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  1. Transfer season

    lot of similarities with Broward County
  2. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    I agree that's the case for the vast majority of teams. But there are some teams who seem to have more flexibility than others (for whatever reason) who could have an advantage, no?
  3. FHSAA let football teams move

    That's a really interesting concept. We also need to think about player safety. Not too long ago, the range of body weights and speeds on the playing field was nothing like today. We pick on parents today for being overly protective, but they have a very legitimate concern about their 150-pound, asthmatic kid getting hit by a 6'2" 230-pound linebacker who runs a 4.6 40. We would not dream of allowing such disparities on the wrestling mat, yet for some reason we think it OK to allow a kid weighing upwards of 200 pounds more than another kid to hit him and/or fall on him on the football field. We wanted a game of freaks, and now we got it. And now we have a big safety problem because of it. This has nothing to do with "being tough." That is neanderthal thinking and we need to wake up. There is a reason beyond sour grapes as to why St Frances in Maryland had the rug pulled out from under them by their traditional opponents. Parents felt like their kids were playing a college team. I think there is a subset of parents who would support their kids playing in hs if they knew their kids could play with others of similar body proportions and talent. 99% of kids out there are not FBS-quality. There's a huge pool of kids that are potentially being excluded from the hs game today. Imagine a parent watching one of these ESPN high schools games today. Can you blame them for not considering football as a sport for their "average" son?
  4. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    "The RPI lacks theoretical justification from a statistical standpoint. Other ranking systems which include the margin of victory of games played or other statistics in addition to the win/loss results have been shown to be a better predictor of the outcomes of future games. However, because the margin of victory has been manipulated in the past by teams or individuals in the context of gambling, the RPI can be used to mitigate motivation for such manipulation." ...some random thoughts.... -Info above does not give me a warm and fuzzy as to how the RPI will make things any better. -Would seem to me that one of the best predictors for playoff performance of hs wildcards teams is their ability to play tough on the road, recognizing they might be playing all of their playoff games on the road. Yet that does not come into play in the proposed system. -There is so much emphasis on strength of schedule in RPI, and using opponent's opponents potentially doubles up a problem in relatively weak counties like Pinellas where your weak opponents are likely playing weak opponents. As mentioned in the Wikipedia article, this system creates incentive for scheduling a certain way. Why would would I want to schedule an out-of-district game against schools from weaker counties/districts, knowing it could ultimately hurt me? Seems to me the ideal would be to schedule a B+ team from a super-tough district whose opponent's opponents winning percentage will be very high...like a Miami Norland this past season.
  5. Transfer season

    Terry Parker is 14-41 over the past 5 years. Like they can really afford to be losing kids.
  6. FHSAA let football teams move

    It begs the question "Why can't they compete?" We are not talking just a few larger schools here that are struggling. And note that many that are struggling are in metro areas where their better athletes often leave for greener pastures. There has got to be a better answer than just dropping the sport. We are at a very unique time in hs football and need to think outside the box. There should be a place for not-so-good teams and "average" players in our game.
  7. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Let's pretend we used the RPI system this past season, and that these teams, who missed the playoffs this season, made it. Realistically, how would they have done in their respective regions? Just curious to hear from people familiar with these teams and the teams they likely would have met in the playoffs. George Jenkins(8A) 7-3 Liberty(8A) 8-2 Park Vista(8A) 7-3 Seminole(8A) 8-2 Chamberlain(6A) 8-2 New Smyrna Beach(6A) 7-3 Springstead(6A) 7-3 River Ridge(5A) 7-3
  8. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    I would like to see the RPI numbers for this past season to see who would/would not have made it and what the first round matchups would have been. Please tell me this was done as part of the "proving" process.
  9. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Bingo...perfectly said...and if the latter, how does RPI do a better job of predicting such teams than the present system or the one prior(district runners-up).
  10. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Here is is folks.."Just ask RIPI" for up to the minute RPI numbers, guaranteed 50% or less margin of error. And for a small fee you can get with one with your team logo. One can also pay extra to get the special "bitch and whine" feature. When coach complains to RIPI about the numbers, RIPI will console you by making statements like "You're right , coach. This new system sucks."
  11. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    these statements from the RPI FAQ document made me chuckle. "Furthermore, they felt the previous ranking system, which consisted of your own winning percentage and your opponents’ winning percentage, was shallow." ...don't "they" realize football coaches/fans are shallow people and, in that sense, the old system suited us perfectly. "A major advantage to the RPI is the transparency that comes along with its accuracy. The components of the formula are known, and its results can be easily replicated. The calculation of the ranking is three layers deep, leading to more accuracy." ...by a PhD mathematician in his spare time.
  12. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    No problem, Gatorman. They are way ahead of us. Each coach will be given a football-shaped computer named "RIPI." All coach will have to do is "ASK RIPI" and he will get an up-to-the-minute update on the playoff status of his team or any other.
  13. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Just like the present system, this appears to be a "hybrid" system using a combination of district championships and RPI for seeding Just like I suggested for the present system, if it makes sense, then why a hybrid system and not all in, ie use RPI to seed ALL teams? I am not suggesting that, just curious "why?" If the purpose of the new system is to "create better matchups,"...well, some of the most problematic matchups this past season IMO involved teams that were seeded top 4 because they won district, but obviously were much weaker than some of the lower seeds in their region. So, if we had used RPI this past season, we likely would have had some of the same first round mismatches as below, maybe just involving different lower-seeded teams. 8A #6 South Dade 49 #3 Hialeah 14 #5 Palmetto 45 #4 Belen Jesuit 7 7A #5 Lee 48 #4 Hagerty 7 #7 Edgewater 65 #2 Buchholz 21 #5 Ft Lauderdale 54 #4 Doral Academy 7 6A #5 Escambia 33 #4 St Augustine 16 #6 Northwestern 31 #3 Mainland 16 5A #5 American Heritage 37 #4 Westwood 14 #6 Immokalee 45 #3 Dunbar 21
  14. Who Is Deeper in 8A, South Florida or Orlando?

    interesting fact...Between 1994-2010, a Miami-Dade team won the 6A state title(the largest class at the time) 10 out of 17 years. Since 2011, a Miami-Dade team has won an 8A title just twice in 8 years...South Dade in 2013 and Southridge in 2016
  15. FHSAA football advisory committee/RPI included

    Under the new RPI system, would the 4 district champions in a region automatically get the top 4 seeds, as happens with the current system? Thanks for the help!