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  1. I wouldn't trade the 2004 or 2005 Lakeland Offenses for anyone during the 2000's QB's who could both run and pass, top notch running backs, and an O-line that was unmovable. 30-0 during that period with 2 different QB's - and while we "might" recruit we don't give free (or amazingly reduced) scholarships like STA. Now 2006 the QB was blah but still got the job done. 45-0!
  2. Yes but you can't have mistakes. Watching STA-Manatee, STA looked ready to go and clicking.
  3. As a Lakeland Fan I've never viewed any STA team as unbeatable
  4. I have just heard chatter to this effect, as a Lakeland fan I'm have never been in awe of STA.
  5. Yes, unfortunately I have only seen Venice getting destroyed (IMG) and Destroying (Lakeland) so my base of knowledge is limited this season on Venic but I don't think you can count on STA to make mistakes to lose the game.
  6. Attended the Manatee STA game and for a team that isn't "living up to its potential" STA looked like a well oiled machine. STA will be a tough out. On the first "drive" of the game STA ran through Manatee (2 plays) and on the second they went over them.
  7. Well I'm going to the Manatee game and they are underdogs, so is one Manatee?
  8. They do only have a grandstand on one side. If the visitors are state teams then they often do bring more fans than IMG. Even the Miami schools like bring more fans than IMG had. I imagine if they had allowed fans to watch Edgewater it would have been a fuller house. I wanted to go but they were still not allowing anyone on campus. If the school is from out of state its a ghost town.
  9. Oh and one final thing...I was not terribly surprised that someone at IMG was hip deep in the college SAT admission scandal. Not saying the school was but someone working at the school? ... No real surprise.
  10. Man you should see some of the cars these kids drive at IMG...most of us couldn't' afford one in a lifetime of work and those that could are likely to frugal to do so... and oh are they some arrogant kids - obviously not all, many are foreign attending on Visa's and they seem better behaved as a whole but many act very entitled. I had one football player I told to get back to his dorm room as it was after curfew and he told me he was going to Alabama next year and I said, great but your not at Alabama now...get back to your room. He went but with attitude.
  11. I worked for 2 years at IMG. IMG football games are dull and boring, no fan support, rare is the parent in the stands, no cheerleaders from the school (they bus some in), no band from the school(they bus in a pep band), no excitement at all...and for the most part even their own students don't attend, some wander in and wander out but you get more excitement in the school cafeteria when foreign soccer broadcasts are on the myriad of TV's. IMG fills a need for many athletes to get scholarships to better schools - including football - but it is certainly only a business and not a community.
  12. Lakeland didn't lose at home last year they lost at Armwood. Lakeland isn't any of those teams.
  13. Well IMG started kind of slow but like Venice and Edgewater that didn't last...
  14. Are they playing IMG Blue or White?
  15. Looked like this was a rough weekend for some big names. American Heritage 41 Venice 26 Cardinal Gibbons 17 STA 10 (these guys need to play more often) Jones 31 Edgewater 13 Did I miss any? A weekend that makes High School Football great! And just for full disclosure Lakeland got it's butt kicked again Bloomingdale 39 LHS 14
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