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  1. Oh and one final thing...I was not terribly surprised that someone at IMG was hip deep in the college SAT admission scandal. Not saying the school was but someone working at the school? ... No real surprise.
  2. Man you should see some of the cars these kids drive at IMG...most of us couldn't' afford one in a lifetime of work and those that could are likely to frugal to do so... and oh are they some arrogant kids - obviously not all, many are foreign attending on Visa's and they seem better behaved as a whole but many act very entitled. I had one football player I told to get back to his dorm room as it was after curfew and he told me he was going to Alabama next year and I said, great but your not at Alabama now...get back to your room. He went but with attitude.
  3. I worked for 2 years at IMG. IMG football games are dull and boring, no fan support, rare is the parent in the stands, no cheerleaders from the school (they bus some in), no band from the school(they bus in a pep band), no excitement at all...and for the most part even their own students don't attend, some wander in and wander out but you get more excitement in the school cafeteria when foreign soccer broadcasts are on the myriad of TV's. IMG fills a need for many athletes to get scholarships to better schools - including football - but it is certainly only a business and not a community.
  4. Lakeland didn't lose at home last year they lost at Armwood. Lakeland isn't any of those teams.
  5. Well IMG started kind of slow but like Venice and Edgewater that didn't last...
  6. Are they playing IMG Blue or White?
  7. Looked like this was a rough weekend for some big names. American Heritage 41 Venice 26 Cardinal Gibbons 17 STA 10 (these guys need to play more often) Jones 31 Edgewater 13 Did I miss any? A weekend that makes High School Football great! And just for full disclosure Lakeland got it's butt kicked again Bloomingdale 39 LHS 14
  8. Venice is certainly an excellent team, very few smash Lakeland at Lakeland like that. Good luck to them the rest of the way.
  9. Hard to gauge Lakeland this year, the 2 weeks did them no favor. Look forward to the game.
  10. Is STA playing football? What is their record?
  11. Is STA even playing football?
  12. 42-7 IMG Glad I didn't go (or really wasn't allowed too) IMG's games are dull to start with, no real fans, cheerleaders from another school, a pep band with no allegiance to the school, no pizzazz. Add in that most of their games are like this...blowouts... No doubt you see some quality players who all will be playing on Saturday's but... Imagine I would have been bored by halftime.
  13. Legion37

    Pick em

    Fearful men abound.
  14. As of right now IMG isn't allowing anyone to attend the game from off campus. Would have liked to checked the game out in person.
  15. Agreed, we have sold a bill of goods as to how bad this illness is. For some it is deadly, no doubt, for the vast majority it is not! We have become fearful men. Lakeland should be playing football and dealing with 1 case that statistically is unlikely to do anything of note.
  16. My girls are starting week 4 in Manatee County - no issues of note despite the media's attempts to say otherwise.. The schools need to be opened fully and we need to not be fearful men. It's dragged out here (assuming that's true) because we have freedom and my rights don't end simply because some will suffer injury or loss. Lakeland should be playing football.
  17. Lakeland High School just announced a covid 19 issue and will be shutting down for 2 weeks. Canceling games with George Jenkins and Plant City.
  18. Play a game in Plant City and you'll see. Hillsborough county has plenty of issues as well.
  19. Defending officiating is a pointless exercise. Home cooking is prevalent enough that it doesn't go away year in and year out. And commentators have eyes too. I agree most officials could care less about who wins the game but until it is ALL officials (which it will never be) then missed calls, bad calls and sometimes missed and bad calls purposely made will be part of the game!
  20. Not sure they do, they have a student body, some that wander in and out, and parents, most of whom live elsewhere, but "fans" are not prevalent in the stands at the IMG at the games I've attended. That said I live in Bradenton so going is really to watch football, not necessarily root for either team. So the term fans should have been people who want to watch live football.
  21. You ain't kidding! Man they looked like a college team passing. Is IMG allowing fans at games? Might just go check the Edgewater game out if so.
  22. After watching IMG make tons of mistakes and still crush Venice last night, Edgewater better be clicking on all cylinders. I don't think Edgewater has a chance. IMG can run and PASS (pass like a college team with college players) I wonder if IMG is allowing people in the stands (Venice certainly did) - might check this game out in 2 weeks.
  23. Racoons aren't cool! Trash Panda's may not be either but at least it's unique. Say's the guy who graduated from a school with a really unique mascot! .
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