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    Good for Edgewater. I can't see STA not winning however, but I was wrong about Armwood. But Armwood isn't STA. Good luck!
  2. I will take Lakeland's 28 straight years in the playoffs, 6 state championships in those 28 years and a 60 game regular season winning streak as well as a 53 game winning streak over a few teams who can on occasion say...we beat Lakeland once or twice in our history. Hillsborough isn't cooking anything worth eating...
  3. Your post is idiotic. Can't debate stupid.
  4. I could see 27-21 But think 21-13 Armwood is where I would be.
  5. I doubt that balance will make any difference.
  6. I am not sure how much better Edgewater is from last year when Lakeland crushed them but I doubt anyone will have an easy time playing that Armwood Defense anywhere...anytime. (including STA) Let alone at that rinky-dink, cow pasture set in a traffic-jam that Armwood calls a home field.
  7. I give Venice props for scheduling IMG - most Florida schools wouldn't have the guts to do so (likely Lakeland as well).
  8. Most people get jazzed up by STA but as a Lakeland fan I haven't found them much to get excited about... That said, I have to say that Venice is very good and battle tested (which is apparently the only thing that matters to some posters here ) and I wish the game was in Venice BUT I have to go with STA at home and by a good margin. At least 27-13 ish range and maybe more. And no disrespect intended but I want to see Armwood's Defense have a shot at STA. I think STA will still defeat Armwood but I enjoy watching STA have issues and get frustrated with good D's
  9. Well then there you have it... still they weren't flag happy which is a good thing.
  10. I was presently surprised by the lack of flags in the Lakeland-Armwood game. Usually the east Hillsborough crews suck! In this case they didn't really effect the game. Armwood's defense did!
  11. Trust me it was worse to see it in person...
  12. Armwoods Defense is good, real good. Armwood's field looks like it needs a coat of green paint. Well I was wrong. Armwood kicked the snot out of Lakeland.
  13. Frankly who cares? They had their chance...
  14. Definitely, really to bad it has to be at a rinky dink stadium instead of a classic stadium...
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