lot of financial opportunities in Madison County. What Madison did is they created a charter school that lowers their enrollment down enough that rather than play at 3A, they play at 1A. Even at 3A, Madison County would probably be a state finalist most years, but in 1A, your team is going to have to be a special team in order to beat them. Trenton beat them, Pahokee beat them, but Madison has dominated the last 3 years. They will continue to dominate. A super team from Dixie, Trenton, and Chiefland could beat them, but beyond that, little chance. If I was a betting person, I would automatically put Madison into the state finals before it begins. To the credit of Madison County, they have been a team that is willing to play anyone anywhere kinda attitude. They don't make excuses, which is why the move to 1A always surprised me. Playoffs 2011: Face 4 private schools, lose in state championship to American Heritage 2012: Face 4 private schools, lose in state championship to University School 2013: No Playoffs 2014: Face 2 public schools (including FSU High) and a private school, lose to Bolles 2015: Move to 1A (lose to Trenton) 2016: Lose to Pahokee Just like any school, I think Madison County got tired of playing private schools and losing. If they are in 3A, they face private schools almost the entire way through the playoffs. So in many ways, I don't blame them, but it is also the reason why a promotion and relegation system works.
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