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  1. Schedules

    Dr Phillips Schedule - Kickoff Classic: @ Edgewater - @ Sanford Seminole @ Timber Creek @ West Orange Boone Apopka Windermere @ Wekiva Olympia East Ridge @ Oak Ridge
  2. Miami Central 2019 schedule

    ahhh the acronyms..... ban this man!!!
  3. Lakeland appears fully reloaded for 2019

    I’ve said it for years. If a kid and his parents decide to move to another school zone, or to enroll in a school in search of better coaching (and college football opportunities), then they have every right to do so. The free market approach makes certain school zones more desirable depending on what a family is looking for (school grade, athletic program, etc). If you build it they will come.
  4. Dan Burke at Palm Bay Steps Down - Article

  5. 52 Teams with the Most Playoff Wins over the Past 10 Seasons

    Two of the top 8 (Plant & Dr. Phillips) had to play each other in the second round 4 of those 10 years.
  6. 8A Region 2 - An Early Look

    Yes, that's the game. That DP team had enough to win it all.
  7. 8A Region 2 - An Early Look

    I’ll rank them: 1t) Dr. Phillips 1t) Plant 3) Osceola 4) Sarasota Riverview 5) Lake Nona 6) Boone 7) Olympia Plant and Dr. Phillips will renew their rivalry. Those were classics from 2011 to 2014. The 2013 OT game was a nightmare as a sure DP pick was tipped and the Plant WR took it ~80 yards to force OT in the last 2 minutes.
  8. Spring Game 2

    Osceola/Edgewater will be in the mix as well... Central Florida may have a good amount of parity in its top 8. 8A north will again be a great bracket.
  9. Spring Game 2

    Winter Park and DP should both be top 6 in CFL to start the year. I’d probably have them each in the 2-5 range. I also like Jones, Apopka, Seminole, Lake Mary and Mainland. Olympia could be much better. Wekiva could drop off some. West Orange is a bit of a wildcard.
  10. Spring Game 2

    DP depth. Projected high impact players. * D1 offer ^ D1AA offer (2) multi-position player QB - Joe Patti (So) / Brenden Cyr RB - Brandon Fields * RB - Nivon Holland RB - Rodney Wells Jr (So) ATH - Jaydan Taylor (So) (2) * WR - Joanes Fortilien (So) * WR - Jacquez Jones WR - Jalen Washington (Jr) WR - Ledger Hatch (Jr) * WR/TE - Trey Schyck TE - Jackson Hodor T - Kyjuan Phillips (Jr) — 6’4, 270 T - Derek Haupt — 6’4, 280 ^ G - Austin Purpura (Jr) — 6’2, 280 G - Devin Hill (So) — 6’2, 280 C - Reggie Hayes (Jr) — 6’1, 245 - CB - Tevin Griffey * S - Jadai Smith (Jr) * S - Jalen Moore (Jr) CB - Kameryn Metcalf (So) DE - Shemar Williams DE - Shi Gaskin DL - Malik Carson DL - Chris Henson MLB - Stephen Dix * OLB- Jean Charles (So) OLB/SS - Steve Julssaint OLB - Jaydan Taylor (So) (2) *
  11. Spring Game 2

    DP will need the following to compete for the 8A title: 1) Consistent QB play. Patti does not turn the ball over as much as the spring game showed. This is the clear #1 factor by a longshot. Joe is Nick/Tony Patti’s cousin. 2) Depth on defense. The defensive line, defensive backfield and linebacker core do not have much proven talent beyond ~12 players. Many of those guys are high level, but young. 3) DP averages around 270 on the OLINE but the talent is young. They need a big summer and this needs to be a strength of the team. The OLINE did not open enough holes last year. IF this offensive line comes together and plays to its potential DP’s offense will be lethal. This is the biggest opportunity area for DP heading into the summer alongside QB development. 4) A breakout season by RB Brandon Fields, a senior committed to South Carolina who did not play in the spring game due to baseball. See #3 - that will determine how good of a season Fields has. He needs open space and can be a bruiser. This DP team has talent in every class, primarily the class of 2022 (sophomores this upcoming season). The wide receiver core is loaded - 6 deep - running back is loaded 3 deep, and the offensive line has the size to take control if they have a good summer. The defense is top-heavy with talent but needs depth. D1 offers by class (& projected # of additional d1 offers) 2020: 4 (3-4) — 7-8 total 2021: 2 (3-4) — 5-6 total 2022: 2 (5-6) — 7-8 total (TBD)
  12. Where Is the Talent in Orlando/Brevard in 2019?

    Dr. Phillips and Jones are loaded with young talent as well. Dr. Phillips’ 2022 class in particular is getting a ton of early interest. Two guys already have high D1 offers.
  13. FL HS football in NFL quiz

    Dr. Phillips (3) Ha Ha Clinton Dix (S-CHI) class of 2011 Marcell Harris (S-SF), class of 2013 Matt Milano (LB-BUF), class of 2013 - All three played safety at DP.
  14. Central Florida Future

    Top Classes (College Prospects) by Year *Major input from Chris Hays’ analysis, other outlets such as 247 and Rivals, and what I’ve seen on the field. 2020 1. Jones (CB, RB, DT, DT, ATH, ATH, WR) 2. Dr. Phillips (LB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, OL) 3. Apopka (DE, RB, CB) 4. Winter Park (WR, CB, QB, WR) 5. West Orange (RB, WR, ATH, RB) 6. Seminole (TE, WR, ATH) 7. Edgewater (S, RB, OL) 8. Olympia (ATH, QB, WR) 2021 1. Jones 2. Dr. Phillips 3. Seminole 4. Apopka 5. Edgewater 6. Olympia 2022 1. Dr. Phillips 2. Jones 3. Lake Mary 4. Seminole Overall, Jones and Dr. Phillips have the most prospects through the 2022 class by a good margin. Of course, this list will change. Behind Jones and DP... Seminole, Apopka, Edgewater and West Orange have a lot of underclassmen talent coming up. Also - watch out for Olympia. This list includes Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Sumter County. I don’t follow Volusia or Brevard close enough and I know de cleater will give me a pass for not ranking S Sumter. Out of those two counties (Brevard, Volusia) I’d keep an eye out for Cocoa.... then DeLand, Mainland and Rockledge.
  15. Most Title Game Appearances By Decade

    Cool stat I never considered... Apopka and Dr. Phillips have represented the large class ‘north bracket’ in the title game 6 of the last 9 years — and the stat was 6/8 before this season. APK went 2-1 and DP went 1-2. Mandarin (2018) represents this year obviously — Plant (2011) and Osceola (2015) were the others.