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  1. The Agenda Buster

    Well then, our whole society must be ludicrous. It's because of a little thing called loyalty, which sometimes gets in the way of "playing the best players." All you bosses out there, tomorrow go into your workplace and announce you are demoting and promoting people based strictly on their level of talent, ignoring tenure, and see what anarchy prevails. And them imagine doing that every year. The real world does not work like this crazy little world of transferring we have going on right now. We have created an expectation in our young people that if you work hard you will "get the job." Well, we all know it's not that simple. Maybe that's why we are hearing stories of young people quitting jobs because they haven't been promoted within six months of starting, leaving disappointed. "Paying your dues" is very much a part of the real world, like it or not We like to blame the FHSAA for not doing its job, just as some like blaming the government for not doing its job. As coaches and supervisors, its all about taking personal responsibility for our decisions. Our jobs are not simply to play the best players. Anyone can do that. The truly masterful hs coach knows how to build a team and build character in his players. And understands how bumping a tenured player for that hot new transfer might be great for the short term, but disastrous for the long term. How many of you out there would like working for a boss with a track record like that, knowing you might get demoted next year so that energetic young intern can have your job? Do I sound crazy? Maybe so. But I say with the utmost confidence that some of our FL hs coaching legends of the past would not be waiting on the FHSAA to tell them what they can/should do or not do. These guys had a moral compass they followed. They made decisions based on what was the "right thing to do"...not necessarily what everyone else was doing.
  2. Veros quest for 60

    I expected Vero to beat Treasure Coast handily last year, and they had to come from behind to win. Even Centennial hung in their with Vero until the end. Just based on those results, I would hope that Vero is taking those games very seriously. It appears those two programs have made progress.
  3. Veros quest for 60

    Losing to American Heritage and Naples...those are not exactly slouches Miramar is a solid program and lost 31-6 to AHP.
  4. The Agenda Buster

    I hear ya. There are extenuating circumstances with some of these transfers..likely even some that look and smell fishy. I guess the challenge is to how to define the "fishiness threshold" for a team. Just because a team gets a couple good transfers and wins a state title doesn't automatically mean they are cheating...at least not in today's world.
  5. Veros quest for 60

    One of our SFL experts on the board said Pace was "loaded" earlier in the season, so I trust their problem is one of execution, not talent.
  6. The Agenda Buster

    I have always had respect for Lakeland. Last season I made a thread that demonstrated how the Naughts did not inherit a lot of highly rated transfers to win their state title. Nor have they this year, really. It was the sheer number of transfers they got this year that got my attention. I have to question what south FL powers Lakeland has beaten of late outside St Thomas. Some of the south FL teams Lakeland has invited to come play are far from powers. I also question how your data proves in no uncertain terms that Miami-Dade teams recruit better than Lakeland. The number of highly-rated players on those MD teams may simply be a function of the relative numbers of talented players available in Miami-Dade. There are a lot more 3- and 4-star players floating around Miami-Dade than there are in Polk County simply because MD dwarfs PC in terms of population. Let's be real. If a couple more 4-star players showed up on Lakeland's doorstep this year, would they have been turned away? As it is, a couple of PC teams were highly impacted (Kathleen and Lake Gibson). Kathleen lost at least 7 players to Lakeland as best I can tell. I would challenge that the relative impact of those transfers was as great or greater than the impact on any MD team. So, maybe Lakeland's lack of high star power has as much to do with "opportunity" as it does with recruiting efficacy. My issue nowadays is not recruiting or transfers, per se. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt concerning recruiting unless I have proof otherwise. And a coach cannot necessarily control if players want to come play for him. But a coach can control who plays. How a coach today can look himself in the mirror and think it is sportsmanlike to win a state title by playing upwards of 20 transfers(some of them in front of kids who have paid their dues). ....they have their lost their moral compass.
  7. Veros quest for 60

