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  1. I fell you, Dillard. Columbus was in a position to defend their title this year, but it wasn't meant to be. The Tri-Country title is nice, but it is no state title. I know the boys are proud that they got to do the best with what they had. Coaches are happy too. Overall, I'm still glad it was played to give the young men a few games and some film for recruiters. Fans like me were happy that we got something. Let's just hope that we are the first and the LAST Tri-county winners ever.
  2. after a timeout, Columbus gets the stop on 4th and 4. Turnover on downs. Columbus ball at their own 41. Should be ballgame.
  3. Bucs start from their own 40 after a Columbus squib kick. 2 minutes left, DB in Columbus territory. DB goes for it on forth and short...
  4. Columbus starts with the ball at their 36. Mendoza hits Gibert for a 40yd completion over the middle. Nice YAC. Face-mask personal foul by DB puts the Explorer offense inside the Buc's red zone 14-yd TD pass to Gibert. WOW! 27-24
  5. WHAT A GAME! Kickoff returned 90 yards - DB back up!! 20-24 Bucs. Still 6 minutes left
  6. Columbus drive begins at their 20. Vershod Quinn almost breaks one, Columbus run followed by Mendoza pass to Javhar McSween with a 50 yard TD. Columbus back up 20-17. 6:48 left.
  7. Columbus goes for it on 4th and 9 inside the 20. DB pick-6 100 yards. DB leads for first time in game. 8 minutes left, Explorers trail by 4.
  8. Columbus and DB exchanging some personal fouls... Columbus moves in DB territory, after another pass interference, Explorers in red zone.9 minutes left
  9. DB punches it in 13-10 Columbus. Columbus 3rd and long, Mendoza throws pass to Gibert, tipped and intercepted. Defensive holding negates the INT.
  10. Personal foul on Explorers moves DB into Columbus red zone. QB keepers working against the overly aggressive Columbus D. official timeout, 2 minutes left in 3Q. DB at the Columbus 1.
  11. DF begins possession with some nice misdirection, picks up 15. QB keeper misdirection working well for DB. Moved into Explorer territory. DB receivers getting into the action now... after Columbus D finally stopping Patterson up the middle.
  12. DB received at the half, followed by a 3 and out. Columbus marching down inside the DB 20. Quinn, a non-factor for much of the 1st half, now pounding the rock behind that big Columbus O-Line. Unfortunately as a receiver he has dropped two open passes. Columbus has to settle for a FG. Prado, Columbus kicker is a D1 level kicker... 13-3 7:00 left in Q3
  13. Explorers get inside the 10 before a false start sets them back 5. Incomplete pass. 5 yd pass. FG team lines up with 5 seconds left for 3. Half ends 10-3 Explorers.
  14. 2 minutes left in half. Columbus begins drive at own 20. Good drive: 10 yd run, 15 yd pass, 20 yd pass, 15 yd run, pass interference (questionable call if ball was catchable). Columbus 1st at DB 20, Quinn with a couple runs up the middle. 30 seconds left. Columbus Time out
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