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  1. I am kinda disappointed that the NW game is here instead of down in Miami. Their PA announcer at the KOC last year was entertaining.
  2. I have only been in Florida for 1 year. So this question comes from pure ignorance. I understand what IMG is, in general. Are the 2 games on the schedule between IMG and Venice for the same IMG opponent? Or is one of the games against the "JV" Varsity team? If so, is there a huge drop off?
  3. There is a big difference between willing and being financially able. Early on in this process this year I stuck my nose where it didn't belong. Ended up having the coach from the HS in Az that my kids graduated from talk with Coach Peacock. My understanding is that both teams were willing but neither could provide enough (or perhaps any) travel money to make it happen. Would have been a great game. It's not cheap to play out of state.
  4. Maybe I am over simplifying. But, is it just a case where local-ish teams don't want to schedule Venice?
  5. Ah man... you put a face on him and showed redeeming qualities. How are we supposed to continue giving him garbage about Madison now that we know who he is? The internet makes it so easy to get on each other. Humanizing things a little changes stuff.
  6. Ya know.... I hear Venice is in need of 4 games including preseason. Just sayin'
  7. Actually, let me answer the question you posed. It is far more likely that they would be included in the spring game than on the regular season schedule. Still not where I was going.
  8. I suppose, but that is not what I have in mind. Check back with me after the schedules come out in a few months
  9. I think there will be something outside the norm on the Venice schedule in 2022...
  10. It would be BRUTAL, but what about an open division? Leave the rest alone. Or, 2 open divisions, one public one private? If you provide opportunity for "other" programs to succeed, maybe the whole ship rises with the tide? The result of a 2 to 4 year test certainly won't make things worse.
  11. Coach Peacock sent out a tweet about 2 weeks ago saying Venice had about 6 open weeks on next year's schedule. Just sayin'....
  12. Eek, not sure I have ever been asked to jump on my soapbox LOL... All following statements are purely opinion that belong to me alone. The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is automatic first downs vs non-automatic first downs. I don't think defensive holding should warrant an automatic first down at any level. HS has that one right. Defensive PI, personal fouls, unsportsmanlike, should be an automatic first down. I get the 15 yards or 1/2 the distance instead of spot of foul for PI. Many of the PI calls happen in the red zone or end zone. Sitting on 3rd and goal from the 15 and getting a PI at the 1 doesn't really "punish" the defense for the infraction.
  13. Lots of opinions here... Quickly on the kickoff touchback. 2 things - Decreasing the risk factors, some. And saving teams from hot-shot undisciplined "superstars". Offsides on D - Everything on this subject is based purely on opinion. My take? Are defensive line players less capable of discipline today than they were last year? 10 years ago? 50 Years ago? On the rule being different than in college and pro - There are rules different between college and pro, why not between HS and pro? I shake my head sometimes at the weird HS rules, but there are all there for a reason. You want to change 1 HS football rule? Defensive pass interference on an offensive touchdown should not be enforced on the ensuing kick off. That is bizarre. Personal fouls, unsportsmanlike, yes.
  14. It's not just HS Football. It really is any level of football (or life for that matter).
  15. 9 - Madison County 12 - Champagnat Catholic 13 - Chaminade-Madonna 10 - Cocoa 16 - Miami Central 11 - Jesuit 15 - St. Thomas Aquinas 14 - Venice
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