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  1. Not all the teams, but possibly 4 from 1 district make it this year with Niceville, Lincoln, Crestview, and Navarre.
  2. I would agree Escambia is pretty good. The thing that will hold them back is their OL. They have good size but I don’t think they’re that good of an OL. Everywhere else on the team they’re legit, like you said.
  3. Pensacola Catholic 19 Washington 14 TDO.com said Tallahassee games had lightning and didn’t play.
  4. Lincoln - Antonio Cromartie Gulliver Prep - Sean Taylor
  5. Xavier Lee Seabreeze? Not sure who they’re playing.
  6. What about this kid... he’s 5’8 as well? https://www.hudl.com/profile/6219510/Tyler-Dittmer Not trying to hijack your thread, I feel you on kids getting passed over.
  7. I agree with the money part, but I’m pretty sure he went to Rickards before his playing days at FSU.
  8. Pensacola Washington head coaching position is officially open.
  9. I would probably add 1 more team out of region 1 district 1 with either Gulf Breeze or a Moseley team who looked good last year until the hurricane hit and they fell off.
  10. I have only seen clips of both teams, but I would probably pick Crestview over Niceville. Crestview’s offense is rolling. The Navarre GB game is one that’s tough to say. Navarre has Dante Wright and GB has Tyler Dittmer. Both change the game dramatically for their teams.
  11. North Florida (5 games) Buchholz(6-2) @ Bartram Trail(5-3) 7AD3 matchup. Buchholz has won 3 of the last 5 meetings. BT won last year 53-21. Lee(6-1) @ Fletcher(6-2) 7AD2 matchup. Lee has won the last 3 meetings, including a 20-6 win last season. Flagler Palm Coast(7-2) @ Mandardin(5-3) 8AD1 matchup. FPC has won 4 of the past 7 meetings, including a 24-17 2OT win last season. 4ARaines(7-1) @ 7ALincoln(6-2) Raines won 49-24 at home last season. Gulf Breeze(7-1) @ Navarre(6-1) 6AD2 matchup that will decide the district champion. Navarre has won 10 of the last 11 games, but the last 2 have been decided by one TD or less. Gulf Breeze won in 2016. Rivalry game(Public Peach Bowl Cup) The GB Navarre game should be a good one. I would also include Crestview against Niceville for North Florida games.
  12. It was awesome. This has been done before. The original player who did it back in 1989 (I think) was Terrell Buckley at FSU. He did it against Syracuse. Crazy how times have changed after last weekend of FSU vs Syracuse.
  13. Hope they start looking like the mid to late 90’s squads and that flash in the pan squads in the late 2000’s.
  14. So is DeLand looking like they’re finally back.
  15. Milton 38 Washington 15 Navarre 35 Catholic 7 Gulf Breeze 48 Pascagoula 15 Escambia 23 West Florida 20 Pace 30 FWB 20 Lincoln 27 Niceville 15 Crestview 68 Bay 0 Tate 28 Choctaw 21 Pine Forest 27 Pensacola 6
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