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  1. Spoke to the guy who runs the student news broadcast - CCNN. Weather in the area prevented them from setting up equipment. So no video. They do a decent job on their twitter account for the games without NFHS coverage like this one:
  2. they played out the remainder of the game. Neither team did much, a few turnovers. Crowd was flat due to weather. Final 15-0 Columbus over Palmetto. Not an impressive win for my Explorers. That said this is usually a tight, competitive game as a neighborhood rivalry. We got MNW next week. Even though the Bulls are down a bit this year, still should be a competitive game.
  3. Some ugly weather down here. Game may well end 15-0 with all the lightning. Is that considered a competitive game? LOL.
  4. Damn @cribboy305, @THIS_IS_DILLARD, and @nolebull813!!! Keep it down! All this trashing refs talk is gonna release the Kracken! Chill. Refs never ever, EVER, get a call wrong. And you three don't seem to understand that. And you NEVER will. Becasue you are not qualified to complain! ... play on
  5. I think Kim Jam-Bun should read this little excerpt from Chat GPT here...
  6. weak feed, but watching now on Section 104:
  7. Feed keeps dropping. 1st possession BG drove down with relative ease on the Rockets. They were inside the MC 10 when the feed cut out.
  8. Now pushed back to 11:30pm EST. Man I need to sleep though...
  9. woops. How do I delete a thread I started?
  10. Looks like they are having some weather out west as well. Kick off pushed back to 10:45pm EST. Game is on NFHS: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/bn-productions/gam78f7a9fc3e
  11. So its like witchcraft or something? You guys have a rosetta stone? A secret handshake? Skull and Bones organization? Maybe we found the illuminatii here on this board. All the time I thought it was the politicians running the shadow world from some pizza store in suburban Washington DC. But nope, its those damned esoteric zebras. I just wonder if other professions took that attitude, how you would change your tune. Imagine your kid's teacher saying something to that effect: "You don;' know what we are looking for, we won't explain it to you and we NEVER will"?! I BET you'd rip him/her a new one telling them about all the things they can and can't teach. All the books they can and can't use. What parts of history they have to leave out. I'd bet you feel that way about most anything you don't agree with. At the end of the day, I wonder what you think this forum is for? Officiating is a huge part of the game. We're just supposed to quietly ignore bad calls? You think we are incapable of not only discerning a missed call when we have the benefit of replay at home and the ref doesn't, but also that we don't even have the right to complain??? WOW! Sounds like some authoritarian type shit right there. Check yourself, Kim Jam-bun...
  12. We understand, massa ... I mean "supervisor" @cribboy305 my man ain't playing. Don't ever criticize any thing unless you got immediate evidence that he approves of. No one criticize anything. You are NOT qualified, you hear? I mean, apply this to everything: don't criticize coaches, unless you are a coach. Don't criticize teachers, unless you are a teacher. Don't criticize politicians unless you are a politician. Don't complain about that burger unless you a chef!!! Don't complain about hurricanes unless you a meteorologist. Don't complain about women unless you dress up in yo ladies high heels and panties on the weekend when she out wit her crew.. Because ... YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED!!!
  13. Homestead, Palmetto, CAI, and Columbus all play each other, so in less than a month the rankings between the three South Dade contenders should iron themselves out. Palmetto is always scrappy, and their QB Goenaga is legit. Former Columbus QB who made the move sophomore year there and started.
  14. Why demand I answer you? "aRe yOu mY SuPerViSor?"
  15. At least 5 other members of the forum seem to appreciate and most importantly not feel intimidated by my comments. Sorry for your singular fragility. You should see someone about it.
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