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  1. Hillsborough County trivia

    This is the one I'm 100% positive I know the answer to, but out of respect. I won't spoil it. A hint would be it also starts with a C.
  2. Chaminade-Madonna will win this game. The only individuals who don't know that Vero is the underdog here is Vero. It'll be good, but Chaminade-Madonna isn't Viera. Coach Jones, Coach Tate and staff will have the Lions ready for this one.
  3. Who Is This FL Superstar? Malik Davis/Tampa Jesuit

    I'm a big Malik Davis fan. We (Hubby and I) didn't know who he was until 2014 when Jesuit hosted Clearwater Central Catholic . I think it was Peezy who tweeted out that he was a man and was a future bright star for Jesuit. I think CCC won that night, but his career took off afterward. Now we're talking about him as one of the all-time greats as a RB. Amazing how quickly things evolve!
  4. Suspension question

    This happened at Lakewood High School last year. A player was suspended and transferred to Superior Collegiate Academy and was eligible I believe. There was a big hoo ha ha about it.
  5. 4A Region 3 - An Early Look

    That's one way of looking at it, but whoever comes out of the region will also earn the designation of being a State team and likely be playing a football game after thanksgiving. I don't think that's anything to get depressed about. Looking at it I would say that Glades Central is the favorite but AH Delray and Tampa Catholic aren't far behind. AH Delray has a good team returning and TC will have an offensive line that averages 6'4, 280 with 2 star running backs. This will be a fun region to watch come playoff time.
  6. 2019 Chaminade-Madonna Talent

    I apologize, you are correct. I was unaware he transferred.
  7. 2019 Chaminade-Madonna Talent

    I've been told by multiple independent sources that the 2019 version of Chaminade has a the highest potential talent ceiling of any of the Lions teams under Daemon Jones. The Lions have accumulated quite a bit of talent. The QB transfer from Hialeah, Ruiz, is more than capable of replacing Menard in 2019. I think you're missing Deidrick Stanley II on the list. He is probably the lions best individual returning player according to my brother. While Te'Cory and Keontra received the hype, it was Stanley that was often the defensive player that other teams had no answer for on offense. How Rony Bourdeau doesn't have any stars is beyond my husband and I. He's one of the top corner's we've seen, far better than a lot of the "star" players. Chaminade doesn't play spring games, but they do scrimmage themselves. Their varsity roster is at 54 right now. I believe only Jacksonville Trinity has more varsity players in 3A than them.
  8. Who Is This Famous Coach? Sam Budnyk/Cardinal Newman

    I might be in the minority on this one, but I don't view a successful high school coach as a coach that won state championships. That might be the metric used to compare college or NFL coaches. These days a team that consistently wins state championships is typically due to the fact they recruit the best talent in their area and in modern times it's quietly becoming the state and in some teams cases the nation. I've always been of the impression since I was at St. Petersburg Catholic back in the very early 2000's that high school coaches are far more important to the development of young men. I imagine the players that played for Mr. Budnyk would consider him a champion even if he doesn't have a ring that says "State" on it. I remember reading about Coach Budnyk in the Palm Beach Post in the mid 2000's before his retirement. Sounds like an amazing individual from a different generation that was able to adapt to the changing times.
  9. How good will AHD be this year???

    They are a well coached, physical team. I believe they return a lot from last year, but they lost their RB Dallis Small who was a sparkster. AHD vs Vero Beach will be fun. Like most private schools that field very good football teams the team you see and read about in Spring won't be the team that shows up in Fall. You may not get a good grasp of them until then. They're now in a region with Glades Central and Tampa Catholic in 4A-Region 3, so they're definitely a contender in their region.
  10. Vero Beach 2019 Schedule

    Thanks for your opinion!
  11. Are Spring Games Necessary?

    I agree with pretty much everything said in this thread, but I've always viewed spring games as for the players, coaches and fans as a gauge of what they need to work on in summer. While nobody will publically admit it, I know for a fact that sources historically use spring game results to determine initial fall rankings. I think that's terrible. Some of the best teams in the state perform poorly in spring games or get run off the field from what I've seen because they're emphasizing a part of their game they may not normally emphasize. Sure there's some good match-ups on paper, but this is spring not the 3rd round of the playoffs or some huge week 7 match-up that everybody is excited for. I think it's a benefit for the teams, but not something to be viewed as the de facto reason a team will be good or a team has fallen from grace.
  12. Freedom Bowl games

    I agree with Cocoa vs Hoover. I never want to sell Cocoa short, but Hoover... wooah boy
  13. Freedom Bowl games

    I actually communicated with a few individuals this morning in the media who wanted my opinion. I think outside of the game Mainland drew that this is going to be rough for Florida, but the teams going are going more for the experience. I focus on small school football. Last year Chaminade drew Muscle Shoals a very good but not great Alabama team. This year, the team that replaced Chaminade is CCC, a very good football team in their own right. Instead of drawing another very good team of the quality of Muscle Shoals, they draw a 4 time defending state champion that would smoke Chaminade and probably be favored to beat JaxTCA that early in the season. Cocoa is a very good nationally recognized program that has athletes to spare, but they draw Hoover, Alabama. Cocoa has a history of fielding varsity rosters of 38-45 and sometimes not even that many. They'll draw a team that will field a varsity roster of 80+. I mentioned in another post, but I think they just went off of the 2018 Maxpreps state and national rankings. I wish good luck to all the teams in Florida all of them deserve to be invited and represent Florida even if we'll be taking a few on the chin.
  14. I've always felt and said this. JaxTCA is capable of beating any team in the state as long as it's one game. I happen to think the 2019 version could be one of the top 3 JaxTCA teams of all time. In the later rounds of 5A, after having already played an elite regular season schedule, it gets difficult. In 5A, JaxTCA is playing teams that may not be as purely talented as they are but have position depth. In 3A they're going against teams with maybe 7 or 8 linemen total on a roster of 33-37 that has a couple of D-1 prospects. By the later rounds in 5A, JaxTCA is then playing teams as deep and as talented as they are in consecutive weeks. In 3A, there's only, at most, 2 teams that can stay on the field with them for a half and they wouldn't play either of those teams until the state finals. I don't have a problem with JaxTCA, I have a problem with them in 3A which means I have a quarrel with the administrators who refuse to let them move up knowing they're completely willing and want to move up.
  15. If I were Chaminade-Madonna I would be upset about it. While I agree they're likely to be in the 3A final, they'll just as likely have to travel to CCC for a third year in the final 4, turn around and travel to Tallahassee the following week to get thumped by JaxTCA.