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  1. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    You really think Niceville is good this year ?
  2. Columbia vs Pine Forest

    PF is good to an extent, I just don't expect them to make it too deep in the playoffs. A lot of speed on the offensive side of the ball but the qb and offensive line are inconsistent. Defensively they're undersized but a solid group. I expect Columbia to win but I'm hoping Pine Forest at least keeps it close.
  3. Crestview doesn't have any height. They beat Choctaw tho who had 8 players that were 6'4 and up. Choctaw was the team to beat in the area and their schedule reflected that.
  4. Lol we don't get many championships up this way so i got to
  5. Crestview schedule wasn't all that great but somehow they beat the runner ups from last year (choctaw) twice, who did play a tough ish schedule. I hope crestview pulls it out, the panhandle could sure use a basketball champion.
  6. 6A Region 1 Playoff Picture

    It should be very competitive but all roads leads to whoever makes it out of Miami. I'm not sure if any of these teams can hang with Armwood and Vanguard.
  7. Class 6A through first week of October

    I just don't see no one beating whoever comes out of Miami and until then everybody else is irrelevant. We never know how good Vanguard, St. Augustine and Armwood really are until the playoffs. Lake Gibson 3-4 this year so they look down.
  8. Class 6A through first week of October

    Outside of Miami, everybody else is irrelevant. The panhandle got talent but it's just spread out. I don't know what to make of Crestview yet. They looked really good last year until they lost to Gulf Breeze. Everybody else is pretty much on the same level. Escambia seems like they're peaking but I don't think they're a threat to make it to the semis at this time.
  9. Niceville??

    Their best playmaker got injured early in that game against Pine Forest but I'm not sure if he played after that game. Hard to say what exactly happened but none of those games were bad losses. All the panhandle teams were pretty even...West Florida, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Niceville, Escambia, Pine Forest and Tate.
  10. Niceville @ Crestview...

    I agree, Juanyeh Thomas would of made a big difference for Niceville. He's no Eli Stove or Roy Finch but he's not far off. The kid can flat out play ball.
  11. Northwest Florida Football

    If Choctaw could score 40 on Crestview, I'm sure niceville won't have a problem scoring 60. I'm interested to see if either defense can stop the offense from scoring. Michael Carter is good but Navarre didn't look all that good Friday night. Like I said, there's a huge gap between Niceville and everybody else.
  12. OT: Miami vs Florida state

    An extra point blocked...damn that one hurt!
  13. Northwest Florida Football

    I think it's a big gap between Niceville and everybody else. Hard to say how good Crestview is due to their schedule. The offense looks great, defense suspect.
  14. Pine Forest loses to Escambia 0 -35?

    That score is correct. Injuries and expulsions have done this team in. Starting qb got hurt first game and has been struggling to stay on the field since then. One of the starting running backs is out with a shoulder injury and another got expelled week 3. They had a couple more underclassmen get expelled. The talent is there but the coaching is definitely not up to par.
  15. Week 6 scores

    I had high hopes for Pine Forest...talent there...coaching, discipline and team work is not.