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  1. Two traditional large school powers in the title and a rematch from years past... I love it... I've got APK. Also, this continues the trend in 8A North. From 2010 - 2019 (10 seasons) APK/DP have now represented the north in the title game a combined 7 times.
  2. Hoping Apopka wins it all, as I usually do if Apopka survives past DP. Would be great to see the Blue Darters and Deerfield Beach.
  3. Osceola is well-coached, tackles well, blocks well and grinds it out for 4 yards a carry. Gotta stack the box against them and force them to throw. They didn't break any big ones vs. DP. I see a Seminole/Apopka vs. Western final on the horizon!
  4. 3 score game... unless something crazy happened and it was close late this is expected.
  5. Strange game and the outcome, 20-7 Osceola, was not indicative of the play on the field. DP drove 65 yards for their first score, stopped Osceola, then fumbled on their own 20 which led to an Osceola TD. DP trailed 10-7 at the half and quickly got down to the 6 yard line... pick 6 Osceola, 17-7. 14-point swing on one play. Probably the most devastating play for DP since the Plant tip-drill in 2013 (Southridge deep TD in 4thQ 2016 is #3). DP got deep into Osceola territory again but two drives staled within the 30. A muffed punt led to the next Osceola FG for the 20-7 margin with 8:00 left (also the final score). Good luck to Osceola the rest of the way. This one absolutely got away from DP on one play (the 94 yard pick 6). One play decided this game.
  6. Who hosts in the final four? It is based on RPI or is it even/odd regions like years past?
  7. Steinbrenner played us tough that night. Solid, disciplined team that didn't make mistakes until the end. A rematch in the regional final would be great!
  8. This is bigger than football - these bad dudes period. Could have used football to make something of themselves but threw it away. Too common.
  9. Good points made on Mandarin above. Last year looks almost identical to this year. Seminole can score quickly. Guessing a lot of college recruiters will be in attendance to see two of the best QB's in the country duel it out.
  10. "Pipe Dreams has tremendous clout" -anonymous
  11. Re: Mandarin-Seminole Any time I see an elite QB vs a highly-ranked team, I usually push the over/under up. Beck could make some huge plays and turn it into a shootout. 38 is nothing for this Seminole offense, especially if they are forced to score and air it out. Post your predictions Stangs. No one respects a critic without substance. I put it out there for the clout.
  12. Who hosts in the final four? Region 1 or 2?
  13. Darter... I'm just seeing it coming... Apopka is "not there", etc.... been high on you guys all year! It continues. BT has had some close calls this year. Side note: My favorite game (in general) is DP-APK. I worked for the City during my first internship in 2011 when the economy was crap (during the recession) so I've been rooting for APK ever since. I played in 6 DP-APK match ups myself thru Pop Warner & HS (went 1-5). Any way I'm hoping for a final four game this year!! Could happen. If so, dogs and burgs on me
  14. 8A North – Score Predictions Haven’t done this in a while… scores represent my overall assessment of the spread & over/under. Will be fun to see how right or wrong I am. Where do you agree/disagree? Round 1 Region 1 Seminole 38, Mandarin 27 DeLand 21, Timber Creek 17 Apopka 21, Flagler Palm Coast 13 Bartram Trail 28, Spruce Creek 13 Region 2 Sarasota Riverview 35, Lake Nona 7 Steinbrenner 21, Newsome 20 Osceola 32, Riverview Riverview 14 Dr. Phillips 26, Lennard 10 - Round 2 Seminole 28, DeLand 14 Apopka 21, Bartram Trail 20 Sarasota Riverview 27, Steinbrenner 17 Dr. Phillips 20, Osceola 17 Round 3 Seminole 27, Apopka 19 Dr. Phillips 24, Sarasota Riverview 23 Final Four Seminole 30, Dr. Phillips 22
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