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  1. Sooo what you really trying to say is since Madison beat Florida high... they'd beat Trinity, Heritage and Chaminade this year as well huh? Which I guess would make Madison the best public school in the Panhandle (in your opinion).
  2. Well they beat Rickards this year 26-7...the same team y'all struggled to beat by 1 lol. Dunnellon and Florida high...lmao smh. They also beat Riverside 32-12 who went 1-1 against Columbia. Never change Jesse! Lol
  3. Bye Jesse...I said real smoke! Valdosta finished 4-6 and smoked y'all...smh!
  4. You just said Panhandle teams ain't no good. Tell Madison to go schedule some real smoke...not just no sorry big schools. Aquinas, Miami Central, Venice...hell IMG if you feeling big and bad
  5. Hey man 4A calling y'all name!!! Let you tell it Madison County best team in the state. I know y'all tired of beating up on scrubs in 1A
  6. Hell of a game by Pine Forest! Even with a lost they made the city proud! I'm letting all of y'all know if these kids in Pensacola ever click up at one school with the right coach, they coming for whoever come out the south.
  7. PF top rusher (#4) is might be out for the game. I've been told by a few people he got injured against Jones and is in a walking boot. Another running back (#22) has a knee brace on so not sure how effective he'll be.
  8. I love that a team from my city made it back to state but I don't see Pine Forest winning. I'll be happy if it's close and I think their defense keeps it respectable (within 21). I have a hard time believing the offense will be able to move the chains consistently against a bigger, disciplined defense. I'd have a lil more faith in them if they could throw the ball but it is indeed a one dimensional offense.
  9. I don't think PF is better than that Escambia team overall (defense yes/offense no) and it's quite surprising they've made it this far. I haven't watched them since week 1 and their running game was bottled up that night. If they have to throw more than run than I don't like their chances. The DL is pretty good and the defense overall is decent. I expect a close game.
  10. Ranked by who? I see on maxpreps they were ranked #19 in Florida before the loss.
  11. I haven't seen neither team play this year but just looking at their schedules, I expect Niceville to beat Navarre by 2 or 3 scores as well. Niceville and Milton look the best so far in the Panhandle, which doesn't mean much compared to rest of state.
  12. So is Northwestern the most talented team in Dade ?
  13. So are you saying if all the talent in the area went to one school and the right coaching staff, Pensacola would make it's presence felt at the championship on a consistent basis ?
  14. Way too athletic ? A team like Niceville or Baker going up against Madison County, Dwyer, Armwood etc in previous years yea I see the difference but not tonight. Escambia offense could have scored more if WR #7 didn't get injured early in the game. Still wouldn't of mattered cuz the defense is physically outmatched.
  15. Well it was fun while it lasted lol. I did say Escambia defense would have their hands full but man 300 rushing yards in the 1st half is something I didn't imagine happening. Escambia offense moving the ball and the kick returns have really helped get them in the endzone. That 5-2 defense was a great gameplan by Central.
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