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  1. It's the economics of it. If you do a home and away you know you will have a terrible gate for that game, plus the huge expense on the away side. What for???? If your from the panhandle it makes more sense to play a team from AL or MS economics wise. With the panhandle districts like they are now (larger) there are also not a lot of weeks open for these types of games. Also the increase in expenses with the 4 hour travel to a couple of district games a season and the terrible gate when they are heading this way have tightened everyone's budget. It is not always not wanting to play these type of games it is there not being enough to gain to justify paying for it.
  2. That crew was not for Escambia they are awful every week. The one call that was big to me is when they called your lb for a personal foul when all he did is stumble over the Escambia player after making a great tackle. It was right after GHS had brought it back to a one possession game, it was on third down, and if GHS gets the ball then they had a shot. The white hat called it from 40 yards away and it was a bad call, imo. A few plays later Escambia scored and the game was basically over. I know it is hard for you to believe but Escambia is capable of play MUCH better offensively. With your online it was a bad matchup for you. Escambia can be beat with misdirection if your big enough to play them upfront which you are not. I will give you guys credit with the physical mismatch upfront I thought you pass block really well.
  3. Jesse is proof that Madco's academy scheme is not about providing great education.
  4. Travel had nothing to do with Gaither's loss. In warmups you knew they did not have the horses to match up with this years Escambia team. BTW I am no fan of Escambia, but they have a real shot this year.
  5. I think chs had the talent to be a team with a chance. But I saw film early in the year and knew they would fall short again. Btw it is the coaching. Watching backside guys and receivers taking plays off is always a sign that high level big schools will not allow a team to go on 3 game winning streaks much less 5,games.
  6. I don't understand Lee is a good team why would escambia have to do anything other than win in the regional finals to maintain or even improve their ranking?
  7. Well escambia will beat Lee Imo but it likely will not be a huge scoring game unless Lee turns the ball over a bunch.
  8. Not them in particular but we have faced that style of offense in the past.
  9. Any team traveling over to Escambia the day of the game is going to lose, imo.
  10. Dillard, Escambia is not going to be an easy road for anyone. They are the product of Bennett gathering up players over the past couple of years. They are very fast, very big and play with a nasty edge. As to the hand wringing about the travel panhandle teams have dealt with this for decades. I will tell you like we have been told for years just deal with it.
  11. Follow the ball??? Really it is my opinion that is the kiss of death against that offense. We have taught the lbers to cross read with great success.
  12. Madison county is right at the 4a/5a cutoff if their bs is removed. The fhsaa shows itself as a corrupt organization by not correcting a clear circumvention of the rules. Congratulations Madison you can beat schools that actually are what 1a is meant to be. Crap like this and the transfer bs is exactly why there is a thread about playoff game attendance.
  13. Edgewater won't beat niceville even if they get by Lincoln. Hell Navarre had trouble staying healthy and had problems with a lack of depth but healthy Edgewater would not beat them either. Edgewater better have a plan for Lincoln's Clemson commit te/hback he is a real problem for most teams.
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