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  1. FL HS football in NFL quiz

    Dr. Phillips (3) Ha Ha Clinton Dix (S-CHI) class of 2011 Marcell Harris (S-SF), class of 2013 Matt Milano (LB-BUF), class of 2013 - All three played safety at DP.
  2. Central Florida Future

    Top Classes (College Prospects) by Year *Major input from Chris Hays’ analysis, other outlets such as 247 and Rivals, and what I’ve seen on the field. 2020 1. Jones (CB, RB, DT, DT, ATH, ATH, WR) 2. Dr. Phillips (LB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, OL) 3. Apopka (DE, RB, CB) 4. Winter Park (WR, CB, QB, WR) 5. West Orange (RB, WR, ATH, RB) 6. Seminole (TE, WR, ATH) 7. Edgewater (S, RB, OL) 8. Olympia (ATH, QB, WR) 2021 1. Jones 2. Dr. Phillips 3. Seminole 4. Apopka 5. Edgewater 6. Olympia 2022 1. Dr. Phillips 2. Jones 3. Lake Mary 4. Seminole Overall, Jones and Dr. Phillips have the most prospects through the 2022 class by a good margin. Of course, this list will change. Behind Jones and DP... Seminole, Apopka, Edgewater and West Orange have a lot of underclassmen talent coming up. Also - watch out for Olympia. This list includes Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Sumter County. I don’t follow Volusia or Brevard close enough and I know de cleater will give me a pass for not ranking S Sumter. Out of those two counties (Brevard, Volusia) I’d keep an eye out for Cocoa.... then DeLand, Mainland and Rockledge.
  3. Most Title Game Appearances By Decade

    Cool stat I never considered... Apopka and Dr. Phillips have represented the large class ‘north bracket’ in the title game 6 of the last 9 years — and the stat was 6/8 before this season. APK went 2-1 and DP went 1-2. Mandarin (2018) represents this year obviously — Plant (2011) and Osceola (2015) were the others.
  4. Most Title Game Appearances By Decade

    There are only 6 large class programs (6A/7A/8A) in the 2010’s list... recent history is weighted heavily by programs in the lower classes. We’ve had lots of consistency in state title game representation from 1A to 5A.
  5. Most famous sports athlete you ever met in person?

    Nice!! I had Coach Myers in 2000 and we went 12-1. Then had Crofoot in 2001 (10-1) and Foisy in 2002 (6-3). We had a powerhouse of our own in our age group but the Griffey teams were all-time! I remember they were the first DP team to ever beat Lakeshore or Mandarin (who were always the Jacksonville champions) and advance to the state final. Was fun watching you guys blow everyone out. Then there was the Pine Hills powerhouse with Embry Peeples a year or two above you all. Good times... I stayed highly involved with the Pop Warner program thru High School. Crazy that you were a DP coach!
  6. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? 12/2/18

    I’d have them about even or just below where Carol City and Central were this year. Probably about even with 2018 STA as well. We’ll never know. Watching them play... they were just on another level unlike any other DP team I’ve seen. The Central team they played was special and deserving of the title.
  7. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? 12/2/18

    That team would have cruised through the current 8A... The old FL 6A was just brutal. Top tier HS football.
  8. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? 12/2/18

    For Central to score 42 on that DP team... is completely nuts...that was as good as DP will ever be IMHO. They rolled everyone (even Seminole Ridge although the score doesn’t say so). We had 30+ D1 guys (3 on NFL rosters) in the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 classes. That Central team was equally stacked. Going into the game DP was the #6 team in the USA and Central was #21 (I believe) according to Rivals. Probably the biggest collection of talent in a large class FL title since at least 2000 (maybe ever?). I wouldn’t doubt that any less than 40 future college players played in the 2010 6A title.
  9. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? 12/2/18

    Wow, and Central’s Devonte Freeman isn’t even listed!
  10. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? 12/2/18

    Miami Central, Pine Forest, Southeast? Complete guesses on the second and third.
  11. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? 12/2/18

    Off topic but... this reminded me of another legend - the 2nd/3rd teamer for Norland who caught the game winning bomb vs Edgewater in the 2002 6A final... one of the craziest stories ever... heard the kid hadn’t played all year. That was my era of playing... long time ago now!
  12. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? 12/2/18

    Bobby Washington, Killian
  13. Who Is This FL HS Legend in the Photo? 12/2/18

    Lamar Miller, Miami Killian?
  14. Most famous sports athlete you ever met in person?

    Ken Griffey Jr at Pop Warner practice. His son was on mighty mites when I was Jr. Midget
  15. Most dominant teams by margin of victory

    Dr. Phillips 2010 - Edgewater 48-7 Osceola 49-7 Olympia 49-0 Cypress Creek 52-0 Boone 45-0 Evans 62-6 Oak Ridge 56-28 Gateway 59-0 Freedom 56-13 West Orange 49-6 R1: Olympia 52-3 R2: Oak Ridge 45-0 R3: Seminole Ridge 38-28 R4: Sanford Seminole 37-13 Title: Miami Central 27-42 FYI: 14-1 on the field, but the FHSAA decided to enforce a rule on DP that they enforced on no other school. DP had an illegal immigrant living within their zone that was on the team that they found out about during the spring weightlifting season. Was a non-impact player. At that time only DP/Winter Park did that paperwork. 14-1 all day and I’ll always use that record.