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  1. The Gap Between Haves & Have Nots Widens

    This is 100% on STA. Chaminade-Madonna has wanted to play STA since Jason Milgrom rebuilt Chaminade to the point they've been told to tone it down by the ADOM which STA is a part of and C-M is a contributing member of (due to being sponsored by a religious community). As a result of the numerous requests was that starting in 2019 Chaminade and STA would start playing each other in JV. Granted it's JV and not indicative of varsity, but Chaminade ran STA off the field with homegrown talent- very few transfers on JV for Chaminade. They actually play a second JV game later this year. I'm told that to get on STA's varsity schedule is usually something that needs to be done 3-5 years in advance due to the way their specific scheduling setup works. Even if it was a preseason or spring game it would be a start. If Chaminade wins 3A in 2019 and upsets JaxTCA in the process to win their 3rd consecutive 3A state championship, STA will no longer be able to ignore "little" Chaminade and more people will start calling them out to play Chaminade.
  2. Who Made Statements This Weekend?

    I would respectfully say Uschool beating Davie Western 14-9 was a big win for Uschool. Uschool caught a lot of unnecessary flank from fans for losing to McArthur 19-0 but they had their QB and I'm told others out. Apparently, Western is one of the better teams in South Florida and Uschool never trailed. I'm interested in the Uschool-Columbus game and hope it's streamed!
  3. Belen vs Columbus

    Belen Jesuit has a couple of great athletes with good coaching. Here's my husband's theory.. Belen had good off-season hype due to returning talent which was magnified by beating CCC and tying Gibbons in the Spring. After digging into that specific evening, neither Gibbons or CCC prepared for Jesuit since they were added to the jamboree a day before the jamboree. Once the pre-season rolled around Jesuit was exposed by University School and then destroyed by Columbus which is bringing expectations back down to reality. They're a good team that if they have a great night can pull an upset provided the other team doesn't have the chance to prepare for them.
  4. Who Will Be This Year's Biggest Bust?

    Your point is well taken, but AHP "beat" Chaminade in a game that was played under odd rules. #1) The game featured 3 10 minute quarters. #2) Despite being 20-13, the 4th, 10 minute quarter was played with a running clock. Chaminade held out Willie Moise (4 star DT) and Elijah Cannon (game changing WR). Even with all of that said, Chaminade had the ball at the AHP 15 with under 2 minutes left with a change to tie or win the game. I've spoken with no less than 7 people about the game on social media in background messages and the overall feeling is that Chaminade was the better team and likely wins by a TD if the game is played with normal rules. To AHP's credit, they do have a very good passing attack. Chaminade doesn't have the superstar power in the secondary of years past, but if Moise plays, I think the QB for AHP is held in check. To bad they don't play in the regular season this year.
  5. 3A 2019 Style!

    I know, it's sad! :-( Boo Spectrum! CCC seems to be hit or miss on streaming their games and TC doesn't stream at all or at least I don't know of them streaming anything. With the amount of talent on the field when they play that would be an easy selection. Now that they are in separate classes it also stinks the game will only happen once per year. If Spectrum still broadcast games I imagine they would also be all over the CCC vs Clearwater game. I'm sad to also hear the rumored Lakewood vs Tampa Catholic game didn't happen.
  6. NM

    1. SPCjessica2004


      I would be willing to look into it. Maybe a special guest appearance at some point near playoff time.  Most of my communication has been one sided with people passing things on, but I haven't translated it into message board posts due to lack of time and honestly, lack of energy.

    2. peezy28
  7. 3A 2019 Style!

    Maxpreps just released their top 50 small school football programs (Maxpreps generally defines schools with less than 1,000 enrollment as a small school and plays in a smaller classification). Jacksonville Trinity comes in at #3 Chaminade Madonna comes in at #5 Madison County comes in at # 24 FSU High comes in at # 28 CCC comes in at # 38 While the poll is top 50, Florida has 5 of the top programs in the top 40. Looking at states individually Georgia 13 Florida 5 Cali 4 Texas 4 Not a bad showing for Florida, but clearly Georgia is putting some elbow grease into their small school football teams. https://t.co/rxFHSXf3ma?amp=1
  8. 3A 2019 Style!

    Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted a preview for the upcoming football season. We haven't put together a big preview like years past, but I figured I would post some thoughts on the upcoming season. It's not as detailed as I would have liked, but it's what I have to give to the community. First off, here's our top 5 teams in 3A for 2019. #1 Jacksonville Trinity Christian- JaxTCA returns to their old stomping grounds in 3A after winning four consecutive state championships from 2013-2016. While much ink has been spilt about the defensive secondary, the offense is looking mighty prolific. The schedule is going to be a tough nut to crack, but JaxTCA is well prepared to have success. The challenge for JaxTCA isn't that they aren't a great team, but it's going to be team health. For 3A, JaxTCA is arguably the deepest team around; however, in comparison to the teams they will be playing they can't match their depth. Still, expect to see JaxTCA in the state finals in December even if they do get banged up. #2) Chaminade-Madonna- The defending two time state champions in 3A are sitting in a great position into 2019. They return quite a bit of talent and have been bolstered by a wealth of talented transfers. C-M has historically played a tough schedule and the 2019 version will not be any different. Games against Miami Central, Carol City, Vero Beach, Pahokee, Atlantic and a pre-season game against American Heritage (Plantation) will all be challenges. There isn't a lot of weakness on this roster, it's a solid well put together roster. The QB situation will work itself out before the powers come calling mid-season. Overall, expect another great season for the Lions. #3) Clearwater Central Catholic- The off-season didn't start off with a bang for the Marauders. Players transferred out, coaches left and then they were run off the field in the spring game against Belen Jesuit and Cardinal Gibbons as they broke in a new QB. Since then? The Marauders have emerged as an legitimate contender once again. The schedule is going to be highly competitive in 2019 (the CCC vs Tampa Catholic game needs to be televised!). I think it's safe to say CCC fans should expect another lengthy post thanksgiving playoff run. #4) Pensacola Catholic- The Crusaders had a strong outing in 2018 and bring the roster back in 2019. A roster which features a lot of experience, 28 seniors. There's plenty of depth at all positions. While the schedule isn't as competitive as the teams ranked above them, it's still a good schedule and should prepare the Crusaders for the playoffs. #5) Florida High School- The Seminoles had a great run in 2018 but were upset by King's Academy. Lead by QB Willie Taggart Jr, the Seminoles should have another terrific season after having a plethora of youth in 2019. The season features traditional rivals and local talent. Some general thoughts: -->I'm big on Pensacola Catholic in 2019. I'm not suggesting they'll compete with JaxTCA, but I do think they will be dangerous. I would love to see FSU School vs Pensacola Catholic. That would be a great north-Florida 3A contest. --> I think Chaminade and JaxTCA will end up playing each other in the state finals. JaxTCA is better than Chaminade by 2 TD's right now. What changes things is serious injuries. I note serious injuries because JaxTCA will effectively have 4 weeks off between the end of their regular season and the state championship game. If we're being honest, nobody in the north would pose a threat to even a beat up JaxTCA team. Due to the lack of challenge for that length of time, I expect JaxTCA to reach the state finals healthy, but rusty. Chaminade has the benefit of having CCC in the state semi finals. CCC is another small school powerhouse and regular fixture in national small private school football polls since 2012. Chaminade has defeated CCC two years in a row, but the Marauders have closed the gap from 2017 to 2018. Chaminade will likely beat them again in 2019 but it won't be easy, thus as long as Chaminade is healthy they'll likely have the edge in the state finals over JaxTCA until JaxTCA "wakes up" from 4 weeks against much lesser competition. --> Berkeley Prep is a dark horse in the south. Lakeland Christian and Ocala Trinity Catholic are looking good in the north. I expect all three teams to have good seasons in 2019. Trinity Catholic should be a joy to watch as they are rebuilding their program toward competing with JaxTCA/FSU School and others in the north. Berkeley Prep has a strong roster in 2019 that features talented linemen and a talented offense that should score points in 2019. Lakeland Christian looks to be a force in region 2, but Holy Trinity and MCC are also hanging around. --> I think 3A will be well represented in state and national polls. JaxTCA and Chaminade-Madonna should both be in the 20 in Florida and CCC will be around 40 with. All three schools should easily make the top 25 national rankings for small schools. --> The defending state finalist King's Academy will still be a threat, but due to a large graduating class it's hard seeing them continue to have success now that they are in the south of 3A. In addition, they're joined by Calvary Christian (Ft. Lauderdale) and rival Benjamin School who are both looking potent as well.
  9. The 16 Best FL HS QB's of the Past 50 Years

    Kenny Kelly! His son is the current QB at Tampa Jesuit.
  10. Hillsborough County trivia

    This is the one I'm 100% positive I know the answer to, but out of respect. I won't spoil it. A hint would be it also starts with a C.
  11. Chaminade-Madonna will win this game. The only individuals who don't know that Vero is the underdog here is Vero. It'll be good, but Chaminade-Madonna isn't Viera. Coach Jones, Coach Tate and staff will have the Lions ready for this one.
  12. Who Is This FL Superstar? Malik Davis/Tampa Jesuit

    I'm a big Malik Davis fan. We (Hubby and I) didn't know who he was until 2014 when Jesuit hosted Clearwater Central Catholic . I think it was Peezy who tweeted out that he was a man and was a future bright star for Jesuit. I think CCC won that night, but his career took off afterward. Now we're talking about him as one of the all-time greats as a RB. Amazing how quickly things evolve!
  13. Suspension question

    This happened at Lakewood High School last year. A player was suspended and transferred to Superior Collegiate Academy and was eligible I believe. There was a big hoo ha ha about it.
  14. 4A Region 3 - An Early Look

    That's one way of looking at it, but whoever comes out of the region will also earn the designation of being a State team and likely be playing a football game after thanksgiving. I don't think that's anything to get depressed about. Looking at it I would say that Glades Central is the favorite but AH Delray and Tampa Catholic aren't far behind. AH Delray has a good team returning and TC will have an offensive line that averages 6'4, 280 with 2 star running backs. This will be a fun region to watch come playoff time.
  15. 2019 Chaminade-Madonna Talent

    I apologize, you are correct. I was unaware he transferred.