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  1. 181pl

    2020 Transfer Season

    Which to me is weird, at least for Parks. Both Gaither and Jesuit made it to the state semis last year. Parks leaves before his senior year to join a new squad that is arguably not as good as his former team.
  2. 181pl

    2020 Transfer Season

    Surprising that Gaither is now seen as a "ghetto" school. It opened when I was in high school and it had all of the Carrolwood Village and Northdale kids. How times have changed...
  3. 181pl

    2020 Transfer Season

    By the way, it's very difficult to see this thread because of the Ad below it. You don't see it at first glance.
  4. 181pl

    2020 Transfer Season

    Just twitter fed rumors...
  5. 181pl

    2020 Transfer Season

    Load it up. Confirmed: Armwood loses 5 star Hall to IMG Rumors: Armwood QB Ransom to Lakeland Jesuit QB Kelly and RB Ricky Parks to Gaither Steinbrenner RB Silas to Gaither
  6. I think the perfect venue size is somewhere between 15K and 20K with a lot of in and out roads and hotels close by (sounds like Tampa and Orlando, but without the right sized venue). Finally, another good option is Tropicana Filed, home of the Rays. It hosted the UA All American game for a bit and it rec-configures nicely for football. Plenty of parking, with huge surface lots. Lots of bars and eateries around as well for the adult folk. I think it holds about 25K for football, but could hold more. Problem would be the cost, as an indoor, air-conditioned facility isn't cheap.
  7. I liked the "look" of the games during the broadcast. The stadium was filled. That's what you want. Why play in an 80K monolith and have 5K fans? I've been wanting Tampa to build a 15K stadium forever. Could be used for States and U.T. football if they ever bring it back. Alternatives? UCF's field; FAU's field, etc. USF's future field (not Ray Jay)?
  8. great comeback. I never root for Miami schools, or for private schools. But, Columbus deserves this. They've been so many times and they've been left at the altar. I'm glad for the program and its alumni.
  9. Free Spectrum streaming as customer on 65 inch smart TV too good to pass up. Beats 2.5 hour drive
  10. Are you taking Nuetral in the cesna?
  11. That must have been like taking crack from an addict for a few people (Columbia? :) JK)
  12. Gainesville is the center. There were a half dozen or so years when the finals were held there.
  13. 181pl


    Wave, get Neutral over here!!!
  14. Let's discuss your post: 1. I was extremely happy that as many Tampa teams got as far as they did. But they all fell flat on their face in the fourth round. Just a fact. That's why I said go get them next year. 2. Nothing to hide here. Here is Plant's playoff record since 2011. 2011 8A Champs- Beat 4th ranked (nationally) Miramar 2016 7A Runner Up- Loss to STA 2017 State Semis- Loss to B. T. 2013 State Semis- loss to Apopka 2018 3rd Round- Loss to Lakeland 2015 2nd Round- Loss- Lakeland 2014 2nd Round- Loss- Dr. P. 2012 2nd Round- Loss- Dr. P. No first round losses. 3rd round or more 5 times. Pretty damn good. Blows away every team in our area except for Armwood, who also routinely gets beat in the late rounds. 3 Plant wins because of transfers only? Laughable. All teams get transfers. See EVERY S. Fla. power, Armwood, etc. Pretty much every school that has won consistently at a very high level. Plant actually suffers from the transfer rules bc it's an "A" school in an expensive area that is at capacity. That means very few football transfers, especially now in the era of open transfers. I'm not going to be a hypocrite, because clearly Plant has had transfers. But they win because of coaching and buying in from the kids. There have beaten and dominated many, many teams over the years that had much, much more talent than they've had.
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