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  1. IMG @ St. Frances Academy

    I would never bet against IMG but this should be a difficult game for them, if they blow these guys away then I want to see a special bowl game for a Mater Dei/IMG rematch from last year.
  2. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 8

    Why not?
  3. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    !!!!! This Martin in many ways moved the team slightly better but it didn't help Garnett that they kept Bowman out of Strawberry Crest and he had to sit out Durant nor that he missed almost 3 weeks with an injury after being named the starter. But he isn't making critical mistakes and that is good.
  4. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    What I mean about the officiating and it was even worse at Durant. And the running clocks certainly don't aid the Dreadnaughts Offense, which is what the running clock is supposed to do.
  5. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Agreed, Manatee and Polk county had decent referees, Plant City, not so much.
  6. Columbia vs Lee

    What has Jenkins EVER done? Didn't say Lee was great, said they weren't a nobody. Jenkins is a nobody.
  7. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    That's utter nonsense. In Polk they let them play and perhaps Hillsborough coaches don't like that. Utter nonesense.
  8. Columbia vs Lee

    No you didn't miss anything, comparing Lee to Jenkins is not even apples to oranges, its apples to asparagus.
  9. Columbia vs Lee

    Well no I wouldn't but GJ isn't RELee
  10. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Even back in the day, 1980s you knew you were going to get a lot of penalties, far more than your average, at Plant City especially and Hillsborough County in general. Frankly one game I went to was the worst officiated game ever. And I will say it, those refs cheated. Mis-spots, phantom calls, and so forth. It is sad to see that this has not changed. Lakeland got penalty after penalty, especially if they got near the PC red zone this year. Despite this, Lakeland still couldn't be touched by PC or Durant. Those teams just weren't good enough to do much even with help. But it is notoriously well known that non Hillsborough teams have to fight both the refs and the opposing team. Unfortunate that it has never been fixed. But current officiating is terrible at almost every level, even at flag football.
  11. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Lakeland had 2 TDs called back last night, by penalties, and Bowman didn't play. FWIW
  12. Lakeland which did not have Bowman or two other starters playing, only put 27 on Durant, of course they were fighting the Hillsborough refs as they always have to do. So its at Bloomingdale this week. The final "challenge" before the playoffs. Kathleen isn't as good as last year. Bowman is expected to play as are the two walking wounded. Always have to factor in the refs when going to the Plant City area schools. Any thoughts, other than recruiting of course.
  13. Columbia vs Lee

    Losing in OT is nothing to be ashamed of. Lee isn't a nobody. Move on to the next game.
  14. Columbia vs Lee

    I understood him to mean see Lee again in the Playoffs.
  15. Columbia vs Lee

    Lee wins 27-21 OT