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  1. Thanks for compiling this info. That said, I wonder if the disproportionate number of transfers in Dade/Broward is commensurate with the population differences? I mean 14 out of 24 (58%) is high, but statistically speaking these two counties account for nearly 24% of the overall state population. Add the fact that so many of these schools are relatively close to one another (compared to most of the less populated counties) and such transfers become easy. Bus routes help too. The junior transfer for Columbus, for instance came from Coral Park. That school is 1 mile down 87th ave from Columbus. Just adding a little perspective here that you might have missed.
  2. 8A Columbus looking for new coach

    Chris' move has been in the making for some time now. Dave Dunn - former Columbus Head Coach back in late 90's for a brief stint, at the helm for the '19 season. He's coming from a whirlwind tour of collegiate coaching - FAU, Becker College, 10 years at Catholic University, Marshall, and most recently at Colby College. Not sure why so much movement, but I knew the guy back in 97 --98 - he's a great guy and the kids loved him. No Chris Merritt, but then again, word on the street is that there are a lot of coaching changings happening next year, already been quite a few since spring ball. Luckliy, he's a familiar face, who likes the passing game, and the boys hopefully won;t miss a beat. Good luck, Chris.
  3. State Finals Attendance

    Saw that. NW generally travels well - at least better than all the other 305 programs with the exception of Central. Generation upon generation of Bulls and alumni who used to pack the Orange Bowl for the Soul Bowl with 20k in the stands. I wondered what Armwood's excuse was - especially with such a strong tradition themselves.
  4. Mandarin Situation Is Disappointing

    I've got to be careful how I say this, given my homer status. I think Old School tried to parse this tactfully, but I feel Shred may have taken this personally. To be fair, I did not know about the Mandarin senior transfers. But IF that was the case, then I see much of Old School's point: the SITUATION regarding senior transfers among public schools is adding to this FHSAA issue. Hell, Columbus doesn't even allow senior sports transfers as a private. I'm not taking anything away from Mandarin, and I don't think Old School is either. We had our chances to hit a FG, make that 2-pt conversion, etc. and we didn't. Too many penalties, too many turnovers. We got beat. We weren't entitled to a win because of the history or "dues". But that context does seems to highlight the actual problem: that the FHSAA and our sports-obsessed culture do push winning above team loyalty, and eventually class-parity for the fans. Lastly, in agreement with Old School, this begins to water down the argument that the big privates have cornered the market in transfers. I've had to deal with this accusation at Columbus (namely because of STA) for years. That said, I think it's fair to be upset at the SYSTEM without taking it out on the individual SCHOOLS. I think I've had this conversation in politics for the past 20 years: we can talk about revising a less than perfect electoral system, without having to make it all about the actual politician who won or lost. Anyway, I'm hoping this response won't be seen as anything more than it is: the FHSAA has created a mess, and I can't blame any school for playing it to their advantage, just as private schools have been able to do for some time now. I just hate the trend as a fan of HS football. Congrats to Mandarin!
  5. Class 8A title game Mandarin vs Columbus

    Unfortunately, so is Mandarin, no? Yes, Columbus will be solid in the skill positions: return their QB, #1 running back, #2 receiver/DB, and quite a few on defense - including our top ATH Courtney Holmes who was sidelined all season with an ACL from the spring. Only suspect area right now might be the O-line which is senior heavy. Should be a favorite for 8A south at least.
  6. Class 8A title game Mandarin vs Columbus

    Congrats, Mandarin. Great game. Disappointed for my Explorers, but they lost to a very solid squad.
  7. Class 8A title game Mandarin vs Columbus

    Yes, effectively the same as this year. in 2014 they lost to a nationally ranked Central team, this year they "lost" (WFF) to a nationally ranked Carol City team. Both seasons they, played their best ball towards the latter half of their respective schedules. Likewise, Apopka and Mandarin both hit stride in the playoffs. This should be a great matchup. Haven;t seen much of Mandarin except a few highlights, but our DB's will have their hands full with the Mandarin QB, that's for sure. It's the pressure from our front four that might make the difference there. I don't see mandarin shutting down the Columbus O - they are too balanced, too disciplined. I see a shootout. Maybe a 60pt over/under... The only x-factor I see right now is that the Columbus team is driven by the passing of one of their players. Dedicating the season to him has put a real spark into their play and morale is at an all time high in the squad. Add that to the fact that it was Coach Merrit's birthday yesterday, the 60th year of the school, and alumni are crawling out of the wood work to support this team, given their disappointing history in title games, there is an air of belief that might be enough to make the difference. in the end, hope everyone is healthy and we have a top-notch game on both sides of the ball. May the better team win!
  8. Most famous sports athlete you ever met in person?

    A-Rod at a Columbus basketball function a few years ago. Oh, and played poker with Bob Sura back before I knew who he was at FSU and then met with Charlie Ward who became our class president.
  9. 8A Semi-final Columbus 49 vs. Deerfield Beach 21 (FINAL

    Columbus running out the clock allows Parrish to break free for a long one with just over 2 minutes left. Columbus 48 DFB 21
  10. 8A Semi-final Columbus 49 vs. Deerfield Beach 21 (FINAL

    Game sealed by Kalani Norris pick-6!!! Columbus up 42-21
  11. 8A Semi-final Columbus 49 vs. Deerfield Beach 21 (FINAL

    Yeah, DFB didn't help themselves with penalties and dropped balls. Columbus fans travel well.
  12. 8A Semi-final Columbus 49 vs. Deerfield Beach 21 (FINAL

    Yeah, DFB didn't help themselves with penalties and dropped balls. Columbus fans travel well. Columbus missed FG from about 38 yards out. DFB ball with 6 min left.
  13. 8A Semi-final Columbus 49 vs. Deerfield Beach 21 (FINAL

    DFB scores on big pass play on 4th and 7. 2-pt conversion good. CCHS 35 DFB 21
  14. 8A Semi-final Columbus 49 vs. Deerfield Beach 21 (FINAL

    And another questionable pass interference called against Columbus. DFB staying alive. Many DFB fans have left the stadium.
  15. 8A Semi-final Columbus 49 vs. Deerfield Beach 21 (FINAL

    And another questionable pass interference called against Columbus. DFB staying alive. Many DFB fans have left the stadium.