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  1. Will put it out there. Boone's offense is lethal. This is not a sure thing (at all) but I wanted to call it. Game is on 11/6.
  2. And yes there will be changes based on school population and they will be effective for next football season and 2022.
  3. From my recollection they usually update around spring of the next year. Could be wrong but I'd estimate January-March.
  4. Wekiva is one of the best 1-3 teams in the state, maybe the best.
  5. They should have auto-generated the byes based on previous two seasons rating. Simple to do.
  6. DP and Palmetto, probably both top 5 in 8A, playing in the first round is brutal. Could have a been a title game if things went normal this year.
  7. Any other contenders outside Columbus opting out? Thanks for the info about Oakleaf. I’ll keep an eye on them!
  8. Probably won't happen, but a final four of.... Seminole-Apopka Dr. Phillips-Osceola ....would be crazy!
  9. Awesome, thanks. Teams that stand out in 8A to me (may be missing some, like Ocoee, Winter Park, Sandalwood) Region 1 - Seminole, Bartram Trail, Oakleaf, Mandarin Region 2 - Apopka, Timber Creek Region 3 - Dr. Phillips, Miami Palmetto, Vero Beach Region 4 - Osceola, Sarasota Riverview, Tampa Plant
  10. The Orlando Sentinel published information that I cannot find online anywhere. On October 7th, the regions and playoff bracket will be announced. Dr. Phillips and 7 other Orange County teams have switched over to region 3, which has Miami Palmetto in it. Theoretically one of those teams could play another Orlando-area team in the state championship.
  11. Just admit that the SEC is above all. Save yourself. Memes locked and loaded.
  12. See edited post and run the numbers. I won't do your homework for you unless you are willing to pay 200 hourly for my services. Until then you are living in a world of delusion and you have been moved to the children's table in perpetuity.
  13. Columbia, the NFL Draft is an excellent gauge of talent. The SEC dominates annually and SEC fans have the numbers on their side. Run the stats & come back, I will be waiting. However I warn you, you are about to be completely destroyed. You may never recover on the board. I plead with you to reconsider this intellectual ass-fking-whooping. As a neutral poster I don't want to do this to you, but expect fire and fury. My AWACS are collecting data as I type. You were maybe -2 years old when I started following this and I'm 32. Time to let the big dog eat.
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