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  1. Who Is This FL HS & Canes Legend?

    That is correct! Anyone know where he played in high school?
  2. Which States Produce the Best Talent?

    Over the past 10 years, these three states have produced the most NCAA consensus All-Americans per capita. Which three states? Who is #1?
  3. Who Is This FL HS & Canes Legend?

    One of the best old school wide receivers to come out of Miami-Dade County. Was a star for the Canes and had a very productive career in the NFL, where he had over 500 receptions and 6500 receiving yards...most of it with one team. Who is he and where did he play in high school?
  4. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    I added numbers from last year to the original post, for comparison. Interesting how much less competitive 8A is this year versus last in the first round. Only 2 games in 8A were decided by less than 17 points. Average margin of victory for 8A playoff games was 30 points. 3A is also much less competitive versus last year, at least so far.
  5. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    # of games decided by 21 or more points in each class: 8A 13/16 (6/16 last season) 7A 9/16 (9/16 last season) 6A 7/16 (8/16 last season) 5A 10/16 (8/16 last season) 4A 5/8 (5/8 last season) 3A 5/8 (1/8 last season) 2A 4/8 (6/8 last season) 1A 2/8 (8/12 last season) TOTAL ABOVE: 55/96 first round games were decided by 21 or more points (51/100 last season) 1A and 6A appear to be the most competitive classes so far this year.
  6. Marginal Teams Who Made the Playoffs

    Of the 8 5A-8A teams listed in the original post, only Nature Coast survived the first round.
  7. First Round Results - Was RPI Worth It?

    Below are 5A-8A teams that survived the first round who were not district champions. Teams in bold were not district runners-up. 4 "RPI system teams" made it past the first round. So was all of the fuss really worth it? By the way, the results of the last system we used were similar. 8A-R3 Treasure Coast (district runner-up) 8A-R4 Miami (district runner-up) 7A-R1 Lincoln (3rd place in district) 7A-R2 Bloomingdale (district runner-up) 7A-R2 Tampa Bay Tech (district runner-up) 7A-R3 Venice (district runner-up) 7A-R4 Plantation (district runner-up) 6A-R1 Columbia (district runner-up) 6A-R2 Clearwater (district runner-up) 6A-R3 Port Charlotte (district runner-up) 6A-R3 Charlotte (3rd place in district) 5A-R1 Godby (tied for district runner-up) 5A-R2 Vanguard (district runner-up) 5A-R2 North Marion (3rd place in district) 5A-R3 Atlantic (4th place in district) 5A-R3 Chamberlain (district runner-up) 5A-R4 Killian (district runner-up) 5A-R4 N Miami Beach (district runner-up)
  8. The 10 Best Second Round Playoff Games

    These could be amongst the more competitive games. What do you think? 8A Apopka vs Bartram Trail 8A Vero Beach vs Treasure Coast 7A Edgewater vs Lincoln 7A Fleming Island vs Niceville 6A Columbia vs Lee 6A Central vs Naples 5A Vanguard vs North Marion 4A Gulliver Prep vs Booker T Washington 4A Cardinal Gibbons vs University 3A Berkeley Prep vs Clearwater Central Catholic
  9. 4 Teams That Come Up Short in the Second Round

    Ranking in terms of number of playoff wins: Vero Beach - tied for 29th place with 39 playoff wins Deerfield Beach - tied for 35th place with 37 playoff wins Columbia - 40th place with 35 playoff wins Plantation - below 60th place So, in a manner of speaking, these are "A-" programs, at least from a historical perspective. There will always be some who say that A- students are better than most other students and it is a huge accomplishment. Others may argue that with a little more effort, they could have gotten an "A." To each his own.
  10. Second round playoff records Plantation 6-9 Vero Beach 10-13 Columbia 10-13 Deerfield Beach 9-11 The good news is that these teams have a long history of making the second round. The bad news is that they often struggle to advance past the second round
  11. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    Hialeah is 1-11 in playoff games and last won in 1981. Could this be their night?
  12. Double Amputee Playing QB

    Inspirational story below https://abc13.com/sports/13-year-old-double-amputee-living-the-football-dream/5276011/
  13. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    Spruce Creek last won a playoff game in 2008. Palm Coast last won a playoff game in 2007. Pensacola Washington last won a playoff game in 2006. Steinbrenner is playing in its first playoff game ever. They met Newsome last year and won 45-17. South Dade last played a Broward County team in the playoffs back in 2000 (versus Miramar).
  14. Who Is This Central FL HS Coach?

    It is Hurlie Brown, current head coach at Merritt Island. He played for legendary coach Gerald Odom back in the 1980's.
  15. The 14 Best First Round Playoff Games

    These could be amongst the more competitively matched teams. What do you think? 8A Deland @ Timber Creek 8A Spruce Creek @ Bartram Trail 8A Mandarin @ Seminole 8A Palm Coast @ Apopka 8A Newsome @ Steinbrenner 8A South Dade @ Western 7A Wekiva @ Fleming Island 7A Tampa Bay Tech @ Viera 7A Plantation @ Hialeah 6A Pensacola Washington @ Mainland 6A Columbia @ Ponte Vedra 5A N Marion @ Dunnellon 5A Eau Gallie @ Tampa Jesuit 4A Carol City @ Booker T Washington