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  1. What do you think? This is from the 2006 Outback Bowl. Iowa fans still have not recovered.
  2. This was a Texas hs game from 2015. Down 42-3 in the second quarter, Lufkin came back to tie the game 49-49 in regulation, and then win it on a fg in OT. Both teams had over 700 yards of offense. Never give up!
  3. NY County punishes coaches who make the other teams feel uncomfortable
  4. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like when a coach lets the backups in a basketball game at the end of a game and the kids try to score, no matter how far up their team is, the announcers and fans don't make a deal about them running the score. Yet in football, there seems to be this ethical issue. And us football folks are supposed to be tough.
  5. C'mon Perspective. Ohio St had their second string line in. Those guys must have weighed about 185 pounds on average. Their qb would have been defenseless out there.
  6. Tutu Atwell (Northwestern), Javian Hawkins (Cocoa) and Jalen Mitchell(Rockledge) combine for 326 yards to beat FSU...irony.
  7. Please be forewarned...like all rap music, this is filled with profanity, glamorizes violence and demeans women...not to mention very bad rhyming and young men just plain behaving badly. So rap haters, please do not subject yourself to this. You have been warned.
  8. Nobody has mentioned this, so thought I would. He was a Lehigh and FSU alum. No cause of death has been officially communicated. RIP
  9. Looks like FL is not the only place where crazy stuff happens... Two teenagers were stabbed and a coach was attacked at a high school football practice this week at Life Christian (VA) Academy in Virginia. Life Christian Academy is a national power in high school football. Tennessee 2021 four-star OLB commit Aaron Willis plays for the school, while 2022 four-star DT Bryce Carter does as well. Penn State has ties to the school as well, as freshman cornerback Joseph Johnson is with the Nittany Lions, and the program has offered 2022 three-star cornerback Akim Sledge. Penn State has also of
  10. I still have yet to recover from the great Gadsden coin flip debacle
  11. Florida High MUST recruit. Yeah, that's it.
  12. It was just the way they worded it...implying they could/would/might answer the question if they had all the facts. If they have no intention of answering any such questions at this time, just be transparent and say so.
  13. The Canes have been very crisp and workmanlike. This is a different team than I have seen in a while. The coaches have done their job so far.
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