    Treasure Coast blowing out Monsignor Pace got my attention. Have not seen MP play, but they are supposed to have a lot of talent.
  8. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    Next weekend...The Showdown...Fort Pierce Central vs Westwood...Central leads the series 21-18
  9. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    see the thread below
  10. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    Which will be the best games this year? INTRACOUNTY RIVALRIES Alachua Gainesville vs Buchholz 10/4/19 Brevard Cocoa vs Rockledge(The BBQ Bowl) 11/1/19 Cocoa vs Astronaut no game this year Cocoa vs Merritt Island-temporarily discontinued Titusville vs Astronaut(Battle for the Hudson Trophy) 11/1/19 Eau Gallie vs Melbourne 11/1/19 Satellite vs Cocoa Beach(Beach Bowl) 9/27/19 Broward Dillard vs Ely(Soul Bowl) 11/2/19 South Plantation vs Plantation(Mayor's Cup) 10/4/19 Fort Lauderdale vs Stranahan 11/1/19 St Thomas Aquinas vs Cardinal Gibbons-temporarily discontinued Charlotte Charlotte vs Port Charlotte 10/18/19 Collier Naples vs Immokalee 10/25/19 Naples vs Lely(Coconut Bowl) 10/11/19 Naples vs Barron Collier(Cross Town Showdown) 9/27/19 Duval Lee vs Jackson no game this year Raines vs Ribault(Northwest Classic Trophy) 10/12/19 Escambia Escambia vs Pensacola High(Ye Olde Wash Boiler Tub) 11/1/19 Escambia vs Pine Forest Escambia won 23-20 Hernando Citrus vs Hernando 10/11/19 Highlands Sebring vs Avon Park-temporarily discontinued Sebring leads series 54-40-1 Hillsborough Armwood vs Plant AW won 38-3 Plant vs Hillsborough no game this year Plant vs Robinson 11/1/19 Tampa Catholic vs Jesuit 11/1/19 Indian River Sebastian River vs Vero Beach Lake Leesburg vs Eustis Lee Fort Myers vs North Fort Myers(Battle of the Callosahatchee River) Lehigh vs East Lee County(Beast of the East) Leon Godby vs Rickards Lincoln vs Leon Manatee Manatee vs Southeast-temporarily discontinued Manatee vs Palmetto Marion Vanguard vs North Marion Martin County Martin County vs South Fork (Martin Bowl) Miami-Dade Northwestern vs Jackson(Soul Bowl) Homestead vs South Dade Coral Gables vs Miami High Killian vs Palmetto (Cat Trophy) Killian vs Southridge 11/1/19 North Miami vs North Miami Beach Columbus vs Belen Jesuit Okaloosa Fort Walton Beach vs Choctawhatchee(The Game) Niceville vs Crestview Osceola Osceola vs St Cloud State's 5th oldest rivalry. Orange Boone vs Edgewater(Battle for the Spirit Barrel) Jones vs Evans(Soul Bowl) Oviedo vs Hagerty(Mayor's Cup) Dr Phillips vs Olympia Palm Beach Pahokee vs Glades Central(Muck Bowl) Palm Beach Central vs Wellington(Wellington Cup) Pasco Pasco vs Zephyrhills(The 9-Mile War) Pinellas Tarpon Springs vs East Lake Palm Harbor University vs East Lake Polk Lakeland vs Kathleen Winter Haven vs Auburndale Winter Haven vs Lake Wales Bartow vs Lake Wales Fort Meade vs Frostproof St Johns Nease vs Ponte Vedra(Battle for the Bridge) St Augustine vs Menendez St Lucie Westwood vs Fort Pierce Central(The Showdown) 9/20/19 Santa Rosa Gulf Breeze vs Navarre(Public Peach Bowl Cup) Navarre won 28-21 Pace vs Milton(Bronze Helmet) 10/25/19 Seminole Lake Brantley vs Lake Mary(Mayor's Cup) Lake Mary won 42-0 Volusia Mainland vs Seabreeze(Spike Welshinger Trophy) 10/25/19 INTERCOUNTY RIVALRIES South FL: Okeechobee vs Clewiston(Hendry) Okeechobee vs Martin County Central FL: Seminole vs Deland(Volusia) "Battle of the Bridge" Hardee vs Desoto(Walter F Buck Carlton Trophy) Melbourne Central Catholic(Brevard) vs John Carroll(St Lucie) 11/1/19 Vero Beach(Indian River) vs Fort Pierce Central(St Lucie) Cardinal Mooney(Sarasota) vs Bishop Verot(Lee) North FL: Palatka(Putnam) vs St Augustine(St Johns) Columbia vs Suwannee(Oaken Bucket) Columbia vs Gainesville Santa Fe(Alachua) vs Fort White(Columbia) " Battle for the Paddle" Santa Fe won 10-0 Blountstown(Calhoun) vs Port St Joe(Gulf) Jay vs Flomaton(Alabama)
  11. FSU Poorly Hydrates Again

    and even without adequate hydration
  12. 20 Interesting Games Next Week

    7A District 1 is arguably the toughest in the state. The Lincoln vs Niceville matchup this week should be huge. Lincoln has already defeated Navarre. If Lincoln beats Niceville, they should be in the driver's seat to win the district, assuming they can beat Crestview (who was just defeated by Niceville in district play). I know opinions differ about district size, but I like it when there are meaningful district games earlier in the season. 7A-D1 has 7 teams, so we are already seeing big district matchups.
  13. 20 Interesting Games Next Week

    I just added classes for each of the games in the original post.
  14. One of Louisiana top teams smashed by DFB

    Another thing to keep in mind when making comparisons with schools in states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Lousiana. According to Maxpreps(FWIW), Zachary is the #12 team in Louisiana. Deerfield Beach is the #14 team in FL. Fair fight, right? Not so fast. Louisina has 233 schools playing football in its 5 classes(see below). That puts Zachary in approximately the 5th percentile of schools in LA. The 5th percentile of schools in FL would be about #25. If an OOS whooped our #25 team and some were crowing about it, I bet there are some on the Forum who would say "what's the big deal?" FL has over 4.5 times the population of Louisiana. Simply by the law of #'s, talent being equal, FL is going to have way more good teams than Lousiana ever will. In any one year, Louisiana might produce 5 really good teams, whereas FL might produce 20. So what's the point? It's sometimes apples-to-oranges to use such OOS matchups to judge the talent of individual states. From a population standpoint, FL dwarfs most states. 43 states have less than half the population of FL. 5A 52 schools 4A 51 schools 3A 52 schools 2A 46 schools 1A 32 schools
  15. FSU Poorly Hydrates Again

    VA Tech struggles with FCS Furman. The Citadel(FCS) beats GA Tech. ...and FSU. What up with the ACC?