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  1. Lakeland appears fully reloaded for 2019

    It is very hard to repeat but look forward to see LHS and what they can do. The Camo Uniforms aren't their only version, Lakeland has a big booster club and has always had multiple jersey/Pant combinations. Only one helmet though. They wore the camo's 2 or 3 times last year. Black over black is still my favorite. But Black over orange, Black over white, Orange over orange, Grey over Grey...
  2. Parrish Community High School starts play 2019

    And unfortunately the over building in Parrish itself. 10,000 new homes approved. Lakewood Ranch kids will be crossing the Manatee River, all the kids in Parrish were zoned for Palmetto High.
  3. Parrish Community High School will begin play in 2019 - the school will begin with a Jr. Varsity schedule (despite what the photo shows) as the school will have only or at least the bulk of 9th and 10th graders. They will primarily be taking students from Palmetto High School as they are the only other HS north of the river in Manatee County. Originally named North River HS .
  4. New football playing schools 2017-2019

    Parrish Community High School will begin play in 2019, however since the school will only really have 9th and 10th graders to start they will be playing a Jr. Varsity Schedule to begin with.
  5. Lakeland Reached Rare Milestone This Past Season

    Get Naught - Y
  6. The Very Tip Of the Iceberg

    The current directors of IMG likely knew, that place has terrible leadership in many way.
  7. Lakeland vs STA Title game part VI

    Lakeland 7A State Champs
  8. Lakeland vs STA Title game part VI

    well questionable but STA was out of bounds so Lakeland ball... 1:57 left
  9. Lakeland vs STA Title game part VI

    Ooops looks like STA went out of bounds? Maybe?