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  1. Need the boards help

    If you are isolating to Florida and not scaling to the US I’d say the “average” category stars somewhere near 150-200. There is a big drop off (and tail in the weak side of the distribution) with small schools that you’d have to account for.
  2. Need the boards help

    My point: Go watch some football up north. I’ve been to a few games in Massachusetts (Reading Rockets). They are always a contender for the Mass Super Bowl but would be blasted by a top 50 FL team.
  3. Need the boards help

    Just by your definitions this list is wrong. ”Average 36-60” The top 36-60 teams in FL are probably in the top 5% nationally. Someone do the math. I don’t know how many teams there are nationally. Generally the #50 team in FL is somewhere around 400-500 nationally. With 20,000 teams in the US that’d be top 2% to top 2.5%. This name/ranking convention would work for a smaller state like Maryland or Alabama. On a national scale the top 25 in Florida would all be “great”. Most would win state titles in 20 or more states. I’d then say the top 4-6 depending on the year are elite and the top 7-15 are just a notch below.
  4. The Biggest Diss in the Polls?

    DP has brought their A game the past 10 quarters. They looked like the DP of the past last night. The Boone game is a major outlier but the team has vastly improved since then. The offense is starting to click as the new QB Givens has gotten more comfortable. DP has about 9 guys with D1 offers, so the talent is there. You can view the Wekiva game on youtube here:
  5. Dr. Phillips 35 - Wekiva 7

  6. Dr. Phillips 35 - Wekiva 7

    Gloatfest 2019, VIP Member Pipe Dreams reporting
  7. Dr. Phillips 35 - Wekiva 7

    I mean...really? 80?
  8. Dr. Phillips 35 - Wekiva 7

    DP is a different football team since being down 21-0 at the half against Apopka, losing 21-13 and having two potential TD's called back. They manhandled Wekiva and it could have been much worse. Completely different team out there. Will they crack Columbia's top 80? Word on Troll Street is no
  9. Central Florida top 10

    1. Jones 2. Edgewater 3. Seminole 4. Wekiva 5. Lake Mary (knew they'd be tough) 6. Osceola 7. Winter Park 8t. Apopka 8t. Dr. Phillips 8t. DeLand 8t. West Orange 8t. Bishop Moore 8t. Ocoee 8t. Oviedo 8t. Spruce Creek parity galore beyond #3-4
  10. Shooting started game called in 3rd Qt Dillard Wins 55-0

    How the hell is a shooting at a HS game not national news. This can't even become close to normalized. I'm not an anti-gun guy (don't read between any lines) but THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Who cares who won.
  11. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Nice list
  12. 6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Jones is only a sleeper outside of Orlando.
  13. East Central Florida Top 19 (UPDATED)

    I already updated the original post. Watching the highlights I saw........... 1) Edgewater blocking was incredible 2) On the long plays DP was in position but the Edgewater guys went full 99 overall madden ranking and made unreal plays. Was a shock to all on the DP side. 34-0 in the 2nd just doesn't happen.
  14. East Central Florida Top 19 (UPDATED)

    What's scary is on paper this DP offense is as loaded they've been since 2010. I said I wasn't going to get into it... let's just say I'm a confused man at the moment. I can't scale the damn thing like I used to.... Lakeland and Edgewater look light years ahead of two major 8A contenders, and there has ALWAYS been parity at that level especially in C-Fla. The times are changing. This year may seriously rebalance some of the high parity we've seen in years past in C-Fla....It's sImilar to the early 2000's when (guess who) Edgewater and Lakeland were a notch above the rest (in addition to Armwood and the occasional outlier team like 02 Apopka). Rant over... not even gonna proof read it.... DP @ Seminole will be VERY telling especially when comparing the best of 8A vs the best of 7A. I have Seminole 35-20 because I can't pick DP in every game for eternity and need to keep my board drip level on at least 90. McClain could have himself a day
  15. East Central Florida Top 19 (UPDATED)

    Original post updated with final ranking before week 1 and picks for the top 5 week 1 games. I don't want to talk about the Edgewater-DP game. Edgewater is elite...legit. I watched the highlights. I underestimated their offensive line, which is a strength of the team. They execute on offense like they've been suited up for months. State title contender without a doubt and should be nationally ranked. They play Bishop Moore this week in a huge game that I have them winning 35-17.