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  1. 181pl

    Corky Rogers

    Rest in peace coach! You were a legend and always will be.
  2. So, "objection, asked and answered"?
  3. Then play independent....
  4. Plant- Brockmeier, as stated in companion thread.
  5. They're supposed to announce Monday from what I hear. there's a couple of finalist but they kept everything under wraps. I know two names but I don't want to say anything because I don't know if those guys are in the final two or not.
  6. Listen, the world doesn't revolve around N. Florida. 90 percent of the teams in the state are within a reasonable distance of say six other similarly sized high schools to make real districts. Adjust. Maybe the FHSAA can kick in some travel stipends if a team has to go over 75 miles. There are ways to get the system correct.
  7. I'm OK with it. But the playoff rankings are a joke.We either need large districts with the top two making it or we need to qualify by Region based on your record against that region (top 4).
  8. Trenton was putting it on 1A not that long ago. But MadCo is the most consistent, by far.
  9. times and needs change. re-propose
  10. Someone would have to propose it. It would be debated. It would be voted on. I know you passed Civics.
  11. Rules. You know, those things that govern the member schools? Hillsborough is stuck with a "regional" county schedule.
  12. One IMG doesn't fill up N. FLA schedules. Lol. One way to get around your problem is to have "Region" schedules in rural areas where the teams in region play must a certain amount of teams not only from their district, but the larger region. This would help, an be better than tax payers subsidizing IMG's existence by playing them while they take players from those schools. Don't sell your soul over this.
  13. If there are 10-15 national academies that only play each other, so be it. But to stop the rise of this crap, normal academic institutions have to stop playing sports academies.
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