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    Nolebull813, pretty sure you're local. Please stop by if you can.
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    Thanks Josh and Darter. If you'll be in Tampa this weekend please stop by.
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    A close friend of mine and big a supporter of HS football passed away a few weeks.Steve and I spent countless hours attending and critiquing football at all levels over the last 16 years. The conversation would usually carry over to the bar or restaurant afterwards. Steve loved supporting local sports, especially Robinson High football, baseball, etc. He also was somewhat of a historian, with a memory like an elephant. Talking to Steve would sometimes transport you right back to childhood when we were discussing local sports legends and the places we used to haunt as kids. He remembered everyt
  4. Well that didn't work out too well. Lol. Minneola was probably shell shocked. They're much better than they showed
  5. The Big Ten Champ was considered the State Champion. Plant got one or two way back. So did Hillsborough.
  6. Excellent game. 25-22 TCA. TCA was flat in the first and most of the second quarter. But they outplayed CM the rest of the way. CM put a great drive together to re-take the lead with 3:03 in the left in the fourth quarter. But TCA marched down the field and scored on a 4th and 7 from about the CM 30 on a pass. CM drove to the TCA 48, but took an intentional grounding and a sack to finish the game. Very good game. Duval 1, S. Fla. 1.
  7. I don't think Edgewater has a shot. For whatever reason, Jones blew out Edgewater and Jones was beaten pretty soundly by Jesuit. I would think that unless Edgewater is vastly improved since that game, STA wins by at least 21. I love Minneola, but they have to keep scoring the whole game or Central will win. Tough to do against the Central D. I'll go out on a limb and pick Minneola 27-24. Seminole looks like the class of 8A. They seem to have a better O than Osceola. I'd like to see Osceola win, but I'll pick Seminole 30-17.
  8. I say this because Bloomingdale is smallish. a few years ago they were huge. But now they are smallish and scrappy. Teams like that generally cannot beat St Thomas unless they have several breaks.
  9. Saw all these teams close up. Was on sidelines for the epic beat down of L in 2008. My top 3 are 2005 L, 2006 MNW and 2008 STA. But I think you have to recognize Lakeland winning three in a row and a super tough class again St thomas, and I think that 05 team was the best of the three.
  10. Best state champs by decade IMHO: Coral Gables Cavaliers 1967 Merritt Island Mustangs 1979. More of an overall achievement award, winning 3 titles in a decade where regular season and playoffs were always very competitive. Manatee Hurricanes 1983 Southridge Spartans 1993 Lakeland Dreadnaughts 2005 STA Raiders 2011 2000s are tough bc so many great squads between Armwood, Lakeland, Plant, STA, MNW, and Booker T.
  11. Yes, and the student population report is usually online as well but they run a year behind.
  12. I put all the private school powers in one class and throw in IMG for flavor to see how they like it.
  13. If American heritage plantation has 2,800 students why the hell are they in 5a? That's an 8A School.
  14. I'd like to see Bdale and Niceville. Would be a very off-brand but fresh title game.
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