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  1. Damn, that's sad. He was a good guy, very genuine.
  2. Seeing how this season is rolling, no offense, but I would say St Augustine is better than both Mainland and Columbia. I’ve always respected both but it seems like Columbia and Mainland ain’t the normal Columbia and Mainland. Not saying they aren’t good, I’m just saying it doesn’t look like they are the teams they’ve had in the past. St Augustine win over Escambia this weekend was impressive.
  3. Yeah, that drive for Gulf Breeze is a haul to Daytona, and currently, Santa Rosa County has a policy of no overnight trips due to COVID. Curious if county allows them to leave on Thursday or have to drive that 7 plus hour trip on Friday. In recent years, I would agree on Navarre over Niceville, but this year I don’t think Navarre has the cats to stay with Niceville. I’ll go ahead and say Niceville wins that by 2 to 3 scores.
  4. As a DeLand kid growing up, I respect him as a coach. I was 1-1 vs him, and remember him at weightlifting meets as well. I also know some of my former coaches worked with him and spoke highly of him. Yeah, he made a mistake, but let’s try and be bigger than his mistakes and also realize some of us live in glass houses.
  5. No, I completely hear you and understand that different situations are occurring. We started back with workouts in pods of kids. Within a month we’ve had 3 coaches and over 10 kids test positive, and we are shut down again. But unfortunately I know how folks in my area are, and if the green light says go, we will be back at it. I get kids and some schools will get together, but I find it hard when medical professionals give a recommendation and it’s ignored. I probably ranted a little more than I tend to due to that meeting forcing me to get into my liquor storage.
  6. Lived here my whole life and thought I might’ve seen it all. I’ll say this, if they ask me, a coach, to sign a waiver on all this, I’ll will refuse to sign, even if they say I can’t get my supplement. I’ll coach for the kids and respect of my other coaches I work with, but starting our season this coming Monday is insane. We are literally the epicenter of the world, currently today, for this pandemic, yet we can start football?
  7. I’m honestly stunned after watching that fiasco of a meeting. They were tasked with making a decision for the entire state, and medical professionals said we should delay (I want to say at least 28 days), yet me move ahead with original start date because small counties like Gulf County are good to go?
  8. Not all the teams, but possibly 4 from 1 district make it this year with Niceville, Lincoln, Crestview, and Navarre.
  9. I would agree Escambia is pretty good. The thing that will hold them back is their OL. They have good size but I don’t think they’re that good of an OL. Everywhere else on the team they’re legit, like you said.
  10. Pensacola Catholic 19 Washington 14 TDO.com said Tallahassee games had lightning and didn’t play.
  11. Lincoln - Antonio Cromartie Gulliver Prep - Sean Taylor
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