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  1. 181pl

    Edgewater V IMG

    7A finals are already set. Edgewater vs. STA rematch. Armwood is decent, but not great by any stretch.
  2. Pretty sure we all wear masks everyday when we go out. I wear them in and out of my office. Not in my office bc we are down to 6 people in our suite and we all have offices or large cubicles separated by a good amount of space.
  3. Those schools that don't get fans are not affected. But I find it hard to believe that kids who have been pent up for 6 months would not want to sit in the Friday night air with their friends cheering on their school.
  4. Another bad decision. Only a few family members of players, cheerleaders, and band members. I could see some limitations on crowd size, but they aren't even allowing regular students to attend. SDHC is a steaming pile of sh@#.
  5. Bottom line is that the state is clearly better with S Fla then without S. FLA., so let's hope they get moving.
  6. S. Fla. needs to get their shit together and start their season. This disease is bad for us old, fat phux. Young kids are good 99.95 % of the time. Just wear masks and socially distance if you are kid who interacts with at risk people. And high risk people should be wearing masks in public.
  7. I'd still try to schedule them. Post-Weiner Plant had a lot of staters transfer to greener pastures. Like with any rebuild, it will be a rough stretch for PHS until the new staff gets a system in place and buy in from everyone.
  8. Love MC, but they play WAY, WAY, WAY below the actual level of competition they should be playing in the playoffs.
  9. Plant is very average now
  10. Need to add Sumner in week 9
  11. Looking at the HC master schedule, looks like they could play Sumner in the last week, as both teams are open and have under 8 varsity games. They would also have room for Spoto, Middleton, or Blake in their other off week, however, those teams would be over 8 games. Not sure is Laness is allowing that.
  12. I'd like to see them try to get in Robinson, Hillsborough, or Jefferson, traditional S. Tampa rivals. No reason to play Armwood this year when you can travel literally 2.5 miles and play Robinson or Jefferson. Don't understand the need for 20+ mile trek for a meaningless game.
  13. https://www.plantpanthersfootball.com/schedule?fbclid=IwAR1qmHFuyuklGwI4AAeHgAi31kDLUPibTcd1FTTf6oODumhicg4xiHV3RGo I found this online. Looks Plant has less than a full slate. Mostly district games and one or two others. I'm wondering if the rest of the county has a similar set up?
  14. 181pl

    Corky Rogers

    Rest in peace coach! You were a legend and always will be.
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