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  1. Florida's Ultimate One-Hit Wonders

    Remember though Blake did not exist from about 1972 until about 1997 or 98.
  2. The new North Florida League 1A

    I think this is cool. This is how HS football was until 1963 in FL. Teams played in big conferences. They played for conference titles. Sports writers voted on the State Champion.
  3. State Championship Videos

    Gametapes used to sell them. But they went the way of the Dodo.
  4. Damn. That's horrible.☹️
  5. Willie must go...

    He landed an eligible QB!! Congrats. I'm seeing big strides this year. 7-5 here we come!
  6. 2019 out of state games

    I'm sure they could have their pic.
  7. 2019 out of state games

    Plant better step up its recruiting. Gonzaga is no joke.
  8. Who Is This FL HS Football Legend? Don Latimer

    I was thinking about doing that for Robinson this year, but not even time and not enough organization
  9. Who Is This FL HS Football Legend? Don Latimer

  10. Who Is This FL HS Football Legend? Don Latimer

    James Laughead (July 21, 1909 – 1978)[citation needed] was a photographer whose style defined the art of posed sports photography.[1] He developed techniques for posing athletes to appear as if they were in action.[2][3][4] He coined the term "huck 'n' buck" to describe the style.[5] His photos appeared in Life and in Sports Illustrated. His style was of posing players was often imitated, and influenced many of the sports photographers of his era.
  11. Who Is This FL HS Football Legend? Don Latimer

    This type of photography was called Huck n buck.
  12. Florida Gators vs Miami Hurricanes 19

    Best UF-Miami game in Tampa 35 years ago. Kosar to Eddie Brown!
  13. Willie must go...

    We got wayyyyy of topic. Let's be clear. I liked Willie T. at USF. It was a good fit. He is NOT a good fit at FSU so far. The color of his skin has nothing to do with his inability to recruit or coach on Saturday at the FSU level. I WANT Willie to go 15-0 next year and win a title. But I think he'll have a hard time going 7-5. That's just reality. A lot of this has to do with current FSU admin, which seems to be fairly incompetent when it comes to recent football-related affairs.
  14. Who Are These Coaches?

    Not many left. With the departures of Sean Callahan at Armwood, Corky Rogers at Bolles, and of course George Smith at STA, other than Castle and Garcia, I can't think of any. The old timers are gone. Joe Kinnan and Paul Maechtle (out of retirement and coaching Cardinal Mooney) also come to mind. Castle and Garcia were easy, but I can't think of even one more.