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  1. 2019 out of state games

    The teams have been finalized for the freedom bowl. Here are the national rankings based off 2018 send of season results: Alpharetta (GA): Georgia Rank: 171 National Rank:3104 Pickerington Central (OH): Ohio Rank: 7 National Rank: 54 CCC (FL): Florida Rank: 30 National Rank: 255 Bishop Sycamore (OH): Ohio Rank:116 National Rank: 1300 Cocoa (FL): Florida Rank: 36 National Rank: 307 Mainland (FL): Florida Rank: 69 National Rank:820 Hoover (AL): Alabama Rank:4 National Rank:121 Milton (GA): Georgia Rank: 2 National Rank: 37 UMS-Wright (AL):Alabama Rank: 13 National Rank: 652 Winter Park (FL): Florida Rank 32 National Rank: 288 Western (FL): Florida Rank: 78 National Rank: 916 Brentwood (TN): Tennesse Rank: 2 National Rank: 173 As others have said in this thread, there are some heavy hitters between these 12 teams. I'm not sure what metric they'll use to separate the teams. I also know that 2018 is over, but I have to imagine this will be part of whatever metric is used.
  2. Vero Beach schedule so far

    This is true to a degree, but they had to play these teams. Nobody else would play them. Did anybody really think Flanagan, Cooper City, and the other merry minimums on their schedule last year were going to hang around to get beat by 70 again? They're a 2 time defending state champion that is bringing back a team that would compete for a state championship without a single transfer, instead they have 21 transfers and word is they have some legit super stars transferring in shortly once the summer scholarship goes into effect. (It's the scholarship for learning disabilities). As for Chaminade and Vero. I stand by my statement, If Chaminade is healthy they'll win this one. I'm not saying it'll be a blowout, but they'll end up with more points. They play Central/Carol City/AHP and like years past, they play those super powers early and will lose to one or two of them. By week 7 they'll turn into Super Chaminade and wipe the floor with everybody else except JaxTCA who will have turned into Super JaxTCA by then. I've seen this story to many times.
  3. Vero Beach schedule so far

    This is a actually a good and reasonable point Spy. I would say the Chaminade offense at times can struggle against well coached athletic defenses, but their defense typically saves the day. I do believe the Chaminade offense in 2019 could be a work in progress the first few weeks, but the defense will likely be even better than the 2018 defense. The biggest difference between the 2018 and 2019 Chaminade teams will be in the trenches. I think they are finally 3 deep along both lines in 2019 and should field a varsity roster of 58 a big improvement over last year's 44.
  4. Vero Beach schedule so far

    You might be pointing the finger at me to show back up on this thread on 10/20, but there's 3 fingers pointing back at you. Vero is a good team, be proud of their accomplishments, enjoy their success and I appreciate your passion but unless Chaminade is banged up I'll go ahead and pen this one in for a Chaminade win.
  5. Vero Beach schedule so far

    Boldly stated, but I remain unconvinced.
  6. Vero Beach schedule so far

    Vero Beach is a good program , but they won't be able to compete with what Chaminade is bringing in 2019. This will be the Lions best and most complete team in the Jones era. I respect the Indians for scheduling the game though it will help them in the long run, but this will end up similar to Chaminade vs Uschool from last year.
  7. 2019 Trinity Christian schedule

    Columbia, Old School was being extremely sarcastic :-) JaxTCA vs Chaminade-Madonna will be an amazing game. JaxTCA has a veteran roster, Chaminade-Madonna has a roster filled with upper level transfers.
  8. 2019 Trinity Christian schedule

    I get the syntax of your argument, but it doesn't hold water when you consider it's not as easy as snapping your fingers and saying "Poof..we can now house an additional 200 students", these schools are small for a reason. As for male sports and female sports, I like your idea and also agree with Old School Lion. The FHSAA needs a better way than simple enrollment numbers to break up the classification process.
  9. 2019 Trinity Christian schedule

    I strongly disagree with this statement, but respect your opinion. You're separating things as public and private, which is only one denominator. 1-4A is required to go find their own 10 game schedule. For the successful programs, that gets harder and harder every year. If a 1A-4A school says, "Hey we want to play in 5A to ease the scheduling burden. We understand that all of those schools have more players to choose from since they have higher enrollment numbers"
  10. 2019 Trinity Christian schedule

    3A is a top loaded classification that has 3 teams which will feature predominately in assorted small-school national rankings and 2 schools which are contenders to be in the top 50 for all teams in America. In order; JaxTCA, Chaminade and CCC. The 2019 JaxTCA team is about 2-3 TD's better than the 2019 Chaminade team. The 2019 Chaminade team is about 2 TD's better than the 2019 CCC team. CCC is 3-4 TD's better than the next 3A team. For 3A to become a truly competitive classification where it's "wide open", all 3 of those teams need to be moved to 5A. P.S- That's GREAT video!
  11. Jax Trinity Christian 2019 schedule they sill need three games

    Very good point, very tough! They are actually looking for 2 games though. They have 8 scheduled with 3 openings. That means that one of the 3 will be a bye week.
  12. 2019 Trinity Christian schedule

    I understand the FHSAA's point of view by not letting teams move classifications, but I think they should make an exception for the smaller schools to move to 5A if they choose to play in a district. Chaminade-Madonna is a very good team and a worthy champion, but even with their 18 transfers right now, they'll get run off the field, quickly, against this JaxTCA team.
  13. Pahokee losses a player to IMG

    Makkah Jordan, a rising Jr.
  14. Transfer season

    Chaminade-Madonna has received quite a few transfers this off-season thus far. I have: OL Jeremiah Mawaii from Boynton Beach OL Jai'mari Herbert from Stoneman Douglas DL Allen Haye from Coconut Creek DB Quadric Bullard from South Broward DB Tykwon Ownes from South Broward LB Brandon Trueba from Pompano Beach Byron Hall from Dr. Krop WR De'mon Henry QB and WR from Hialeah
  15. 2019 out of state games

    That's Kibid! Pretty much everything about CCC's history gets forwarded to him.