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  1. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    This is hilarious. Take the orange glasses off. Plant has played @ Lakeland in the playoffs and Lakeland has played @ Plant in the playoffs numerous times. I've been to all of those games except the one where Wayne Peace was the L's QB. Those games have been officiated fine. Good and bad calls against both teams. I saw Lakeland destroy Hillsborough in the Rainey era and the flags were not flying. If you are talking regular season, then I don't really have an opinion because I haven't been to those games. I will say that a fully healthy Lakeland team will beat Bdale by at least 14, but don't underestimate them. They are an up and coming program. Even if cheating Armwood did take their best offensive player in the offseason (Charles Montgomery).
  2. Here's a thread I posted on the national board several days ago. Agreed with what you're saying.... https://www.prepgridiron.com/topic/16340-florida-is-mired-in-mediocrity/
  3. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 5

    You really think Bishop Verot would beat Venice or a number of teams ranked behind them . Not picking on Bishop Verot. You may have bitten off more than you can chew. Focus on a Top 30 that doesn't take class or record into consideration. Should only be who can beat who if you are talking about a real "top" anything list.
  4. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 5

    I also notice that you didn't give me another legit top 100 team outside of STA, Lakeland, and IMG.
  5. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 5

    OK list. I'd say Tech is better than at least 25 teams in your top 50. They would murder your top 50 Berkeley Prep
  6. Plant is pretty bad......

    This game showed how far away this team is from a normal Plant team. 1. Can't move the chains. Too many drops. 2. Crucial turnovers you mentioned above. Twice. 3. Defense can't get off of the field. 4. Special teams impact non-existent. Tech did muff a punt and gave Plant a very short field and they scored, but this wasn't a forced fumble, it was simply a drop. 5. Team lacks fire, outside of the 3 or 4 guys (Gleason, Carvajal, Reid, and a few others); There is ZERO sense of urgency when they play. This is the sign of a bad, bad team.
  7. Plant is pretty bad......

    Plant is bad. I've been to all of the games except Armwood, including Venice pre-season. Their D is beyond lousy this year. It's talent, not coaching. They are in a DOWN cycle. They'll get better because the schedule was seriously front loaded. If they win over B-dale tomorrow (and they aren't the favorite), they MIGHT end up 6-4. However, if they lose, they won't have a winning regular season because the next game is against 8th rated (nationally) Gonzaga. Plant hasn't played OOS in a few years. This is the worst team I've seen at Plant since 2002, so this was a very bad year to schedule such a game. Pulling for the P. Go Plant!
  8. NFL is back!

    Also: Jameis is not a good pro. Decision making has not improved.
  9. One of Life's Greatest Mysteries . . .

    1. Irrational Anger 2. Attempt to intimidate 3. Lack of thought
  10. Mandarin vs St Thomas aquinas

    Good stuff. Mandarin has one hell of a QB. STA obviously the favorite, but Mandarin has puncher's chance with that QB.
  11. NFL is back!

    Game was a DUD. Trubisky is awful.
  12. Venice vs Plant predictions

    I was there. Venice is the much better team right now. Much more in sync. Plant needs A LOT of work. With their schedule they'll be lucky to get out of the regular season with 3 losses.
  13. Lennard slapped with cease and desist letter

    For about $300 they can get cool helmet decals with a similar Bull style logo in their colors from awarddecals.com. Takes about a week to get in the mail. Had some done for a JV team a few years back.
  14. Lennard slapped with cease and desist letter

    HC is very cheap. Look for L to wear plain white helmets...
  15. The Most Consistent Programs of the Past 15 Seasons

    157-20 for Plant in 14 years. 160 and 27 for 15 years (3-7 2004 season counted); All Robert Weiner. Still better than Wakulla. So what's your criteria?