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  1. trickeration not against da rulz…
  2. Cocoa. But if the don’t hold CG under 21, then CG.
  3. does bulldog 1987 still post on these forums? I bet he’s excited
  4. No the clock would keep running. You don’t think teams have lined up with nine seconds left and spiked the ball? Of course they have. But when the other team is running the ball back 25 yards the other way you can’t lineup.
  5. No I’m saying that the referee had the judgment call to give them an untimed down
  6. NCAA Rule 12-3-7 expressly states that “the replay official may correct obvious errors that may have a significant impact on the outcome of the game, including those involving the game clock, whether or not a play is reviewable.” The Florida player appeared to intercept the ball and ran it back the other way. But the play was dead when Travis’s knee was down. This prevented FSU from having any shot of lining up to run one more play. The referees did review the play. They should’ve come up with the correct resolution, which was one untimed down.
  7. reading this I think I’m right. Could have been an untimed down at end… https://www.dailyprincetonian.com/article/2021/11/princeton-harvard-football-game-bonfire-ivy-league
  8. Have you seen the size of Jesuits line? They can run schemes and blitzes to get through of course, but Jesuit o line is likely not going to be dominated one on one.
  9. This. But I think NW/Jesuit and Tech/LG could be too close to call.
  10. How about the end of the game? I thought there should be one untimed down remaining. Travis was down prior to the ball being thrown. The pick was then returned several yards, making it impossible for FSU to line up and snap the ball. Don't know the actual rule on that, but it seems if the the actions of the other team, even if unintentional, make it impossible for a team to line up in a hurry and snap the ball, that there should be one untimed down. Again, this is coming from a biased FSU fan, but it would be good to know the rule.
  11. RIP Mr. Pinkos. You'll be missed. You made a selfless contribution to HS football. I'll miss looking at your rankings and predictions. God bless you and your family.
  12. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/high-schools/2021/10/11/mike-fenton-coach-of-jeffersons-2010-state-title-team-dies/?outputType=amp
  13. Long time Jefferson Coach who led them to 2010 State Championship passed away today. RIP coach.
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