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  1. The 2013 BTW offense was not the most intimidating from a size perspective. And they did not necessarily have any marquis names at the time. They were led by 4-star dual threat qb Treon Harris, son of coaching legend Ice Harris. Treon was only 5'11. And his wide receivers were undersized by today's standards. But what they lacked in size, they made up for in speed and elusiveness. This offense was flat out difficult to stop and had so many weapons that could beat you. Future Canes star Mark Walton was an underclassman on this team. BTW ended the season 14-0 and ranked as one of the top hs team in the country. Below are some highlights of their game against Norcross, GA. Below are some highlights from their game against Norcross.
  2. And my selection for best offense of the 2010's...the 2013 Booker T Washington squad. Why the 2013 Booker T Washington squad? Beat nationally ranked, defending 6A Georgia state champion Norcross 55-0 in Georgia. Norcross won the title in 2013, as well. Gave nationally ranked and 6A state champion Miami Central its only loss of the season, scoring 28 points against the Rockets. Beat Carol City 45-0. No, this was not one of CC's great teams, but anyone who puts up 45 points on a CC defense is impressive. Traveled to Nevada and beat national powerhouse Bishop Gorman, scoring 28 points. Scored 40 or more points in each of its playoff games. Blew out defending 3A state champion University School at U School's home field in the playoffs, scoring 45 points. Went up 35-0 at the half versus Cocoa in the state semi and cruised to a 49-10 win. In the state final, BTW went up 34-6 over Bolles about 1 minute into the second half and took their foot off the gas, ending up with 40 points.
  3. Muckboy says they sending these guys to take care of Dillard. No heavy lifting necessary.
  4. But when u like Earth Wind & Fire you don't need more than 15 members, They start em young in the Muck.
  5. Muckboy tell me they gonna school your football team AND your band.
  6. Thanks for the input. There have been some people on here who consider Plant very offensive. Seriously, I would likely go with 2006 Northwestern if I was going to add another to the list. That team gave Miami Central its only two losses that year, and hung 39 and 41 points on them to show the first time wasn't a fluke.
  7. I amended the earlier numbers to reflect the FHSAA population report.
  8. It ain't in Madison County, that's for sure.
  9. Great teams...not the one I described in the original post.
  10. Lakeland and Manatee are the only teams that I called out more than once. That speaks volumes(at least in my mind) for the quality of their programs over the years. Keep in mind that many of the powerhouse teams of today only came on line within the past 20 years. Lakeland and Manatee have been contenders for the past 4 decades. Can you say "longevity!"
  11. Boy, it's getting tough now. Sorry Lakeland fans, but I don't think the Lakeland 2018 squad had the best offense of the decade. Some complain that Lakeland's schedules itself too easily. Though I hesitate to say any regular season that features games with Manatee and Apopka is easy, those two teams were not amongst their best. Lakeland's playoff wins in 2018 were extremely impressive, but overall I don't think this team's offensive firepower was on quite the same level as the 2013 Miami Central and Booker T Washington squads.
  12. Well, if I am going to have to pick between Miami Central's 2010 and 2013 teams, I am going with 2013. That leaves us with 3 teams: 2013 Booker T Washington 2013 Miami Central 2018 Lakeland
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