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  1. Damn, very angry - told her she should have moved to Punta Gorda instead of Naples. We could have set her up with Wavebb and they would have been happy ever after
  2. They've been very good, they're in our district now with Palmetto. They finally got away from Venice, that was a over-heated rivalry.
  3. Marcus Shaw Desoto Bulldogs; saw a 2 hr rain delay at the Fish Bowl with him and Charlotte's Michael Bellamy, then the Number 1 and 2 rushers in the state showdown. Those two kept everybody in their seats, no one left. My youngest caused 2 fumbles that night. Played at USF
  4. I doubt she would take the time to come back and say what she did, how she did. Read it
  5. ...Wewahitchka Low - I bet the local School Boards carve it up good. One thing for certain, ADs will earn their salaries redoing schedules this season.
  6. Damn... we just got delayed to return to school Aug 31 in Charlotte County Sarasota too. From Manny Navvaro Tweet: "Sports Medicine Advisory Committee Chair Dr. Jennifer Maynard is giving the organization’s recommendation to the FHSAA about a return to fall sports and says these are their recommendations: “Delay the start of football and girls volleyball until further notice.” Sorry didn't see the earlier post! 5:25 PM · Jul 20, 2020"
  7. Somebody needed to stop those guys posting the Troll accounts. I think somebody hacked Choctaw_fan
  8. Now I can catch back up on Lakeland Football again!!
  9. He's been a few other morphs - thats what they told me anyway; that he was over here doing his same scorched earth thing for a new audience. He might be out to pasture by now.
  10. Neut contributed football wise, knew his stuff, but he was more of an editorial page guy and this time of year we'd all get a little too far off topic. The regulars who came back during the season were some pretty astute/connected football guys (Like the Manatee crowd). Then it started getting barraged by the scam/trolls. FlA Va will always hold a special place for me - I met some good guys there like the late-great Blue-2 (Who even went and watched my youngest play at a game I couldnt make up in St Pete, and introduced himself afterwards), some true characters, and a few of us even got together before games, on the sidelines or at Wave's retreat in Ruskin. I wrote my first of 11,700+ posts after Charlotte beat St Thomas Aquinas right after Oracle, their famous baiter, said they were coming over for their "Annual playoff tune -up on the West Coast." Plus it was a great Friday night get-home-from-the-game and check the first hand views of a few important, or even not so important games.
  11. Good luck, let's just hope we get to watch this season. 0-0 is much worse than 5-5.
  12. Not sure what they have coming back, but they have played well; 2 of their 3 losses were by a TD or less (South FM and Payoff loss) and they threw up some offensive scores. I listened to the end of their game with Ft Myers last year coming home from one of our games in Lee. They gave Ft Myers all they could handle. Hows Wachula going to be this season, HWY17?.
  13. Well, they lost to all the teams I mentioned and they'll have to crack into that group first, to make a deep run, but they got to the playoffs. We didn't play them last season so I'm not that familiar with who they return. Overall from a few years ago, they were a team that played hard. Again, a new coach has to make waves quick without Top Shelf players in Lee County, because once they develop them there has been tendency to leave, and that has been a trait before the so called Free Agency era. Island Coast is a great example, 10 years ago they were a very competitive program - where the kids were going, but since have been through a bunch of head coaches. They develop athletes to a certain point then they go free agent.
  14. Namesakes for their county's in SW FL are always competitive. After that, in Lee County it varies from year to year based on transfers. What the athletes feel (or are presented) to be the team with the best shot at a deep run. Dunbar is always loaded and has been competitive, North has made a few runs. In Charlotte County, The Tarpons are in a tough district- last year the district produced four playoff teams and the Tarpons just made it in the 4th spot. They got on a hot streak to get a rematch with District Champ, Palmetto in the Regional Final, but got thumped. The other two teams that made it, Port Charlotte and Bradon River will be competitive. Charlotte has a new HC, new DC, new OC, new QB Coach. Think they will likely update their offense, so this will be a year for the team to gain experience as players and coaches. I have confidence in the system, and the coaches who stayed and took over the key vacancies, all home grown Tarps, my sons played with two of them. We have a very good QB returning and some skills, need some O-line help. But my expectations are realistic.
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