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  1. At the risk of ruffling feathers I will answer this the teams in tally don't support their teams. They are 200 miles away and want to play games on Thursday night????? Go to a game at niceville, Crestview, Navarre, Tate and then go to a game in Tally and try to figure out what people who make the money work out we're trying to protect. Yes the administrations would have rather kept the goose laying the golden egg.
  2. I think the 75 miles is funny. You know their are currently teams that have 2 district games a year over 200 miles.
  3. No we don't all whine about travel out here in the panhandle. We do complain about teams that bring no gate at all. No one out in the panhandle complained about knowing every other year KNOWING the regional final was an overnight trip. I guess I do complain about rpi being used for anything. Any system where a school with 2500+ kids gets more credit for playing a public school with 400 kids than school with 2500 kids is just garbage. I know most of the coaches in the panhandle would like no wildcards win your district to get in. If you have WCs have 7 or 8 team districts and you have to win or be runner-up in your district. You know actually decide it on the field. I would bet the way teams are classified is a much more important to coaches in the panhandle thàn playoff travel. Hell we have always had to travel. Over the past decade I have watched schools that supported he football lose interest leading to no gate. Schools have become feeder programs. Players and player agents have been allowed to not be loyal, not to be part of the community and not learn the lessons football used to teach. The current structure is about the individual if the individual was blessed by God. Football is better when it is about team and community, but what do I know?
  4. Ok genius the "you" I was talking about was CHS. Not you personally. CHS has not won a playoff game in more than 15 years that meet the criteria that you said was the strength of your program. In 15 years CHS had one game that did meet the criteria and got their ass sent home. But this is part for the course with you. I coached in Florida for a good long time. I don't get you at all. CHS is very much at a disadvantage with the current situation in Florida football. You constantly act like anyone who points out that the current system is completely broke is whining. It is not whining to point out that the Fhsaa is so inept that it rises to the level of corruption. I love the game and I always try to do what is right for the game. THE GAME IS DYING. Nobody wants to honestly address the problems. You have a little pulpit to speak from that Josh has provided you and you waste it.
  5. You don't play those games so yes you don't lose any. The only playoff game that fits in the past 15 years CHS lost. So while you think somehow making this move is fine it is just another stupid proposal made by dummies that are ruining HS Football in Florida. It will not fix the best two teams meeting in the semi problem because rpi did not project the best teams accurately statewide and it will not in the future either. It is very flawed. The crowds get smaller every year. Football is dying because nobody will fix what needs to be fixed.
  6. Again you are wrong about what used to happen. For example in 80 Tate played Columbus in final at a "neutral site", that being Escambia high. Which may be ten miles closer to Dade than Tate is.
  7. You are simply wrong. Teams from large counties did not have 20 + players from other schools boundaries back in the day. Sure teams tried to get players but it was much harder. No one wants to say it but the free for all came From the forcing Lakeland to forfeit seasons when they decided they were going to play by STA's rules. Again the idiots did not address the real problem then either.
  8. Yes he chose 2013 to avoid the only example in over a decade matching the criteria, lol.
  9. First it is not a selective memory, I understand why the panhandle used to fair better and why they struggle today. That changed with open enrollment, imo. Currently Dade county has a population larger than the entire panhandle. The entire county is easily accessible by public transportation. The are no barriers to transfer to any school you like. Who would guess the Dade all-star teams end up with great players. I don't have a perfect answer but I do understand the real problem. Acting like the real problem is not what needs to be addressed is not going to fix the problem, imo.
  10. Can you let us know what you base this on? Not the history I see? BTW this is another stupid idea by the fhsaa, to fix a problem that is not the real problem. HS Football in Florida is dying and the idiots driving the bus just keep driving toward the cliff.
  11. It's the economics of it. If you do a home and away you know you will have a terrible gate for that game, plus the huge expense on the away side. What for???? If your from the panhandle it makes more sense to play a team from AL or MS economics wise. With the panhandle districts like they are now (larger) there are also not a lot of weeks open for these types of games. Also the increase in expenses with the 4 hour travel to a couple of district games a season and the terrible gate when they are heading this way have tightened everyone's budget. It is not always not wanting to play these type of games it is there not being enough to gain to justify paying for it.
  12. That crew was not for Escambia they are awful every week. The one call that was big to me is when they called your lb for a personal foul when all he did is stumble over the Escambia player after making a great tackle. It was right after GHS had brought it back to a one possession game, it was on third down, and if GHS gets the ball then they had a shot. The white hat called it from 40 yards away and it was a bad call, imo. A few plays later Escambia scored and the game was basically over. I know it is hard for you to believe but Escambia is capable of play MUCH better offensively. With your online it was a bad matchup for you. Escambia can be beat with misdirection if your big enough to play them upfront which you are not. I will give you guys credit with the physical mismatch upfront I thought you pass block really well.
  13. Jesse is proof that Madco's academy scheme is not about providing great education.
  14. Travel had nothing to do with Gaither's loss. In warmups you knew they did not have the horses to match up with this years Escambia team. BTW I am no fan of Escambia, but they have a real shot this year.
  15. I think chs had the talent to be a team with a chance. But I saw film early in the year and knew they would fall short again. Btw it is the coaching. Watching backside guys and receivers taking plays off is always a sign that high level big schools will not allow a team to go on 3 game winning streaks much less 5,games.
  16. I don't understand Lee is a good team why would escambia have to do anything other than win in the regional finals to maintain or even improve their ranking?
  17. Well escambia will beat Lee Imo but it likely will not be a huge scoring game unless Lee turns the ball over a bunch.
  18. Not them in particular but we have faced that style of offense in the past.
  19. Any team traveling over to Escambia the day of the game is going to lose, imo.
  20. Dillard, Escambia is not going to be an easy road for anyone. They are the product of Bennett gathering up players over the past couple of years. They are very fast, very big and play with a nasty edge. As to the hand wringing about the travel panhandle teams have dealt with this for decades. I will tell you like we have been told for years just deal with it.
  21. Follow the ball??? Really it is my opinion that is the kiss of death against that offense. We have taught the lbers to cross read with great success.
  22. Madison county is right at the 4a/5a cutoff if their bs is removed. The fhsaa shows itself as a corrupt organization by not correcting a clear circumvention of the rules. Congratulations Madison you can beat schools that actually are what 1a is meant to be. Crap like this and the transfer bs is exactly why there is a thread about playoff game attendance.
  23. Edgewater won't beat niceville even if they get by Lincoln. Hell Navarre had trouble staying healthy and had problems with a lack of depth but healthy Edgewater would not beat them either. Edgewater better have a plan for Lincoln's Clemson commit te/hback he is a real problem for most teams.
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